My Teenage God Ch. 01

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**This is my first submission – I’m open to any suggestions and comments anyone may have – I hope you enjoy it**

*This story is a fantasy based on dominance and muscle in an older-younger gay setting. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, then don’t read any further. All characters and story-lines are purely imagined and not based off any true facts*

As first year graduate student I had signed up to participate in a tutoring program. It would give me the opportunity to help out local high school kids in inner city schools.

I arrived at Jackson high school the afternoon that the tutors would be meeting the students for the first time. On my way in, I had to stand in line to go through a metal detector at the front door. In front of me in line were a couple of high school girls. I had to work hard not to look at them. One of them wore a tank top that barely covered her size c breasts, and skin tight yoga pants. The other wore a short skirt and sheer top stretched thin over her big breasts. I could see her pink bra through the top. I told myself I may be tutoring these girls. I tried to keep in mind that they were only seniors in high school.

As I neared the front of the line a buff teenager walked up to the girls and asked them if he could budge in. The girls smiled and told him, “Of course!” They were obviously big fans of this 5.9 teenager but I was pissed off. Shouldn’t this kid have asked me to cut the line? I had known jocks like this when in high school. Arrogant guys who thought they were the shit. The teenager looked around finally and I expected an apology, but instead he seemed to see right through me.

After this inauspicious start, I made my way to a classroom to meet the students. I said hi to Breanne, a peer-mentor of mine who was organizing the event. I also saw Deborah, a classmate who was participating as well. I took a seat and noticed the two girls walk in. I tried not to think about how I’d like to be paired with them. Then, to my annoyance, the big teenager walked into the class. Great, I thought. I knew it was very unlikely that I would be paired with him, which made me feel better.

Breanne welcomed everyone and started reading off the pairs.

“Deborah, you’ll be with Brooke and Crystal. These two girls have requested that they stay together.” The two girls I had noticed before smiled and waved to Deborah, who waved back.

She got to my name.

“David, you’ll be working with Max. Say Hi”

I stood up and looked around expectantly, smiling because I wanted to make a good impression. Then my stomach dropped when the student’s heads turned towards the big teenager. He stood up and walked over to me, a smirk on his face. I could see why those teenage girls liked him. He was well muscled, blonde, very handsome, in a surfer dude kind of way, and had a clear confidence. I found myself disliking Max immediately. Nevertheless, I put out my hand to shake. I had to give him a chance. First impressions weren’t everything.

At 25 years old, I was 6 feet tall and somewhat lanky, but I thought I was decently built. However, when Max took my hand, I noticed how much bigger it was than my own. Max gripped my hand and it felt like a vice. At first I tried squeezing hard back but soon found I wasn’t able to anymore. Max’s grip grew stronger and stronger. It seemed to be no strain to him since he didn’t tremble or change his expression. I was about to yell in pain when he let go, turned around, and sat down without a word. I sat down, slightly shaken and unsure about how this pairing was going to work out.

After the rest of the names were called they gave the tutors a couple minutes to get to know the high-schoolers. All the students got up and walked to sit across from their tutors, except for Max. He looked at me and nodded his head back, indicating I should come over there. I was angry but acquiesced because I didn’t want to make a scene. I sat down and was about to ask Max a question but he beat me to it.

“So David,” he said, in a cocky voice, “What makes you think you’re worthy of being my tutor?”

I was taken aback, “This isn’t an interview Max. I’m paired with you.”

“Okay David, nevertheless, answer the question.”

“Okay Max.” I tried to match his cocky tone, “I did well in high school and got into a good college. I then did well in college and got into Graduate School. I think that says enough.”

“I don’t doubt you’re smart enough David. I’m sure all these tutors are. But most people just don’t entertain me and aren’t worth my time. Do you think you are?”

As he said this he leaned back and put his arms behind his head. His short sleeves showed off his massive biceps and I could make the outline of his huge pecs in his tight shirt. I was momentarily mesmerized.

“David? Something wrong?”

I snapped out of it and looked up to his cocky smirking face. “Max, you want to do well in school so I wouldn’t question my help. It won’t always be entertaining for you but hard work isn’t supposed to be.”

