My Friend Pierina Ch. 01

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“Come over if you want to have a talk… I’ll be home,” she said over the phone.

“OK, I’ll drop by tonight after dinner.”

“Great, I’ll be alone. I’ll be waiting for you.”

The afternoon went by without major news. I stayed at home processing surveys and dinned with my parents. After dinner I told them I had to see someone and that I would be taking the car with me.

“Wrap up yourself my love,” Mum said. I guess she’ll repeat that till I’m 50…

“Yes Mum, don’t worry,” I answered. “I’ll be inside a house so I won’t be cold at all.”

I went to the garage and took out the car heading north. I had always had good vibes with Pierina. She had dated a friend of mine for 12 years and we had double dated several times and got along nicely. She used to study with two other friends of mine, one of which I was dating at the time. I frequently saw her at one of their houses when they were studying.

Pierina had the sweetest way of looking at you. Under her blonde shoulder length hair and her light blue eyes there was a woman who claimed for protection radiating an extreme sensuality at the same time. Her lips were fleshy and she had an exuberant body. She tried to disguise her big tits during the week but she let them stand out on evening outings. The buttons of her shirts always looked like they were going to be violently expelled due to the pressure they were submitted to. Good hips and although she wasn´t tall, nicely shaped legs completed the panorama. The only thing I didn’t like was her toes. I used to tease her on that. Her toes were big.

“We could never date, us two,” I used to tell her. She knew of how observant I was of feet. “I could never date a girl with such big toes!”

“You bastard!” she used to answer. And we would laugh on it.

Sometimes we had talked about our respective love relationships. Mainly of hers. Her boyfriend was very harsh when transmitting sentiments. Totally justified for someone who had been abandoned by his father at an early age. He left one day and never communicated with my friend again. A life without a father I guess is less harsh than a life with one that doesn’t love you. When she saw that her boyfriend was depressed she used to ask me to be by his side. She knew that our humor was very much alike. We used to laugh at the same things. We liked the same movies the same music. And she knew I could distend him. Their relationship had ended a few years ago and she was on her own nowadays.

I arrived at Pierina’s house after dinner. She lived with her sister on a first floor flat. She came down the stairs and opened the front door. Gosh! She was as beautiful as ever. She wore a tight white shirt and a pair of jeans that clearly highlighted the curves of her body.

She put her hands on my chest and gave a sweet kiss on my cheek. We went up the stairs and I sat on the living room couch while Pierina got me a drink.

“How are you feeling?” she asked. She came nearer and sat at the other end of the couch.

“More or less, there are moments when I’m OK and there are others when I have no idea of what has happened. All this caught me totally unprepared. I didn’t see it coming. I thought my relation with Cristina was on good grounds again. It is obvious that I was wrong. I don’t know what the hell I was watching. Anything except reality, for sure. Cristina never recovered of the problem we had. I don´t know what she was told cause I never slept with anybody else whilst I was with her. It was just a very light interchange. Cristina was not paying much attention to me at all those days. She was very concentrated in her studies and we seldom went out at all. It took a lot of convincing just Uşak Escort to take her out for a drink. I guess it was that.” Suddenly I realized I was talking non-stop so I kept silence.

“Could be,” she answered but didn’t add anything else. Pierina was never going to reveal what Cristina thought. Even if there was another reason for our separation, a third party for example. If she had ever talked with Cristina about our relation it was within the trust they had in each other, so she wasn’t going to disclose anything at all. “But what matters today and now is how you are feeling. Let me get you a refill.”

She got up and walked towards the kitchen. What a sensual woman, I thought. She came back and sat again. But this time she didn’t sit at the end of the couch but besides me. She took my hand and looked into my eyes. “I like it when we talk. We’ve always had a good vibe, you and me, don’t we?”

“Yes, its true and you don’t know how good it is to be able to relax and let myself go for a moment. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so stupid. I always did what I wanted, and always felt assured but this Cristina stuff has made me a little unstable and today it’s like if I needed someone to tell me what to do every minute. I’m totally defenseless. This is not who I am.”

