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Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 40 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 40 ——————————————————————————- By the time school let out that Friday afternoon, Evan was a nervous wreck about his date with Betsey, and I was still jittery about playing at the Bell & Crown. Why I was jittery, I didn’t know. I’d played there before without being nervous. Andy and I drove Jacob and Harry home. They both complained bitterly because we wouldn’t take them along to the pub. “You know you’re not old enought to go to into a pub without your parents,” I said. “But we’d be with you and Andy! You count as our guardians!” Jacob said. Grinning, I said, “But Andy isn’t even 18 yet. He’s lucky he wasn’t asked to leave yet. And, Harry isn’t really my little brother (I only mean that from a legal standpoint Harry, otherwise in my mind, you’re my brother too!). So I can’t be considered his guardian. Besides, I’ll be working, and can’t be supervising you properly if I’m doing that!” Although Harry flashed me a quick smile about my brotherly comment, neither of them liked what I’d said about not taking them, and sat at the kitchen table sulking. Elizabeth smiled and wished me luck. We left then and drove to the Bell & Crown. I had almost a half hour before it was time for me to start playing. The pub was about half full of patrons. Evan was already there when we arrived. He was sitting at our usual table, next to the piano. He had a pint of ale, and a shot of whiskey in front of him. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows when I saw the whiskey. “I’m nervous as hell about tonight,” he explained, “I’m hoping it will calm me down.” “John’s a tad nervous too,” Andy said, “Let’s all have a shot together!” “And you need a shot why?” I asked raising one eyebrow at Andy. “Well… I thought I’d be supportive!” Andy said, grinning, as Sophie appeared at the table. He quickly ordered two pints and two shots of Irish whiskey for us, and some ‘doughed bangers’ for all of us. Sophie brought over our drinks right away. “Well, here’s mud in your eye!” I said, raising my shotglass. They both raised their shotglasses, but looked at me quizically. I snickered and said, “it’s an American toast.” “Strange one,” Evan said. “Yes it is!” Andy agreed, “Cheers!” he added. We all touched our glasses, then downed the shots. After only a few minutes, Evan appeared to be a bit more relaxed. I felt better myself. Our ‘doughed bangers’ arrived, and we were all hungry, so they disappeared quickly. I had about 10 minutes before I was due to start playing, so I excused myself, and got up to visit the men’s room. “John!” Evan said, “Mind if I join you a minute?” Andy and I exchanged curious looks, as I said “not at all, c’mon.” Evan got up and followed me, while Andy looked after us, wondering what was up. * * * I stepped up to the urinal trough in the men’s room and took out my penis and began peeing. Evan stepped up next to me, and peed as well. When we’d both finished peeing, and were shaking off, Evan said, “I need to ask you something.” “So I gathered,” I said, “What’s up?” “Well, I know this might be a bit premature, but in case it isn’t, I have a problem.” Evan said, as he zipped back up. “What’s wrong?” I asked, looking at him. “I…Well…I don’t know how to use a condom!” he said, “And what if I need to this evening?” Evan tinged pink, as I snickered and said, “well, I think you’re right. It’s a bit premature to be thinking about using one with Betsey. Do you even have any?” “Yeah,” he said, pulling three condoms out of his pocket, and holding them out to me. I snickered again. They were all different kinds. “Where’d you get them?” I asked. “Boots!” he said, “I wasn’t sure what kind to get, so I bought three different kinds.” I looked at his selection. He had one that was plain and not lubricated. He had another that was lubricated. And his third one was lubricated and ribbed. I selected the non-lubricated one and said, “why don’t I show you how to put one on using this one, since it’s dry, and you keep the others to use when and if you get lucky!” Evan smiled, and shoved the other two back in his pocket. “OK, first of all you need to be hard before you put a condom on,” I said. “That shouldn’t be a problem,” Evan said, blushing again. I snickered and said, “I think the best way to do this is for you to pull your dick out, get it hard, and I’ll show you how to put it on.” “OK, I guess,” Evan said, and still blushing, he unzipped his jeans and pulled his penis out again. It was already semi-hard. Blushing a little redder, Evan began fondling himself and stroking his penis, until he was hard. “After all we’ve been through, there’s no need for you to feel embarrassed şişli travesti Evan,” I said, “now watch.” Evan grinned at me. I opened the packet and showed him how they come rolled up. I showed him how to determine the inside from the outside, then I reached down and showed him how to hold the resevoir end, pinched