My nerdy ex-wife Aileen gets anal

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My nerdy ex-wife Aileen gets analAileen. What a bitch. But you know what else she was? She was hot. She was young, she was a nerd. A real nerd. A dungeons and dragons playing, computer using, glasses wearing nerd with a huge library of fantasy and sci – fi books that she was always reading. She was also a big girl, five ten and one hundred forty five pounds, solidly muscled and toned (I have pictures). She was also a martial artist. In fact we met when she visited my martial arts school. She was sexually aggressive but lacked experience, however she was an eager student. As we sat in a church parking lot talking was afternoon, she announced that she had never completed a blowjob, and wanted to try swallowing cum. I agreed that it was imperative that she complete her fantasy as soon as possible, so she yarded out my cock and began enthusiastically stuffing it into her wet mouth. She blew me for about fifteen minutes until I shot my wad. Choking on my cum, she gamely swallowed it all. Turns out swallowing just wasn’t her thing, but that never stopped her from doing anything. She hated anal anadolu yakası escort sex. Hated it. It hurt, and she would complain, but she did it. She would grunt, and moan, and hit the mattress and beg me to please hurry and cum. She would tell me I was killing her. But, she would never tell me to stop. I mounted her face one day, and used her mouth like a pussy, and I fucked it good and deep (I have pictures of parts of this). She sputtered and spit around my rather thick cock (six and a quarter inches long, but five and three quarters inches around) as I pummeled her thick lips. She had great, dick sucking lips that stretched over my cock as she pulled away on the out-stroke. Her glasses kept getting bounced up her forehead, into her hair. She kept hitting her hands on the bed, and kind of grunting around the meat in her mouth. I deposited my cum in her mouth, and she swallowed it, then slapped me on the arm, and said something like, “god damn you”. I’d decided that since I had just eaten her pussy for about forty five minutes, and ataşehir escort given her several wet, shuddering orgasms, that I was entitled to the same, and I took it. She liked that. She liked being dominated. She liked being used like a whore. She would blow me any place. Outside of a party, we are getting in my truck and she drops to her knees and starts blowing me next to the street. On my birthday one year, she strips naked and crawls on all fours over to me and tells me she wants me to cum in her mouth. I have other ideas however and decide I want to cum in her asshole. I mouthfuck her for a good ten minutes, stretching her mouth out before telling her to turn around. I grabbed the lube (today I only allow my fiancee a tiny amount of spit on just the very tip of my cock, before cramming it roughly into her tight, pink, butthole) and rubbed it all over my cock, getting it slippery. Aileen looked back and saw what I was doing and figured out my plan. She quickly sat down, telling me she didn’t want to, and was afraid it would hurt. She told me that she ümraniye escort had never done it before that way, and it didn’t seem right to her.I told her I would go slow, and to get on her knees again. She complied, and I ignored her as I began to apply pressure onto my cockhead, till the purple helmet suddenly popped through her tight anal ring. She let out a loud gasp, and clutched the blankets, and tensed her ass. Her body was rigid as I began slowly stuffing my fat cock into her rather spectacular ass (I have pictures from this occasion as well) while she complained and cried about the pain I was causing her clutching, teenage asshole. I didn’t care. I was going to fuck her awesome pink asshole (I have pictures) whether she liked it or not. She grunted as I drove my cock into her butthole, and drew a short fast breath with every withdrawal. Her asshole would gape open nicely, fearfully awaiting the next assault of my cock. But she never stopped me. Never said I couldn’t. She didn’t want my cum on her face either, but I did it anyways. It would drip off her glasses, and her cheeks and chin. It was often sprayed across her hair. After we broke up the first time, she became a stripper at Tacoma strip clubs like deja vu, lipsticks, and foxes. After we got back together, we married for about two years. She was awesome in bed. Seven years of getting to nail that pornstar ass was a joyus thing.

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