“Look, we are alone here so there’s no image at all you have to project. You just need to calm down.”

“You are the one study for doctor so I’m in your hands.” And that? Where did that come out from? I asked myself. Had it been my subconscious always attracted to Pierina? I was already projecting events…

“OK, then you’ll do exactly what I say, cause what you need is not precisely a doctor prescription but something else.” She let my hand loose, got up and went round the back of the couch and stood just behind me. “Just lean back and close your eyes. Loosen up.”

I did what I was told, closed my eyes and tried to relax. If there was someone I could trust, that was Pierina, I was sure she was only thinking of what was good for me. She then started to softly massage my neck. “That’s it, just like that, loosen up,” she said in a very sweet whisper. The silence of the night helped to create a peaceful atmosphere. “Tonight you are here and everything is fine.”

What a fantastic friend was. She was doing her best so that I would forget my sorrow. A good old friend. She applied light pressure with her fingers on my neck, starting to unleash the accumulated tension there. “You are still a great guy and there are a thousand of girls out there who’ll want to be with you. You are very handsome and super likeable. It has always been women talk.”

“Does women talk include you?”

“Certainly, I’ve also talked about you. We’ve been part of the same group of friends for how many years? Ten? We women talk about our boyfriends. I guess it’s different with you guys…”

“Certainly, we don´t share our romances and private lives. Maybe when there’s a crisis, but not on daily basis.” I kept my eyes closed while I enjoyed the massage. Why things had to be complicated when they could be so simple, like this moment with Pierina for example?

“But we do. We share experiences and likings”


“Yes, likings. Who we like and why.”

“And who do you like?” Would she answer that?

“Not many. Actually, it’s only you. I’ve always liked you…”

And I had doubts whether she was going to answer… “Well, I can tell you’ve always deceived me. I never realized that.”

She stopped massaging for a second. “Well, I was dating at the time… But several times I saw you looking at me in a weird way.” Then she started again.

“Weird Uşak Escort Bayan way? Only me? You must have seen hundreds of guys looking at you in the same way. And I wasn´t looking weirdly, I was ad-mi-ring you. You have a very sensual body and you are extremely sexy. How could I avoid looking at you? I can’t understand why you are alone nowadays.”

“I was too many years dating the same guy. I was never alone. Only now I am learning to enjoy it. There’s no hurry, someone will appear in due time.”

“Yeah, that’s it, and when you want to, you’ll have whoever you want.” Who could resist Pierina, I thought.

“Thanks, you are divine, if there is someone that knows how to make a woman feel good, that’s you. You always make me feel wonderful.” She suddenly inclined herself towards me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. As she did so, her tits pressed my back for a second. I couldn’t think of anything else than recline myself backwards and put my head on the couch’s back. She was still standing there behind me and she began caressing my shoulders. I knew that if I opened my eyes I was going to face her breasts just on top of me. Although there was some sexual tension I didn’t dare to open them. I preferred to keep dreaming. The negative thoughts I had arrived with had been replaced by images of Pierina, although I had her right there and could see her by opening my eyes. Shit, the machinery down there had awakened and I had started an erection. There was no way Pierina couldn’t notice. “And you are very sexy as well,” she added.

All of a sudden she let go of me. That’s it, I thought, that’s the end of all this, everything got heated too much and she has to escape. Most surely she’s noticed my erection and decided we had exceeded our mutual flattery. But as I opened my eyes I saw that Pierina was rounding the couch and was coming towards me. I still had my head leaning on the couch whilst I stared at her in ecstasy. During her massages, the first button of her shirt could not resist any longer and had loosened itself revealing her cleavage. My eyes could not look elsewhere. I was behaving like a child that sees tits for the first time. And it wasn’t the first time I had seen Pierina’s tits either. We had shared some days on a beach resort some years ago and we had all enjoyed the view of her fantastic body. But tonight I wasn’t going to take my eyes away from there.

“You like what you see?” she asked while she straightened her back making her tits stand out even more.

“A lot”, I answered briefly whilst I sighed.