over the tip of his penis, and once it was in place, how to unroll the rest of it over his shaft. I didn’t unroll it though. I rolled it back up and handed the condom to Evan and told him to try putting it on, the way I’d explained. A bit awkwardly, Evan held the condom over the tip of his penis, squeezed the end and began unrolling it over the length of his shaft. When he reached his pubic hair I said, “Stop!” Evan stopped quickly. Just then the door to the men’s room burst open. Evan dove toward the urinal, covering his genitals. Andy stepped in and closed the door. “What’re you-” he began, but stopped when he saw Evan turn toward him wearing the condom. “Condom lessons,” I explained. “Oh,” Andy said, trying not to snicker. Poor Evan turned redder still, but finally asked, “So did I do it right?” Andy and I both bent over to inspect Evan’s sheathed cock. “Yup,” we both said, smiling and straightening up again. Evan smiled too. But a moment later, he looked distraught, as he was trying to roll the condom back up to take it off and it started catching his pubic hairs and pulling them. “Aw Fuck!” he exclaimed, as Andy and I started laughing. I felt so bad for him, because the more we laughed, the more he struggled, and pulled his hairs. “STOP!” I shouted finally, trying to control my laughter. Evan stopped, and looked at us pitifully. Fortunately, his erection had begun to shrink. Still chuckling I said, “You can’t roll it back up to take it off, unless you’re really careful about it, or you’re really into pain. Besides when it’s full of spunk, that could be nasty. You need to slide it off, otherwise it pulls your hairs like that. Normally, once you’ve had sex, and cum in the condom, your jizz will squish up the sides a bit and lubricate your cock, so the rubber slides off easily enough when you pull on it. Since this one’s dry though, it might be harder to pull off that way. Luckily your dick’s going down. Here, let me show you.” Evan watched as I reached down and unrolled the top of the condom back onto the base of his dick again, then gently I began tugging on the end of it. Evan’s foreskin pulled forward, but eventually the whole condom slowly slid off his dick. “Jesus Christ! Thanks!” Evan said, smiling, ruefully, and rubbing the base of his dick where the hairs had been pulled. “Bet you’ll always remember how to take one off now!” Andy quipped, grinning. “You know it!” Evan said, smiling ruefully. Smiling I said “Well, that’s about all I can think of to tell you about condoms. Don’t carry them in your wallet. It ruins them. Don’t use them past their expiration date. And Evan, they can break! That’s how Dylan was conceived. So they’re not really 100% protection!” “I know,” he said, putting his dick away and zipping up. “Anymore questions?” I asked. “No. Listen guys! Thanks for teaching me everything!” Evan said, smiling at us. “It’s been our pleasure Evan,” I said, smiling and winking at him. “Certainly was,” Andy agreed, grinning. I looked at my watch. It was time for me to start playing. “OK Guys! This is it!” I said, as I reached for the door. * * * As we walked out of the men’s room, we were greeted by applause, shouting, and laughter. I couldn’t believe it. Laney, Betsey, Jane, Niles, Rob, and Rick were all sitting at a couple of tables they’d shoved together by the piano. “We were beginning to wonder where you were!” Jane said, “Are you gonna play now?” Laughing I said “That’s the plan! Thanks for coming guys!” As I walked over to the piano, Andy returned to our table. Blushing Evan invited Betsey to join him at our table. Everyone snickered a little, which made both of them blush even more. Shyly, Betsey got up and sat down with Evan, across from Andy. I began playing then. I played a variety of music from rock to country to Irish folk to jazz to ballads to general sing-alongs. Several of the pub’s regular patrons, moved from the bar to tables close to the piano, and joined in singing along with several songs. They seemed to really be enjoying themselves, and so were my friends. I was too. The time seemed to fly by. Toward the end of my first set, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Harry appeared. Elizabeth grinned at me, as the boys both looked at me, watching to see how I felt about them being there. I smiled and winked at them, as I finished the song I was in the middle of. When I finished the song, Evan tapped me on the shoulder. He and Betsey were standing behind me with their jackets on. Evan looked nervous. Betsey was all smiles. “We’re taking off,” Evan said. I grinned and said “You guys have fun! We’ll talk tomorrow.” They both smiled, and Evan squeezed my shoulder as they turned to go. They said good-bye to the rest of our friends, then left. I noticed that Elizabeth had sat down with Andy and the boys were sitting beylikdüzü travesti opposite them, where Evan and Betsey had been sitting. I smiled in their direction, then broke into another song. I played two more, then announced I was taking a short break. I pulled my chair over