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It had been a long 16 months. Both my husband and I had been laid off from our jobs, and new job openings were far and few between. Our savings had virtually run out…..we didn’t live extravagantly, but even so, we were starting to leave some bills unpaid, with collection notices arriving weekly in the mailbox.

What’s worse, our car was in the shop and we didn’t have the money to get it repaired….so, looking for work was even more challenging than it normally would have been.

I constantly checked the job listings, although there were virtually none I could apply for, as I didn’t have any formal education and my business skills and experience were fairly limited. What I did have was a pretty face, and a great body – I was about 5’5”, with a thin waist and beautiful, natural 34E tits. I got plenty of admiring (and horny) looks from men (and women) whenever I entered a room….but that didn’t qualify me for the few job openings I uncovered. One day I found an entry-level listing for a receptionist position that seemed vague enough that I thought I might qualify, so I called someone named Barb, and set up an appointment for an interview with Mr. Franklin.

With no car at hand, I walked several blocks to the bus stop and waited. And waited. And waited. The bus was 25 minutes late, which made me about 15 minutes late for my interview. I was frantic as I rushed to the company’s office, which turned out to be a small stand-alone building in a commercial district just outside of downtown. I hurried up the front steps and into the reception area, hoping against hope that I wasn’t too late for my interview.

The reception area had a desk – unoccupied at the moment, which I took as a good sign – and several filing cabinets off to the side. Behind the desk was a door to an office – Mr. Franklin’s, I presumed – which was partially open. I stepped over to the office door and nudged it open, ready to launch into an apology for being late to my interview. When to door swung open, my voice caught in my throat and I was speechless, trying to absorb what my startled eyes were observing.

Leaning against the side of his desk was a man, who I could see in profile….the boss, I guess….with his dick hanging out of the front of his pants. It was a huge dick – it looked like it was nearly 11” long and as thick as my wrist. It was semi-hard at the moment, with a slight downward arc to it, so it appeared that it could get even bigger gaziantep travesti when it was fully erect. Holy shit!

Kneeling in front of him was an attractive young woman, about my age, with her big natural tits hanging out of her unbuttoned blouse, and her mouth wrapped around the head of this guy’s cock. Her head was moving back and forth as she sucked as much of his prick as she could get into her mouth, with her left hand pumping his huge shaft and her tits swinging freely in front of her to the same rhythm as her strokes.

When I stepped into the room, the man noticed me right away, but didn’t say anything immediately. Instead he let the woman continue sucking and stroking for another thirty or forty seconds, then tapped her on the head and said, “Take a break, Barb… can come back in after I’m done with this interview and finish me off.”

Barb said, “Of course, Mr. Franklin”, and stood up, tucked her big boobs back into her blouse, and smiled at me as she walked past me and out into the reception area, buttoning her blouse as she went.

I was still gawking at what I had just witnessed when Mr. Franklin said, “Come in, Karen. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to make it when you missed your scheduled interview time. But I’m glad you did. Go ahead and sit here so we can chat about the job.” He waved me to a leather chair facing his desk. As he spoke he re-positioned himself from the side of his desk to the front edge of his desk – his fly still wide open, and his semi-hard cock still bouncing between his legs.

With my mouth still hanging open in disbelief, I sat in the chair indicated, but found that I couldn’t take my eyes off his massive member, wobbling and swaying as he set himself on the edge of his desk in front of me.

I stammered, “I..I..I’m sorry, Mr Franklin. I had to take the bus to get here and it was 25 minutes late.”

He said, “I understand. We may come back to that, but for now let’s talk about the job opening. I’ll start by telling you that Barb, my receptionist, has been with me for several years, but her husband is being transferred and they’re moving out of town effective tonight, so today is her last day. Unfortunately that means I am in dire need of a replacement for her. Someone who can start immediately.”

I nodded numbly that I understood, then….still somewhat mesmerized by the enormous cock dangling between his legs and only inches from my face… I shifted into interview mode and said, “I’m extremely organized, Mr. Franklin and very conscientious. I’m a hard worker and would be an excellent receptionist.”