At that moment I looked up as Breanne said time was up. When gaziantep suriyeli escort I looked back Max had gotten up and was standing in right front of me. His crotch was at eye level and I found myself looking at a huge outline of what looked like a third leg in his jeans. After a moment I looked up at him with a blank expression and, still smirking, he said:

“I think it’ll be more entertaining than you think.”

I didn’t reply and as he left. I watched his broad back and shoulders walk out of the room before I came to. What was that all about? This cocky teenage kid thinks he’s all that. Fuck my life. Why did I have to get paired with him?

I left the room as well and looked down the hall at Max. Brooke and Crystal flanked him and he put his arms around both of them.

As much as I despised him I couldn’t help but thinking, “What a man…”


I went to sleep that night angry and uncomfortable. I kept picturing Max’s arms and the outline of what must have been his dick in his pants. I told myself I was just a little jealous of this cocky kid because if I had been like that in high school, I could have gotten a whole lot more action. I went to sleep with images of Max in my head.

When I woke up I found I had snapped out of it. I realized that it wasn’t healthy to have all this animosity towards Max. I tried to tell myself that he was just in that cocky teenage phase and that he still needed my help.

Having put my mind at rest, I went through my week pretty care free, barely thinking of Max. But as we neared Friday, the mornings we met with the students, I found I had kind of a nervous excitement. But I was sure that my feeling was just because it would be my first day tutoring.

Friday morning came. I looked in the mirror before I went to the school. I was wearing jeans and a striped button down and I thought I looked good. I liked to keep up appearances to my classmates, but I was also thinking about Brooke and Crystal. I briefly wondered what Max would think about how I looked, but I pushed that thought away.

Arriving at the school Breanne sent us to classrooms to tutor. Each classroom held 6 or 7 pairs and as I walked in I noticed everyone seemed to be there but Max. I sat down at an open table and waited.

Ten minutes into the 60 minute session I was annoyed. Twenty minutes in, I was pissed. At 30 minutes, I was fuming and was contemplating leaving. I looked over at Deborah, who was tutoring Brooke and Crystal a few desks over and she smiled sympathetically at me. Then I noticed her gaze shift and her expression slacken. She stared towards the door with her mouth slightly open. I turned around and there was Max, dripping with sweat and talking to Breanne. Breanne was giggling but stopped halfway through a giggle as she tried to compose herself.

I stared at Max’s profile. Though he was a few inches shorter than me he seemed to dominate the room. His dry-fit t-shirt was ironically soaked with sweat and sticking tight to his body. His chest stuck out 4 or 5 inches ahead of his arms and his triceps bulged with his hands in his back pockets. I realized I was staring and looked down at the desk. I suddenly remembered I was pissed at him.

I heard footsteps approach and stop in front of the desk.

“Hey Teach. Been waiting for me? I bet you’re excited to see me.”

I angrily looked up. He was looking down at me, his figure dominating my vision. Sweat was dripping off his blonde hair which was hanging over his face.

“Max, this session started half an hour ago. Do you have any idea how bad of a start this is? Not to mention completely disrespectful.”

“Nah it’s okay. I stayed a bit late in basketball practice. Breanne said not to worry about it.”

I became angrier. “Max you should let me know if you’re going to be late. I have better things to do with my time you know.”

“Oh, I’m sure you do Teach,” he answered, smiling a condescending smile. God he was handsome. “Here’s the thing though, I’m all sweaty now so I need to go shower. Breanne said it would be okay if you continued this tutoring session at my family’s apartment, it’s only a couple blocks away.”

This immediately sounded like a bad idea to me. “I don’t think that’s allowed Max. Plus I don’t have time now anyways, there’s only half an hour left in the session.”

He stepped closer to me so that I was looking straight up at him. I was about to stand up but then a droplet of sweat fell off his nose and onto my lips.

We both notice this and paused. I could smell the muskiness of the sweat on my lips and tasted the salt. Before I realized what I was doing, I licked my lips.

Max broke into a big smile.

“You just ask Breanne. Here’s my address.” He grabbed my arm and started writing on the back of my hand.

“What the?” I protested and feebly tried pulling back.

“Hold still,” Max demanded. His smile changed instantly to a menacing glare.

I looked at him, startled, and kept still. He painfully wrote his address down on the back of my hand. I tried to show anger on my face, but I wasn’t sure how I was feeling.