to our table and sat at the end of it. Apparently Andy had put in an order for us, as Sophie bustled over and sat pints of ale in front of me and Andy, glasses of pop in front of the boys, a glass of milk in front of Elizabeth, and a couple double orders of ‘doughed bangers’ in the middle of the table. Jacob and Harry both reached for a ‘doughed banger’ as soon as they were set down. “They’re really good dipped in mustard!” I said, grinning at them and reaching for the mustard, and spooning a gob of it onto the corner of each plate. “I hope you don’t mind that I brought the boys to hear your show,” Elizabeth said. “We’re not staying too long.” “Not at all,” I said, “I’m glad you did, since I couldn’t.” The guys smiled, and Jacob said, “we really wanted to see what it was like here, and be with you on your first day at work.” “Yeah!” Harry said. “Well I’m glad you’re here!” I said, smiling at them. They smiled back and both reached for another ‘doughed banger’. “How was Evan doing?” I asked Andy. “They were both nervous twits!” he said, laughing. I grinned. “So what do you all want for supper tonight?” I asked. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m taking care of supper,” Elizabeth said, as she munched on a ‘doughed banger’. “You were right John, these bangers are simply scrumptious!” she added. I turned to the boys with a look of horror on my face. They both burst out laughing. “Oh good grief!” Elizabeth said, “we’re ordering Chinese! You didn’t think I was going to cook did you?” We all laughed then. “Seriously,” Elizabeth continued, “on Friday nights, since you’re working now, we’ll order out for supper. It’ll give you a break, and add variety to our meals.” “I’m not varied enough for you?” I asked, looking at her with a mock pained look, as the guys snickered. Elizabeth said, “well, you can cook Fridays if you want! We love your food! I just thought you’d like a break!” “NO! That’s OK! A break’s a great idea! We’ll order out!” I said quickly. Everyone laughed as I popped another banger into my mouth. We visited a few minutes longer, then I went to the men’s room, peed, and washed up. Then it was back to the piano. Elizabeth and the boys stayed for five or six more songs, then between numbers, they stepped over and said they were leaving and would see us back at the house. Once they were gone, Andy got up and joined our friends at their table, as I went on playing. The time flew by, and it was well after 7:00 before I realized what time it was. Everyone was disappointed when I stopped and announced that I was finished for the evening. I told them I’d be back the following Friday. Sophie came over with a fresh pint for me, and asked if I’d like something else to eat. I thanked her but said I’d best not, as I had to get home for supper. I pulled my chair over and joined my friends then. * * * Rob was in the middle of a joke when George came over to the table. He laughed at the punch line, then told me how much he appreciated my playing. He handed me some money. It looked like too much. I counted it. It was 50 pounds. I said, “George, you gave me too much!” George grinned and said, “No! Yer worth more than we originally agreed on!” I thanked him and we shook hands. Then he said, “Did I see Evan leaving with a girl?” Grinning, I said, “Yes, it’s their first date tonight.” Everyone at the table snickered a little. “Well, where’s yer girl? A guy like you must have a bunch of ’em chasin’ after you!” George said. Everyone got quiet suddenly. Andy, who was sitting next to me, looked at me, and imperceptably shook his head ‘no’. Laney must’ve seen him do it, because she jumped up from the other end of the table, ran around to me, sat on my leg and wrapped her arm around me. “I’m John’s girl,” she said, smiling up at George. George smiled down at us and said, “Yer the one I thought might be his!” Andy looked away from me. I knew how much he must be hurting. Smiling grimly, I said “Laney, thanks for trying to cover for me, but it’s not necessary.” Andy’s head whirled back toward me, and everyone stared at me as I pushed Laney off my leg. She got up and went back to her seat, frowning. “George, although Laney’s a wonderful friend, she isn’t my girl.” I said. I pulled Andy closer to me and draped my arm around his shoulder. “I don’t have a girl,” I said, “You see, Andy and I here, we’re partners.” “Partners?” George looked at us uncomprehending. “We’re a couple, lovers. We live together.” I said. George stared blankly at me for a moment, taking in what I’d just said. “If you have a problem with this George, I don’t have to continue working here or even coming here. Just tell me.” I said. Everyone was looking back and forth between me and George. I could see that tears were beginning to well up in Andy’s eyes. “Yer tellin’ me yer gay?” George said, finally. “Yeah George! That’s istanbul travesti what I’m saying.” I said. George stared at me for a minute, then suddenly he burst into laughter. “HA! That’s a good one!” he said, “You really had me going there!” Andy