My Luck With A Big Beautiful Woman

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I had been watching her shop in the supermarket for about the last 15 minutes. She wasn’t very tall; I would guess about five foot 2 inches in her shoes. She had the curves I absolutely loved. She was not a stick like the models and actresses you see that are called beautiful. This woman was more like the friend that most popular women have around them to make them look even better. Frankly I prefer those types of women. They are friendlier and more fun to be around. Also most of the time they have no clue that men find them attractive and thus have no “attitude” towards the men in their life.

She came around the isle that I was in, the one with the crackers, cookies and the like. She passed me and wow her perfume was almost delicious. How am I going to meet this woman? When I meet her how am I going to convince her to go out with me? Always the toughest of problems when dealing with the opposite sex, especially when you are extremely attracted to them.

I followed her around the next isle watching her push her cart and her beautiful rear end twitch back and forth in her tight fitting jeans. All right I admit it I was flat out turned on.

She stopped and picked a package of cake mix off the shelf and then suddenly dropped it. While she bent down to pick up the package I was enjoying the view. Suddenly I realized that she was bent down too long and realized she was looking at me from her bent position. As she stood I knew I was busted. I really didn’t mind that I was caught, after all this woman turns me on. However, even though you don’t mind being caught it can be embarrassing, especially if you get the go die look from the object of your attraction. Lucky for me I was not getting that look.

She smiled at me. It was a pretty sweat smile for that matter. “Hello there.” She said smiling even more. “Don’t you hate when that happens?”

I laughed and said, “what dropping a box mix?”

“No,” she said, “I mean when you get caught looking at a woman’s rear when she is bent over.”

Well let’s just say I could feel the flush go over my face, neck and arms completely. She probably could warm her hands on my face. I opened my mouth but damn it if nothing came out. My sharp-witted tongue and nothing came out. Let’s say that I have a sharp-witted tongue when I’m not embarrassed.

She smiled and reached her hand up and patted my face. “Don’t be embarrassed. That was one of the kindest things a man has done to me for quite a while.”

“What is that” I stammered with my eyebrows furrowing.

“Thinking of me as a sex object. Most men don’t think of me that way. In fact most men look at me and don’t really even look at me. It’s almost the same as when you are in the city and see a person begging passers by. For the most part the people walking by the beggar don’t see the person but rather as someone to throw a few coins to make go away.”

“I….I….,” started up again. Then I took a deep breath and started over. “My name is Kevin, and yes I do find you attractive.” I then stuck my hand out for her to shake.

She got a big smile on her face and said “My name is Missy,” she then took my hand. “I’m very pleased to meet you moving a bit closer.”

Missy’s perfume was getting my attention. She smells absolutely delicious. It was time to take a risk, “would you like to go out sometime”?

Missy was quiet and I suddenly realized that I had not released her had and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to release it.

She got that big grin on her face again and said “sure I’d enjoy going out with you. How does tonight sound”?

Before I could respond she started talking again. “How about if I cook you a home cooked meal tonight. You could come over to my house and I can cook while we talk. It think this would be fun, what do you think”?

“Not only would this be fun but I’m already looking forward to this.”

“Why don’t you walk with me and pick out what we want for dinner tonight. Do you like Steak or……”

That night I pulled up to the address that Missy had given me. It was an ok neighborhood. Not great but not a bad one either. She had one of those homes that were built after World War II. Lots of family’s were raised in these homes. They aren’t real big but there’s plenty of room to live. Missy had told me she was a teacher for a Catholic grade school in the area and while she didn’t make large amounts of money she was able to afford a nice enough lifestyle.

I got out of the car and floated to the front door. Ok you can tell I’m excited about getting to be around Missy again. When you meet a good lady though it’s something exciting. The last lady I was this thrilled with I dated for quite a while.

I knocked on her front door, she had told me to knock because her doorbell wasn’t working. She opened it up and wow she was wearing a flowery dress, the kind that you see in the summer, I think they call them sundresses. She looked fine. Her dress came up to just above her knees.

She opened the screen door and I came in then she shut the front door. I canlı bahis turned around and told her “My you look might sweat tonight. I swear good enough to eat.” I was a little afraid I had gone too far too fast.

