My First Time–Part II: the penetration

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My First Time–Part II: the penetrationI must of looked at least a little foolish, kneeling there, half his cock in my mouth, a hand on the remainder, and the other on his balls, but, now, not moving at all, and almost perceptibly blinking while looking between him and the condom.He leaned down and, putting his hands under my armpits, softly lifted me up. As if in a daze, I complied.Now that I was standing, we were not that close, but I could feel the head of his cock touching my stomach. When I looked down, I could see he was rock hard, and there was a little string of pre-cum between the head of his cock and my hairless belly.He slid down the straps of my cycling unitard: “I think you want more…”He pulled me into him and kissed me deeply. I melted into his arms, and I felt both his hands slide down and he began to, almost painfully, knead the cheeks of my ass. He’d alternate between kneading them then grabbing even more tightly to pull my cheeks apart.I knew was that I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to me, no matter what.I wanted to lose my virginity right here, right now, more than anything I had wanted in a long time. I wanted this so badly it almost hurt.He must of sensed this, because he slide the remainder of my unitard down to my knees, as he kissed my chest and nipples.Although I few minutes had passed, I could see that his cock hadn’t gone one bit soft.”I’ve never done it before…” I trailed off, never taking my eyes off his cock (every few seconds it would jump).”How old are you,” he began. “Never mind, I probably don’t want to know.” I coyly returned his smile: “Old enough to know that want it really bad,” I added reaching for his cock to stroke.”Good,” he paused looking at me. “Turn around,” and I did as I was told.I positioned myself, imagining those wanton girls in the nudey mags, spread eagle against the field house my hands above my head against the wall. I kept swaying my ass, enjoying the light breeze against my exposed skin.I could hear him fiddling with something, but I was to enraptured to really care what.I knew he was still watching me though because when I stopped swaying he said to keep doing it.I felt something a little cold and runny drip down my tailbone and in between the cheeks of my ass. He used one hand to pull a cheek aside and I could feel the liquid cool against my hole. I thought I was going to faint it felt so good.I was overwhelmed, being here naked, feeling my unitard tight against my knees, knowing there was a man behind me with a condom on a long, stiff cock.I looked down and my cock was semi-hard and there was an incredibly long string of pre-cum dangling from it. I smiled to myself.By now the lube was running down my türbanlı uşak escort legs. I felt him come close in on me, his finger probing my hole. First, he simply moved the lube in circles around my hole, but, after a minute, he slide a finger into me.I’ve read many stories about how painful the first time is, but, for me, I wanted this for so long, and so badly, that the moment his finger began entering me I simply began to relax more and more.With his other hand he reached around and up grabbing me firmly, but gently, around the throat. His hands were HUGE, I thought.”If this is your first time,” he whispered into my ear, “you must really want it, boy. Your hole isn’t resisting my fingers much at all.”I could only moan.For a few minutes he alternated between one finger, and two. Then, stepping back just a little, I felt his hands first on one ankle, then on the other pulling me back a few inches further from the wall and widening my stance to an almost uncomfortable spread.I moved to turn, but his hand was on my head, grabbing my hair, and pushing it forcefully away: “Keep you hands on the wall and just bend over more.”Again, of course, I did what I was told.”Thatta boy.” With his free hand, he slapped my ass–hard. It hurt, but I also knew I liked it. To show him I moaned and moved my ass back a bit.”Like that do we.” His grip on my hair tightened, and he slapped it again.”Nice firm ass.”And again.”You want to lose your virginity to me?” He asked.And spanked me again.I didn’t answer.”Do you?” And he shook my head a little.I was about to answer when he spanked me again, quite hard. I let out a little yelp, but he didn’t apologize. Instead, he said, “Answer me boy if you want this to go any further, other wise, I’m outta here.”I did NOT want this to stop.”Yes, please…please. ..I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time….I’m just a little scared…”He just spanked me again and pushed my head as he let go of my hair.”Stay fucking still.”I could hear him opening the condom package, and then the lube again, but it wasn’t on me, so I knew he was preparing his cock.I think what I remember most was the wonderful pressure of the head of his cock pushing insistently against my hole.After a few second it stopped and I could feel him pull away a little. I was worried: had I done something wrong. But, then I heard, then felt, spit hit my hole directly.He grabbed each cheek roughly and pulled them apart. I felt that pressure return against my hole, but now, slowly smoothly, but persistently, it entered me. To this day, that is the best feeling. That insistence a top has when he’s entering you for the first time. Slowly you feel the türbanlı uşak escort bayan pressure of his head against your hole. Then some resistance. The, slowly, it