and I looked at each other, confused. Then we looked at George, who was still laughing. He was so hysterical with laughter that everyone at the table started laughing along with him. Even Andy and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Finally, wiping his eyes, once he’d calmed down, George said, “Don’t try to kid a kidder John. I wasn’t born yesterday. If yer gay, then I’m the Queen!” And he started laughing again, as he walked back toward the bar. “Gay!” we heard him exclaim gleefully to himself, and he burst into more peels of laughter, as he went through the door into the kitchen. “Well that turned out differently than I thought it would!” Rob said, looking incredulously down the table at us. “Yeah!” I said, as I looked at Andy and smiled. “You OK?” I quietly asked Andy. “Yeah,” he said, “I’m just glad you didn’t lose your job.” “It’s only a job!” I snorted, “I could get the same kind of work elsewhere if I needed to!” “Just the same, this is a special place for us. I’m glad it turned out OK!” Andy said. “Me too,” I said, finally, and I smiled at him. * * * We finished up our pints, and our friends all left. Sophie came over as I was gathering up my music. I reached in my pocket and pulled out some money and tried to give her a tip, but she refused. She said we were co-workers when I was working, and she didn’t get tipped by co-workers. “Besides,” she said, “your music is tip enough. You’re great!” “Thanks!” I said. Then she looked at me and Andy and quietly said, “so you two are a couple then?” Andy looked at me furtively. Sophie saw his look. Quickly she said “It’s OK, I don’t care, and I won’t tell anyone. I was just wondering.” “Yeah Sophie,” I said, looking at her, “Andy and I are partners.” I looked at Andy and smiled. “Well I’m happy you have each other. You seem like you fit together well. I hope you’re always as happy as you are now.” Sophie said. “Wow! Thanks!” Andy said. “Yeah! Thanks Sophie!” I said. “Um, you’re not going to tell George are you?” Andy asked. “No, I wouldn’t do that,” Sophie said, “and I don’t think it would really matter if George did find out. He’s a nice guy. I’ve never known him to be prejudiced.” “I still don’t want to take the chance,” Andy said, “John really likes working and hanging out here.” “I understand!” Sophie said, “you guys don’t have to worry about me spilling the beans!” “Thanks!” Andy said. “Well, now that you’re done being my spokesman, can we get going?” I asked, smirking at Andy. “OK!” he grinned. Sophie gave each of us a hug, and we left. “Good Night George!” I hollered, before we went out the door. “G’Night Lads!” George called. “Gay! Ha! Good one!” we heard him say to himself, as he started laughing again. We both laughed as we walked out onto the street. * * * Elizabeth and the boys were at the kitchen table perusing the Chinese Delivery menu when we arrived home. “How’d the rest of your shift go?” Jacob asked. We related what had happened after they left. They were all incredulous over how George reacted when I told him Andy and I were gay. “Well, let’s not think about that anymore. Let’s order some Chinese!” I said. We each ordered something different, and we ordered two or three appetizers. It arrived hot, 20 minutes later. We all tried a little of everyone elses’ food, thus turning the meal into a smorgasboard. It was quite enjoyable. Afterward, Elizabeth went upstairs to take a catnap before she had to leave for work. Jacob asked if Harry could sleep over. I told him that’d be fine. Harry called his mother to say he was staying over, then the boys disappeared upstairs. Andy asked me if I’d like to watch a movie with him. I told him to check what was on, while I called John and Scott, so they didn’t call us in the middle of the movie. Andy chuckled and headed for the living room. I called the twins and spoke with them for about 20 minutes. They were both excited, because their trip to visit us was only a couple weeks away. They’d been looking through some British travel brochures and wanted to know if I’d take them to see certain sites they’d chosen to visit. I told them, we’d see them all if it was possible. Finally, after I hung up, I joined Andy. “Good timing,” he said, “the movie’s about to start.” I quickly threw another log on the fire, and we settled down on the couch together. Andy’d found that one of his favorite movies – “Sleepless in Seattle” was playing. I chuckled. It must’ve been the 6th time we’d watched it together, but I didn’t care. I was just glad to be relaxing quietly. We enjoyed the movie. Just as it was ending, Elizabeth came downstairs and said she was taking off for work. We told her good night, and she left. We were just getting picked up afterward, and were about to go up to bed, when the doorbell rang. We looked at each other, puzzled, and went to the door. I opened it, and there stood Evan. He looked sad, and confused. “Can I talk to you guys?” he asked… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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