“Do you remember the played we acted in some years ago? Since that play there is something I have always wanted to do and today is the day”, she muttered. She slowly got closer, leaned on the couch besides me, took my face between her hands and gave me the sweetest and prolonged kiss I had had in a long time. I didn’t dare to open my mouth. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her lips over mine.

I couldn’t believe what was going on. I couldn’t have ever imagined this was going to happen tonight. It’s true that we had exchanged glances sometimes. And I perfectly remembered the play she mentioned. I was playing a couple of twins and Pierina was playing the part of the girlfriend of one of them. At some moment of the play, one of the twins, pretending to be the other, kisses his brothers girlfriend. It was a tense kiss, acted, with a lot of make-up and perspiration under the strong stage lights. I never took it as anything important although I knew I had become an idol for many of my friends at the time.

She moved her head aside and looked into my eyes. “Wow, I was dying to kiss you… Without lights or audience…,” Escort Uşak she laughed. She was still kneeling beside me and that inefficient button was driving me crazy. We couldn’t stop here. I was too excited already and it was totally obvious.

I sat up and it was me this time who took her head in my hands. I stared at her for a few seconds without knowing for sure whether to go on or not. “Let’s try this”, I said and I slowly got closer stopping only a couple of centimeters short of her mouth. That was the last chance for regret and I had to hand her that opportunity. “From here on there’s no step back…” I said trying to leave the phrase hanging in the air. But she never took her eyes of my lips. I slowly covered the last breach and I gently kissed her with my mouth semi-open. She immediately responded opening hers and putting her arms round my neck. It was a very heartfelt, sensual kiss, like if we were thanking each other for having always been near.

“I can´t believe you are in my arms…,” I said with a sultry voice. She kissed me again but passionately this time. She now opened her mouth without fear and our tongs met for the first time. She then stood up and she sat on my lap, putting her legs an each side of my body. We kissed again and I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. When we stopped I told her “Let me place myself in a better position. You are killing me down there.” She was crushing my dick so I straightened it upwards so it wouldn’t hurt, but knowing that she could still feel my erection in full. I kissed her firmly sliding my arms under her armpits so I could caress her back.

Our kisses were now more intense and prolonged. Friendship had let go and lust had come in. Every now and again she let go soft moans that drove me crazy. Our excitement was reaching a dangerous peak. We were both very excited and the next steps were going to be inevitable if we kept kissing in this manner.

She realized we were near the precipice as well. “Wait, wait, let’s stop here,” she said. “Let’s stop here tonight. My sister can come in at any moment now and I’ll die if she catches us in this state… Let’s stop now. Besides it’s Wednesday and I have to get up very early tomorrow and if I have a late night I´ll be in a dreadful state the whole day”.

“Yes, yes, you are right. If I keep kissing you like this another minute I’m going to fall out of control. I wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer,” I answered trying to bring the revs down. We both laughed. I needed some time to think what had happened here. “I’d better leave now… Listen, I’m looking after a house nearby for the weekend so I’ll be sleeping there as of Friday. Could you come there on Friday?”

She looked into my eyes for a few seconds. An eternity for me… Then said “Ok. If I don’t call you before, I’ll see you there Friday evening.”

Great, I thought. I stood up. I couldn’t believe the erection I had. It was so obvious that I felt a bit embarrassed. Pierina didn’t trouble herself at all. I took a piece of paper and jotted the address down for her. She took my arm and accompanied me downstairs, gave me another of those sweet and unforgettable kisses and I walked to my car trying to process what had happened during the last hour.

I couldn’t believe that one of my ex- girlfriends’ best friends was upsetting me like this. She had stopped dating a couple of years ago but I had only stopped seeing Cristina only a few months ago. But what had happened with Pierina tonight was something neither of us could dominate nor restrain from happening. It was clear as water that we had always felt attracted to each other and that it had remained in a dormant state. At least, the intensity of our kisses and her insinuations expressed so. And that button… I started to dream with unbuttoning her shirt one by one and to have those beautiful breasts to my entire and absolute willingness… But it was still only Wednesday…

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