My Step-sister Pt. 08

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I must say, I never expected what happened next. Chrissy and Suzie continued to surprise me.

My step-sister Chrissy, who I had been having sex with, began dating my friend and hockey teammate Roger about the same time I started dating Roger’s ex-girlfriend Suzie. Chrissy and Suzie had been casual friends before this time and were fast becoming best friends. On New Years the four of us had sex in the same room and ended up switching partners whereby Roger and I each had sex with both girls.

A few days later, after a Friday night hockey game, we all decided to go to Chrissy and my house. I took the girls to the house and we went to my bedroom. Roger had to go home and speak with his parents and he was going to come a bit later. In the bedroom I kissed Suzie and I held Chrissy around the waste. After kissing Suzie for a minute, I turned and kissed Chrissy. I went back and forth kissing each girl alternately. My hand was around the waste of each of them and I also rubbed their back and caressed their asses.

I pulled them together slowly until we were almost kissing as a three-way smooch. Then I backed off a bit and the girls seemed to be on the same page as they leaned in and kissed each other.

Although I had an arm on each girl, I kept back and watched them kiss. My cock got rock hard as I watched these two 18 year old beauties make out. They were getting more and more into this and Chrissy put her arms around Suzie’s neck. Suzie, who is shorter than Chrissy reached up and started fondling Suzie’s tits.

Two girls getting it on sexually right in front of me was a fantasy of mine since I first found my dad’s Penthouse magazines years ago. The Penthouse Forum had fueled my young mind with many possibilities of sexual adventure.

Chrissy was the first to stop the show. She looked at me and said, “So Greg, are you having fun?”

I replied, “Yes indeed, but we could all be having more fun if we had less clothes on.”

With that I reached up and un-did Chrissy’s bra with my left hand and Suzie’s with my right. The girls enthusiastically pulled their shirts and bras up and off. Then they moved together again and kissed with their big tits smashed together. I began to wonder if they had been in this situation before. I took my clothes off quickly and my seven and a half incher was sticking straight out as I returned to the girls.

One of them put her hand on my dick and I began kissing them alternately as I had before. However, as I kissed them this time I unbuttoned their blue jeans and pulled the zippers down. Then I said, “Let’s get on the bed.”

The girls pulled their jeans and panties down and off and we all got on the bed naked. As much as I wanted to take charge, I held back and let the girls work out their sexual relationship. They gently kissed and stroked each other. Seeing two girls making out and stroking the tits of the other girl was amazingly Dikmen Escort erotic. I was in heaven. Then Suzie took control. She rolled on top of Chrissy and kissed her hard. Then she began moving down, to her neck, her chest, her tits. Suzie licked around each nipple then started sucking them. Chrissy was muttering and thrusting her hips thus rubbing her clit against Suzie’s thigh.

Suie then continued down until she was licking around Chrissy’s pussy. Chrissy was panting with lust. “Yes Suzie, lick me, lick my pussy.” she said excitedly.

Suzie zeroed in on Chrissy’s pink slit and began licking her up and down. Chrissy was bent forward so she could watch. I decided to be helpful and I took two pillows and put them behind Chrissy’s back she could easily watch and relax. Chrissy smiled at me and then pulled her knees up and spread her legs wide opening up her pussy lips for Suzie. Suzie took her time, licking up and down, putting her tongue inside of Chrissy’s vagina then moving up and flicking her clit. At one point when Suzie flicked her clit, Chrissy grabbed her head and admonished, “Quit teasing me and make me cum you bitch.”

Suzie focused on the clit and quickly brought Chrissy to a screaming climax. Suzie then rolled off to the side so she was lying face up on the lower half of the bed. I climbed on top of her and kissed her moist face taking in the familiar scent of my step-sister’s pussy.

Once Chrissy recovered she joined us in a three way kiss. Then Suzie pushed Chrissy down and climbed on top of her. She held her down and pinched her nipples. Then Suzie crawled up and put her pussy over Chrissy’s face. “My turn now pretty girl.” She said as she put her hand on Chrissy’s head and pulled her face into her wet crotch. Chrissy was surprised by Suzie’s aggressiveness and her eyes went wide. However, she also started licking my girlfriends gash enthusiastically.

Suzie likes her clit to be played with hard. Sometimes I nibble and bite it and she goes nuts. She was basically rubbing her clit on Chrissy’s mouth and teeth. She bucked on my sister Chrissy’s mouth until she had a spasming orgasm all over her face.

When Suzie was done, she turned around and got into a 69 with Chrissy. They were both slowly licking each other’s pussy. I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. Seeing my opportunity, I got on the bed and put my knees on either side of Chrissy’s head. I then shoved my dick into my girl-friend’s pussy.

“Oh yea, fuck me Greg.” Suzie said.

My balls were right on my step-sisters face. I slowly went in and out of Suzie’s vagina and Chrissy tilted her head back and licked my balls. Oh my God, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. To be fucking one girl and having another licking your balls is beyond belief (especially when one is your hot cheerleader girlfriend and the other is you step-sister).

