My Sexy Landlord

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Alexis Fawx

My Sexy Landlord

I worked construction, specifically I did mostly concrete work and masonry. I was not a full-fledged Mason, however, though I did do a decent job with brick and block. I was learning to lay native stone, and building real working fireplaces and chimneys. There is so much to learn, many things passed down from centuries ago. Sometimes it was father to son. Sometimes it was just a guy trying to learn a trade. An apprentice. Hey I was trying like hell!

I also did a little framing work, and some finish work as well. I was attending school to become an industrial electrician which might take a few years. That work was scarce unless you were fully certified. You could apprentice with a master electrician, but again the work was scarce in our area. So I did what I did to survive and eventually it would all work out. In the winter, things got really bad, and I worked at a grocery store, just to make ends meet. You gotta do what you gotta do.

But one day, I had no work. One actual day off! I had to pack up my laundry to get to the damned laundromat so everything that was dirty went in plastic bags to make the trip. I had no choice, I needed clean clothes. I don’t care for the laundromat, but what are you gonna do?

I had no clothes except for my oriental magic robe. This robe I had bought for my ex-wife and she was going to toss it when we split, but I had paid a good amount of money for the white silk robe, especially with the Chinese dragon on the back! I saved it. It was sorta sexy semi-see-through, and the girls seemed to like it when I wore it sans underwear!

My phone rang.

“DELL WOULD YOU PLEASE COME DOWN AND GIVE ME A HAND. I PROMISE, IT WON’T TAKE TOO LONG.” My landlord calling. She was always kind to me. Of course I would help her. She was a widow, and had nobody to help her with stuff guys do, as her son was always busy. He was my friend, but I wish he was more attentive to his mom’s needs. I wasn’t casting stones here, as I liked helping his mom! Occasionally she feeds me, and the woman could cook! Mmmm hmmm, yummy!

“Sure you know I’m happy to help, but I have nothing to wear. I only have my silk robe on. Is that ok?” I asked her.

“SURE THAT’S FINE, JUST COME DOWN, OK?” She sounded fidgety, or perhaps she was upset.

I went downstairs dressed just in my lucky silk robe. She naturally noticed that I didn’t have any underwear on. Oh well, fuck it. It’s laundry day! She stared at my crotch. She licked her lips. She seemed to like my bulge. She smiled.

My nice lady landlord needed a hand, usually it was just something she can’t reach. She’s only 5 foot 4 inches, to my 6 foot 4 inch frame, so I am glad to help her out. As I said, sometimes she feeds me, so I always help her if I can. She’s very nice to me as well. She is really kind. I like her.

She became my landlord when I moved in with her son into their upstairs apartment. We split the rent and utilities, but then… Tragic events unfolded. Her husband passed away from a massive coronary. Apparently he died in bed, making love to his kind-hearted wife, but that’s a family secret. Her son told me quite by accident, and I will never tell anyone. She was devastated by her husband’s passing, and the manner of his passing! She was twenty years younger than he was, but he had no symptoms at all until he died. When he died, she automatically became my landlord. My buddy and I helped her out whenever we could, but she called the shots. But her husband’s passing told me, I better get on the stick, or that could be me! I didn’t want to have any heart issues. I had to do something.

It was a definite wake-up call for me. I was definitely extremely overweight. I was fat. So I went on a diet and I became a gym rat I suppose, after my last ex girlfriend told me that I was a fat, ugly, piece-of-shit, lousy slob. I was undeserving of her (or for that matter, anyone’s) love. That was unkind, even if true. It hurt my feelings badly.

That also hurt me, and it caused me to reevaluate my body, and my way too sedentary lifestyle, and make some BIG changes. Major changes! I am sedentary no longer! When I am not out working, I’m working out. No more TV! None whatsoever. TV sucks the life out of you. Simple strategy, simple plan. I got a bike, and I use it quite frequently, just to get the blood moving and burn a few more calories.

That was last year. I have lost fifty pounds, and then I regained ten to fifteen pounds as pure muscle. I have really big biceps now. There was no magic bullet. Just sticking to a better diet, lots and lots of exercise, and I am making an effort to get better and more consistent sleep. My job is pretty physical as well, so I have been steadily improving myself, a bit at a time. My friends at work call me a Neanderthal since I started getting a few new muscles. It helped a bunch when I swore off all junk food. That stuff will kill you. One thing at a time.

