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MY NIGHT WITH SAGUN & LAKSHMIIt was a miserable wet evening and I had decided to scratch my planned walk on the seafront and work late. Now I was 8:30 p.m. and, too tired to bother cooking, I decided to drive to a local Indian restaurant on my way home. It was a place I had previously frequented every week, but a change of jobs had taken me to a different locality. For some reason on this night I thought to revisit after more than a year, even though it meant a circuitous route home that added a couple of miles to the journey.The place had been redecorated since my last visit and now had a minimalist feel. The carpets had been replaced by varnished wooden floorboards. The lighting was modern too, with a subdued, warm feel and spotlights highlighting picures and statues. I noticed that the little alcove near the back, with its brass statue of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of good fortune, was still there. She was beautiful and well lit. The table at the alcove was free and so I sat there, where I had sat on dozens of occasions before, and as ever, I rubbed Laskhmi’s belly and breasts for luck. The restaurant was quiet, just three tables occupied – two tables were occupied by couples and the third by group of four businessmen. There groups were all eating main courses, and as it was getting past nine, I figured I might be the last customer.The waiter arrived with a menu and wine list, apologising if I had been waiting. He was working the tables alone, I realised, and had been in the kitchen when I arrived. I glanced at him. He was about 20, a good-looking young man, but not Bengali like the staff here usually were. He looked Spanish, though southern Spain, with quite dark skin. He had that fairly short stature of the Spanish male, being maybe 5 feet 8 inches tall. His English was very good.I ordered sparking water and a saag gosht with chapati and dhal. He brought complimetary poppadoms and diced carrot, onion and coriander with lime pickle and yougurt. It was nice to be back in this cosy place with the soud of soothing, almost indolent Raga music being played on a sitar. I recognised the tune as Raah Bhairavi and smiled – it was Pakistani music; the restaurant was owned by Bangladeshi; but it was called Indian, and it seemed like my waiter was Spanish. The meal arrived and I began to eat. As ever it was delicious. As I ate, I took in the music and the atmosphere, the sounds of conversation. The four men nearest to me were English I.T. specialists over in Dublin on a job. They were speking of the joys of Manchester nights out and the raunchiness of younger girls these days. They looked of a age where they would have daughters who were out partying in the Paintworks while they ate in this quiet restaurant. I smiled to myself. One of the couples were German, on holiday. The other couple were near the front and out of earshot. As I ate, each of these groups paid their bill and left. As I had guessed, it was just me in the restaurant by 11 p.m. as I sipped an after dinner complimentary brandy, the sitar music dreamily accompanying me. I asked for the bill and the handsome young waiter obliged. I paid by credit card but gave him a cash tip. I knew most Indian restaurant owners kept half of the tips that were included on bills paid by credit card. He smiled appreciatively, saying “Thank you sir”. I told him I had been here before and knew the drill. But as he smiled, it occurred to me, he is a good-looking fellow indeed, attractive in a homo-erotic mariobet güvenilirmi way to a bisexual such as me. I decided to engage him in conversation and asked how long he had been working here.”About eight months, I am a student at college here, so I work a few nights a week. Dublin is an expensive city.” I agreed and asked where he was from. “Nepal” he replied. “Kathmandu.” Nepal, I thought. I chatted with him about life in Nepal. He spoke of how foreigners often thought the country was completely medieval with no rods cars or cell phones. “National Geographic has a lot to answer for”, I said. He laughed, “Yes they stereotype us.” He asked if I knew much about Nepal. I said that I had seen the documetary a few years earlier about an Irish poet called Cathal O Searcaigh, who visited Nepal regularly. A documentary maker had gone with him to Nepal on one of his visits to make a film about him for Irish television. It was called “A Fairytale of Kathmandu”. But what had been intended to be a film about a poet gaining inspiration in the mountains of Asia became a sensation because the poet regularly had sex with teenaged young men. It seemed tha he was giving them gifts that helped them with their