My Pretentious Roommate Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

I’m still laying on the bench on the quad when I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. It’s Peter.

“Come back”.

I lay the phone against my chest and squeeze my eyes shut. I feel sick to my stomach, but of course, I’m going to go back.

I couldn’t stay away if I tried.

I take a deep breath and push open our room door. Peter jumps off the bed, and for the first time, looks a little shocked that I did what he said.

I lock the door behind me and clear my throat, “Hey.”

“Hey.” He says softly, taking a few steps toward me.

We just lock eyes and take each other in for a few seconds. His brown eyes are softer, and his hair is askew. He looks at me like he genuinely cares.

He takes another step closer, a foot away from me now.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers.

I dip my head down and then he’s there, wrapping his arms around me and bringing my head into his chest.

“I’m sorry I was being a dick. That wasn’t fair. I just needed to think.”

I look up at him and he runs his hands through my hair before he sets his chin on top of my head, pulling me close. We stand there like this for what feels like forever, my arms finally wrapping around him.

Finally, he pulls away, his hands resting on my shoulders. “I didn’t expect this… but you’re doing something to me, Conner”.

I laugh and nod because I know exactly how he feels.

I look back up at him, “me too”.

He stares at me for a while longer before cupping my face and bringing his lips to mine. This kiss is softer than any that has come before. He presents himself to me and waits for me to offer my bottom lip. I sink into it.

I end up with my back against the wall and my hands in his hair, ever so slightly sucking on his tongue as it slips into my mouth. I could stay here like this forever.

I’m running my hand up his back, under his shirt, when he pulls away. I groan, instantly missing his weight against me.

“Let’s go out.” He says, taking a deep breath and a step back.

I raise my eyebrow, “Like on a date?”

“Yep.” He nods, reaching for my hand.

I follow after him like a puppy.

I’m a little uneasy walking through campus holding hands with Peter, but he’s grinning and I realize that is all I care about in this moment.

He leads me to the edge of campus and we walk into town. I don’t even bother asking where we are going.

We’re silent as we walk, but I catch him stealing glances at me and I can’t keep my eyes off of him. It’s like I’m looking at him in a new light. His confidence isn’t arrogance, he’s just sure and strong.

Eventually, we get to a Greek restaurant that every student knows well. Denizli Escort It’s incredible.

He opens the door for me and leads me to a small booth in the back. I slide in, across from him and rest my head against the booth, taking him in.

He’s wearing his usual button-down shirt, tonight’s in a deep blue color that looks amazing on him. I’m less nervous than I would have expected. I actually feel like I was made to sit in this booth and stare at this gorgeous man.

Elena, an older woman who has worked here forever, comes up to take our orders. “Ahh hello, boys! What will we have tonight?”

“Can we start with a pitcher of Mythos and some spanakopita?” Peter says. I nod my head in agreement.

Elena leaves to get our drinks and Peter grins at me. “What are you thinking?” He asks.

I laugh. “Honestly… I never thought I would be on a date with you.”

“Why is that?”

I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know, I didn’t like you all that much.”

Peter’s eyes narrow, hurt.

“I don’t feel like that now, though,” I say, pressing my knee to his. “I’m happy we’re here.”

He smiles, “So am I.”

Peter orders my dinner for me, at my request, and we spend the rest of the night getting to know each other more than we have the entire semester. He tells me about his dreams of being a journalist, which I can totally see happening. I tell him about my family and how I’d also like to be a writer, but maybe fiction. I’m not sold on political science. He makes me feel like maybe that is a worthwhile goal.

After a few pitchers of beer, we’re loose and grinning and laughing at each other like idiots. I clear my throat, “So have you had a boyfriend before?”

He purses his lips. “No. Not exactly.”

I look at him quizzically.

“There have been guys. I just haven’t wanted to date them.” He explains. “What about you?”

“I had a boyfriend in high school but he didn’t want to come out of the closet. I got tired of it and don’t miss it at all.” I respond.

Peter looks sad at this. “Good. You deserve more than that.”

Elena comes back and gives us our check, which Peter insists on paying. I kick him under the table as Elena grins at us.

We walk out into the night with my arm wrapped around him and my head nestled into his shoulder. I’m sure we are zigzagging across the sidewalk but I don’t care. Twice, we stop and kiss up against a wall on the way home. We never get very far before one of us breaks off and drags the other down the sidewalk.

Eventually, we make it back to our dorm room and as soon as Peter shuts the door my hands are in his hair, bringing his mouth to mine. I’ve waited all damn day for Denizli Escort Bayan this and I’ve had quite enough.

I kiss along his neck and nip at his earlobe as he leans back and groans against the door. I’m trying to unbutton his shirt when he pushes me away from him. I step back, confused, as he shuts his eyes and takes a breath before taking his weight off the door and looking at me fully.

