My Smoking Hot Holiday

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This fantasy has been written for Roger a.k.a Fantasy boy. Hope this does your fantasy justice.

The summer holidays where no less than a week old and my parents were dragging me off to the airport. Our two week all inclusive trip to Mexico wasn’t exactly the dreamlike holiday they were hoping for. As always we ended up getting on each other’s nerves. As I entered womanhood I, like all teens, had begun to adopt that “I know it all” attitude. But of course my parents still wanted to control me and tell me what to do. The only reason I was forced to come on this holiday was down to the fact that they simply didn’t trust me.

To my father I was coming of age. Showing interest in boys whilst he noticed the ever growing interest boys were having in me. In truth I was a rather shy 18 year old girl. I only started smoking because my friends were doing it, and I admit it made me feel grown up. Even though I had blossomed to a firm C cup and started to dress with confidence, I was still a virgin. My parents didn’t believe me though and I was quickly put onto the pill.

I had sexual urges and had started masturbating, but the closest I let a guy get to me was letting him grope and suck on my breasts. I hadn’t even seen a real cock.

Anyway, during the holiday we spent most of our time apart. They choose to sit around the pool enjoying their all inclusive cocktails, whilst I led on the beach in one of those luxurious double sun beds.

The resort was very nice I thought as I quickly claimed my double sun bed lounger. The heat was intense but the bed offered a very welcome cool shade. I slowly peeled down my shorts and then removed my t-shirt, revealing my new bikini to anyone in sight. I knew my parents would freak out when they saw it, but I was gone past caring. The white adjustable triangle top held my breasts firm as the double string bottoms concealed my sex. After applying my sun cream I reached into my bag and pulled out my lighter and cigarettes. I felt pure relaxation as I lit up my cigarette and allowed the smoke to fill my lungs.

It was then, as I sat on the end of the bed happily enjoying the sun with my cigarette, that I noticed him watching me.

I had never noticed an older guy look at me the way this guy did before. I could tell he liked me, or at least my body. I would catch him stealing glances at me as I bent down for my bag or applied more cream. Even with his wife sat next to him he still had the nerve to watch me. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable, but as the first few days passed I found myself fantasising about him.

Despite his age something drew me to him. The fact I knew he had been watching me had me taking glances of my own. I wasn’t checking him out because I fancied him, I was checking to see if he was looking. When he wasn’t looking I felt a little silly and laughed at myself, pride slightly damaged. But when he was looking I would shyly smile at him and turn my head the other way. I must admit too, I was getting a little moist between my legs.

To calm myself down I would light another cigarette as I pretended to read my book through my sun glasses. He was happily sat watching me as his wife sun bathed next to him. As the days passed and I found myself becoming more and more aroused so to were my actions becoming bolder. I would read with my legs spread wide enough for him to see between them. Another time I reached into my bag as I knowingly allowed my breasts to hang down. I only stopped that trick when they nearly fell out.

I felt sexual power that I had never felt before. This guy was turning me on just by watching me. I wouldn’t even know how to satisfy him, yet here I am trying to tease him. I didn’t even know if it was working. He could have been laughing to himself at my childishness, but whatever was happening I was getting hotter by the day.

Amazingly I hadn’t noticed this guy or his wife around the resort other than on the beach. Then on one of the nights that I was forced to join my parents, I seen them sat on the other side of terrace opposite us. I immediately felt wet. The look in his eyes had developed that ability on me. My heart would race and my breathing becomes shorter. The blood would rush to the ever growing pulse between my legs and I would either have to touch myself or find something to calm me down. Smoking wasn’t an option as my parents forbid me Bakırköy escort to smoke in front of them. Even though I was old enough, I could drink alcohol as long as it was under their supervision. So a very dry white wine was in order.

I went to the bar to order my drink and get a few seconds away from my parents. Suddenly he was standing behind me. Our eyes were locked in a trance as we stared at each other through the mirror behind the bar. I watched him step closer to me before I felt his hand on my waist.

“You look very sexy when you smoke. But you already know that don’t you? He said through his smile. I like it when you tease me princess; it makes me hard for you. Try taking your top off tomorrow.” He said quietly.

I felt shocked, turned on, horrified and then turned on again. I had never felt so many mixed emotions during such a short talk in my life. I took my glass of wine before quickly heading back to my table. He didn’t speak to me again that night but the looks he gave were having the same effect as if I was on the beach. My state of arousal mixed with the wine called for an early night in bed.

The next few days were spent sightseeing which weren’t too bad considering the company I was in. I missed my days on the beach though. That night in the bar had messed with my head. His words were constantly ringing in my ears. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said.

I imagined myself going topless on the beach happily smoking a cigarette in his view. Sometimes I would laugh at how ridiculous I thought it would be, but then I would sometimes find myself becoming highly aroused. Could I actually do it?