I do think I look a lot better now than I did before. Çeşme Escort I know that I feel much more happy and energetic, and I am a lot healthier than I was last year. I actually have had a few girls talk to me that I might have passed up because I didn’t feel like I was ‘in their league’. I guess I was just getting invited to change leagues! Thing is, I’m still the same guy on the inside. But with all the effort I had put in, it’s nice to be noticed a bit. A lot of hard work finally paid off. I’m not Mr Olympia, but the girls seem to like my new shape. A few of the guys are asking me how I did it, and the answer of hard work, diet and much exercise dosen’t seem too popular. They are looking for some kind of magic pill or something. When I say I got rid of the TV, then I am completely insane in their minds. They asked me. I told them the truth!

My very nice landlord and best friend’s mom was in awe of my new body. She was looking at my abdominals, and her hand went into my robe to touch them.

“Woah there. I don’t have any shorts on!” I held the bottom of my robe closed as she investigated my lower abdomen. She was smiling like the Cheshire cat. She loved the robe that had the semi-transparent quality. She wanted to touch me.

“Come on there stud, I want to see! I know you have been working out a lot. I don’t hear the TV anymore. Never!”

She ran her hands over my abdominals and then my pecs. She licked her lips. Her hands squeezed my biceps and she moaned. She put her hand on my neck, and I thought she was going to kiss me. She stood very close.

“Very nice. Wear are all your clothes?” She asked.

“I have all my clothes packed up to go to the laundry, so this is pretty much all that’s left.” I explained about the robe. I don’t think she cared in the least about my clothes. She moaned quietly as she touched me. She touched my shoulders and squeezed them. She liked the new look. Her hands were all over my body. I smelled her arousal.

“What’s that got to do with your new body?” She asked me. She obviously liked what she saw. She was red flushed as she openly checked out my muscles.

“You like it? You remember Sharon? Last year, she said that I was was a fat piece of shit, then she dumped my fat ass. You women are lucky, if you put on a few pounds, it goes to all the good parts, and you just look even sexier! As a guy, we don’t have that option.

Truth be told, I was very overweight. So I had to make a few changes in my life. So what do you think? Is my new physique ok? I feel much better than I ever did before.”

I was a bit proud of the strides I have made over the last year. I had put in quite a few hours at the gym that would otherwise be wasted in front of the idiot tube. I think you lose IQ points just sitting in front of the damned thing. It drains out your soul! My grandmother used to say it was the tool of the devil! I believe her now. She was so right!

“Dell, I think you are sexy as hell. If I was a few years younger…” She grimaced for a second. I recognized the look, she was recalling the good times with her dead husband. The thoughts had set her off emotionally. She had not got over her loss, even after four years of grieving. She was starting to weep. This was very bad! She would go into a, terrible spiral, memories dragging her down. She would be almost catatonic if something wasn’t done right away.

I knew just what to do. I just grabbed her in a big bear hug as the waterworks started. They say time heals all wounds. They are so full of shit. People just learn to cope with the pain a little better. I had seen her mourn her dead husband on more than one occasion, and really, who could blame her for that? They had been married for many, many years before he passed. She had been truly in love with him, heart and soul.

She wept on my chest. I just held her and rubbed her back. Her huge jugs were thrust into my abdomen, and I felt her twin peaks rising and poking me. Her nipples were plainly huge, and they were commensurate in size with her big fat gorgeous tits! I could swear they were getting harder as we held each other. I had a problem. In response to her touch, my dick was getting harder and thicker by the second! Fuck! Cocks have a mind of their own! I was poking the poor crying woman with my hardening cock! She suddenly stopped whimpering. Oh yeah, she felt my erection. There was a tiny hand down there.

“Did I really do that?” She felt my hard-on, and she giggled.

Her other hand went down between us to check things out down there. She was exploring my dick and making me harder still!

There were still tears on her face. I guess my hug and hard cock had her feeling better from the bittersweet old memories. She hugged me harder and buried her face in my chest, skin to skin, except for my chest hair, of course. I think she liked it as she nuzzled her face in my um… fur. Her hands squeezed my ass cheeks as I felt her grind herself on my Çeşme Escort Bayan erection. My guess is she liked it. She moaned into my hairyness. I thought women didn’t like hair on men, except for a man’s head, that is. She reveled in my chest hair, kissing my tiny nipples as well. All the while, she was grinding on my erection with her lower body! She’s such a dirty girl! I think I got her out of her blues, at least for now.

