My Sweet Wife and Roshni Ch. 02

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Hi friends. I am Kumar. I hope you have read my previous story. If not, read it “My Sweet Wife And Roshni – Part I”. Now getting on with the sequel of the story.

We made love thrice that night. Bindu shared her stories with me. Later we slept.

The next day was Sunday. I woke up to my wife talking to someone. It was Roshni. They were just outside our bedroom.

Bindu said, “I am going to bath, Roshni.”

Roshni replied, “Shall I help you, madam.”

Bindu said, “Ssh! Kumar is sleeping. Just shut up and finish cleaning the house.”

I saw Bindu going into the bathroom. Roshni was cleaning the adjacent room. I can see her from my place. I could see her hips and side of her pendulous breasts. I was getting excited. I remembered the incident where she accidentally exposed her whole body in the balcony to our neighbor boy. It made my dick hard.

I was naked under my blanket. I started rubbing my dick. She finished cleaning that room and entered our bedroom. I pretended to be asleep. She saw my dick which made a tent in the blanket. She glanced at my dick while cleaning the room. I could see her smiling out of the corner of my eyes and enjoyed her looks. My dick got harder.

When she came to clean the part next to my bed, I shifted side-ward and part of the blanket stuck behind, exposing my front. I continued pretending to be asleep.

She glanced at my hard dick and called me in a low voice, “Sir?”

I did not respond. She thought I was sleeping and covered me with a blanket. While doing so, she unknowingly touched my dick. She could not resist and got a good hold of my dick and started stroking it gently. She got on her knees and kissed the tip. She started licking it and opened her mouth to get more. Slowly she took half the length in her mouth. I thought this is the right time and jerked the whole length into her mouth.

She was stunned and looked at my face. I smiled. She took my dick out of her mouth, raised it, and licked my balls all the while looking into my eyes. That broke all the barriers and she got herself onto the bed. Then knelt near my hips and started giving me a nice blow job.

I started massaging her boobs and caressing her hips. I pulled her towards me. She fell on my chest. I kissed her and removed her jacket. silivri escort She was not wearing any bra. I started kissing and nibbling her nipple. Her hair fell on my face. The smell of hair made me mad and I started kissing and biting both her boobs wildly. She giggled and enjoyed everything.

She softly spoke in my ears , “I want to get fucked by your fat cock, sir..”

I untied the knot of her petticoat. She got off the bed. Her petticoat fell onto the floor. She was wearing a bright green color panties.

I inserted my fingers into it and felt her wet pussy. She gasped!

I continued stroking it.

She held my hand, “I want your dick in there. Not your fingers.”

I said, “Okay. Take the lead.”

She sat on my hips held my dick and slowly impaled it into her pussy.

She said, “It is thicker than my husband’s! It’s not going freely.”

I jerked a bit inside. She gasped. I gave her time to adjust.

Within no time she regained and started moving up and down. I caught her boobs and pinched her nipple. She increased the speed. I was mauling her boobs and in between pulled her head to kiss. When she raised her head from a French kiss, I saw my wife Bindu with a towel wrapped from her boobs to pussy. She was shocked to see me fucking Roshni.

I called at her, “Roshni’s nipples are too good.”

Roshni stopped fucking. She saw my wife and said, “Sorry madam. I could not resist such a fat dick.”

Bindu smiled. She dropped her towel, came towards Roshni, and kissed her. She pushed her more onto my dick. I liked the whole thing and now I started pushing more into Roshni while she jumped down onto my dick.

Bindu slept beside me, kissed me, and started rubbing Roshni’s clit. I offered myself to lick her pussy. She happily sat on me facing Roshni. I licked Bindu while Roshni fucked my dick.

Roshni shouted, “I am cumming”.

And then I felt her juices over my dick.

She was still basking in her orgasm and slowed down. I raised and hugged her, got into a missionary position, and started fucking her.

Because of last night’s fuck, I took more time to cum. I did not regret it as I enjoyed fucking her. Bindu sat beside us masturbating. Roshni came şirinevler escort once again.

After 15 more minutes of hard fuck, I said, “I am about to cum.”

