My First Submission to DomInTheHills by MissDM

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My First Submission to DomInTheHills by MissDMSo, it was one more thing to tick off my list.BDSM.I asked what did they all mean? I knew a basic understanding of those 4 little letters but reading between the lines was all about experiencing and gaining a true feel for BDSM.BD = Bondage & Discipline DS = Domination & Submission SM = Sado MasochismBefore we even started, I was asked via text what I wanted to do or not want to do.I said I wanted to try it ALL.However, due to my European background the thought of being spanked did not appeal to me because it would remind me of an unhappy c***dhood. On the day leading up to the night, messages of excited anticipation, pictures of what he wanted to do to me, safe words were introduced and instructions for the night peppered my phone throughout the day until the last hour before I would arrive. He was going to devour me. I smiled. The fierceness of this statement sent wild thoughts running through my head. It was only while driving to his place, that I truly started to feel nervous. Like going on a blind date but I had met him and our very open discussion about our past encounters had led us to this moment.I was to text him after I parked the car so he could be ready, for when I buzzed his doorbell of his secured apartment block. I buzzed and his deep smooth voice answered with a hello and my name. My voice responded with trepidation as I thought, this is it. As I entered the door, my heart started to beat excitedly. I was nervous. He was dressed casually in jeans and a black T- shirt. No shoes. He led me to the kitchen for some champagne, cheese, crackers as he had promised and some small talk. I thought finally a date that treats me with some dignity and patience. How ironic considering, what I was about to submit to. We sipped champagne and I tried hard not to appear nervous, but I was like a shy virgin not knowing where to look or when the game of Sir and his submissive would begin. After a few sips and nibbles, he said, ‘OK!” and led me to the lounge room where, a display of his tools, toys and whips were laid out before me, indicating a long night. ‘’ Ok, first let’s start with a kiss.” I obliged as he took my face into his manly hands and gently kissed me on the lips. Shivers went up and down my body. “I am nervous!’ I said. With care he put his hands on my arms and reassured me that if I didn’t want to do it, we didn’t have to. “NO, I want to!”, I eagerly said, wanting to please him before we had even started. Once again, safe words, limits and expectations were mentioned. I giggled like an excited c***d waiting for her big surprise. It began with the symbolic collaring. A black collar for my neck with links that would later be connected to my wrists. I started to feel something. What? I was not sure. Fear as he could choke me at any time. This collar, I had pre- warned him of my concerns. The wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are placed on and I felt warm. I felt as if, I was now in his world. No blindfold yet as he wanted me to inspect his penis. I had told him of my history with another man who almost gave me an STI via a blow job. So, I had a rule, no fellatio unless I see the cock or his blood test. Sir had respected my painful past and let me see his penis.Sir stood before me and ordered me to unzip his pants. I did with a smile and pulled them down to his ankles and inspected his penis. I saw it. I thought it is a penis. I had seen many before. Each one with their own unique traits. This mobilbahis güvenilir mi one was looking to the left revealing large bulging testicles to the right. It was neither big nor small but erect and hard, already. This pleased me as it meant I pleased him. I said, “Nice!”. Sir smirked. ‘’Kneel!”, he commanded. I did and began to touch, feel, stroke, handle his manhood in my hands. Kneading it, caressing it, wetting it, longing for it to be inside of me. I spat on it for some wetness and delicately let the tip of my tongue teasingly touch the tip of the head. I knew constant stroking would make it dry and unpleasant for both of us. So, I let my saliva drip down from my lips onto the head of his cock and I let my wetness run down the cock to soothe. I would glance up at his face to see if he liked that. He smiled. As I played with his cock, I would glance at his face. He looked longingly at my hands and at times at my face. ‘Now for the blindfold. Are you ready?” “Yes!”, I said with anxious eagerness. Ironic that the pleasure of watching him would be denied but the blindfold would be the flame that ignited the world of ecstasy that laid ahead. It was all a