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My first storyOn my desk my phone buzzed, excitedly I grabbed it and read the newly received message; it simply said “meet me in the green room”.Hurriedly I got up and walked over to the mirror to check myself, I gave my breath a quick test for freshness and immediately headed for the door.As I walked through the what seemed to be many miles of corridor I could hardly contain the feelings of excitement and anxiety, I pictured her soft features, ample breasts and beautiful glistening pussy in my head, I head only ever viewed them before by the odd naughty picture sent to my phone, now I would see and taste her for real.She is much more experienced than me I thought to myself, anxious that I would not be able to please my heartbeat had grown to a terrifying crescendo. I took solace in the fact that she would let me know exactly how she should be treated, much like in the authoritive and forceful way she told me what she istanbul escort expected form me in the pictures we had previously exchanged.I reached the door to the green room took one deep breath and entered, she was sitting on a sofer at the far end of the room, her skirt lifted high on her thigh, her shirt unbottened provocatively low so that it revealed the tops of her breasts neatly ordained with a silver trinket on a elegant leather necklace. She beckoned me over as she stood to greet me, I crossed the room, as I reached her she grabbed my hands and pulled me into a tight embrace. With her face inches from my own she simply said “what took you so long” and with those words she locked her lips to mine. Immediately her tounge darted into my mouth, I returned with my own tounge, the taste of her was intoxicating.I was growing hard as she gently writhed and avcılar escort pressured herself against my crotch. She took a step back and guided my hand up the inside of her skirt, the back of my hand brushed against her smooth inner thigh and she gave a light gasp, she continued to guide my hand upwards until with a gasp I felt her naked wet pussy against my hand. We continued to kiss as I guided my hand over her warm and now soaking pussy, she groaned and writhe against me. At the same time she slowy slipped her hand down the front of my trousers and took hold of me and began to gently motion back and forth. I slipped my fingers into and she gave a deep moan of delight. I gently massaged her inside as the palm of my hand rubbed against her clitoris, I wanted nothing more than to taste and have her juices in my mouth. I slowly dropped to my knees kissing every inch of her on the way down, şirinevler escort she undid her skirt and it fell in a heap at her feet. I pressed my face into her crotch as she stood over me, legs slightly askew, with her hand she put pressure on the back of my head as I eagerly tongued and sucked on her. Every thrust of my tongue beckoned an eager gasp or a delighted moan, until she finally could take no more and pulled my head back. Staring into my upturned eyes she uttered with passion “I need to feel you inside me now!”She knelt down in front of me so we were faced to face and frantically undid my trouser, she took me in her mouth and massaged me with her tongue and lips, at the same time she slowly rubbed her dripping pussy. I could take no more and and beckoned her to lay back on the hard wood floor. I lay onto and she guided me into her, her warmth enveloped me as I gently thrust back and forth as she writhed and moaned below me. Both of us we at the point of climax within seconds, the anticipation of our meeting and the passionate foreplay doing nothing for our stamina. This didn’t matter she gasped for me to release inside her and I did as instructed at the same time I felt her contract as she moaned with pleasure….

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