education. The poet was openly gay and saw nothing wrong in this. In the film he had said that Nepali teenagers had a different culture of sexuality and that same sex encounters were quite common among young men. This desite the fact that Nepali law at the time outlawed homosexual acts between men. “Have you heard of this film?” I asked.”Yes but I did not see it. It caused a lot of newspaper headlines and that was soon after I came here to study.””Is it true about young Nepali men?” I asked him. “Are they quite open about same sex relationships if there is a reward?” My heart was beating faster and I could feel it thump in my chest. I felt my cock stirring in my suit pants, swelling with anticipation. He looked at me, and his face lit up with a really beautiful smile. “Oh yes sir, we like a reward. Even when we are far away from home.””What is your name? ” I asked him.”Sagun” he said. “Nice name, what does it mean?””Worship.” he replied. I smiled. “Worship…. well I came in here and rbbed Lakshmi’s belly to worship her. I turned to the brass statue and rubbed it again, saying aloud “Thank you Lakshmi, for the gift of Sagun!” Sagun grinned, then moved quickly to the font of the restaurant to lock the door and close the blinds. He came back and said in a low tone:”Chef is still here, but he will go in a few minutes. I will give you another brandy and tell him you want to stay late and I will lock up.” “When he is gone I will take you upstairs to the staff locker room.”He went to the kitchen to speak to chef and then went upstairs himself. I sipped my brandy, my erection deliciously pressing against my pants. After a few minutes, the chef came out from the kitchen and bade me good night. He too went upstairs but soon reappeared all clad in rainger for his cycle home. Sagun came downstairs behind him. He had changed out of the waiter’s uniform into a short sleeved red Nike shirt wth blck shoulders. and a pair of loose white shorts. He let the chef out and locked the door. The Sagun was ready. He took my left hand in his right, leaned towards me and kissed me lightly on the lips. His lips felt like velvet against mine, and my cock was instantly straining at the leash. `That’s lovely’ I said `How long have we got before you mariobet yeni giriş have to go home?’Sagun poured us each a glass of brandy He took a sip, then put his lips to mine and shared his drink with me. I did the same and shared it with him and we continued until both glasses were empty. We were standing so close that I could feel his hardness against mine and it was all I could do to stop myself cumming there and then, but he sugggested we go upstairs and into the staff room.I followed him upstairs, admiring his lithe brown legs as he walked. When we had kissed I realised that he had a very fit, toned body, and from the feeling when we pressed together, I was ooking forward to seeing my first Nepali cock. The staff room was all brown wood panneled on the wall and there was a wooden built in bench seat along the wall. There were large white tiles on the floor. “I want you to strip for me” I said, getting out my iPhone. “I want to capture this moment” Isadi, showing him the phone. “Okay” he said. My phone battery was low after theday, typical iPhone, but I was able to take four pics as he stripped. As the battery died, my ardour was fully alive and I grabbed his cock roughly, kissing him hard on the mouth.`Please’ said Sagun `please be gentle. I am a gentle lover.’I eased off the pressure a little and we continued kissing as my hands explored his toned brown body. I could feel his muscles under his skin and as my hands cupped his tight little ass, I could even feel the hardness of his fit buttocks. Moving my hands around to the front, I admired the beauty of his shapely thick young cock, perfectly in proportion to the rest of his body. It was HARD as a bullet. I lowered myself to my knees and took him in my mouth. I had no difficulty in taking his full length in one, and as I did so his whole body bucked and he muttered something in his own language, but no translation was necessary. I could see by the look on his face that he was in ecstasy.I continued to suck him until he said `Cumming soon but want you inside me first’.Sagun had a tub of lubricant in his wash bag, and gave it to me. I kept this to hand as I turned him on to his stomach and lowered myself down on the floor. I spread his cheeks with my hands and ran my tongue down his crack. Sagun shuddered and moaned and I knew that he could not wait for long. As my tongue reached his hole he bucked again and as he did the tip of my tongue slipped inside him. He spoke again in Nepalese and then said `Sorry, that was so good that I cannot form English words.’ I told him not to worry and took a fingerful of lubricant and greased his hole liberally. I then greased my cock and pushed the head to his hole. His breathing rate increased as I pushed gently and felt the head slip inside him. ‘AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!’ he exclaimedm as he felt my girth strethc his snal sphincter to delicious tension.I left things as they were for a little while until he became accustomed to me and then slowly, inch by inch slid the rest of my cock inside until I penetrated him deeply enough to press his prostate gland.`Ahhhh, sooooo gooood’ he sighed.Very gently I started pumping in and out. Gently for me as well as him because I was already very close to climax. After a few minutes he whispered `I want to turn over and look at you.’ Being very supple he raised one leg and swung it over my head, so that he could lie on his back without me removing my cock from his arse. He smiled up at me as mariobet giriş I restarted my pumping and that smile almost broke me into pieces. He was absolutely gorgeous and even though it was around one a.m. the sun seemed to be shining every time he smiled. We were both very aroused and I seemed to be hitting his g-spot with every thrust. `Oooh yessssss, cumming now’ he said and so was I. Within seconds I was filling Sagun’s arse with my cum and moments after he shot half-a-dozen thick ropes of his semen up between us, reaching our chins. I licked some from him and he did likewise with me and we shared it with a kiss, gazing into one another’s eyes.`Thank you Sagun’ I said `that was wonderful’. He smiled his sunshine smile and replied `for me too’.We lay in each others arms until we fell asleep shortly afterwards. I woke an later and we were spooning, Nawang behind me with his hard-again cock resting in my arse crack. It was my turn to smile as he applied the lube and fucked me. “Don’t cum in my arse” I said. ” Iwant to suck you and take you in my mouth.”He obliged, pulling out from his strenuous and delicious reaming of my arse to feed me his thick, raw, lube-streaked, cum and ass-smelling pole of muscle. I took it gratefully, divining every curve and vein with my lips and tongue, teasing and tasting him, nibbling at him with my teeth and pushing him down my throt until he groaned again and I felt the bucking motions of his cock head that told me his eruption was at hand.I took the delicious creamy spurts of seed as they gushed into my mouth, savouring their thick salty sweetness on my tongue and teeth. I swallowed and sucked his glans greedily, wanting to eke every last delicious drop from the eye of his beautiful Nepali penis. I thrilled as he softened in my mouth, conquered once again.”Beautiful Sagun” I said, kissing him with my spermy mouth. He kissed me back.We kissed and fondled for half an hour and to my delight he was erect again. “I have to go soon Sugan” I said, “but there is one thing I must do.”I led him downstairs to the dimly lit restaurant and down the back. I pushed the table where I had been sitting aside and took his hand. Holding hands, we faced the statue of Lakshmi. I took his right hand in my left and together we rubbed her belly and breasts. “Thank you Lakshmi” I said. “You brought me luck and worship in the form of Sagun. I know you ordained this night and brought us together. We have had two beautiful ejaculations each, but I ask you to give us both the strength for one more in your presence.”I looked at Sagun, whose eyes had grown misty with emotion and joy. I reached across and stroked his beautiful cock, feeling it instantly spring to full erection, as his fingers did the sam for me. We faced each other before the statue of Lakshmi, erections touching each other, head to head. I turned around and bent over, leaning on the table as he took me before the goddess. Then he withdrew and it was my turn. We showed Lakshmi how we fucked each other’s arse in her honour and now, we faced her and side by side, we masturbated hard and furiously pointing our cocks at her feet. In unison, we moaned joyously as we spurted our final loads onto her feet. We kissed deeply, then in turn, like catholics taking communion, we licked the mixed semen from her ringleted brass toes. swallowing it like the sacrament it was. I left a hundred euro note at the foot of the statue, kissed Sagun one last time and left, telling him I would be ack same night next week. I drove home, amazed after such a night to find that once again I was nursing one of the hardest erections ever and could hardly walk from the car to the house, where I had to give myself immediate relief thinking about Sagun….. and Lakshmi.

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