Missy looked at me and smiled and came close giving a big hug. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the check. She then whispered, “we’ll see, we’ll see.”

She let me go and then took my hand walking towards the kitchen. “Come one in and let’s start getting supper ready. I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.”

“Sounds like a winner to me.” I told her. “What do you want me to do”?

She laughed and said “You just sit there and enjoy. I’m going to fix the dinner and you’re going to do the eating. What would you like to drink? I’ve got the wine we purchased while at the grocery, or would you like to start off with a soft drink”?

“Well I better start with a pop. If I start with wine this early you’ll be rocking me off to dreamland before we even eat.” It’s a shame I’m such a lightweight drinker. A couple of beers and I’m curling up snoozing.

“That wouldn’t be such a bad thing. A little wine nap takes the cares away.” She then started pulling out carrots and potatoes. Then got her cutting board from behind the sink faucet to start chopping and the like.

The conversation went on and on while she cooked. As always it was conversation getting to know each other and finding and questioning each other. Not only did I like looking at Missy but I also enjoyed getting to know here. She’s a very sweat lady.

Missy had set the table as she was cooking. She suddenly walked up to the kitchen table and handed me the bottle of wine and a corkscrew. “Why don’t you open this up and poor us a couple of glasses of wine.” Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes.

With that I stood up and quickly opened the wine. I poured the wine into the glasses Missy had handed me.

Missy came up behind me and picked up the glass and took a nice sip of the wine. “Hmmmmm……that’s yummy.” She then got a bit of a look on her face and leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. “That’s a good wine you picked out.”

I was so surprised at the kiss I didn’t have a chance to return it before she was back checking the food.

“Would you like a salad?” Missy asked me pulling the salad out of the crisper in the refrigerator. “What kind of dressing would you like”? She asked after my nodding agreement to the salad.

“Ranch sounds great to me.” I took the bowl and dressing bottle to the dinning room and Missy followed me.

We sat down to eat an absolutely wonderful meal. Missy could flat out cook. I hadn’t had a home cooked meal since Christmas with my folks. Many people think living alone is a fantastic thing. However, the one thing that I really get tired of is the lack of home cooking. It’s not any fun to do heavy duty cooking for yourself.

After we finished eating we sat back and talked for a while. I had Missy giggling and laughing about my work and some of the great clowns I work with. I stood up then and told “Missy how about if I wash and you dry”?

She shook her head and said “oh no that’s not necessary, you just sit there and I’ll finish up.”

“No way. I’d rather work with you. That way I get to stand next to you and we can talk some more.”

We washed and dried and cleaned up our meal. After a night of a fantastic food, nice wine and great conversation, I was completely relaxed. I was going to have to spend quite a bit more time with Missy.

Missy turned to me hanging up her drying towel and said, “would you like to watch a movie? I’ve got a couple of new DVD’s that could be fun to watch.”

I could hear chick flick written all over this. However, I don’t mind because it would be that much longer that I would be around Missy.

“Sounds great to me. What movies do you have”? Let’s see will it be Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes or Pretty Woman?

“Well I’ve got John Wayne in McClintock and The Gladiator. If you don’t like those I’ve got others.”

“My God are you sure you’re a lady? You are the first woman I’ve met that likes McClintock.”

“Why don’t you open up the package and put it on. I’m going to change, I’m a little uncomfortable and sweaty from making super” she said as she headed towards her bedroom.

Things can’t get any better than this. A great movie and a very sexy lady getting comfortable. “Hey would you like another glass of wine”?

“Sure, that sounds great. Why don’t you open up the second bottle so it will be ready.”

I set up the DVD and started going towards the front. Then I stepped into the kitchen and pulled the second bottle of wine out and opened it up. When I grabbed our glasses I filled both of them to the top. What the hell maybe I can drink her under the table a little bit.

I carried the glasses back into the living room and sat on the couch. Even though it was a classy looking sofa it actually had some comfort to it. It isn’t one of those fufu sofas that are absolutely impossible bahis siteleri to get comfortable on. I took a sip of wine and then hit pause on the DVD because the Credits for Batjac Productions came on for the movie.

