My sub and her daughter Patty and Kate

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My sub and her daughter Patty and KateMy sub and her daughterPatty and KateWhen Patty arrived the next morning from her ‘date’, meaning she had whored as directed, Kate was in bed naked and I was in the kitchen fixing coffee and a bite to eat. Patty came thru the back door and into the kitchen still dressed from the night of play. With a smile on her face she showed me the $500 that she had made from three different tricks, or ‘dates’. I told her that she had done just what I had directed her to do and that she was a good sub, to which she kissed me. Then Patty’s attention turned to her daughter and was she OK. I said was just fine now that she had become my submissive like her Mom. Patty again smiled and we discussed how Kate was taken for the first time and that she had agreed to be part of the family with me as her Master and her and her Mom my submissive.Patty I could tell was turned on by the thought of her sweet teen-age daughter joining her in the lifestyle and becoming part of the household play. I told Patty to strip to panties and bra as I poured the coffee for us. As Patty did as she was told I saw the body of the mother of the teenager that I had fucked the night before. Patty sat next to me at the table and I fondled her tits as we share the details of the night before, her ‘dates’ and my taking of her daughter and the making her a woman.As if on clue Kate appeared in the door way from the bedroom wearing just panties and no bra. I had told her what to do when she came out this morning last evening and Kate following in her Mom’s footsteps artemisbet yeni giriş of submission did just that. Kate walked over to Patty sitting there next to me kissed her full on the lips her tongue penetrating Mom’s mouth and her hands going inside Patty’s bra to play with her tit. Patty looked at me but knowing she had no choice allowed her daughter to explore her tits as I unhooked her bra allowing Kate full access to her Mom’s nipples and tits.Patty closed her eyes as Kate moved into position to suck her left tit and placing Patty’s hand on her bare tits at the same time. Have to admit this was a hot fucking scene and one that I knew was just the beginning for the three of us. Kate did as I had told her and moved over and sat next to her Mom sitting so as to be touching her legs and spreading them open for her first touch of her Mom’s pussy. As I cleared my throat Kate stopped and Patty stood up and removed her panties laying them on the table next to her. Kate did the same and so now both were naked before me. I looked at Patty’s eyes and saw a woman so turned on that I thought she might just climb on the table and get fucked if that is what I wanted. But instead she opened her legs and pushed Kate’s hand into her still wet from the fucking of last night, pussy. Kate did not hesitate to finger her Mom and kissing her with total abandonment. Patty responded to her daughters touch and kissed her back in the same way. Again on signal they stopped holding the position and looking into each other’s eyes ready for my next artemisbet giriş direction.I told Kate to kneel before me and show her Mom what a cock sucking slut she was. Kate moved into position and did as she was told taking my hard on into her mouth and down her throat gagging as she did it. I pushed her head down and held her there as she tried to move off my cock. I watched as Patty sat there as her daughter did what she had been doing for me for the past year. Patty reached over and placed the tweezers nipple clamp on her tits as she was directed to do by her Master. Patty was headed to sub space with just the anticipation of what was happening in front of her, her daughter being my cock sucker and knowing that she would she her sweet little Kate get fucked before long.Kate came up for air and her mouth dripping, her eyes fixed on me, and her hands behind her back to make her unable to defend the cock being pushed down her throat. I told her to return to my cock, which she did, and I reached over and pulled Patty to me with the chain attached to her nipple clamps. I kissed her as her daughter’s mouth was being fucked just below her. This went on for some time as I told Patty that she had done good last night and having her give all the details of her being taken by three different ‘dates’ and used as a whore. I could tell this was a little difficult for her to share the details with Kate listening from below but she did as she was told.I motioned for my subs to move back and sit next to each other on the floor holding hands artemisbet güvenilirmi and putting an arm around each other. I removed one of the clamps from Patty’s tit and placed it on Kate’s locking the two into on big tit clamp. Kate I could tell was not use the pain of the clamp even though it had it’s little cover over the teeth. Mom asked if she could remove Kate’s clamp and I told her no this was just her training and learning to like what her Master wanted. Kate said she was OK and kissed Patty. I told Patty to go ahead and remove the clamp and then to place it back on her own tit. When she had done this I tightened the clamp on her until she squirmed under the pleasure of the pain. Then I told her to take her daughter, which meant that she was to kiss her and suck on her young tits and finally end up eating her out for the first time. I sat there watch as the two went about doing what I had told them with Patty kissing Kate’s wet face, then sucking on her daughter’s tits one at a time all the while fingering her wet pussy.I told Patty to get on with it and she laid Kate back on the floor and went down on her. Kate was turned on and before long was asking permission to cum on her Mom’s face, which I gave and she did as Patty went for her clit and sucked on her lips as Kate had a good orgasm. Kate was enjoying herself as Patty kept her mouth in contact with Kate’s pussy lips and told her Mom how good this felt. Patty looked up at me and said thank you for this moment to which I directed her back to Kate’s wet lips. Kate had another orgasm and an other before I pulled her Mom off her. I held my two sub’s hands as I directed them to the bedroom for the next part of this morning after. There is more but need to get on with my day and will share the rest of this later. Comment if you want to know more…. thanks for reading.

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