My One Night Stand

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It was the last friday of the month, and there we were hanging out at our favourite place. This was a pub and a disco at the street level as part of a hotel above. The crowd was exactly like us, mostly office goers. We were a bunch of girls, to be exact three, and the other two were my best friends from college. Meeting on the last friday of the month was a ritual we followed religiously. every month, a new place. And as usual we were eating and drinking, dancing a bit and talking and commenting on everyone around us. And not necessarily in that order.

On the table next to us was a group of men doing exactly the same thing. One of them asked me for a dance and somehow we became one large group. This guy from that group had been eyeing me for a while. I could feel his interested gaze on me from time to time. He talked less it seemed and I talked so much, I even talked to myself in my head.

“Why doesn’t he ask me for a dance since he is eyeing me so much.” I had learned that he was an out of towner and was staying upstairs in one of the hotel rooms. I went over to him and asked him to dance. He got up and accompanied me to the dance floor.

“He moves well. I wonder how he moves in bed”, I thought as we danced. Then the music turned to a slow number. He took me in his arms and we were joined top to toe. My eyes were level with his lips which to my joy were coming down to kiss me. He was stroking my back. I felt him hardening slowly. He wasn’t trying to hide it. He didn’t pull away. He clasped my hips and held me tight into him. I felt his hardness pressing into me.

“Would you like levent escort to come upstairs with me? I fly out tomorrow morning.” This was a one night thing. That was clear. I could take it, if I wanted.

“Yes,” I said. He smiled and said “I’m glad”. He kissed me lightly on the lips and took my hand. “We’re leaving now”, he announced to our combined group and I followed him silently. We walked to the elevator bank hand in hand.

“Is everyone looking at us? Does everyone know I am about to have sex with a man I just met”? It wasn’t my first time, but it was my first like this, with an unknown man, a man I just met, in his hotel room, walking away from my friends and his friends.

The elevator dinged and we stepped in. He pressed a button to his floor. I looked at him and was shocked to see the heat in his eyes. He shoved his hands between my legs and cupped me tightly. I felt his palm through my heat. I ground myself against his palm a bit. It felt good.

I dropped my bag to the floor and put my arms around his neck and leaned up. He caught my hands and instead raised them above my head pushing me against the wall of the elevator. His hard chest pushed against my breasts and immediately my nipples tightened.

He leaned in and nibbled on my neck. He inhaled deeply, like he was enjoying it all my smell, my skin and my body. He dropped little kisses along my neckline, around my shoulder and then he nipped the soft skin under my arms.

“Whoa. That’s new and sweet and hot and incredibly sexy.” Just then the elevator dinged. In the flash of a second he was two feet bayan eskort away from me and leaning nonchalantly as he smiled at the couple who walked in.

“Wasn’t that his hard on I just felt? He looks so calm. I am a mass of nerves”, I smiled vacantly at the elderly couple who had just walked in, all the while trying to get a grip on my racing heartbeat and nonchalantly trying to pick up my bag. “Am I really doing this? Going to the room of a stranger I just met?”

The couple exited the lift and he was back on me in a second. He lifted my dress and he shoved my panties aside and his fingers were inside me. It was the best sensation of a lifetime made more exciting by doing it in a public lift. The elevator dinged as we reached his floor. He withdrew his fingers, shoved my dress down and we stepped out. Under my dress my panties were in disarray. it was odd walking like that.

We reached his room and he zapped his room open and we were in. Immediately he shut the door and pushed me against the wall and started kissing me feverishly. Before I realised, he had unzipped his jeans and lowered them and his boxers, all in one smooth motion. He lifted my dress, tucked it into the neckline of my dress and shoved down my panties, all in a smooth motion. it was odd and yet very exciting to be exposed waist down like that.

I dont shave my pubic hair and i wondered whether he would find that exciting or a turn off. I soon found that out when he tugged at my pubic hair and pushed a finger inside me to test my wetness. Next he withdrew a condom from his pocket, tore open the pocket güngören eskort and pulled it on his hard, throbbing member and within a second of that his condom clad penis was trying to enter my wet and very needy vagina.

I wanted him inside me just as much as he wanted to be inside me. I raised my right leg and tried to get a grip around his hip. I could feel the drip coming out of me and beginning to dot down my left leg. My right leg was raised and wrapped around his hips as high as possible giving him clear entry into me. It was very erotic. He cupped my bare bottoms and pushed his very hard and long and hot penis into me and began to pump into me while I clutched his shoulders and he almost lifted me off my feet.

All the while I could feel my juices dripping out of me as he became slicker and slicker and finally he pushed into me a final time as we both orgasmed almost together. He continued to slide in and out of me as we both enjoyed the after feelings. Then we just stayed that way for a few moments and our breathing normalised.

He slid out and stood me on the floor. My legs were jelly and right thigh felt a bit crampy. My dress was all bunched up at my waist. He rested his hand against the wall and leaned towards me. Staring into my eyes again he combed my pubic hair with his fingers. His condom clad member was beginning to soften and the surface was still very wet with my fluids. I parted my legs immediately still wanting his fingers and his dick.

He peeled of his condom and got fully undressed. He slid my dress off over my head leaving me in my serviceable white bra. He shoved the straps down each shoulder till my naked breasts came into his view. he bent his head and sucked at my nipples. first the left one and then the right one.

“Lets take this to the shower”, he said and smiled.

(To be continued)

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