My joke on my husband backfired

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My joke on my husband backfiredTroy had been home and leave for a week and it was so good to have him home, we fucked for the whole week and then on the Saturday night his old mates form his school days decided to come around for some drinks and catch up with him, the guys arrived about 7pm and by that time Troy had already had a few beers too many but was in a really good mood, five of his mates turned up, John, Ross, Will, Andrew and Ben and Ben’s girlfriend Sharon, Sharon was nice but easily lead, she did exactly what ever Ben told her, no matter what. Everyone was laughing and joking and my guy Troy was telling everyone about his trip to America as part of a group assignment ( he is in the army that’s why I don’t get to see him much) Troy was as merry as you can get and during the night just in fun he would flick my skirt up in front of everyone saying what a hot little wife he had and just being mischievous but it was starting to get me annoyed sorta thing, anyway I was talking to Sharon and as he walked past me he pulled my top down and good thing I had a tanky on underneath or they would have seen my tits, I said to Sharon that it was pissing me off a bit and laughed about it anyway, she said why don’t I get him back and slip into the bedroom and walk out naked in front of his mates just to teach him a lesson, fuck no I couldn’t do that I told her BUT I said I can do the next best thing, I walked off towards the bed room and said to Troy I’m going to put something else on this top and jeans are hot in here. He said at the top of his voice, yeah babe, get into something sexy and they all laughed and I just poked my tongue out at them all and gave them the finger in a joking gesture.I thought to myself I’ll fix you hubby dear and chuckled to myself as I stripped off and put on the gorgeous little negligee he had given me for Christmas, it was white and almost totally see through with a white matching G string. I held my breath thinking can I do this and will this cure him of his silliness as he will no doubt tell me to go and get something on straight away. I opened the door and walked straight into the lounge room in full view of all his mates and everyone just stopped and gasped, Troy looked at me and said, FUCKING HELL BABE, what the fuck, I said well you said to put something sexy on didn’t you, and poked my tongue out at him, so you want me to go and get changed then as I turned to walk towards the bedroom knowing it had had an impact, “FUCK NO…If you’re comfortable babe then fine, that’s cool”, I knew he was joking but didn’t want to be shown up in front of his mates so I turned around and just plopped down on the couch keeping my legs tight together. You could easily see my nipples through the sheer halter neck style top and the guys were really staring at me as they joked with each other about other things, Sharon gave me a wink as if to say: good for you, and I winked back giving her a smile laying back against the lounge. Then Ross and Andrew started daring me to give them a pose so I bahis siteleri thought fuck it and stood up and pulled my skirt part out sideways and did a swing around, “WOO HOO, YEE HAA. WOW AWESOME,” came the screams so I did some more posing glancing at Troy to see if he was ready to tell me to go cover up but he just woo hoo-ed with them. Damn this wasn’t working but I couldn’t back down so I thought I should push this a little bit further and I got up to go to the mini bar and for a coke I stood discreetly behind the bar and pulled my knickers off flicking them under the bar out of site, I grabbed my coke and headed back to the lounge Troy not even noticing that you could now just make out my cunt through the sheer fabric. , I noticed that Ben and Andrew had noticed that I was knickerless and Andrew gave me a wink and I winked back and he looked over at Ben and nudged Ross and whispered in his ear but Troy was too busy talking to Will about getting a V8 and the guys were craning the necks and trying to get a look so I turned towards them and pulling my negy straight knowing they would get a much clearer look at my cunt.I stood there for a few minutes making sure they all got a good eyeful as my little cunt started to get wetter and wetter, I wanted them to get the best look they could so I sat down on the lounge and I swung around on the couch so my legs were pointing away from Troy and made sure the guys all got a good perv on my now moist little cunt while I talked to Sharon, she could also see my cunt quite easily and we chuckled to each other, she asked me what I thought Troy would do when he noticed I wasn’t wearing any knickers, I said. I had no idea. Then Troy looked across at me and said, :Hey baby, what do you think of me updating to a V8 and getting rid of the V6, I made sure the skirt was down and spun around think its now or never and stood up on the couch and said, “ yeah babe that’s cool, if we can afford it why not” looking him straight in the eye as he noticed I didn’t have the knickers on, he said, “ BABE, what the fuck, where’s your knickers” I said’ they were too hot so I TOOK THEM OFF , U WANT ME TO GO CHANGE NOW”? and gave him a DUH,,,, do u get my drift look and that’s when I realized he had realized what I was up to, He replied , “FUCK NO BABE U LOOK AWESOME” I was beaten and I knew it, then out off the cuff Troy said “ Grab her leg Andrew and give everyone a look “ as he laughed, Andrew leaned over and grabbed my left leg pulling it straight up in the air and everyone zoomed in on my now exposed little cunt that was starting to moisten up, Ross got up and grabbed the other leg and pulled it up so they could all get a really good look at me. I thought fuck it, I’m not going to back down, no way so I just let them hold my legs open while they all gazed at my open little cunt and saying things like, “FUCK, I could fuck that cunt’ and “Nice crack your misses has got the Troy” and then to my horror Sharon butts in and says “ gee you’re a cool guy Troy, are you going to be a good canlı bahis sport and let your old mates fuck that cunt rotten,” I looked at Sharon in amazement