My StepDad Used Me!! TRUE STORIES

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My StepDad Used Me!! TRUE STORIESStep Dad StoryH i g h s c h o o l DaysI’m in my room minding my own business when I heard B walking to my room. I quickly pretended I was asleep so I wouldn’t have to do any chores. He walked in to me laying across the bed, staring at long sexy legs leading up to booty shorts on with cheeks on the verge of popping out. “What does he want? I’m trying to text. I hope my phone doesn’t vibrate.” I feel a hand touch my leg & start to rub it up, down, & in between as best he could. Moving it up my leg to my ass gripping it. Going back down between my legs to my pussy. “Oh tell me he isn’t.” As Im thinking this I feel my shorts & panties pull to the side. Feel a hand move across my precious teen virgin pussy. Playing with my pussy rubbing up & down until he inserted a finger & started to feel around. Then a second finger entered my virgin hole & he began to finger fuck me while people were in the next room. “When will this be over just lay still & he won’t know ur not asleep.” Then I here a click like from a camera he’s taking pics of my pussy to jack off to. I was kinda getting turned on as I was the only one who had ever played with or touched myself. Guess he didn’t get a good view or get to feel well enough Bc he started to pull my shorts & panties down. Once they were down far enough to see my pussy in view he spread my lips apart & took more pics before fingering me again. He would move me into positions so he could get good pics & better angle to fuck my pussy. Must have liked maltepe escort what he saw or was feeling, he started breathing heavy like he was getting turned on. A noise was made & he got scared someone would find what he was doing so he pulled my pants back up & left the room. This was the first of many incidents that all lead to the same thing.2nd Time There I was bored in my room texting my bf or friend who knows. They take forever to text back so I doze off. Don’t remember if I was supposed to have my phone or if I got it taken & stole it back for a little so it was on dnd. Which is probably why I didn’t realize they texted back before I dozed off. Anywho there I am just dreaming precious dreams not having a care in the world. I start to tell someone or something touching me. Trying to wake me up but I’m not with it I wanna sleep so I resist & lay there like I’m asleep. I hear them walk around to the other side of the bed & stop. I’m laying across the bed so one of my legs hanging off & the other is bent over it in the shape of a P. A hand touches my butt & starts grabbing & feeling on it. Then grabs ahold of my pussy I’m really lost at this point. But I didn’t move so they didn’t get startled that I wasn’t asleep. I feel my panties get moved to the side and then fingers touch & feel around my lips and precious hole. Then once they got confident I felt a finger go in moving around feeling at how tight I was. Another finger was added and slowly moved in & out fingering my virgin Pussy. Every escort maltepe minute or so they would stop & walk around to make sure I was still asleep. My panties must have been in the way Bc my pants came down to almost my ankles. I hear a shutter like a camera & realize they were taking pics of my fefe & with their fingers inside. Spreading my lips open moving my legs & getting closer to get a better pic. Face was close enough I could almost feel their breath I thought I was gonna feel a tongue try to touch me. Luckily it was just fingers. After about 10 minutes or so my panties & bottoms were put back on sloppily like they were in a rush. After they left I fixed my pants & pulled my panties out my ass then continued to text until I went to swim.3rd TimeI was laying in my moms bed taking a nap for whoever reason. I think nothing of it when ppl walk in & out the room. Then the door didn’t open again the last time only open & shut. Which meant someone was still in there with me. It’s cool I’m knocked out anyway. I sense someone coming up to the bed on my side. I then feel a hand touch me & move about. After a minute or two of that I’m getting moved so my top half is mostly on the bed & the bottom half hanging off. I hear a zipper open & someone grab what sounded like a dick. While he’s getting his dick ready to beat off, I awaken a little to notice I’m not in the same position as before. I fall back asleep thinking nothing of it as I turn a lot in my sleep. Back asleep I feel my pants come down just maltepe escort bayan enough to see my ass cheeks. Feel a grip on one cheek then the other as their getting familiar with it. Next you hear a hand start to rub a semi hard cock. It starts off slow then gradually picks up the pace till you notice what’s going on. Thinking maybe they don’t realize I’m here & think their alone which is impossible. I think maybe it’ll be cool to catch whoever this is watching porn right now. Not knowing it was me who was apart of the scene. He’s moaning and grunting as he pumps his cock back & forth, wishing he was sticking it in me or me sucking on it. But he continues & the pace gets faster & noisier. Poured some lube on before actually jacking off so he could be quick & he didn’t have anyone to give him a Bj. As I’m thinking, he has one hand on his dick & the other trying to finger me. In disbelief I wonder how long till he comes. Same thought must have been going through his mind. Bc not shortly after his breath began to quicken & then he came into his hand so none would get on me. But I felt as if a small drop landed on my ass check & he didn’t notice it. Pulling his pants back up I knew this wasn’t the only time he probably fantasized this would happen nor the last time. If he could get his hands on me & no one was around that was perfect to him. Who knows what would happen next or if I was to out hon somehow. Using me in his own way so I would be scarred for anyone else. He pulled my clothes back up with the drop of cum that was the first sign of cum I ever witnessed, tried to push me back how I was. Then went to clean up the mess he had. After he finished cleaning up he came out the bathroom & I was awake with the dumb confused look on my face.

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