“We have to talk.” He says firmly, clearly still out of breath.

“Talk? About what?”

He pushes me towards the bed and sits us down a foot away from each other.

“I want to know what you like. What you want.”

I’m still confused so he continues. “Earlier tonight you said you didn’t like it. I disregarded you but that wasn’t fair. Tell me what you need.”

I melt. I absolutely fucking melt. But I sit there in silence with my mouth opening and shutting and nothing coming out.

He slides his hand to my waist, “What’s wrong?”

Finally, I mutter, “I did like it.” And now he looks confused. Until the realization clicks into place and wraps his arms around me, pulling my back to his chest. Holding me firmly in place.

“I see.”

We sit like this for a minute, his fingers running through my hair.

“So you like being submissive, but you aren’t exactly comfortable with that yet.”

I nod slowly and he kisses the back of my head.

I continue to melt into him. I’ve never had someone care before. It’s always just been a dick or a hole, a rush to get off. It’s not like that at all with Peter.

He grabs my chin in the way that I love and whispers, “Let me take care of you.” Our mouths find each other and it’s like nothing I’ve ever known. He pulls my shirt over my head and I finish unbuttoning his.

We can’t touch each other enough. I want to crawl inside his skin, find myself a new home in the place his back arches, bury myself in his neck. I couldn’t even tell you how our pants came off; but I’m on my back and he’s over top of me, holding my wrists laxly above my head, just looking at me. I’m a puddle beneath him. If his thighs weren’t holding my hips together, I’m not convinced that I wouldn’t fall to pieces on this bed.

He’s kissing along my neck and his cock is rock hard, rubbing against my thigh.

He lets go of my wrists as he licks his way down my stomach and I curl my fingers through his hair, anxious to feel him on my dicks. He must know this because he does absolutely everything but: dragging his tongue down my thighs, kissing behind my knees. I’m writhing beneath him, trying to convince him with my groans.

Finally, in a desperate attempt, I beg, “Peter I need you.”

His kisses stop Escort Denizli and in one motion he swallows my dick whole. I scream at the sensation.

“PETER HOLY FUUUCK” is all I can manage as I cum down his throat moments later. He releases me with a pop and licks up the rest of my load.

While I’m trying to catch my breath, he comes back up and kisses my neck. Once my heartbeat slows, I catch his bottom lip in my teeth and then kiss along his jaw.

“Peter, tell me what to do to please you,” I whisper into his ear.

He grins, “You want to please me?” I nod fervently. I would do anything he wanted.

He holds my jaw in between his thumb and forefinger. “Tell me how much you liked it.” He demands.

I sit up a little bit, looking deeply into his eyes. “Peter, the things you do to my body…. I have never experienced anything better.” He kisses me.

“I’m the best you’ve ever had.” He growls huskily.

“It’s not even a competition,” I admit truthfully, grabbing his firm little ass in my hands.

“So how are you going to thank me?” He asks with a smirk. I flip him over onto his back and sink onto my heels, my hands grabbing at his thighs. I want to worship him. Worship his face and his thighs and the incredible dick in front of me.

“Can I touch you?” I ask, hoping he would appreciate it, because lord knows I’m so desperate to touch his cock I want to attack him.

“You want to touch my dick?” He says, raising his eyebrows and putting his hands behind his head, leaning back. “Ask nicely. And you call me sir.”

I turn red, humiliated that I have to ask again…. and call him that. Humiliated that his demand made my dick perk back up. “Sir, may I please touch your cock?”

“Go ahead, baby.”

My heart does a summersault at him calling me “baby”, but I reach out and drag my fingers along his balls and up his beautiful cock. I spit into my hand and then grab it more firmly, jacking it slowly. A glistening bit of precum starts to drip out of the tip.

I bend down with my mouth open and stop right before I get to his dick, looking up at him. “Permission to taste you, sir?”

Peter pushes my head down in response and I lick the bead of cum off the tip. I’m addicted to the taste of him. I quickly can’t get enough and am slurping him down.

He’s ripping at my hair as he moans, “Yessss baby. Suck my cock.” I try to shove him down my throat and he hollers again. I keep bobbing up and down until he starts thrusting involuntarily into my mouth. I could stay like this forever and die a happy man.

“God your mouth,” he groans, fucking my face. I give him everything I have until I’m about to pass out. He pulls out of my mouth and shoots all over my face.

He flops backward and I rest my cum soaked face on his hip. After a few seconds, he reaches down for my face and brings me up to him to look at me. “Damn, Conner. You look good like this.”

My face heats up again as he brings me in for a smoldering kiss.

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