part of stimulating my submissive side and relinquishing all control. I stood up, as commanded and was blindfolded. I could feel him behind me and then the hands. They proceeded to touch me all over my torso while still fully clothed, running along my arms and down to my fingertips, jumping over to my bottom. He caressed my arse, feeling the outline of my G-string which made him purr. He hits my butt with his hand. I feel a slight tingling sting. Mmmmm. His hands continued to travel up my body to my chest. First, his hands were outside, coaxing my nipples to pop up and then his hands slide up and over into my dress, diving between the bra and my skin. I breathed heavily. My clitoris started to tingle. He unbuttoned my dress. I wore a long Black dress with buttons down the front, for easy access. A fact he appreciated and noted as a well-planned not to mentioned calculated move. This he would tell me after the first session. I smiled. I thought I had to have some control. The easy access dress came off. Sir’s hands were now on my flesh, exploring every part of my body. The thrill was increasing. With each piece of clothing being liberated, a new thrill. The bra. My nervous giggle was now a searching hunger for more. Sir now takes the cuffs and connects them to my collar. A strange feeling, the first of many. I am Italian. I like to use my hands, especially, to feel the other.His hands move quickly to my nipples, making me jump a little as I knew my first jolt of pain was coming. Would he play with them, squeeze them, lick them, suck them? A flick… Ouch, I thought. Not sure I like that. Again, a flick and I wince. He stops. He pulls me now to the couch where he sits and I stand, topless, in front of him waiting for his next command. “Spread your legs!”. I do as I am told, and the edges of his legs connect with mine. I straddle between his legs. His hands begin to explore the unknown that is my hairless pussy. I like it when I am touched gently down there. He senses my reactions to the moving, tickling, playing and thrusting without warning. This is exciting. The slow tease is exciting and exhilarating. I start to move in time with the fingers. It feels soooooo good and I want more. Sir pulls my pants down. I am now completely naked except for the collar and mobilbahis cuffs. Again, his hands wandered all over my body, my arse, my pussy, my breasts. I am loving his hands all over me. “Bend over!’, comes the command. He leads me to the chaise lounge end of his couch, uncuffs my wrists from the collar and now connects then to my ankle cuffs. He lovingly prepares a cushion for my head and I am face down bent over the edge of a couch with my hands beside my legs. c***d’s pose for the yogis out there. Strange feeling no. 2. I am not sure about this position as my neck is struggling to find comfort in this position. Left then right. My head settles with my left cheek resting on the cushion. Before Sir starts the spanking, I am told what each implement are. I grip for impact. First the strap, several times in the same two spots, then the cat- of -nine- tails several times in the same two spots. Both illicit a mild reaction to his very gentle flogging and my response to his question, ‘It feels like a massage!”. Sir is happy that he has not triggered my c***dhood punishment trauma. It is the next implement that makes me think twice. The riding crop. Although still gentle in its application, it is the location that causes the discomfort. My fanny. Two hits and I am not a fan. It gets the bone. It feels like a waxing removal sensation. I think, I will endure this but tell him later, I don’t like that. A familiar friend pops in. His fingers begin to temper my stinging flesh with a warm afterglow of familiarity. I like being fingered. First, in a probing searching gentleness and then the manly thrust of lust. It makes me purr and moan and ache for his cock. He steers my hand to his throbbing cock to assure me that it is covered with a condom. I was adamant for my first time. He agreed to this, my only demand. He obliges and I jump at his suddenness. I melt into his thrust and my hands grab onto his inner thighs. I grunt. My sounds of enjoyment increase with every thrust and begin to feel at home with my favourite position. It continues for a couple of minutes and I begin to feel something I have never felt before in this position, the early stages of an orgasm. I get excited as I have never had one in this position with just a hard-throbbing cock, coming in and coming out with such vigour. I think… oh wow! But then he comes out completely, panting and I think no don’t stop, I was getting there. He doesn’t stop but this time with fingers, working both in and out my pussy and