With that he walked out. Again I found myself starting at his broad shoulders as he left the room. I walked over to Breanne who was looking down at some papers.

“Hey Breanne. Max said that I should tutor him at his place but that seems like it would be against the rules. Plus I have studying of my own to do.”

Without looking up Breanne responded in a strangly timid voice, “No it’s okay to go to their apartments. The students all signed waivers. He’s got a test on Monday so he really needs your help, David. I think you should go.”

I paused before begrudgingly answering. “Fine, I’ll go.”


I was so pissed. This kid was getting away with whatever he wanted. Okay, I would go tutor him for like 20 minutes then say I have to go.

I walked down the block and knocked on his apartment door. I was not prepared for what happened next.

Max opened the door shirtless. I found myself looking at the body of an 18 year old god. His pecs and shoulders were huge. He had at least an 8 pack and his pelvic muscles made a V leading to his…oh god, I realized I was staring at this kids body while he was right in front of me. I tried to compose myself and looked up to see him smiling his seductive smile at me.

“Come on in teach, we’ll get started in a minute.” He said this slow and deliberately. Swallowing and trying to get hold of myself, I walked in.

As he led me down the hall he apologized for the mess. “No problem,” I mumbled. I averted my eyes from him, still trying to gain control over myself.

“Take a seat. I’m just finishing up my post-basketball workout.”

I sat down and immediately pulled out the tutoring material. I had to be careful not to look up, at least until he put a shirt back on.

“Alright Max,” I tried to sound confident. “Just hurry up because I’ve got to go soon.”

I heard a grunt in response and looked up. Mistake. Max was doing pullups in the door frame with his back to me. His ripped back muscles contracted and flexed as he pumped up and down in rapid succession. His back must have been twice as broad as my own. I had never been attracted to a male before but there was no denying it now.

I sat there, just staring and not saying a word as he did 30 pullups in succession. He then turned around by flipping his grip and twisting his body in mid air. Now I was staring at his face. He had a dark determined look on that was incredibly sexy with sweat dripping down his hair. As I looked in his eyes I knew I couldn’t break eye contact first. This was a test. I stared at him while he switch grips to chin-ups and continued to pump up and down.

After about 20 chin-ups I was waivering. I knew his body would be flaming up with pumping blood, but I refused to break eye contact. Then he switched to pull-ups and all of the sudden his biceps and chest were on display again. I broke eye contact and stared at his beautiful body for at least 10 seconds before realizing what I was doing. When I looked back at him he was smirking again.

“Don’t worry about it Teach, stare all you want. Most people do. I’ve gotten used to it.”

At this I looked down. I could hardly think of anything to say.

“Are you done?” I asked somewhat weakly, “We should start studying.”

“Yup that’s it, just need to shower now.” With that he dropped off the pull up bar with a huge thud. With my head still down he walked by me. As he passed I heard a rustle. I looked up when he had left the room and his shorts were on the ground in front of me. I immediately looked down the hallway and saw the back of him in all it’s glory. His butt seemed to be rock hard and it was supported by two tree trunks legs. He seemed not to have a hair on his body. He neared the corner and paused for a second. He looked at me and I stared in awe. I glanced down and saw his huge dick. It hung loose almost to his knees. He didn’t seem to have hair in that area either. He turned towards me and leaned against the wall. I couldn’t tear my eyes from his amazing cock. With that he laughed out loud and turned the corner.

I looked down and slowly reached out to his boxers. They were damp to the touch and carried a strong manly scent. I felt myself loosing control. I took a breath. Okay, time to go. I was way past the deep end here. I quickly packed my stuff up and was almost at the door when I heard a yell.

“Hey teach, what you doing?” Max’s voice was slightly muffled by the falling water.

“I…I’ve got to go Max, I’m sorry I just got a text-“

He cut me off. “Okay that’s fine but just before you go, be a good boy and grab a towel for me. They’re in closet right outside the bathroom.”

I don’t really know why I didn’t just walk out the door. Maybe I figured if I just did this, I could leave with no awkward strings attached.

I found a towel and held it into the ajar bathroom door.

“Just come in and give it to me.”

I slowly cracked open the door, intending to drop the towel on the floor and leave, but then I saw him.

The shower was clear glass and he was completely naked with water cascading down his body. He was running his hands over his body, cleaning himself. I stood there staring.