enters, and then the feeling of your hole opening, opening, opening as though it’s never going to end…and, part of you pouts when it inevitably–even with the biggest of them–does.Before I was really aware, I could feel the full heat of all his body against me, and I knew he was all they way in me. It hand’t hurt at all!His arms slid underneath mine and he softly, but assuredly, pinned me into a half-nelson as he began sliding in and out of me.He was taller than me, so when he’d thrust fully in I could feel myself being lifted up onto my tip-toes; almost off the ground. As though I was being impaled on his cock.I could feel his every breath in my ear, and I could feel his respiration increasing with every grunting thrust, just as my desire was increasing.This is EXACTLY what I wanted all this time. So, I just succumbed to it all.”Fuck, but you’re a tight one,” was what brought me back into the world.Without even thinking I heard myself saying: “That’s cause your cock is so, so big…”He moaned a little, but I knew he liked this because his rhythm increased. As his did, I responded by pushing back against him.He let my arms go and pushed me against the wall roughly. This rough-play excited me.He grabbed my hair again, and put his other hand on my lower back and began thrusting into me in a way that I realized he wasn’t focusing on my pleasure but completely on his own.This, too (and to this day), turned me on more than anything: to be used, to be the object of physical need and release without any concern for my own. This is what I gain the most pleasure from to this day: being used.It was clearly working for me even this first time, because I began bucking hard back against him, too. I could feel his big balls now banging against me just a millisecond after his hips banged into the meat of my ass thrusting his cock thrust its deepest into me.Although there was a little pain when he went balls deep into me, it was a pain that I’ve never ceased to enjoy.”Do you like daddy’s cock fucking your tight little ass …” He said.He was pushing into me, and I was bucking back, so hard at this point that we sounded like applause. I kept repeating: “Oh, yes…oh, yes…oh, yesssss….” As he banged and manhandled me to suit his desire.We went on like this for several more minutes when I began to feel, even amidst this violent banging, his cock get hotter and expand just a little more.”Daddy’s little boy’s been so good I’m gonna give him my load.”And he kept banging, but türbanlı escort uşak now his grip tightened on me a bit–with a little bit of pain–and he began pounding into me a little harder.I wasn’t sure what to do next: should I ask him to pull out and cum, or was he going to cum in me…”Good boy. Here it comes. Get ready, daddy’s gonna fill you with cum…”Before I could respond he stopped with his cock thrust deep, deep inside me.And then, simultaneously, I heard him cry out “Ahhhhhh” and felt his cock spasm in me: once, twice, three times, four times, five times….I thought it wouldn’t stop.Then, his whole body began to spasm and, although I thought he couldn’t get any deeper, his cock punched ever so much more deeply into me, and I thought I was going to pass out.We both fell against the wall–his body weight, being larger and taller than me, pinned me–almost (almost!) uncomfortably against the wall with him.After a minute I started to move just a bit.”Don’t move boy,” he said. “I wanna go soft in your before I pull out.”We must of been there another ten minutes, but I loved ever second of it.I closed my eyes and focused on his cock in my hole. And, I could feel him, ever so slowly, begin to soften in me.It was a glorious feeling. A couple of times his cock would spasm and I’d feel his balls bounce against the back of my legs.”I’m gonna pull out now,” he said as he moved back and slid out of me. He rubbed his cock against my hole a few times.I felt the col air on my hole, and, even more, I felt warm liquid surge out and begin running down both my legs.I reached, u*********sly back and felt the cum and my hole wide open. My entire body was shaking and tingling with pleasure.He stood back: “That’s a nice sight.” After a minute or two he came back close to me and I could feel his fingers slide into me.”Nice fuck hole, boy. It’s well used, dripping cum, and gaping.” I turned around and looked. His cock had gone soft, but it was still very long, thick, and red. He was uncut, but the skin let just the hint of his head peek out.I could see it was glistening from sweat, cum, and my hole juices.”Was I your first virgin?” I asked.He steeped forward forced his fingers into my mouth, which I willingly licked and cleaned. The taste of his cum was amazing. “Not even fucking close, boy. Welcome to the club.”I smiled.He spanked me hard on the ass, and I watched him put that wonderful cock away as he zipped up.I just stood there: naked, dripping, sweaty, used; knowing full well I’d be doing this again (and again!) very, very soon.”Your bike’ll be against the fence.”He walked away, and never looked back, but I watched him go.I’m sure I was there for another twenty minutes without moving a muscle: savoring every feeling and re-running every second over and over again in my head.I did NOT want to forget ANY detail of this first experience.We fucked again quite a few times over the years, and he expanded more than my hole.But, it was the first time that I remember. You never forget your first–especially when it’s that good..!

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