Roshni said she wasn’t in her safe period. I pulled my dick out. Bindu launched onto my dick and sucked it. I came in her mouth.

She let go of my dick and said, “I can taste your juice on Kumar’s dick, Roshni.”

Roshni kissed her and said, “I can taste both my juice and sir’s juice in your mouth madam.”

Bindu said, “now you got to make me cum.”

Bindu sat on Roshni’s mouth.I went near Bindu, sucked her boobs and licked Roshni’s pussy. Roshni started pinching Bindu’s nipples. I licked Roshni’s pussy vigorously and she came soon again! Bindu also cried and shot her juices into Roshni’s mouth. She got herself of Roshni.

Roshni said, “Sir I want to see you fuck madam in her ass.”

I looked at Bindu. She was all content from her orgasm and yet had an anticipatory look on her face. I knew from her earlier conversation with Roshni that she was also willing to lose her ass virginity. I asked Bindu to get into the doggy position. I pulled Roshni by her hair and brought her face to Bindu’s ass. Roshni looked at me.

I said, “make her ass wet for me, bitch.”

She smiled and started licking Bindu’s ass. Bindu was initially shocked but enjoyed Roshni’s tongue on her ass. Roshni separated Bindu’s ass cheeks and licked deep.

I said, “I understood what kind of a bitch you are as you were willing to drink Bindu’s piss.”

She smiled and continued rim job. I stopped her and said, “enough!”

I pushed my dick into Bindu’s pussy and lubricated my dick with her juice. I pulled it out and started entering her ass. I asked her to relax and take a deep breath. She did so and I slowly entered her. It went half in her. I could see the pained expression on Bindu’s face.

I asked Roshni to lick her pussy, she got below Bindu’s pussy and started licking it. Now I slowly pushed in completely and gave her time to adjust as she still had pained expression and was asking me to take it out. Meanwhile, Roshni continued licking. Pleasure got over the pain and I can see it on her face. I started to and fro motion slowly.

Bindu şişli escort called, “It is paining…”

I replied, “bear for a minute, darling.” And then, I continued.

In a few minutes, she started enjoying my dick.

I continued fucking and gradually increased my pace. She came soon.

Roshni lapped up all her juices. Bindu’s ass tightened over my dick at that time. I continued fucking her for 20 more minutes during which she came once again. Roshni thought she was left out and she got in front of Bindu’s face, pulled her hair, and made her lick pussy. Bindu had no problem licking Roshni. I was able to fuck her ass for a longer time (due to all fucking in last 12 hours )during which Bindu also made Roshni cum.

I called, “I am cumming.”

I released my juices in Bindu’s ass. As I finished cumming. I could feel her ass grip my dick, I understood she came again. She fell onto the bed, cum dripping both from her ass and pussy.

I could see Bindu’s happy face, She muttered “thanks!”

Roshni was lying beside her. I called her to me.

She came near me and said, “it was hot.”

I said, “I am going for a bath. Care to join me?”

Roshni agreed. Bindu said, ” I need some time to recover.”

Roshni and I went to a bath. I made her kneel. She was also game to suck me. When she opened her mouth I pissed in her mouth. She was about to move away. But I held her face. When I was done she coughed some out and swallowed rest.

I said, “I thought you would not mind.”

She said, “You should have warned me. I won’t mind drinking piss.”

She was still a bit upset. I was worried if she would not fuck in the future. So I offered to do whatever she wants.

She said, “You have to repay me similarly.”

I replied, “no way..”

She had a dejected look, so I said, “Okay. If you want, piss on me. Not in my mouth.”

She was happy and made me kneel and let go of her golden stream on my face and trunk.

She said, “I thought you would not agree.”

I said, “I would not have unless I was not determined to fuck your ass.”

She smiled, “so, you let me piss on you because you want to fuck my ass ‘

I nodded and said, “not now, later.”

She didn’t mind. We got into the shower. Applied soap to one another, kissed. Caressed each other parts. Bindu joined shortly before which I asked Roshni not to tell Bindu what happened earlier in the bathroom and she agreed. We bathed Bindu together.

That’s all folks. Hope you won’t mind. If you liked it send me your comments. I will post later parts anyhow. Bye.

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