around my clit. I am in heaven. I remember the rule. I must ask to cum. “Can I cum?” I breathlessly ask. “No!” he firmly responds. I hold on and grip his inner thighs harder, digging my nails into his flesh. A few more minutes and I ask again. This time I hear yes and I cum with relief. I make noises of release and pure ecstasy. He uncuffs my wrist cuffs from my ankle cuffs. He takes the blindfold off. I slowly get up and let the blood rush back to my head. Orgasms no 1.We drink some more. We nibble some more. We sit on the couch for a chat while we sip our drinks and talk. We are both naked. I have not seen or felt him take off all his clothes. It is lovely to sit and chat. I tell him, this is what I am missing from my many encounters with my harem of men. As I talk, his hands start to stroke my legs and wander up to my pussy. Once again, I feel a spark and an excitement of knowing there is still more. He tells me, the next session will happen in the bedroom. mobilbahis giriş My eyes light up and my smile widens.We enter the bedroom. I see a bed prepared with a towel and no pillows. It looks like an altar of sorts. The blindfold is placed back on. This time I want it on. He tells me to lay on my back on the bed. As I lay there, the cuffs are now attached to the four corners of the bed and I am open out like a star. My pussy wide open ready for whatever he wants to do to me, and I am wanting it. He starts with fingers. In and out. Hitting the spot several times. Coming in and out. Teasing. Tantalising. Taunting my pussy to purr. Then he inserts a dildo. Once again, in, out, thrust in hard and soft, turning, tickling my clit, my pussy, dare I say it- my cunt. My cunt is now moaning. But it doesn’t stop. He comes at me again this time with more vigour, more lust, more wanting and now HIS TONGUE! It hits all the right spots. I am arching my back. I am squirming to direct his tongue to my nirvana. I am writhing with the agony of wanting to cum.“Can I cum?” I ask achingly, desperate to cum.Between tongue lashings of my clit and cunt, he commands NO!It is at this point; I have to hold back. Sir said no. I am not allowed. I diligently obey and masochistically continue to enjoy this invigorating pain that is pure tongue fucking. My hands are tied! My ankles are tied! My eyes are shut. My head is thrashing. I want to explode as I now feel the orgasm in parts of my body, I have never felt before. I WANT TO CUM NOW! ‘CAN I COME?” I beg! “YES!’’, he eagerly instructs in between lickings.I EXPLODE WITH SO MUCH SOUND that I swallow my saliva and it makes me choke. My coughing choke coupled with the waves of multiple orgasms makes me thrash around so much the blind fold comes off. “Are you ok?’’ He worryingly asks. “Yes, yes!” I spluttered out in between the waves of ecstasy and choking. Sir gets so excited in enters me now with his erect cock and begins to ride my wave of bliss. In out thrusting pumping hard to make himself cum. I open my eyes to watch him. I see him for the first time during sex, during the fucking and I just love it. I lift my pelvis up to feel him fill me up and I am enjoying him. The condom kills him. It is what he told me from the start. So, he is out, and we recover from orgasms no 2. After untying me from the four corners of the bed, the pit stops of water, bathroom and nibbles, we lay down together with no constraints or blindfold and indulge in after care. Nurturing after care as the name suggests. BDSM has an after-care session which is eye opening as it is what I crave. Touching after sex. Talking after sex. Being together after sex. Just being. Together. This gentle together time led to more caressing, touching, tickling, teasing. Sir likes to play with his penis while someone plays with his nipples. Of course, sucking his cock was what he would have preferred but respecting my one request made me yearn for him even more because I wanted to please him the way he had pleased me, twice. As the touching and sucking of his nipple ignited him, he ordered me to sit my pussy on his face. As I hugged the wall, he licked me out a third time. This time I fucked his face, thrusting my cunt into his mouth, making me orgasm yet again. The yelps told Sir he had fulfilled me sexually, again. I had to rest next to him while I caught my breath in between playing and sucking his nipples. He played with his cock and I sucked hard, first on his left nipple and then his right nipple. I wanted him to feel the throws of ecstasy as I had done many times this night. Finally, the sound I had wanted to hear along with my own moans of joy. He came. Yes, as he texted the next day, it WAS a great night with awesome sex.

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