My First time with my sister

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My First time with my sisterThe first time it happened I was 14, my sister is 5 years older than me so she was 19. Our parents were on holiday and had left me and my sister at home. She came in to my room on the second night they were away and caught me wanking. I was really embarrassed, and tried to hind what i had been doing. She knew exactly and started teasing me, she started asking me if I had a girlfriend or ever seen a girl naked or kissed one …. I hadn’t. My sister was a slim, fit 19 year old into sports and had an athletic body. I often used to get aroused and horny when seeing her walk from the bathroom back to her room naked or with just a towel around her. I had jerked off with her image in my mind loads of times. She asked me if I found her attractive, I stuttered around a bit embarrassed, eventually I said yes. As I spoke she picked up my hand and put in inside her dressing gown on to her breast. Immediately a hot surge ran through my body. She took my other hand and placed it on her other breast and asked me if I liked the feel of them. They felt so soft and smooth, I had never felt anything like it, just as i was about to speak, she pulled my covers off of me to reveal my naked body and hard little cock standing upright. Another surge of hot embarrassment gaziantep escort bayan shot through me, she smiled and said that I must like it judging on how hard and erect you are. She instructed me on how girls like their breasts stroked and felt. She asked if I liked to touch her, I said that it made me feel funny but I liked it. She stood up and removed her dressing gown, she stood naked in-front if me she was beautiful and seeing her fully naked up close showed up her sexy body and curves, I had only ever had fleeting glimpses of her, and pictures and videos of girls online. To have a beautiful girl naked in my bedroom was a realisation of every boys dream. She sat down crossed legged on my bed.My eyes were drawn to her pussy starring me in the face, I had never seen anything like it before. I just stared at her, she moved her hand down her body and started touching her pussy, stroking her fingers over it and every so often sliding one inside her. I was spellbound it was a beautiful sight.She played with herself, rubbing and fingering her pussy, stroking her breasts for what seemed like hours, it was probably only a few minutes before her moaning got louder and her legs started trembling, she brought her herself to an orgasm in-front escort bayan of me. She continued to finger her wet pussy, she reached across with her other hand and started to stroke my cock. I was so hard and excited I had never felt someone else touching my cock. She stroked my cock up and down at all different speeds and her soft hands felt amazing. With what i had just watched and the sensation of my sisters hand stroking my cock, I could feel I was about to cum, she must have sensed it because she took her hand away from my cock. As she let go of my cock, she put the finger of her other hand in my mouth, instantly I got a taste of something I had never before. A salty sweet taste and smell of her pussy. She moved her finger around my mouth as she lay back on the bed, asked if I liked the taste ?I was intoxicated. She told me she would make sure every girlfriend I ever had would love me. She positioned my head between her legs and directed my mouth and tongue towards her wet pussy. It was very wet and felt slimy. the smell and taste was so strong, i started lapping away with my tongue without any direction or care. She slowly and calmly described her clitoris and Pussy anatomy as my tongue moved around inside her, directing me to the areas to concentrate on and movements to make with my tongue as I lapped away at her pussy. i could tell when i was getting it right as her voice would quiver, as her voice changed i tried to concentrate on what i had been doing to maintain her response. She had me eat her pussy for 30 or 40 minuets perfecting my technique. She had 4 or 5 orgasms as I got better at finding the spots that she enjoyed. My mouth and jaw were very tired after 40 minuets of eating her pussy. I lay down next to her. She then got up and put her mouth over mine, she french kissed me, while telling me that i would make a young girl very happy with the lessons i had learnt today, she started stroking my cock as she kissed me. She moved down my body and placed her lips around the head of my hard cock, the warm feeling of her mouth around my cock was almost instantly overwhelming.I think I lasted about 3 mins as she sucked my cock, an experience I had never come close to feeling before her tongue wrapping itself around the head of my cock tickling the rim of the head. No sooner than the wonderful feeling of my first blowjob had started i could feel the surge of orgasm through my body as I shot cum deep inside my sisters mouth. She pulled her head up looked me in the eyes and swallowed my load. She told me that i had been a very good boy, She got up put her dressing gown on, wished me sweet dreams and left my room.This was the beginning of a very different brother sister relationship

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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