From the bedroom Missy came in. Oh my she looked even better than before with her hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a soft looking shorts set. She was showing off plenty of leg.

I started to stand and she said “sit and be comfortable. That’s what I’m going to do.”

I expected her to sit on the other side of the sofa or the big comfortable chair. Instead she sat down right next to me and leaned on me. She got down low enough that I was able to put my arm around her and pull her close. She snuggled even closer to me and reached for her wine and took a very big drink.

I wanted to keep up with her so I drank mine heavily as well. I started the movie and we watched.

As the movie went forward we filled our glasses several times with the wine. I was really getting a great buzz on. It seemed that as soon as the movie started it was almost over. I was thoroughly enjoying the movie, the wine and especially the sexy lady curled up next to me.

When the movie was over and the credits were rolling I sat up and figured I better get going home. Maybe I’ll get a very nice kiss before I leave. I want more but I figure it will take a while before she gets to know me.

“Kevin, where do you think you’re going”? Missy asked me sitting up as well.

I turned to her and calmly said, “well I figured I better get going on home. I’ve had quite a bit of wine and if I stay here longer I’m going to fall asleep soon.”

Missy wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a lip lock that took my breath away. “Do you want to go home where you are by yourself? Or would you like to stay here.” With that she unbuttoned my top couple buttons of my shirt and stuck her hand into the shirt. While in there she played a bit with my chest hair and then worked her way over to my left nipple and started stroking it and lightly pinching it. Needless to say she had my attention completely.

I reached up and stroked the sides of her breasts through her outfit. The material was a very soft cotton and it was almost fluffy to the touch. Missy had plenty to stroke but she wasn’t huge. The old saying more than a mouthful is a waste. Well I want to say Missy was doing some wasting. I kissed her back now and said, “I really don’t want to leave, at all. I would rather stay here.”

Missy removed her hand out of my shirt, damn it, and took my hand pulling back to her bedroom. When we entered her bedroom she guided me to a plushy comfortable chair she had in the corner of the bedroom. She lightly pushed me with her hand on my chest and I sat down. She kissed me again, this time with her tongue entering between my lips and tickling my tongue and roof of my mouth. She started moaning lightly at this point.

We cuddled and kissed with her kneeling between my legs. “Kevin, Kevin, my God you feel good” she whispered at my lips. “I want you so bad. I want to know you so well.”

I ran my hands into her hair reaching around the back of her head and pulling what was left of her hair in the ponytail out of the binding. Now that her hair was free I buried my hands into the back of her hair and pulled her close for a very deep kiss. “Oh you taste so fantastic. From the moment I saw you in the store I’ve wanted you. I just can not believe how lucky I am.”

Missy pulled back and looked in my eyes. I think to see if I was kidding. “No man has ever said that they were lucky to touch me. Why do you feel that way”?

I knew this could be a breaking point but I wanted her to know I truly felt this way. “I find you very sexy. I think women who are healthy in their body and not grossly thin or grossly overweight are incredibly sexy. I want my woman to be a woman not a boy shape in women’s clothing.”

Missy sat back on her heels and looked at me deeply in the eyes. Then she leaned forward and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt. With her right hand she pulled my shirt aside and leaned even further and started to suck and tease my nipple. “Shit that feels good lover, Missy…. Oh man.” My sexy lady then changed to the second nipple and started nibbling there.

My hands kept playing with her hair which was very soft and thick and whose ends ticked my chest. My legs went together and started squeezing her thickset body.

Missy pulled back and took her hand and placed it right on my cock through my slacks. There was a wet spot showing up right were the tip of my dick was sitting. “Hmmmmm….I can see you’re engine is already running.” She undid my belt and fought to unbutton my jeans. After she had that done the zipper went down quickly. She whispered to me “lift up your behind I want to pull your pants off.”

I lifted my rump and Missy looped her fingers around the top of my pants and pulled them all the way down to my ankles. She then lifted each foot and pulled them totally off. She pitched them across bahis şirketleri the room. The change and keys I had in my pockets went flying every which way and then the pants landed. We both started laughing and Missy wrapped her arms around my hips with her ear hitting my belly button. We laughed and laughed some more.

