My weirdest sexual encounter at 19

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My weirdest sexual encounter at 19You eat an ice cream for the first time and enjoy the taste, the coolness, and texture, all combine to trigger the response and it becomes a favourite, an acquired taste and this for me is how my sexual tastes are added, through experience, something happens, you get a kick out of it, and bang, before you know it, your out there doing it again.I was 19 and at the home of one of my boyfriends relatives. One of the guests was a man, extremely fat and hairy, like an ape, but make him even more unpleasant, he sweated profusely, and his lips were always extremely wet, as if he had no control over his saliva glands.He smoked cigars and the end that was in his mouth was always soaked with his saliva, he dribbled and breathed heavily.He must have weighed-in around around 150kg and his huge frame heaved and creaked with effort, just to move.Why do I mention this person, he revolted me, I found him to be lecherous, his innuendos and references to all matters sexual, were being thrown in my direction, somehow he thought as I was attached to his nephew, he somehow had rights to me.When I mentioned this to my then boyfriend, he told me his uncle always came across like that, since he was never known to have had a relationship with a woman, and all the family thought he was a closet gay.In the end this was his house and he wanted to keep in his good books as he would be in line for a tidy inheritance, should something happen to him, so for me his answer was, just stay cool and relax.So I made the effort and when cornered by him, which was often as he was determined to be close to me, found myself being questioned about everything pertaining to sex.He was getting excited at my answers, which by now I was embellishing with gay abandon, my favourite cock size, favourite sexual position, did I take it in the ass, and so on.Of course I was now the worse for wear having drunk so much wine and had given up trying to prevent him from rubbing my ass and searching out my ass-hole with his stubby finger, and when located, endured his simulated fucking with it.By the end of the evening he was convinced I was an anal addict, craving to be fucked up the ass, and he told me so, covering me with spit in his excited exaltation, standing behind me with his finger stuck into my ass with my dress and knickers, thrusting with each word, and dribbling saliva down my neck, whilst holding my hip with his other hand as leverage against his thrusting finger.My boyfriend kept a same distance as his uncle vented his spleen and perversions in my direction and as the guests left his attention to me increased.Down to the last couples, who by now were all out of it through drunkenness, I approached my boyfriend who was sleeping on the sofa, softy snoring, an indication he had been drinking hard liquor, and also indicated we would be staying the night.Looking around I noted a couple of prostate figures, all men and all sleeping, so I wandered off into the kitchen and was surprised to find a female dressed in her underwear, including stockings and garter belt. She like everyone else was extremely drunk and like some, possibly because of üsküdar escort low blood sugar, was looking for something to eat.When she turned to try and speak to me I couldn’t help but admire her sheer panties that covered her goodies with a black whisp, showing all, but tantalising with its contrast against her flawlessly fair skin.The same with her brassiere where her nipples were visible through the sheerness of the whispish material.I thought to myself, ‘Where is the fat guy now’, having admired her bum I immediately thought her an ideal candidate for his roving finger.She had slumped down onto seat and started eating her sandwich and dozing off, in equal amounts and I suddenly found myself strangely sexually excited, possibly triggered by her brazen teasing nudity and the thought of the fat lecher, being introduced to her, yes I was getting horny with the thought of it.So I ventured out of the kitchen and wandered around, now suddenly aware of the silence in the mansion, so I pushed upstairs and looked into the first bedroom. To my surprise a man lay there completely naked and in deep sleep, so I ventured in and went up to his bed, stood for a couple of minutes looking him over, after which I impulsively reached out and took hold of his fat looking cock.It felt good, it was large and felt heavy, a good 8″ and thick, a nice one to fuck was running through my mind, with each minute passing I was getting emboldened and my need for sex was becoming stronger.I moved my hand ever so gently in a soft wanking movement, I had no desire to take it away, I liked the feel of it and was desirous to fuck it.I suddenly thought this guy and the woman downstairs were a couple, I bet they were going to have sex when she decided to go eat in her undies, and as I was thinking I felt his penis swell in my hand, but as I looking into his face, he remained asleep.I wandered if he was starting to have a wet dream, not realising a young teenage girl was playing with his cock as he slept.I bent gently across the bed and put my nose under his balls and smelt him in deeply. His scrotum felt soft against my cheek and I ever so softly rubbed my cheek against him and I turned my face into his balls I impulsively stuck my saliva soaked tongue out and licked his balls.I felt his cock jerk as my tongue traced a line up his testes and a small groan escape his lips, he could sense my touches but continued to dream his pleasure of whoever or whatever he was doing in the land of la-la.My hot breath was adding to his sensory delight and his scent was driving my need for sex, triggering my hormones and making me hornier by the moment, I