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Shauna was my first experience with another girl. She and I were roommates in our freshman year at college, crammed into a two-bed, two-desk, one-closet dormitory room on the third floor of a six floor dorm. We didn’t pick each other; we were assigned our rooms by the college’s computer. In retrospect, that computer did a wonderful job.

We were both eighteen, both from small towns, and both eager to start the “college life.”

Beyond that we were quite different. She was a petite brunette with a curvy figure and dark eyes that captured your attention immediately. And she had perfect white teeth behind kiss-me, swollen lips. (It turns out her father was the town’s primary dentist.) In contrast, I am tall, blond, and long legged, with modest breasts and boyish hips. Her skin was also a light milk chocolate color, much like a good California tan, while mine was plain milk white, clearly untouched by the sun, California or elsewhere.

It took us a couple of weeks to sort out the whole campus routine: where to go for our classes, where to eat, and how to get around campus most efficiently. Our schedules were different, so the only time we could get together was for dinner and study time in either the library or our room. We jointly decided on our room and settled in each night after chow. It was more comfortable there and we could get casual for the evening. Casual for me meant a T-shirt and panties. Shauna was more into real pajamas: short pants in warm weather, long pants when it was cold. I never quite got the rationale since our room was the same temperature regardless of the outside weather. But as they say “Whatever.”

Within a month or so we had both met and begun dating several guys, mostly sophomores and juniors. We shared our experiences and laughed a lot at the antics of the guys and how hard they tried to get into our pants. And both of us had a good time and kept our pants on.

It was a couple of months into the first semester before I began to notice Shauna’s interest in me. It was little things: a touch that was much like a quick caress, a glance that lingered until I looked up and she looked quickly away. I would notice out of the corner of my eye that she was staring across our small room at my crotch as I lay sprawled on my bed reading. Or her lingering glance at my chest, my nipples poking out against the thin shirts I wore. I noted these things almost unconsciously and gave them no weight, but they came into focus later.

We had been out partying just before Thanksgiving break, drinking beer and dancing at a couple of frat parties. We decided to call it quits around midnight because the “brothers’ were getting really drunk and adolescently obnoxious. We came back to our room and flopped on our beds, a little woozy ourselves. It was hot in the dorm and we were both a little sweaty from our dancing and the room’s heat. As I lay propped against the wall at the head of my bed I became aware of Shauna’s stare. I lay there with my legs splayed, my shorts tight into my crotch, my breasts pressing against my shirt, nipples visible. I felt relaxed and yet a little randy.

Shauna sat across from me on her bed and pulled off her ankle high boots, letting them drop to the floor with little thuds. She then stood and began to slowly unbutton her shirt, popping the buttons one at a time as though doing a slow strip tease. Her eyes were fixed on mine as she pulled the shirt out of her jeans and shrugged it back over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Unlike her normal dress code, she was braless and her sassy breasts topkapı escort stood there in plain view, her nipples dark and tight. This was not the Shauna I knew. I felt a trickle of perspiration run down in a rivulet between my breasts.

She had no belt on her jeans; she’d been relying on her curves to keep them up. She loosed the brass button at her waist and unzipped the fly. Staring into my eyes she slowly pushed the jeans down over her hips and let them drop around her ankles. I realized I was breathing in short, shallow gasps. I was transfixed by her display.

We were locked in a silent visual embrace. I felt myself growing damp, and realized my nipples were erect and pressing into my shirt. They had to be clearly visible to Shauna. She smiled — a gentle, satisfied smile — and hooked her fingers in the waistband of her skimpy blue panties. With her eyes locked on mine she slowly moved her panties down over her hips. I don’t know how she did it, but her hips seemed to undulate slightly to allow the silk to slide downward almost on their own. They fell into the puddle of clothes at her feet. She stepped out of them and moved slowly toward me. I felt I was in a slow burn: hot, feverish, more trickles of sweat running down my chest.

Shauna stopped between my spread knees when hers came against the bed. She stood there naked, her hands at her sides, looking at me. No words had been spoken since we entered the room, and now none were needed. Our eyes were still locked and I knew she saw in mine the answer to her unspoken question.

