My Lover Returns

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I open my eyes on the morning, knowing you will be home soon. I smile as I slide my hand between my legs, my thighs damp with thoughts of your return. I find my femininity moist as a dew-covered morning bloom. A finger slides between my labia, rubbing the bud that already awaits your touch, your kiss. It stiffens and I shiver. I need you to hurry.

I throw back the covers and rise, the cool air of our bedroom causing my skin to tingle. My nipples stand out. I stretch for the ceiling, feeling the kinks in my joints loosen and the blood flow better to all of my parts. I cross the bedroom and enter the bathroom. The tap turns under my hand and the water comes out hot. I close the door and step into the shower, feeling the hot water spray on my body.

I pick up a loufa and squeeze soap onto it. It fills with lather as the cleansing surface cleans me, the roughness of it making my nipples tingle as I wash my breasts. Finally, I’m all soaped up and I take the nozzle off the wall. I rinse my arms, my breasts, my stomach, my legs. I save the best for last. I shift the spray to “Pulse” and aim it at my slick vagina. The pounding is like Heaven as the water impacts the folds of my pussy, the hood of my clit. I start to hump the spray, unable to control my hips. I want so badly to be ready for you.

It becomes hard to focus and I drop the sprayer, the water splashing over my feet. One hand slams against the wall to hold me up as the other finds my throbbing clit. I attack it with my fingers as tears spring to my eyes. Anticipation of you had made it almost too wonderful. I moan deeply as I come, squeezing my bud as my knees shake and threaten to give out. I can’t help but giggle with joy.

I straighten as my body works to calm itself. It takes a short while to bring the sprayer to my hand and see it replaced on the wall. My shaking hands turn off the water and I open the shower door.

Fresh joy flows through me as I find you standing there, waiting for me. You smile at me and I quickly realize that you have watched me through the pebbled glass and listened to me masturbate. I was too focused on my own pleasure to hear you come in.

I’m a little embarrassed, despite our long relationship and the fact that you are just as naked as I am. To cover that embarrassment, you stretch out your arms Sakarya Escort and enfold me in your strong embrace. I thrill to your strong arms and even more to the feel of your erection poking me in the stomach. My hand squeezes it and you gasp. You’re ready and so am I. I tilt my face up and kiss you.

Our tongues dance as I stroke you. My thumb massages the head and comes away with a drop of pre-cum. With a grunt, you spin us around, then turn me to face the counter. You bend me over and I push myself up to stand on my tiptoes. Your hands grasp my hips and you push hard into me. I look in the mirror and see your handsome face, the deep-set eyes closed, a look of determination and pleasure mixed on your features. I know this won’t take long. But I don’t mind. This one’s all for you.

I can feel your manhood, swollen inside me. My wet snatch pulls at you every time you pull back and is rewarded anew with every thrust. Your grunts deepen, then come more quickly. I feel the head of your member swell inside me even more and I know. Your grip tightens on my hips and you thrust with all you have, holding yourself as deep as possible into me. You exhale sharply and I feel your orgasm rocketing your hot semen into my waiting body. I smile at you as you open your eyes.

Finished, you take a step back. With a final pull, I feel us separate. I turn and pull you to me, kissing you. I smile up at you and you look almost embarrassed.

“That probably didn’t do much for you.” You’re blushing, sure that I couldn’t get pleasure from my first feel of a man in six months. You can’t believe that I feel pleasure every time you touch me, no matter how short, how insignificant.

“On the contrary, I enjoyed it almost as much as you did. And besides, I’ll get mine.”

You nod eagerly at that, so I escort you to the bed. I push gently on your broad shoulders and you kneel. I lay back and spread my legs. I feel a drop of your seed run down to my butt and grin, knowing from long experience that you don’t care how messy you make me, you’re always willing to give me all the pleasure I can stand.

