My Friend’s Mother

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One time, when I was in college, I had an extraordinary experience.

My best buddy Andrew from high school and I were taking mostly the same courses in our freshman year. We also shared a flat and carpooled.

In spring I had fallen during athletics training and sprained my right wrist and couldn’t handle driving. So when Andrew left town for two weeks, I had a problem getting to and from classes. Luckily, Andrews mother could help out. She worked as a nurse at the medical center right behind campus and since her divorce, lived in the same direction as our shared flat. She offered to pick me up in the morning and give me a ride to campus. I had a ride back with another friend.

Andrew’s mother’s name was Evelyn. She was very attractive in general and not only for her age. She had perky breasts and very nice curves. She made a quite reserved impression on strangers, but as I had known her for many years I knew she was actually very warm and friendly. I had always had kind of a crush on her.

Already the first day got a little awkward. We kissed on the cheeks and she smelled so nice. It was still spring but getting warm and she seemed a little hot and red cheeked. I was immediately aroused as I sat on the passenger seat. I was wearing loose shorts, and a small bulge grew from my dick pushing up the fabric. I hoped she didn’t notice. If she did, she didn’t give it away.

Next day, however, the same happened. And she casually said, like as if it was the most mundane thing:

“Why don’t you unbutton your pants and let him out a little?”

“W…what?” I stammered, thinking I had misheard her.

“Whip him out!” she said pointing directly at my crotch. “Now, please!”

I obliged, stunned but now even more hard than before, unbuttoning my shorts with some difficulties with my left hand. My cock whipped out.

“Pretty,” she said. Matter of factly. And we drove on without anything else happening. When she pulled up in front of my class, I stuffed my dick back into my shorts and underpants.

That night I must have masturbated three times thinking of her and our ride.

The next day I was already rock hard from anticipation when I entered the car. I hesitated before doing anything, but she simply said:

“What are you waiting for?”

And I dutifully unbuttoned and my cock almost jumped out instantaneously like a freed jack in a box.

“So impressive” she said. “I’m glad he’s feeling perky” she laughed. It was as if she was making polite conversation about the weather.

“Listen,” she said. “It might sound strange, but I am never quite relaxed in American cars.” she smiled without turning to look at me but simply kept her eyes on traffic.

“You see, I learned to drive a car in Europe. In France as it is”. She glanced quickly at my cock standing straight up from my zipper.

“Almost all cars there have a manual gear. A stick, if you like. Not automatic, taksim eskort like these” she said, motioning towards the dashboard.

“I used to always rest my hand on the gear stick, like this. Old habits die hard”.

She placed her warm, perfectly manicured hand expertly around my stiffening cock. Gave it a little squeeze and kept holding it… like a gear stick.

“Ah, this is comforting”. She made small motions as if changing gears and masturbated me a little. It was very very exciting. I almost came. But nothing more happened and again, matter of factly, she said goodbye when she pulled up in front of my building.

“Oh, by the way”, she said casually, “The hair is distracting me. Prevents a firm grib. I want it gone tomorrow.” When I looked like a big question mark she said: “Your pubic hair – shave it off! See you tomorrow.”

As commanded I did. It was very exciting, doing the shaving that evening, although a little challenging because of my sprain. I carefully soaped my semi-erect cock, balls and anus. I made great care to remove every single strain and stubble of hair. To my best efforts, I stretched and pulled the skin to reach all bits and parts until I was all smooth and all pink. Even my anus was as smooth as a baby. I finished up with oils and lotions to make myself as soft and tender for Evelyn’s touch. I was so excited I almost came. But I decided now to spare myself for her and with great agony and an almost inhuman act of selfcontrol I didn’t masturbate that night.

“Drop the shorts before getting in” she said the next morning. “Quick”. Without thinking twice, I hurried, dropped my shorts and underpants while standing there on the sidewalk and quickly jumped in the passenger side. She took my pant and threw them over her shoulder to the back seat.

“Spread” she barked, and I spread my legs wide apart, my pink, naked and precum-glistening cock raising itself upwards and upwards.

“Now that is a beautiful cock” she laughed. She grabbed a hold of it at its base while driving. She really felt me up this time actually masturbating me methodically yet gently. “Silky smooth and so long”. She sighed.

“Listen, I can’t take this. You’re going to be late for class today, pretty-boy”.

She parked in a quiet residential street, turned off the engine and immediately came round to my door. She opened and knelt and began tickling my balls with her tongue.

She was very methodically, holding my cock alternately in one palm then the other while her tongue hungrily probed around my balls, licking long strokes, circling, slowly kissing and sucking. She spent a long time with each testicles in her mouth, bobbing them gently around with her tongue. She even pushed me backwards a little so that her tongue could dart around the rim of my anus. That was particularly exhilarating.