“Dell, you are such a bad boy! May I see it? Please?” She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled open my robe, exposing my hard cock and balls. My dick, released from the confining silk, smacked her on her chin. She laughed and giggled, and she held my dick with both hands. She had gone from mourning her dead husband to playing with my dick in only a few minutes! She was trying desperately to forget, or at least mitigate, the pain of that huge loss. I was just a big meat toy to that end for her! I was ok with that; there are worse things in life than being someone’s meat toy! She’s a good and kind person, so she deserves a bit of happiness in her life! Or maybe just less of the terrible feelings of loss! I wanted to help, and if her playing with my hard cock made her feel better, then I would make that sacrifice! Oh fuck yeah, I would. Her nimble fingers danced on my dick.

“Dell, I really need to suck you. Do you mind?” She didn’t wait for my answer to the trick question as she had several inches of my dick deep in her wet cocksucking mouth! Holy shit, she was a wonderful little cocksucker! She was going to town sucking and bobbing up and down wildly. I thought she would have brain damage from how fast her head went to and fro! I had never really noticed that she had red ripe cocksucker lips. Plump as bing cherries! She was using those lovely lips right now, sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow. I Jesus, she was beautiful!

She put her hands around back on my behind and grabbed my asscheeks to force more of my cock into her happy mouth. She sawed me in and out, fucking her own mouth and face! This went on for quite a while. I could smell her arousal much more strongly now. That smell of hot pussy is just unmistakable, and it’s something every man craves, at least the straight guys anyway! She was very hot, hot, hot! I wanted to lick her pussy for her.

She pulled back. “Dell, would you please fuck an old lady?” Looking deep into my eyes. She wanted it bad, real bad. She was a woman in heat. She was in need of my hard dick. She moaned some more.

“Who? You’re not an old lady Mona. You’re hot as a firecracker and very, very fuckable. Let’s go.” I picked up the sexed-up woman and took her into her bedroom. I laid her on the big bed and laughed as I saw a big rubber dildo. She was in desperate need of a man. I was there to help! I was a man with a plan.

“Mona, you should have just called me. I’d have been more than happy to take care of your, um…uh… needs.” As I spoke, I moved the fake dick out of the way. I was happy to see it was way smaller than me!

“You were upstairs fucking some slut. I heard you… Your voice and the banging of the headboard got me so hot! I just really needed some relief! She came at least ten goddamned times, that dirty little slut! I… I wanted to be her! I want to be your dirty little slut! I want to be your personal cum bucket! I want you to fuck me, and fuck me, and keep on fucking my dirty little cunt until I am dead! I guess that’s bad, huh?” She was panting now. Her face was flushed as she was so super turned on by now.

“Not as far as I’m concerned Mona. I will be happy to do whatever it takes to make you happy. But I won’t commit murder by hard penis. I think there is a law against that. So I can’t quite fuck you to death! But lets see if I can put a little smile on your face!” I gave her a dirty smile right back.

“I’m okay with it! Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Fuck me good!” She was hot, hot, hot, to trot. I was removing her sweat shirt and sweat pants. She had no bra on her awesome huge bosom. My eyes must have been big as dinner plates! I could not help admiring her big, huge, gorgeous tits. Big, fat, and hard nipples, with four inch puckered up areolas that were just aching to be sucked! She had black lace panties on. I wasted no more time as I pulled them off her roughly. They were wet. I sucked one huge nipple as I twisted her other fat teat and pulled on it. She moaned like a cat in heat. Her hands were on my head as she pulled me closer into her chest. I loved sucking on her nipples and feeling her reaction and her moaning. She was loving it. She pulled my head into her gorgeous gazongas. She liked nursing me! I loved suckling on those lovely magnificent mambos of hers!

“Oh fuck! That feels good. I love it when you suck my tits! Bite my nipples a bit. Be careful!” She trembled and… came! That was a very nice surprise. She had orgasmed from just my nipple sucking! Wow! I marveled at her massive magnificent Escort Çeşme marvelous mamaries, they are so beautiful, and so sensitive as well! The big fat nipples were as hard as diamonds. But these were so suckable!

I decided to take the deep plunge. Dive right in. Muff diving that is. My face went into her hot pussy. She had a full dark bush. She was thoroughly drenched, as she was obviously enjoying herself, as I dined at the ‘Y’. She tasted tangy and sweet, like excited women do, and I licked her lips, her southern lips, from her anus to her clit. She squealed in delight as I pushed my tongue into her tight little brown eye. She shuddered and came.

