My Pantyhose Mistress

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I have a pantyhose fetish. I always have. But then you know this about me, don’t you? You have always known this. I know, it is no big secret. I don’t know what it is about pantyhose that always turn me on so much, but ever since I was in Jr. High, I always remember getting turned on when ever the girls in school would wear them. I’m older now, more mature and more secure with my sexuality. Those who know me well, like you, know about my fetish for pantyhose and my interests in the worlds of Bondage, Humiliation, Femdom, and Sexual Role-play. But I do have a secret that no one knows about. Well, maybe my ex-wife, but she would never tell anyone. I am a sniffer.

See, I knew that would shock you! Oh don’t try to hide it. I can see it in your eyes, even through those sunglasses of yours. It’s true! I like to sniff! It is the sniffing that gets me excited the most. I know, I know, I seam gross and disgusting at first, but I got to tell you, there is no greater aphrodisiac then the smell of a woman’s feet and sex once is has been soaked up in her nylons. It it really is innocent. I’m not one of those perverts who sneak into locker rooms or my sister’s panty drawer. That is un moral, and subtracts I think from the sensation. No, I like with my lover, or Pantyhose Mistress, knows I am sniffing, and in fact encourages it, or even demands it. Unfortunately, until lately, I have only had the pleasure of mail-order used pantyhose. Oh, you would be surprised how many girls online are willing to sell pantyhose, panties, and even hold shoes for an extra dollar. Personally, I think it is a safer alternative to prostitution if you ask me, and there are LOTS of guys out there in the market. Ok, call them perverts if you want.

Anyway, back to my confession. What I’m trying to lead up to is this amazing girl I met up with over the internet. YES, she lives right here in the City! Here I thought the Emerald City was full of women who wouldn’t be caught dead in nylons or stockings, but then I met Sabrina. She had the cutest voice over the phone, and sounded so hot. I thought I met her kind before, the kind that sound so hot and amazing until you meet them and they are pimply, greasy, toads. I know, rude, but true. Anyhow, she responded to and ad I posted on the list. You know which list, and if you don’t by now then talk to you friend Craig. She first sent me an email asking me if I was still interested and serious. I replied to her honestly, that I was serious, but was sure I would never get a response because of my conclusion about Emerald City women and their bare leg complex. She cheerfully informed me that there were still some women out there that new how to be women, and how to appeal to the sexiest men out there, men like me, leg-men.

She told me, she learned when she was a little girl how to get guys like me to do whatever she wanted, simply by wearing short skirts with the sheerest of nylons and spiky high heels. We became willing zombies Bakırköy escort to whatever she wanted. Lucky for us, she wasn’t a vicious woman. I told her I liked her style and that I would really be in the market for her nylons. We set a price and a time. It was two weeks from that phone call. She said she wanted me to think about how soft and warm they were going to be after she pealed them off her legs right in front of me. She said she would wear them for two days straight and with out any panties underneath. She promised to be very careful, when she went to the toilet, the only thing I would smell was her SEX and her FEET and that was it. Maybe a little vanilla essence, but that would mix so wonderfully with her natural scents, she said. Like a sexual cocktail for my nose. I smiled and agreed, and for the last two weeks I was going nuts, highly aroused and wishing time would fly so much faster than it did. I would masturbate every night, think and wondering if she was wearing them that evening or that day? I never saw here before we met, not even a picture, except for her bare feet. She said she wanted me to guess what they would look like, all wrapped in her favorite undergarment, nylon.

Two weeks had finally past and she told me she would meet me in my office that afternoon after mostly everyone had gone home. It was a hot day, and she called to remind me of our appointment. I was at lunch with a friend, and had to be stealth-like about it. I told her I remembered and that I would see here that afternoon for sure. After that call, the rest of the day seemed go drag on much more slowly than the entire week before it. Every minute seemed to last eternity, and I just could not focus on what I was supposed to be doing. Finally the day ended and I waited by the windows on my floor, hoping to get a better look at her before she came upstairs. But, I must have missed her because she called me that moment and told me she was already in the lobby and on her way up. If one could sprint but still walk that was what I did. I wanted to greet her as she stepped off the elevator.

Oh my God, she was absolutely beautiful, with long curly black hair with a hint of deep purple in the light. She had perfect olive skin, and a thin little figure. She had on a red and white flower print sundress, which ended above mid thigh. She had on nude-color pantyhose with black stiletto round toed pumps, the kind you might see on a school-girl. I could smell the light trace of vanilla on her as she approached her, and I took her hand and kissed her knuckle very gently.

“I’m so pleased to finally meet you. You look so amazing!”

“Thank you,” she smiled sincerely, grabbing her chest gently from the compliment I just paid her. I thought, either she was a very good actress or I sincerely did move her with my comment. Personally, I didn’t really care either way; she was going to do something no-one in the past had ever escort bayan done for me.

We walked down to my office, and I closed the door behind us. She smiled and took a seat.

“So, what do you do here?”