The she finally took the shaft into her mouth. Excruciatingly slowly she swallowed eskort şişli my length like a sword until her nose rested on the base and her lower lip on top of my balls. There she remained making the tiniest fucking movements and making me feel the tip of my cock was deeply lodged in her stomach. Then her tongue squeezed out to caress my balls and I lost it.

I felt like I exploded with cum enough to drown her, but she staid put simply swallowing for every load I shot. As the pressure subsided, I felt she sucked and milked me with her throat to make sure she caught every single drop of cum. I felt so emptied as my cock finally popped out of her mouth. I had no idea how long it had been or whether anybody had walked by us seeing her kneeling and giving me the blowjob of my life.

“Right. Let’s move on.” she said and returned to the driver’s seat as if we had simply stopped for gas. I was still bottomless and now my deflated dick soiled the leather seat with aftercum. She wiped it of with her index finger while driving and licked it off.

When we stopped, I needed to reach for my shorts in the back seat and she used the opportunity to caress my anus with the long nail of her middle finger. I froze for a minute and let her. She then licked her pinky and slowly and gently began penetrating my sphincter so that in the end she was finger-fucking me. My cock swelled. She began fondling my balls and I suddenly shot a load again which she expertly caught in her hand and licked up. I was then allowed to dress and leave late for my class.

The next day, I was told to undress completely as we rode around town, her hand holding my cock the entire time. I don’t know how long it took, how many people noticed and I didn’t care. It was simply to exhilarating.

On Friday I skipped class and we went to her cottage in the woods upstate. There I was told to roam naked doing all kinds of chores inside and outside the house all day. It was pleasing and I enjoyed being watched by her all the time carrying heavy stuff around, cleaning and cooking. Sometimes she would sneak up on me, grab my cock from behind and masturbate me hard before leaving me alone. Sometimes she also sucked my cock and balls or forced her tongue into my anus as if it were a vagina. I didn’t come, but I was permanently erect or semi-erect and was dripping precum all over.

At dinner, I was also nude. She sat across from my at the table and used her foot to massage my cock and balls ever so gently while we ate. That was so hot. Every time my cock dipped a little, her toes expertly massaged a bit on each side to keep him up again. Sometimes she used both feet, using one foot to bob my balls up from below while the other stroked my cock and occasionally cupped the head.

After doing more house chores naked I was sent to the bath room to shower. She joined me in the shower and helped me, of course, making sure I was washed all over. I couldn’t beşiktaş eskort take my eyes of her gorgeous body, curves and perky breasts. No nook or other details were overlooked as she soaped and rinsed repeatedly all over my body. My cock was in full attention the entire time.

“Now I want you to shave me as well,” she said when we were done and dried.

She found the scraper and the shaving foam, sat on the edge of the toilet seat and pushed her pussy towards me and waited for me to begin. She wasn’t very hairy, so I assumed she shaved – or was shaved – regularly. She smelled very nice. Her horniness already made her moist and glistening.

I tried to be as thorough as possible. Gently foaming her crotch, her pussy lips and her anus. Admittedly also a little teasing although I was also a bit tense and aware of my one stone hard cock. Then I began with the scraper, very slowly scraping away her pubic hair in circles around her pussy from outside to inside. Her juices leaked from her pussy almost clearing the shaving foam all the time.

Before doing the last bits closest to her pussy, I removed the tiny hairs around her anus. I couldn’t help probing her anus ever so gently with the tip if my index finger wet from the juice seeping from her pussy. She didn’t protest.

“Go for it, tiger!” she whispered and raised her legs up as high as she could spreading out. My cock was as ready as ever. Fully alert, completely smooth and with precum almost running down the shaft.

I placed the head of my cock between her swollen pussy lips and felt the mixing of our fluids. I gently leaned forward applying the pressure of my cock head onto her opening. Slowly, I penetrated her and I felt my cock easing into her, her vagina squeezing back. Further and further, ever so slowly.

Finally, I was completely inside. It was as if her vagina was a taylor-made glove around my long pink cock. I felt our juices seeping down over my balls and dripping on the bathroom floor almost audibly. I slowly began pumping in and out, in and out, first slowly, then faster and faster and eventually almost savagely and frantically fast. At each pound I felt I reached deeper and deeper.

Until I exploded. Deep inside her my cock bursted with days of pent up semen. At each pound I felt like I spewed ounces and ounces of cum. I fell to my knees, completely spent.

I don’t remember many details from then on. None of us wore clothes after that. We simply moved around with our genitals swollen and dripping. I believe we fucked countless times over the weekend, one more savage and raw than the other.

I took her in the ass as well. Her muscles clenching my cock so tightly and almost milking me dry at every thrust.

She enjoyed being filled with cum in all holes and letting it slowly drip out afterwards without making any efforts. She also enjoyed giving me hand and foot jobs and bringing me close to coming so many times before finally letting me explode and sink back completely empty.

This continued regularly over my college years. Including at school and at her hospital. My friend never suspected that I was banging his mother as savagely and often as possible.

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