Missy then touched my cock and it twitched in her hands. It was now very hard. She touched the tip with her index finger and in a counter clockwise motion she moved the little gob of pre-cum over top of my little head. Just that motion was a little bit of torture, the good kind.

She looked up into my eyes and then bent down to the bottom of my cock by the balls. She flicked her tongue out on the bottom of the skin and dragged it all the way up to the tip of the head of my dick, then she went back down and back up again. This was feeling great but I was getting a little anxious for her to envelop my cock with her mouth. She looked again into my eyes and then started to suck me. Missy’s lips slowly went over the head of my dick. She stayed there a few moments and then her tongue started darting all over my head. With a quick motion she then deep throated me going all the way down to the base of my dick.

I groaned and arched my back with a deep breath taken. “Oh my lover this is heaven. I’ve never had anything that was ever this good.”

Missy lifted her head off of my dick and said, “are you ready to make me feel as good? I need you to make me feel good.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice by my lover. I sat up and then stood up taking Missy with me. I maneuvered her over to the bed and laid her down on top of her quilted bed throw with her legs hanging down to the floor. I stood over her for a moment looking at this sexy woman who wanted me to make love to her. I reached over her and pulled her top off. She had even better breasts than I would have ever fantasized about. I lay on top of her and flicked out my tongue and rolled it around her nipple again and again. Quickly she was arching her back. I smiled at her and her beautiful mouth broke into a smile as well. I had to kiss that mouth so I leaned forward and took a deep taste. Then I started working my way down her body. I had to stop at her belly button and nibble around there for a few moments. This got her breathing deep again.

I worked my way down farther to her panties. She had a cute pair of zebra looking material. The entire crotch of her panties were soaking wet. I had my lady feeling pretty good. I took a deep whiff of her odor and she smelled wonderful. I ran my fingers down the panties and traced her outer lips of her pussy. I got her to jump and move on each stroke of my fingers. I kissed her lips through her panties and left my lips against them for a moment.

At this point I had to have her panties off of her. I wanted to see my lover naked before me. I needed this now. So I hooked my fingers over the top of the panties and slowly pulled them all the way down her legs and removed them over her feet. Even her pussy was perfect for me. It had the right amount of fur and the right amount of skin. I bent down and kissed her lips as though I was kissing her facial lips. Then I gently with my tongue probed her outer lips opening the in the center. I flicked my tongue out and touched her clit. I got a jump and a twitch for my pleasure. I started lightly licking all over and over. As I increased my intensity of my licking I started her rocking and moaning and jumping. Finally after a few minutes of moving underneath my tongue my lover had her orgasm. My lover has a very wet cum. Like I said she was perfect for me.

I looked up at her and her eyes were closed. I stood up and took her legs and spun her lying like normal on a bed. I climbed on top of her and was rewarded with a strong hug. She reached for he back of my head and pulled me to her lips. I could taste my pre-cum and her cum mixed together. We kissed deeply for a while. I raised up and looked at her. I saw my beautiful woman in front of me. However, I had a problem. “Lover, I have a problem.” I shook my head and whipped my face with my free hand.

“What’s the matter? You can tell me. Please.” She said in a soft voice wanting me to share with her my issue.

“No condom. I in no way thought we would end up this way together.” I looked at her in the face waiting for a reaction.

“Kevin, I want you to take me. Rubber or no rubber, I want you.” She lay there quietly for a moment. “Please make love to me.”

“Lover it was not in fear for me it was what you would want that I was worried about. Frankly I want you without a rubber, without the safety.”

She nodded her head and so I climbed between both her legs. We kissed for a few moments and then I entered her pussy. Her breath went in very deeply and her arms tightened strongly about me. We started moving together and Missy started rocking in harmony with me. “Lover, Fuck Me.” She started saying again and again.

Missy’s face contorted into a look of fierce concentration. I kept moving in and out of her every once and awhile, speeding up the motion of our passion. We went faster and faster until Missy started jerking and moving in her orgasim. I could feel her wetness again on my dick, balls and legs.

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