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My Girlfriend’s Hot Teenage NieceI have been with my girlfriend, Natalee for quite some time now. We have a great sex life and share all of our deepest fantasies. The dirtier the fantasy the more fueled our fucking becomes. One secret desire that I held onto for a long time was my urge to have sex with my girlfriend’s niece Michelle. I had known Michelle since she was just a young girl and I watched as she grew into a beautiful teenager and then a hot eighteen year old woman. With each passing year, Michelle got hotter. She’s now 5’4” with long, wavy auburn hair ,big green eyes, full b-cup b**sts, a slender figure, gorgeous dick sucking lips and the cutest bubble butt. It was pure sexual frustration being around Michelle every time she would come to visit my girlfriend and I especially considering that Michelle is an incurable flirt. She would flop down on the couch right next to me to watch tv with her legs and ass pressed right against me. Sometimes she would also rub and massage my neck when it was sore from working out or give me extra long good bye hugs with her body pressed against my cock. She was great at acting innocent while turning me on. It was tough to conceal my erection at times and I am pretty sure I caught her glancing at my crotch a time or two to see if she was exciting me. I would be so worked up after these visits that I relaxbet güvenilirmi would fuck my girlfriend extra hard as soon as Shelly left. I always wondered if Natalee made the connection that it was Michelle getting me so horny. Things heated up even more the night Michelle slept over at our house. She and my girlfriend were going shopping early in the morning so they figured it would be easier if Shelly stayed with us so they could get an extra early start. My cock was probably hard most of the night thanks to Michelle walking around our house in little blue shorts that barely covered her round ass cheeks and a white tank top with no bra. Michelle slept on the couch and as soon as she was settled in, Natalee and I headed for the bedroom. I wasted no time taking off all of my clothes and exposing my hard dick to my gf. She was shocked and a little embarrassed since our bedroom had no door. “What are you doing? Be careful Shell will see you!” Nat gasped.“Don’t worry. She’s asleep and I’m horny as hell.” Besides, I WANTED Michelle to see my huge erection.My girlfriend’s resistance faded quickly when I laid her on the bed and took her clothes off and dove straight for her pussy with my skilled tongue. When I had her on the edge of cumming I stopped and got between her legs. I sank my hard as steel, eight inch dick relaxbet yeni giriş straight into her and started fucking slow, pumping my ass up and down very deliberately. When I do this, Natalee gets extra horny. When she gets horny she starts talking dirty to me and what she said in the heat of the moment almost made me cum instantly.“Your dick is huge. Does it turn you on fucking me while my innocent little niece is in the next room.”“Mmmm. Yeah it does. Maybe I should get loud so she knows that her aunt is getting fucked hard.”“Do it!”With that I started to really fuck her hard and fast so the bed shook and made lots of rocking noises. We were making plenty of noise and I could tell that Natalee was getting very turned on by being a bit of an exhibitionist. In fact she started to really talk dirty to me now and not in a quiet voice.“ Fuck me with that huge fucking cock. Oh yeah. You’re so deep in my pussy. Do you want to come in this pussy? Oh yeah Alex, fuck me. You’re so fucking good.”She was being loud enough to wake the dead. There was no way that Michelle didn’t hear us and that turned me on so much I couldn’t hold back. I came with such intensity that the room started to spin. After we both settled down, we lay there talking.Nat whispered to me, “You want to fuck my niece don’t you?”“You figured it out huh? relaxbet giriş You’re not mad are you?”“I’m not mad at all. It’s hot. She’s a pretty girl.”I was getting really horny again so I pushed the envelope a little more with my next question.“If she wasn’t your niece would you do her?”“Well she IS my niece… and I do want to do her. Sometimes I also fantasize about watching you fuck her or having her join us.”That did it for me. It was the hottest thing I had ever heard. I pulled Natalee to the end of the bed so that her big ass hung over the edge and started fucking her from behind. The bed is next to the door so you can’t see it from the other room. This put me standing on the floor right in front of the door. If Michelle was awake and looking, she could definitely see me standing nude and screwing her aunt. I glanced to my left and saw her head turn away quickly. She was watching all right and now I was watching her. I looked up and down at her cute body as my orgasm built. Shell had her knees up against her chest and her shorts rode up exposing her pale ass cheeks. My dick throbbed.My gf felt me swell and started to encourage my dirty thoughts by saying “Imagine having Michelle’s warn wet mouth wrapped around your big dick, her tongue massaging your shaft.”Just as I was about to come I stared at her throat and imagined Shelly giving me a blowjob and my load gushing down her soft, young throat. That did it for me. My knees buckled as I had my second orgasm in an hour. Just before we fell asleep my girlfriend said “We’re going to have some fun with this. I am taking Shelly to the lingerie store tomorrow.”to be continued…

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