I told her my job, and she smiled.

“Wow, I bet the benefits are really nice?”

“Oh yes, I’ll be using those benefits in about a month from now. I can not wait.”

“Well, when ever I need to get away, I know who to talk to!”

“Oh yes, anytime.”

She smiled, looked out the window, then back at me.

“So, are you ready to kiss my feet and watch me take off my pantyhose?”


“Good, then get onto your knees, for me.”

I did as she told me and she kicked off one of her shoes, then the other.

“First, pick up my shoes and place them nicely by your desk.”

I pick up her shoes and went to set them perfectly beside my desk.

“Smell them, take a nice big smell.”

“Thank you!” I told her, and then I brought her shoes up to my nose and let out a small whimper as I could smell her wonderful foot sweat mixed with the natural scent of nylon and leather.

“That’s enough, just a taste.” She cooed, and used her nylon bare foot to pull my arms down. Her foot was still moist, and felt sexy against my bare arm. She then lifted her right foot to my mouth.

“Kiss it!”

I kissed her foot and the smell was even more powerful than what was left in the shoe.

“Very nice slave, you kiss very well! Now the other one,” she praised as she took one foot away and replaced it with another one. I sniffed and kissed that foot too.

“Good boy, now, take out that cock of yours.” She told me.

“I don’t know if I should, there are still others in the office.”

“You are already on your knees, kissing my feet, if they catch you now, you’re probably still in trouble. Why not go with the bang of an orgasm while your face is buried under my skirt?”

She had a point, and something about the danger of being caught made this so much more erotic and exciting. So I did as she told me and took out my cock which was already gorged with blood and throbbing.

“Lie down on your back.” She ordered with a sweet innocent tone. Still it commanded obedience and I followed her every demand. I was going to get more than I was planning on or expecting.

Once I was on my back, she stood up and then slowly straddled my face facing my cock. Every breath I took was laced with the scent of her cunt and her nylons were extremely damp and sour with her sexual arousal.

“Now, I want to you cum while I ride your face, slave!” She told me. Sabrina then bent down and I felt my cock slide deep into her mouth. The sent of her cunt, the wet nylons pressed against my nose and mouth, and my cock against her wet and skillful tongue was almost to much to take and I was grateful she was sitting on me so firmly, to muzzle my escort rus screams of pleasure and unbearable ecstasy. I was like my cock was on fire with every slick and her tongue was like a hot coal, searing the flesh with intoxicating waves of pleasure. She grinded her pussy back and forth on my nose and face and chin, and the more she got into the wetter she seemed to get. I almost though I could drown, because every breath was mostly liquid sex. She was so close to orgasm, it was pushing me to the edge as well and I though my nose was going to break. I felt the base of my cock twitch and the all control I had was lost. I let out a moan to let her know I was cumming and pressed her nylon crotch against my mouth and nose so firmly, I could not breathe! She came all over my face and it went into my nose and mouth and I felt myself explode into the vacuum of her mouth. I was writhing and shaking below her, and I sure it looked like I was be being brutally tortured and suffocated by this ravenous beauty. My screams alone would warrant a call to 9-1-1 before check to see what was happening to me. Thankfully, with out breath, I could not scream or make any noise, I had to let my body express the torment and satisfaction of the most amazing orgasm I had ever had.

Finally, the wave of complete ecstasy passed us over and she stood up and I gasped for air, almost coughing. She turned around and looked down over my wet face.

“Wow, I have never cum like that before!” she told me.

I was shocked as I told her, “Oh my God, you’re kidding! Me too! That was the best!”

“Wow, thank you! Here I thought you were a pro at this.” She said.

“Oh, stop-it! Now, your just trying to flatter me.”

She smiled down at me, and then her look went back to sinful business.

“Still, there still is one more thing you brought me up here for.”

“I don’t know, you’ve done more than we agreed to already.”

“Yes, but not what I sold you.”

She then pulled up her dress and pulled down at the hem of her pantyhose. She pulled them down then off her legs one by one, and dropped them onto my face.

I could smell, feet, sex, and vanilla and it was the most wonderful thing I could ever smell. She then put her shoes back on and helped me up after I pulled up my pants and buttoned them.

“Will you walk me back down to the elevators?” she asked.

“Yes, I will.” I told her and I opened my office door and followed her out.

We got to the elevator and I press the button to ring it.

“Thank you so much!” I told her.

“No, no! Thank you!” Then she put her arm around me and kissed me like she was my girlfriend and had been for a very long time. Her kiss tasted so wonderful, and it made me kind of sad because, after that moment, I was sure I would never see her again.

She then turned to my ear and nibbled as she said, “See you in two weeks, lover.”

I know, I know, but she is meeting me tomorrow! Can you believe it? This girl is amazing! I know, she isn’t my girlfriend, but honestly, would a real girlfriend do that for her boyfriend? I think I have it made, no drama, just sinful nylon sex! What could be better? Talk to you later! Don’t tell anyone, promise? Ok. Bye!

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