At this point, Dikmen Escort Bayan Roger walked into the room. He stopped and stared for a moment then uttered “Holy shit!” in awe of our three-way coupling. I continued to fuck Suzie and Chrissy was alternating between licking my balls then licking Suzie’s clit. When she was licking Suzie my balls would drag across her forehead, her eyes and her nose as I slowly plunged into Suzie’s pussy. As she started to cum, I could feel Suzie’s vagina spasm and clutch my penis. This triggered my orgasm and I roared and pumped my semen deep into Suzie’s vagina.

When I pulled my dick out it fell right on Chrissy’s face. She tilted her head back and sucked me into her mouth and cleaned off my cum and Suzie’s pussy juice. As I pulled away, Chrissy started flicking Suzie’s clit again. It did not take long for Suzie to launch into another orgasm. As she came, some of my cum dribbled out of Suzie’s pussy and into Chrissy’s mouth. This was one of the most erotic scenes I have ever seen in my life.

Now Roger was naked and he was crazed with lust. He took my place on the bed and he grabbed Suzie by the hips and shoved his dick straight into her sloppy vagina. Suzie screamed with joy as she looked over her shoulder at her ex-boyfriend who had unceremoniously reclaimed her pussy. Roger is taller than me and he had pulled Suzie up to a kneeling position. Chrissy reached up and stroked Roger’s balls as he pounded into his cheerleader ex-girlfriend.

Roger was a sex machine and he pounded Suzie hard. At one point he pulled back too far and his dick came out of Suzie. It was shiny and covered with my cum recently deposited in Suzie’s vagina. Chrissy sucked his dick into her mouth for a couple of thrusts then Roger went back to the pussy where he had been before.

I was now sitting in the chair watching. Chrissy squirmed out from under the rutting pair and came over to sit on my lap. She kissed me and I could taste my salty cum on her mouth. We both watched Suzie and Roger. I stroked my step-sister’s pussy and she gently stroked my dick and balls. Watching the couple in front of us was so exciting that I was starting to get hard again.

When Roger came, his body tightened up and he let out a strange squeal as his entire body contracted. When he fall off of Suzie we could see that her pussy was white and frothy from two loads of cum.

Chrissy got off my lap and knelt in front of me. She sucked my dick back to hardness then climbed on to of me and sank down on my dick. Chrissy took control as I sat still. She bobbed her body up and down on my dick; I licked her nipples as they passed my face up and down.

Suzie got off the bed and came over to the chair where Chrissy and I were fucking. The fact that Chrissy and I were brother and sister turned Suzie on a great deal. She loved to watch us fuck. Suzie rubbed my balls and Escort Dikmen put a hand on the sides of Chrissy’s pussy. I could feel her fingers on the sides of my dick as Chrissy moved up and down. I then could hear Roger kneeling next to Suzie.

“You get off on this in-sest-uous sex don’t you.” he said to Suzie.

“It’s fucking amazing. Feel this.” Suzie said. I then felt Roger’s larger fingers on the sides of Chrissy’s labia as she moved up and down.

Chrissy was getting tired and she stopped moving with my dick fully up inside of her. She kissed me with her spermy mouth and as she did, I could feel someone spread her ass cheeks. Chrissy moaned into my mouth. I could feel Suzie’s big tits on my legs as she licked up and down on Chrissy’s puckered ass.

“Oh my God that feels good.” Chrissy said.

Then Suzie stopped and said to Roger, “You do her, she’s your girl-friend.” Suzie moved away and I could feel Roger’s rough chin on the base of my dick and my balls as he licked Chrissy’s ass-hole.

After a few minutes of this, Chrissy got up and turned around. She sank her pussy back down on my dick. Now she was facing away from me.

“Lick me” Chrissy said to her boyfriend Roger.

He was now flicking her clit with his tongue — fucklicking we would call it today. If you lick Chrissy’s pussy and she will cum every time. Suzie stood over us and then bent down and started sucking Chrissy’s tits. Chrissy started moving up and down and Roger tried to keep lickin her clit. Chrissy was getting close to cumming and started moving up and down faster. Then she went too high and came off my penis. With Roger licking her, my dick went right into Roger’s mouth. He didn’t freak out. In fact, he sucked me up and down a couple of times and then grabbed my dick and stuffed it back into Chrissy’s pussy.

Suzie and Chrissy both screamed with excitement when Roger took my dick in his mouth. They thought this was pretty hot. I have to admit, I did too.

Roger kept licking Chrissy’s clit and she started her orgasm by grabbing him by the hair and humped his mouth as she fucked me. Her spasming vagina triggered my orgasm and I pumped quickly and deeply into her sugar walls. Chrissy popped up and off my dick and, with her fingers still in Roger’s hair, pulled him in and he again took my dick in his mouth. I ejaculated for the last two times right in his mouth. He stayed put and sucked the last of my sauce from my prick then backed away.

“That was so fucking hot!” Chrissy yelled.

She pushed Roger down so he was laying on his back. Then took his erection in her mouth. She shucked him and bobbed her head up and down. Then she hopped on his dick and kissed him. It was very exciting knowing that they were sharing the taste of my semen as they swapped saliva. Then Chrissy sat up and rode Roger like a cowgirl. She moved up and down furiously until Roger bellowed “Here I cum!” and spewed his seed up into his girlfriend.

Chrissy and Suzie each received two loads of cum in their pussy, one from me and one from Roger. Our foursome sex was now wide open as to who was going to please whom. I had never imagined this happening to me.

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