“Yes oh fuck YES!” She spoke loudly.

The same time as this, she was holding my head tight against her sweet snatch! I tongue fucked her, then switched to licking and sucking her clit, as I pushed two fingers into her honey pot and found her ‘G’ spot. I figured I got it right when she screamed and she climaxed again all over the place, and she gushed her girl juices all over my face. Mona was screaming at the top of her lungs. I guess she liked it. Her hands held my head in a death grip! Her legs were held as wide apart as any high school cheerleader’s as she enjoyed my meal. Her eyes were closed as she came.

“Oh fuckfuckfuck, I’m coming. I’M COMING! OH MY GOD. I… Yes yes yes! Ugh, ugh, ugh! Dell, stick it in me, please! I need it so bad! Oh fuck me hard Dell! Put that fat dick in my puss right NOW!” She was very ready to ball me. She was trying to pull me closer.

Of course I did what she asked me to. She screamed like crazy as I forced myself into her hot, sopping wet, tight little coochie, and I slid in all the way in to the bone! I swear she came again just from that thrust.

“Honey, I’m home!” I yelled a bit. It was just so wonderful, so fan-fucking-tastic! She was going to come again in another few seconds. I had never been with such a hot, hot woman before, and I had been with a few. Mona was hotter than a firecracker! Her cunt was very tight. She was clenching me with her spasming pussy muscles. I think she just came again! What a sexy woman! My dick was loving it.

“Dell, come for me! I need your cum inside of me! Do it. PLEASE. I need your spurt in my cunt. Make me YOUR WOMAN. TAKE ME, YOU BIG DICKED BASTARD! UGH! UGH! Ohmygod! FUCK FUCK FUCK damn you! Give it to me! Ugh ugh Mmmm yes that’s it! Come in my cunt Dell! Do it! Squirt it in me! MAKE ME YOURS!” She was urgent about my sperm. She needed my cum.

“Mona… I’m going to… Ugh… COOOOMMME!” I couldn’t hold back, and jet after jet of jism shot into her happy hole as I had an involuntary huge climax. I was flooding her pussy ’till she was full. She screamed like crazy, her legs locked around my waist and shook, and she screamed, not really words as she climaxed hard with me. It was quite incredible. It felt wonderful being right next to a woman’s cervix, inside a hot and sexy woman that had just come so very hard on my cock. She was still locked tightly around my still hard dick. Her nails were deep in my back, drawing blood. I didn’t care. I loved it. Her tongue was deep in my mouth. If that dosen’t make you feel masculine, nothing will! I felt so happy with her. Damn, she was nothing short of fantastic.

I went to get off her. I was still balls deep inside the hot, hot woman. She wouldn’t let me move. Her legs were around me, and she wanted me to stay in her sopping wet snatch a bit longer. She kissed me and ran her fingers through my hair. She was beaming at my face. She was squeezing my dick with that talented cunt of hers. It was wonderful.

“No no no! Stay inside of me. I love the way you fill me up and stretch out my cunt. I feel so full and so stretched out. It was just wonderful Dell. I don’t want it to stop, it feels so good with you deep inside me!” She smiled a thousand watt smile. She was doing dirty things with her hot little snatch. Squeezing my cock rhythmically, I had never felt anything like this before! I’ve heard there are women who can pick up a twenty dollar bill with their pussies. Mona could MAKE CHANGE with her wonderful cunt, no doubt about it!

She was clenching my dick and releasing it in a rythym. Her pussy was so very nice and tight. She was tightly squeezing and then releasing my dick. Damn if she didn’t get my cock up and hard again! No woman had ever done that to me before, ever!

This time around it was slow and sensual. She still came about once every three or four minutes, but she didn’t scream as much. Her eyes were locked into my eyes. We kissed and kissed. Except when she shook and shuddered and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her orgasms were hard and she clamped down on my cock every time she climaxed. Then we would lock eyes again. Neither one of us blinked. It was very emotional for me. It was like she could see inside me. I had never felt that tight connection with anyone else. I was amazed at how many times she came with me deep inside her. I lost count after eight. She is the best fucker I’ve ever been with, hands down.

Remarkably I was stone hard with her pulsating pussy and many, many kisses getting me going. Her nipples were plainly trying to drill into my chest! They were so, so hard.

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