Today’s no exception as I feel your soft kisses on my inner thighs. You lift them and lay them on your shoulders. Your lips kiss mine, your tongue flicking out to touch me. You take Sakarya Escort Bayan one lip into yours and let your teeth graze it gently, just enough pressure to make me gasp. You switch lips and your bites are a little harder, but still pleasurable. You wrap your arms around my thighs and open me with your fingers. Your tongue massages my insides and I moan. I want you to press your mouth to my vagina. I want you to drive that talented tongue hard into me, licking my opening with all your might, but I hold back. As bad as I want it, I want you to take your time even more. You do, licking me with slightly increasing pressure. Your tongue moves up and caresses the area around my hood. With a quick flick, your tongue goes under the hood and fondles my clitoris. I inhale sharply and you back off. You know I loved it, but that I’ll love it even more the next time. As my dizziness wears off, you’ve already moved back to my hole with your tongue. Again, you slowly work your way up, around, then to my clit. Again, I advance on orgasm, only to have you pull me back from the precipice. You repeat this tried-and-true method of pleasuring me until I can no longer take it. I curl my fingers into your hair and pull you into me. You unwrap one arm and work a finger into my dripping hole. Your lips surround my clit and your tongue works at it, giving me pleasure like electric shocks. I can no longer hold still and start to buck my hips against your mouth and your fingers that dig into me. I can’t keep my breath and begin to pant hard. You only intensify things and I can’t pull back from the edge. You don’t pull me back either and I come. My screams of sweet pleasure could wake the dead.

My orgasm over, I start to come down. Your mouth has moved away from my clit and licks at my lips. Even that is too much for what I’ve just felt and I pull away from you but pull at your head, wanting to feel your body, your arms around me, wanting more than anything to feel you again inside me.

You don’t disappoint as you mount me. You have again achieved erection and my hand finds you stiff in my fingers once again. I guide you this time into me. You feel so good inside of me and you shift us until you have a sturdy rest for your knees, so you can slowly thrust into me. You do just that, letting me Escort Sakarya feel the wonderful fullness of being made love to. I know you can do this generally as long as I want. You’ve had yours, I’ve had mine. This is for the pure joy of being in love. We kiss each other gently, our tongues lazily touching as we reacquaint ourselves completely.

You are starting to tire. You probably think this a failure. I only find it more endearing that we have grown .. not old, but older together, friends and lovers, husband and wife. I look up at you and suggest you lay down so I can be on top. You can’t hide the relief in your eyes, although you try. I love you even more for it as you lay back and let me mount you. I love it when you make love to me; there are times I love it more when you let me make love to you.

I straddle you and take you into my body. In many ways, this is my favorite position. I get to look directly at you, to study every reaction to my every movement. You squeeze my hips with your hands and I take them away, entangling my fingers with yours. My vagina squeezes you and you start to thrust your hips just a little, our rhythm long established. I know you love the way this feels, my hungry nether-mouth, abused by the passage of three children who spent last night with Grandma knowing you would be here sometime today, fondling your manhood. When I look at you, I can’t help but remember the nineteen anniversaries, the birthdays, the Christmases and Thanksgivings and Fourth of July cookouts. I lean down and kiss you, releasing your hands so I can hold myself up. Your hands move to my ass. You squeeze it as our kiss becomes more intense and I can feel myself getting ready to come. Long experience with those ice-blue eyes tells me you are going to as well. I smile and lay my head on your shoulder. There’s no rush, just the pleasure of inevitability.

My vagina tightens as my orgasm starts. I hear you moan and can feel your spasms inside me. I know your seed is still more than viable and I have done nothing to prevent a fourth child. I don’t care and I know you don’t either. You like just being a man as much as I like just being a woman. Besides, if I’m ovulating, the damage is already done. I don’t move. We know each other well enough to know that we’ve both had our pleasures. Your hand finds a blanket within reach and you pull it over both of us.

I feel the sweet joy of sleeping in your arms approaching. We are supposed to meet the rest of the family for lunch. We have plenty of time for a good nap before that.

We have all the time in the world.

I love you.

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