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I arrive at the cabin slightly before dusk. There is a good cord and a half of wood stacked by the back door of the porch. I unload my suitcase and grocery bags out from the car. The entrance opens to the mudroom where I take off my shoes. I carry my groceries through the laundry room to the kitchen, and put away my purchases.

I take time to admire the golden knotty pine walls and the hardwood floors of the cabin. The dark blues and greens of the color theme give it a natural feel.

The kitchen is spacious, and open to the living room. A powder room is off to the side. There is an island in the center for prep, and bar stools that fit under it. There is a double stacked oven on the wall, and a stove top on the marble counter. It has a standing side by side fridge and freezer. An attached pantry holds the dried herbs, spices, and preserves that I love to make and use.

The living room has a large fireplace, and opens to a balcony overlooking the lake. Large, overstuffed cushions make up the sofa, loveseat, and two chairs. They are set to make the fireplace the focal point of the room. A coffee and end tables give it a warm, welcome feel. There is a quilt rack displaying the flannel quilts that my grandmother and I sewed together.

A wide staircase leads upstairs to a communal area that is lined with bookshelves. Books, board games, movies, and video games fill the shelves. There is a TV, game consoles, and comfy chairs. canlı bahis There are doors that open to a master bedroom, two bedrooms, and a linen closet. The master bedroom has its own bath, while the two bedrooms share one that opens to both rooms.

I take my suitcase upstairs. The master bedroom has two walk-in closets and its own bathroom. I hang up my clothes, and put my folded ones away. The room is dominated by a king size bed. The bedding is a heavy flannel of Black Watch Dress plaid. A small stone fireplace adds warmth to the room. I light a fire, place the fireplace cover, then head into the bathroom.

The master bath is a mixture of natural wood and earth-neutral colored stone. It has a warm relaxing feel to it. Potted herbs break up the neutrality, lending a fresh, herbal scent to the room. Double sinks grace the counter. There is a whirlpool tub sunk into a marble dais. A large waterfall shower is enclosed in glass. I put my toiletries away, grab a towel, and head outside to the balcony.

The balcony overlooks the lake. There are stairs and rails that lead down to the shore. I lay the towel down in the grass. I strip my clothes off, set them on the towel, and wade into the water. It is slightly cool. My skin shivers before I force myself under the water, acclimating myself to its temperature. I glide through the water without a purpose, just relishing the feel of it against my skin.

As I play in the water, the moon rises bahis siteleri overhead. I come up to the surface. Moonlight shines down on me, as I push water and hair back away from my face. I look to the shore, seeing you standing there. You have been watching me. I watch as you undress, treading water to keep myself afloat. You take your clothes off slowly, allowing my eyes to feast on your form.

When the last sock drops, you wade into the water to your hips, then dive under. I search for you, but I can’t see you. I push myself backwards in the water. I feel you grab my hips as you come up for air. You pull me to you, and the force sends water spraying up between us. My breasts rest against your chest, and you smile at the sensation.

You kiss me deeply, and my body curls into yours. You take my breasts in your hands, kissing, then suckling each nipple; until they are tiny, hard berries. I feel your cock hardening against me. You turn me in your arms, and wrap them around my waist. I feel your lips at my neck, kissing a trail of fire down to my clavicle. Your teeth nibble on it, and my neck stretches back in ecstasy.

My hand reaches down. I place your cock between my lips so I can grind my clit against it. I hear your intake of breath, as my warmth seeps into you. I feel you moving backwards, taking us to the shoreline. I hold onto your hips for balance.

We stop at a place where you can stand comfortably. I feel you plant bahis şirketleri yourself firmly against the ground. Your hand reaches down; tickling and teasing my clit. My hips push myself against your hand. I turn around in your arms. I want to see your face as you fuck me. Your hand wraps in my hair. I still, letting you look your fill.

You smile. Your hand strokes my puss, and I feel you opening me. Your cock pushes its way inside of me, and I shiver at the sensation of your invasion. It feels so good. Foreign to my body, yet familiar, as if it was made for me. I wrap my legs around your hips, and place my hands on your chest for purchase.

I ride you with slow, long strokes. Your hand plays with my nipples. I take myself down deeper each time, filling myself with more of you. When I get all that I can take, I grind my hips. I moan each time, low and guttural. Your hands move to my ass, and you force yourself into me more. I feel your fingers exploring between my cheeks. I get wetter, wanting more. Always more.

Your pace picks up, driving into me. I cling to you, needing the release you will bring. My muscles tighten, more and more. I feel you push against my asshole, and it drives me over the edge. All I can do is hang onto you, riding your cock, and the waves of my orgasm. I feel you swelling inside me. Your hand grips my neck as you come. You press a hard kiss on my lips, and all I can do is surrender to you.

You ravish my mouth as the last vibrations of my orgasm fade away. I slump against you for support. You carry me out of the water. I slide from your body to my feet. We gather our clothes and towels, then head for the cabin.

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