thinking , YOU BITCH, and then Troy says, “FUCK YEAH, hey guys go for it, good opportunity for as gang bang hey” I looked at him and said, “OHH YEAH.. sure,,babe sure,, as if” and he said , “what, naaa im serious, go for it guys have some fun, you don’t mind do you Sammy, it’s all just good fun babe, you will love it I promise “ and I knew he wasn’t serious, he couldn’t be, surely not so I called his bluff again looking straight at him I said, “ ha ha sure, why not, come and get me guys and fuck me any way you want seeing’s how my loving hubby is okay with it”, the guys all jumped up and grabbed me pulling my negligee totally off, and they started to strip, I looked at troy and he just smiled at me with a look of “ GOT U, I win and although I kind of struggled a bit they threw me on the floor and one got hold of my arms and two pulled my legs open, Sharon pushed Ben over to me and whispered to him and he rammed two fingers straight into my wet little cunt, I let out a scream as Ben shoved them full on into my tight little cunt as I looked over at Troy only to see him with the biggest grin ever on his face, I thought,,NO WAY,,,he can’t be enjoying this.. surely not.. then they flipped me round and onot my kness with my arse up, Andrew moved in behind me and drove his rock hard big cock straight into my wet hole, I arch my back as he started pumping his hard shaft in and out my little cunt, OHHHH OHHH I moaned trying to look round to see if Troy was watching this, but them Ross grabbed my head and forced his stiff cock straight into my mouth and halfway down my throat,, I gagged as he pumped his cock as I could feel someone squeezing hard on my tits and stretching my nipples, then I felt Ben slipping under me and they lifted me onto him, he drove his cock into my wet cunt as Andrew slammed his cock into my tight arse with as Ross started fucking my throat again, I had no time to look for Troy but I was sure I could hear him laughing in the back ground along with Sharon, I was being gang banged in front of my husband and he seemed to be enjoying it, my little joke or plan had back fired on me and now all my sex holes were being fucked hard, I noticed my negligee laying on the floor not far from me and thinking to myself how sexy I must have looked for this to happen, I was soon brought back to reality as they flipped me over again this time I was on top of someone else and they rammed the cock into my tight little arse hole while Andrew shoved his big hard cock straight into my now sloppy wet tight cunt, one of the guys had a hold on my throat like he was trying to strangle me as I gasped for air only to have my mouth met with another over sized cock shoved into it, ram..ram down my throat as I gasped for air, then I felt the cock in my mouth pulsate and I felt the hot stream of cum shooting down my throat as I almost suffocated on it, as I raised my güvenilir bahis head little bits of cum dribbled down my chin, the others were still fucking my other holes as fast as they could ram them, my body literally bounced against the thrusts and my cunt felt like it was on fire, all I could think of at that stage was I want to cum so bad, I had totally forgotten about where Troy was and didn’t give a shit, I was actually enjoying getting fucked like this, then I caught a glimpse of Troy talking to Sharon as if to edge her towards me, she then whispered something to Ben and he and Andrew grabbed an ankle each while Troy came over and kneeling behind my head he held my head tight but forcing it up so I had a clear view of my thighs and pubic mound, Sharon then slipped in between my legs and smiled at me, “Hold her tight guys: she said as she gave me a wink, she then lent forward and slipped two fingers into my wet cunt, I said ,,,”fuck Sharon, what are you doing” she said, “ ha ha, you are going to feel this Sammy, ohhh arte you going to feel this” and with that she proceed to put all her fingers in, then her thumb as she then pushed her hand slowly into my gaping fuck hole, “OHHHH FUCKKKK” I moaned out loud as she finished getting her hand in me, I was being fisted for the first time, I felt so tight but to my surprize it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been as she rammed her fist in and out of my wet cunt, “OHHH FUCKKKKK….O)HHH FUCKKKK” just oozed from my lips involuntarily as she pumped away, I glamced up to noticve that Troy was watching so eagerly and then he looked down at me and said, “ I always wanted to see you fisted babe, this is awesome, your cunt looks as though it’s going to rip apart babe, I just rolled my eyes back in my head ,,,and moaned out loud…on and on she pumped my soaking wet tight cunt and eventually I exploded as my muscles tightened around her tiny hand and I thrust forward getting her full fist as far in as I could take it, my orgasm was so intense and I bucked to the rythums of my contractions, they withdrew and I just lay exhausted on the floor, as everyone stood over me with big smiles and laughing, they were clearly having heaps of fun. I stood up with Troy giving me a peck on the cheek, “arsehole” I called him with a cheeky smile on my face, Sharon cut in, “Now that was so much fun” as she laughed, “yeah wasn’t it” I said with a sly look on my face, “But the guys are still revved up and I think guys that Sharon is upset because she has missed out” I continued, “ nooo I’m fine” said Sharon, “go on guys show her your style” I said, and with that they grabbed her. The surprized look on Sharon’s face was priceless, she couldn’t pike out and she knew it, as the guys tore at her clothes revealing her naked body I called out, “tell me as soon as you’re ready for the fisting part won’t you, I don’t want her to miss out on a thing”, with that Ross piped up, “I might give her that part Sammy, I have a bigger fist than yours and I’m sure it will take it, We all cheered and laughed as poor old Sharon writhered , bucked and got fucked in every hole until she was so exhausted that when Ross shoved his fist in she had basically no resistance, what goes around comes around hey. Sammy;

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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