“Thanks teach. Do me another favor and pass me the soap, it’s on the sink.”

Without thinking I grabbed the bar and held it out to him.

“Great, do you mind getting my back quickly?”

He turned around and I kind of snapped out of it. What was I doing? I was supposed to be tutoring this kid. But as I stared at his back I kind of blanked again and slowly walked over. I was still fully clothed and I reached through the shower door and started to rub the soap against his back.

“Rrub it in teach.”

I put both hands into it now, running my hands over his rock hard muscles, feeling them, all slippery beneath my fingers. I realized that my own dick was rock hard.

“That’s good, teach. That feels good. I bet you’re enjoying it too aren’t you?”

I didn’t respond so he turned around slowly. I drank in his body with my eyes and all the sudden I was face to face with this young Adonis, separated from his naked body by only a few inches.

He glared at me and even though I was taller by 3 inches, it seemed like I was looking up to him. He glanced down the tent in my pants. “I said, aren’t you enjoying yourself? You have to answer to continue.”

I didn’t respond. Max reached and gave me a slap. It was firm but not painful. He then guided his fingers into my mouth. At first I just stared at him, but then, unable to resist, I started to suck his fingers.

“Are you enjoying this teach?”

I looked at his handsome face, then looked down. I nodded my head.

“Good,” he took away his fingers. “Keep going then, but you have to ask my approval before everything you do. We want to keep this appropriate don’t we?” He backed up into the shower looking at me expectantly.

I was still dressed, but didn’t care as I stepped into the shower. I stared at his chest and reached up my hands. I glanced at him for approval and he gave a slight not, smirking.

I ran my hands over his huge rock hard chest that, like his back, was twice as wide as my own. His skin was smooth and covered all that muscle with no layer of fat in between. I ran my fingers over his shoulders and biceps, and eventually made my way to his abs. I couldn’t believe how hard they were without him flexing. I looked up at his face, and felt weak in my knees. He was so handsome with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. A perfect face…

He grabbed my arms and held them away. I looked at him pleadingly and he spoke,

“I’ll let you keep going if you admit to me right now, that I am your new God”

I looked at him, looked at his body, and noticed somehow for the first time since I stepped into the bathroom his massive flaccid cock. It had to be six inches soft, and so thick.

I didn’t even hesitate. “You are my god Max.”

He smiled, “Keep going then teach, worship your new master.”

I ran my fingers over his nipples and had the sudden temptation to taste them. I leaned down and brought my head to his chest only to be grabbed suddenly by the neck and pushed back.

As I chocked he said, “We’ve gone over this teach. You have to ask or get my approval before you do something new.”

He let go. “I’m sorry master. May I kiss your chest?”

“Go ahead slave.”

It hurt to be called slave but at the same time it made me feel special. I started littering his chest with kisses and sucking on his nipples. I slowly made my way down to his abs. I didn’t even remember bending my legs but I found myself on my knees in front of him. I lovingly and uncontrollably kissed and licked his lower abs and that sexy V I had noticed before.

I could feel his hardening cock hitting my chest and I leaned back and stared.

It was massive, It had grown by 2 inches and still wasn’t fully hard. My average sized dick didn’t compare. It was hanging with a slight limp, and it was clear he shaved.

I looked up at Max and saw my god. He towered over me in all his muscle and glory.

“Please master, may I touch your cock?”

“Hey Teach, didn’t I tell you our time together would be entertaining?”

I half snapped out of it. I felt a rush of fear and backed away. I realized I was in a shower with a teenager I was supposed to be teaching!

I almost stood up but then Max leaned down and kissed me, and all thought left me. His lips were fuller than mine and I could feel the scruff of his 5 oclock shadow brushing my face. Though at first my lips were frozen in place, I soon let out a wimper and started sucking on his lower lip, trying to drive my tongue into his mouth.

He pulled back. “Yes teach, you can touch my dick.”

My head was in a fog. I wanted to taste his lips again. But then I looked in front of me and reached out. I felt the heat of his massive erection before I even touched it. But my hands closed around it and it felt searing hot. I couldn’t close my fingers around it. The skin was smooth and I began to pump it with both hands. My body tensed up and I came in my pants without even being touched. “Wow slave, I guess that means you love my cock.”

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