The next day with only three days left of my holiday, I saw him on the beach. To my disappointment all of the double sun beds had been taken. I watched him smile at me as he probably wondered where I would sit. I choose a sun lounger a few feet away from him and set my things down.

With his words still ringing in my ears I quickly prepared for the days fun. I positioned my lounger up slightly so he had a good view of my body, and then wasted no time in lighting a cigarette. I pretended to read my magazine as I took long deep drags from my cigarette.

For the first time in my life I felt sexy as I smoked. I couldn’t tell if it was the cigarette or the fact that I knew he was getting turned on. Probably a mixture of both I thought as I tried to smoke the cigarette as slowly as possible.

Crushing out my cigarette I ordered a drink from the beach waiter. I know it’s not a good idea to drink alcohol on the beach, but I was having too much fun to care. The waiter returned with my drink and took his time as he stood over me to get a good view of my body. Another cigarette was in order as I looked at the older guy once more before filling my lungs with smoke.

As the day continued I began to feel the effects of the alcohol. I would have given my virginity to anyone right then as I felt so horny. I didn’t know who this person was inside of me, drinking and smoking in front of some guy old enough to be my father. But it kept doing wonderful things to me and I couldn’t stop. It was as addictive as my cigarettes.

As he watched me intently I knew he wanted me to take off my bikini top. I was laying back with my legs pressed together, the sun caressing every inch of my almost naked body. The white strings of my bikini clung so firmly to my young breasts that the swells at the sides were visible, as was the slope leading to my cleavage. My nipples were so hard that they were showing through the dampness of the material.

I looked over at the guy to find his eyes fixed on me whilst his wife slept next to him.

“Take it off.” He whispered to me.

“I can’t”. I whispered back.

“Go on, show me those beautiful tits.” He persisted.

I didn’t know who was in control as I reached behind my head and grasped the bow that was holding my breasts from his view.

“Katie!” I heard someone shout.

Shit! It was my mother calling me from the balcony overlooking the beach. I quickly pulled my hands to the side of the sun lounger and spun myself around in a seating position. The guy watching had managed to sit back as he looked out at the sea.

“Come on Katie, we need to get ready!” She continued to shout.

How embarrassing, Bakırköy escort bayan here I was about to bare my breasts and my mother draws everyone’s attention to me. The embarrassment soon turned to relief though as I packed away my belongings.

After my shower I walked over to my bed and sat down on the end of it. I welcomed the cool breeze from the air conditioning above as I lit up a cigarette. Staring at the floor between my feet I slowly drew a breath from the cigarette before exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. A million thoughts ran through my mind as I asked myself so many questions. I couldn’t believe how close I was to actually going topless. I think I wanted to, but for me? Or was it for him?

I had changed into another person during this holiday. All the flirting had given me feelings I couldn’t understand or control. But I knew I liked them. I wanted to experience it more and more. Would having sex be the only way to cure these emotions? Did all young girls feel this way? Maybe now I was truly turning into a woman and maybe now I was ready to have sex and lose my virginity?

I crushed out my cigarette and began to get dressed. First I picked up my black, lacy bra. I liked the way it pushed my breasts up together, creating cleavage that my friends were often jealous of.

I adjusted the bra to my liking, and then put on a low-cut white top which revealed just the right amount of skin. Not to slutty my sister would say. I then squeezed into my black skirt, which ended four inches above my knees, before slipping into my black open-toed three inch heels. After applying the last of my make-up I was ready to go. My parents probably wouldn’t approve of what I was wearing but I didn’t care.

After our meal we headed to the bar where a live band was playing followed by a late night disco. For the first time all three of us were getting on fine and having a good time. I even managed to sneak a few cigarettes while they danced. But as the night slowly slipped away I left them to it and headed off to bed.

On the way back to my hotel block I decided to take a walk along the beach. I removed my heels and lit up a cigarette as I enjoyed the soft sand beneath my feet. By the time I had finished my cigarette I had reached the double bed loungers. I sat on the end of one of the beds as I looked out at the calm night sea. This place really was paradise.

“Hello Katie”. A soft voice said.

“Who’s there?” I asked urgently.

“Sorry to startle you. We haven’t been officially introduced. I’m Roger.” He said offering to shake my hand.

I didn’t know what to say or think as he sat next to me without invitation.

“I think you are what they call a bit of a madam,” he chuckled.

I could only smile back at him. I was speechless and very nervous. I didn’t feel in danger but I began to feel extremely vulnerable and in need of another cigarette. I had totally forgotten that he had told me I looked sexy smoking as I placed the cork filter between my red painted lips. With a deep inhale followed by a slow exhale I noticed his smile and once again those words were ringing in my ears. As the flow of nicotine began to calm my nerves I felt my panties filling with moisture.

