My Lady Boss

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My Lady Boss

Greeting guests and escorting them to their seats are my duties on Saturdays. I work part time in a local Indian restaurant in Singapore every Saturday. I do have full-time job on weekdays with decent salary, but I am a food lover and I do love this Lion City with its amazing varieties of exotic food. Hailing from a neighbouring country, I am Chinese by race, but I do love all kinds of food and Indian food has special place on my palate.

The owner of this restaurant is a beautiful local Indian lady in her early 40s. She is 1.7 m tall and slender with D cup boobs. She used to be a housewife but after divorce, she opened this fantastic restaurant to support herself. This is my 4th month here and I can tell that she is pleased with my work. She asked me many times to work more days, but due to family commitment, I had to turn her request down.

This started in the first week of December 2019. It was 10 pm and the last guests had just left. Other staffs (3 of them) already finished their duties and were leaving one by one. I was done with mine too and I was ready to take a shower.

The boss lets us use the upstairs bathroom for showering if we want to and I always do. I prefer going home after cleaning myself. Usually, my family already sleeps, so I don’t need to rush as I only see them in the morning.

I took my time to take off my clothes. On that particular Saturday, it was busy as usual. I stood in the cubicle taking a deep breath just enjoying the moment a little, enjoying canlı bahis the fragrance of cinnamon and other spices. There was a bowl on a rack at the corner where spices filled up the bathroom with exotic and relaxing fragrance. The shower cubicle and the bathroom were only separated by a long silk cloth.

As I was ready to turn on the water, a silk cloth suddenly opened wide. There my boss was. She was completely nude in front of me. I was shocked to death.

My mouth was wide open. I didn’t know what I had to do or say. A thousand things spun in my head.

It was an awkward 1 minute silence. Our eyes met. She looked awkwardly calm. She entered the shower cubicle and we were facing each other. Not sure what to do, I started to step out of the cubicle when suddenly, she grabbed my hand. I looked back. Her face was so close to me. Then, she started it.

Her lips met mine. She let out her tongue and forced it down into my mouth. Our tongues fought and we tasted each other’s saliva. She let out a gentle moan. She put my right hand on her left boob. I used my fingers to massage her black nipple. She moaned more loudly and she pushed my head to the right side of her neck. I kissed her brown skin gently and then, started sucking it. Her moan got even louder.

Our bodies got closer. I could taste her sweat. My cock was rock hard and it touched her pubic hair a bit. She pushed my head down.

“Suck it!”

I licked her right nipple, put it inside my mouth and sucked it with rhythm. Her right hand stroked my cock.

She bahis siteleri knelt down, opened her mouth and put my cock deeply at one go. It felt so good, so exotic. Things started boiling inside. I felt the urge to cum and she knew it. She sucked me even deeper.

“I’m cumming!”

I wanted take my cock out, but I couldn’t. She didn’t let me. I could’t hold it any longer and shot my cum inside her mouth. She continued sucking with slower pace before taking it out. She opened her mouth to show me her cum-filled mouth, closed it, opened it again and it was clean. She swallowed all of my seed.

We took a shower. We didn’t say a word. It was an awkward silence. Then, we dried our bodies and I was ready to dress up when she suddenly grabbed my hand.

“Not yet! It’s my turn now!”

I was puzzled. She sat on a small toilet bench, opened her legs and looked at me in the eyes. She was bushy. Her pussy was dark brown. I knew what she wanted. I knelt and gave her clitoris a gentle kiss. Her pussy emitted a strong pleasant exotic aroma.

I let out my tongue and licked her from bottom up in one single slow stroke. She moaned. I continued and was greeted by louder and louder moan. Then, the moment came.

She wrapped her legs over my head, her head fell behind and she let out the loudest moan I had ever heard. Her pussy shot jets of female ejaculates which I swallowed willingly. It tasted so sweet.

She unwrapped her legs and we kissed each other. I sat beside her. Just when I thought the session had ended, she started to stroke bahis şirketleri my cock. It got hard at once. She smiled a bit, got up and started to sit on my cock. Realizing what was going to happen, my hands held her butt cheeks resisting her.

“No! We have no condom.”

Her face looked disappointed. She turned over and faced me now. She put her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked it and immediately forgot about the condom.

She slowly lowered herself down again and this time, I couldn’t resist her. My cock entered her in one single slow stroke. Our pubic hair met. Her pussy was warm. It was comfortable to be inside her. She started to grind her hips and our kiss became wilder.

After what must have been 15 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was ready to shoot another load of cum. I realized that I needed to pull out. I didn’t want to make her pregnant. She read my mind and whispered gently.

“Come on! Do it! I’m safe.”

I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot my load into the depth of her pussy. She moaned and shook a bit. We hugged and had a wet long kiss. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Finally, she lifted herself up. White slime came out of her pussy dropping onto the floor. We took another round of shower and left the restaurant together.

This became a weekly rendezvous for us ever since. I always finish work the latest and wait until the other staffs leave. Then, I lock the front door and go up to the bathroom on the second floor. She is naked in the bathroom waiting for me. We take shower together and fuck. We never use condom and we always end it with a deep creampie. Both of us never want it to end. The first floor is still a restaurant, but the second floor has now transformed to be a secret love nest for us.

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