She smiled and moved onto my bed on her hands and knees, her breasts hanging just above mine. I could smell her now, the pungent scent of aroused womanhood. She kissed me gently, just lips on lips, rubbing softly. Then I felt her tongue lightly swipe across my lips. And that did it. I opened my mouth and sucked her into me, my tongue searching for hers, sucking on it. We devoured each other for minutes on end, drinking each other’s fluids and sharing our breath. My hands caressed the smooth skin of her back and sides, from shoulders to waist. I had never touched another woman like this. I wondered idly why hadn’t I? It felt so nice, so very nice.

Surfacing from our kisses, Shauna leaned back and began, slowly and erotically, to undress me. Not much of a task since I wore so little. I raised my hips to let her pull my shorts off, followed quickly by my sodden panties. She breathed deeply of my scent and then pulled my shirt up over my head, and I lay there naked before her. My mind was awhirl. I had no idea how this would go, just that I wanted it to go there. I was having trouble with my breathing, couldn’t seem to get enough air, yet I was just lying there, passive.

In the dim light I could see that Shauna, too, was hot. Her body gleamed with perspiration. Her scent seemed to surround me, an earthy smell that made me feel light headed. Then I realized that my own scent had joined hers, filling our small room with the aroma of aroused women. The air seemed heavy and dank. She leaned over me and a drop of her perspiration fell off her nipple onto my face. It seemed the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me.

She snuggled down into my arms and began kissing my throat, then my chest. Soon her mouth found my nipples and she began to suckle one. The sensations were exquisite, sending bolts of electricity down into my loins. I could feel myself lubricating, the juices leaking and running down between my cheeks and over my anus.

I pulled her head harder into my breast, but she had other fatih escort ideas. She pushed her thigh between mine and began to hump me with it. I started to pant and felt myself growing toward orgasm. Soon I was grunting and panting and moaning with the pleasure of it. And then, more quickly than ever before, I lost it. My orgasm hit and I went into spasms of pleasure, humping against her thigh and moaning in ecstasy.

Slowly I came down from my orgasm, my breathing almost back to normal. Shauna cuddled me as we lay side by side. I spoke for the first time since we had come to our room. “Shauna, that was wonderful. Thank you.” After a pause while I made a decision, I said, “I would like to do something for you now. I am so hot I could burst. Please show me how to please you.”

She smiled, said nothing, but guided my face to her breasts. She held me as I sucked and teased her turgid dark stalks, salty from her exertions. I loved the spongy tough feel of them in my mouth. As they grew hard my own excitement grew. I could feel the wetness between my legs, an embarrassing accumulation that now wet her thigh and left a long smear as I worked slowly lower. Her hands held my head lightly, but she was no longer guiding me. She seemed to trust that I would find my way.

My fingers and lips trailed down over her belly, pausing at her navel to dig with my tongue. She quivered and giggled at this touch. Shauna hummed as I moved lower, my fingers lightly tracing the bones in her hips as my lips touched her pubic hair. This was a night of many firsts: kissing a girl, lying naked in her arms, sucking her nipples, being brought to orgasm, and now about to taste her most private fruits.

Shauna’s black pubic hair was trimmed to expose her lips. It tickled my nose but offered no impediment to my view or access. Her outer lips were dark and full, and probably swollen now, though I had no comparison to judge by. When I touched them lightly with a finger Shauna shivered and moaned softly. I stroked up and down the tender flesh and then delved between her lips.

Her moans deepened, almost a groan now, and she spoke her first words. “Oh, yes, Susan, yes.”

As I continued my caresses her legs fell wide apart and her hips began to move in small circles. I pulled her outer lips apart and opened her pussy fully to my view. It was beautiful, all deep pink, almost rosy, and soaking wet. She gleamed in the dim light. Her aroma was strong and pungent and arousing. I inhaled deeply and felt my pussy leak more fluid, wetting the bed. I used a finger to explore her inner lips, find the opening to her vagina, and uncover and tease her clit.