He said, “You look like you could fill the role beautifully, if you’re interested. I should tell you that it pays quite well – above the going rate for receptionist work – but it comes with a personal services component to the job de***********ion.”

“I’m not sure I understand, Mr. Franklin,” I said.

“I think you do, Karen. You saw what Barb was doing when you came in. That is part of this job de***********ion. Whatever I want – blowjobs, handjobs, fucking – anytime throughout the day. Every day. In return, you’ll get almost three times the going salary for a receptionist, a very generous benefits package, and an easy-going work environment with relatively little stress.” Then with a shit-eating grin he said, “You could do much worse.”

“B-B-But I’m married”, I finally spit out.

“I understand,” he said. “Barb originally said the same thing several years ago. So did the receptionist I had for six years before her. This is a unique opportunity for a unique individual….it would only work for both of us if you fully accept it for what it is….a very well-paying job. But if you have other options, then by all means, take one of them. I can easily find another candidate who wants the job and the paycheck.”

I sat, dumfounded, for a few minutes as he sat there on the edge of his desk, his long dick still dangling and swaying between his legs. After some internal deliberation, I said, “I’ll take it.” What choice did I have? I needed the money like crazy, and that cock just wouldn’t stop dangling in front of my face.

“Great! I think you’ll work out perfectly. What are you – about a 35D cup?”

I blushed, and said, “No, my breasts are 34E’s.”

“Excellent – all natural, right?”

Still blushing, “Yes, sir.”

“Beautiful. OK – go ahead and pull them out for me. I’ve been wanting to take a look at them since I saw you standing in the doorway.”

STILL blushing, and a bit surprised by how brazen I was being, I pulled down the top of my low cut dress, reached inside and pulled my left tit out of my bra, letting it plop out in the open. I did the same with my right boob, so that both of them were sitting outside my dress, wobbling slightly as he reached over for a squeeze.

He massaged my heavy hangers for a while, then toyed with my nipples for a minute, and asked, “Any problem starting tomorrow morning?”

I said, “No, sir,” as I squirmed under his touch and started feeling a tingle inside my panties.

“Perfect. OK, here’s how it works: No bra, no panties, only easy access dresses, blouses and skirts, and heels – no flats. Any questions so far?” I could see his huge cock starting to grow even bigger as he continued to play with my boobs and nipples while he spoke.

“No, sir.”

“We’ll start every morning at 9:00 a.m., and you can’t be late. Can you assure me you’ll be on time every morning?”

“Our car is in the shop, so I’ll be taking the bus. Unfortunately it doesn’t always run on-time, like today,” I said, slumping slightly in my chair, fearful that I had just lost the job.

“OK, we might still be able to make this work – I don’t want to miss out on these spectacular tits of yours – so, let me think about this.” He picked up my resume, and checking my address he said, “It looks like you live about 15 miles west of here, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I happen to live about 20 miles west of here, so I will pick you up every morning on my way to the office. That way we’ll arrive at the same time. I’ll take you home after work, too, so you don’t have to worry about getting a ride home. Sound do-able?”

I perked up at this, and said, “Yes, sir. That should work perfectly! Thank you, Mr. Franklin.”

His dick was now fully erect – and it was HUGE – so I was surprised when he stopped playing with my tits and tucked them back inside my bra. As he buttoned up the front of my dress he said, “OK – see you tomorrow morning, Karen. I’ll pick you up in front of your house at 8:30 am.”

Excited, but still somewhat shaken by the entire experience, I got up from my chair and started toward the door. Behind me I heard Mr. Franklin call out, “Ok, Barb, come on in and finish me off.”

As I stepped out of the office, Barb was walking past me, unbuttoning her blouse so her big boobs began wobbling freely as she walked into Mr. Franklin’s office. She smiled at me and said, “I think you’ll like working here. He’s a great boss, the work’s not very hard..…..and he has an enormous cock!”

I smiled back at her and wished her well with her husband’s transfer. Then I walked out the front of the building, closing the door behind me on the sounds of Barb slurping and Mr. Franklin moaning as he blasted a massive load of cum down her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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