“That’s better,” he said with a sigh of satisfaction.

My lips forced a polite smile as I inhaled more smoke deep into my body. As I exhaled the smoke he ran a hand through my hair. I should have run away but I couldn’t. I knew this was wrong but once again I was being consumed by my physical urges.

His hand then slid down my face and onto my breast. I couldn’t look at him through fear of him seeing straight through me. I took another breath from my cigarette as my excitement intensified. His fingers traced around my nipples, through the fabric of my top and bra, before he moved in and kissed my neck. My nipples were already hard and it didn’t take long before he was circling it with his finger.

Crushing out my cigarette as I exhaled my last breath, Roger began to lay me back flat on the bed. He pushed back gently against my breast whilst kissing on my neck.

A light breeze blew through the bed as I closed my eyes. The gentle sound of the waves became quieter and quieter as Roger began to take control. His hand continued to massage my covered breast as he worked his kisses down to my chest escort Bakırköy and into the slope of my cleavage.

“That’s it Katie, keep your eyes closed and enjoy it.” He whispered.

He spread my legs apart as he climbed between them and then pushed me up the bed. With my whole body now flat on the bed, Roger wasted no time in pulling my low-cut top up my body to reveal my bra. My top continued on its journey north until I was lying in just my bra, panties and skirt. I groaned and arched my back as he roughly grabbed my breasts and began to massage them through the bra.

“Lovely! Fucking lovely!” he groaned.

Soon my bra was off and my breasts were finally bared for his viewing pleasure. He quickly bent down and buried his head between my breasts, forcing another groan from my lips.

Only two boys had ever felt and sucked on my breasts, but neither was as sensitive as Roger. He circled each nipple in turn with his tongue whilst gently caressing the sides of my breasts. Wrapped up in the feeling of it all, a sudden anguish caught hold of me as I felt my black lace panties being pulled over my feet.

For the first time in my life, someone other than me was taking off my underwear. I felt excited beyond imagination. I hadn’t even contemplated losing my virginity; I was just compelled to go along with what my body was now obviously craving.

The leather mattress was cold against my bottom. I wanted to open my eyes and look down at my breasts and belly. I wanted to look at my legs being spread to see what he was seeing. But something was stopping me. I didn’t know if this was how it should be. This was my first time. I felt his fingers begin to explore between my legs, and it felt better than when I did it too myself. I arched my back a second time as he slid a finger into my hole and went back to sucking on my breasts.

“I like that.” I said naturally as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He then moved his head up to mine and kissed me hard on the lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in.

After what felt like a lifetime, Roger withdrew his finger, to my disappointment, and broke the kiss to kneel.

“Open your eyes and look at me Katie.” He demanded.

I opened my eyes and as they adjusted to the moon light, I saw him kneeling between my legs over my near naked body.

“I think,” he said, his voice thick with lust as he unzipped his trousers, “that you’ll like this even better.”

As I looked down at where his hands were unzipping his trousers I watched a real cock spring free. I was fascinated watching it bounce around freely as he removed his shirt and trousers. It looked so strong and powerful.

Roger quickly grabbed my bag and took out my lighter and cigarettes. He smiled as I gave him a confusing look. But I quickly remembered that this looked sexy in his eyes. I happily lit the cigarette and then exhaled the smoke into Rogers face. His cock twitched violently as he pushed my skirt up around my waist.

I closed my eyes and took the longest drag of any cigarette in my life. It felt hard and warm as he guided it to where it belonged. Just the tip at first, nudging aside my lips, tapping gently yet deliberately until it reached its resistance.

All thoughts of condoms and contraception pills were a million miles away as I began to experience powerful pleasures. My stomach muscles tightened. I knew was about to happen. I just hoped that I was ready for it.

Then I felt it going, as the first inches of stiff cock entered me for the first time. My virginity was going! This is my special moment. I took another deep breath from my cigarette and inhaled the smoke as I waited for the pain, but instead I felt only pleasure and exhaled.

As my lips opened to let him in I felt my insides clamp around his cock, gripping it as he rocked backwards and forwards. Something intensified; something gathered pressure, built up and up until it exploded.

A wave of pleasure soon washed through my body like nothing before. This beat all the times I had masturbated hands down. Roger continued to thrust into my body until he tensed up and groaned out loud. I felt him twitching and dancing inside me before he collapsed onto the bed. I flicked my cigarette away and exhaled the last breath of smoke as I lay still enjoying the pleasure I was feeling.

As reality dawned I quickly got dressed as Roger sat up with his cock softening. After rearranging my clothes and hair and pulled out another cigarette.

“Will I see you again?” he asked.

“Sometimes. Possibly in your dreams.” I said smiling.

I walked away feeling like a new person. I was now a woman.

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