At this last, she jerked and cried out as though hurt. But I knew it was the shock of being touched in this most sensitive spot. Her clit was peeping out from its hood and seemed swollen. I blew gently on her open pussy and enjoyed the shiver that this brought to the poor girl. I was being cruel delaying her pleasure like this. When I looked up at her she was staring down at me, a hungry look in her eyes. Her hands gripped the covers tightly in white knuckled fists.

“Please, Susan. I’m in agony. Don’t tease me. Please, please, do it now.

I smiled at her and dipped my head down to her juicy pussy. I pulled her lips wide apart, and using the flat of my tongue, I licked her from just above her anus to the top of her lips. She moaned loudly and raised her hips to push herself against me. I lapped her again and a third time. Then I used the tip of my tongue to slide up between her inner and outer lips on one side eyüp escort and down the other. Shauna arched her back so that only her head and ass cheeks supported her body, letting out a small weeping sound, a keening cry.

Having had a little taste of her juices I went for a full portion. I closed my mouth over her whole pussy and began to suck her flesh while swirling my tongue all over her wet interior. I tried to stick my tongue up into her, sort of tongue fucking her, but she was too tight. My face was now wet with her juices as I wallowed joyously in her hot swamp. I loved her taste and the squishy feel of her in my mouth. My own pussy was on fire. I thought: I think I could come just from sucking this girl’s cunt.

Shauna was now quietly chanting, “Yes, yes, yes.”

I switched my attention to her clitoris. I licked it gently, circling my tongue tip up and around it. As I teased this sensitive bud I pushed one finger into her vagina, eliciting a shriek of surprise and joy from her. The chant ended, replaced by grunts and gasps.

The combination of a fucking finger and direct stimulation of her clit was more than Shauna could withstand. She began humping wildly and yelling loudly, incoherently. The only intelligible words were, “Oh, shit. Oh, fuck,” mixed in with the rest.

As she convulsed in orgasm her hips bucked, making it difficult to keep my mouth on her pussy. Her head slammed from side to side and her legs clamped my head fiercely. She came for what seemed an eternity, probably because I couldn’t breathe until she eased up. When she did, and I could gulp down some air, I shoved my hand down to my own sopping pussy and savaged my own clit. It took only a couple of strokes and I came, too, growling my pleasure into Shauna’s crotch.

We lay like that for long moments, breathing deeply and relaxing cramped muscles. My head lay on Shauna’s thigh, my gaze on her open, drooling sex, my face soaked with her fluids. I was amazed at myself. Just an hour ago I was as straight as the proverbial arrow. Now I was definitely a bisexual girl. No way would I give up this kind of fun.

After awhile we rearranged ourselves, cuddling lengthwise on my bed. Shauna lazily licked her drying juices off my face. I lay with my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of her tongue on my cheeks. When she was satisfied she kissed me gently.

Propping her head up on one hand she idly traced designs on my breast using her nails. Then she said, “That was incredible, Susan. I know it was your first time with a girl and you did great. I haven’t come like that in ages, from any source.” After a pause she said, “Susan, Are you OK with what we did?”

I smiled at her and reached up to caress her cheek and give her a little kiss. “Shauna, I’m more than OK. I feel wonderful. I think all girls have a question in the back of their minds about being with another girl. I know I did. My question’s been answered. I loved it. Thank you for making the move. I don’t think I would ever have had the courage.

“One thing, though. You get a little noisy when you come. That yell could have led a Rebel charge at Vicksburg. If we’re going to keep doing this we have to find a way to muffle you. As it is, I think everyone on this floor who was in tonight thinks I either tortured you or made love to you.”

She poked me, grinning in embarrassment. “I wasn’t that loud, was I?”

“You want me to tape us next time?”

She smiled and said, “That sounds kinda kinky. Why not? Maybe we could get a camcorder and do it in color.”

I said, “I kind of prefer how we did it, in black and white. You and me.”

“Good answer, you long drink of water white girl. Now how about a shower? If I promise to be quiet maybe we could squeeze into one shower stall.” And we did, and she was, almost.

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