was becoming more aggressive in my needs and as I ventured up his thick penis I suddenly realised I was taking him into my mouth. His cock head, that wonderful bulbous knob was invitingly near and as my lips and mouth closed around his glans I noted the droplet of pre-cum sitting atop of the slit, like a salty dew drop just waiting to be devoured and swallowed into my young female body, so as I rose to it, I swiped the underside of my tongue across his knob and swallowed his tuzla escort offering as my head rose and came down on his cock, sealing the sides with my lips and savouring the cock head gliding across the top of my tongue and clashing with the soft flesh at the back of my throat. My head was bearing down onto his penis when he touched the back of my throat, such was the force it bend and continued into my throat, only halting when my chin came into contact with his balls.I held him in this deep throated position for a few minutes, suddenly realising his short soft spasmodic jerking, and moaning, meant he was ejaculating into my deep throat, something in my feminine unselfishness made me realise it was my duty to relieve him of his sexual needs and let him pump the final drops of semen, into my receiving body.Thankfully I had taken sufficient air into my lungs, enough to hold him in my mouthing embrace for two to three minutes, before pulling up slowly on his cock, feeling the subsidence with each inch of withdrawal, until his knob plopped out of my mouth, clean as a whistle, with no semen, coated in my saliva, it lay on his stomach, flaccid and tired from its journey inside my throat and mouth.I stood up and looked down on my inseminator, realising as I looked on, my body was devouring his fresh seed for protein, which brought a wicked smile to my face, as I turned and walked out, gently closing the door behind me.I went back downstairs, keen to see the woman in the kitchen and see how I felt having just taken advantage of her sleeping husband.I pushed the kitchen door open and was met be a revolting yet sexually intoxicating sight, fat man was naked and hairy all over, he was in the throes of fucking this scantily clad woman, bent across the counter top, in stockings and garter belt, brassiere, but what made it appealing her knickers were at her ankles and stretched to their widest, enabling her legs to be open enough to let his cock into her.I stood in the open door as they both looked across to me, standing there with my mouth open, she turned away from me, but made no effort to stop him, instead opting to continue thrusting back onto him, sending huge quivers through the layers of fat, this man carried on his stomach.He beckoned me over and as I stepped into the kitchen and felt the door swish close, she had her orgasm, slowly building and finished up with her almost screaming.I noted her rising onto her toes as she came, no shame in the fact she was now being observed, she obviously needed it and continued to work for it, she had passed the point of no return, so she humped and buckled in full view until she got her release, and then she flopped onto the counter-top, exhausted and sexually satisfied.Fat-man continued to fuck her lifeless body, he was in his element, banging away not caring she had cum, her holes were his for the taking, so he fucked her as she lay there letting him.Suddenly he said to me, ‘Give me the butter’, pointing to the dish she had used when making her sandwich, and I brought it across and laid it along side her.He was staring right at me and instead pendik escort of reaching out for the butter, he reached up and grabbed my breast.As he fondled I looked down on her and noted her eyes closed, fat man was still humping her, but like her husband upstairs, she was being fucked asleep, just as I had been doing a few minutes earlier.He gathered me into his arm and kissed my neck, well, halve kissing and halve licking, sticking his tongue into my ear and wetting it with his saliva,tongue fucking it, sending strange sensations and causing my clitoris to tingle in expection. As his tongue thrust in unison with his cock still embedded into her, I undid my denims and eased them over my hips, pushing and taking my knickers with them.His hand dropped onto my naked buttocks and gleefully grabbed the naked flesh he had been craving for all night.As he fingered my asshole I gingerly reached across and slipped my hand down between them, touching his rod of flesh as it worked in and out of her pussy, well lubricated and warm enough, from the generating heat of her internal workings.Moving my hand around I had an impulsive urge to wank him off into her, so I clasped my fingers around his member and squeezed and tried to wank him, but the fatty layers just got in the way.Than another thought crossed my mind, so I thrust my finger into her snatch and coated it with her juices, with drew and shoved it up her ass as far as it would go, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her pussy fucking it and myself feeling it through the thin membrane that separates ass and cunt.’She’e sleeping’, I said to him as he was now fucking like a mechanical machine, he looked at me and said nothing. ‘Fuck me’, I continued, ‘Come on stick it up me’, I pleaded, suddenly wanting to be fucked by him, but he continued fucking her instead.I withdrew my finger from its cosy enclosure and reached across to the butter platter, scooping a good handful I reached back down between them and started at first, to smear some on her asshole, then more aggressively, into her asshole push as much as I could into her.This appeared to have the desired effect on him as he suddenly found new vigour to his thrusting her pussy.I reached down and pulled him out and guided his cock head into her beckoning asshole, working it in with a firm grip, blocking his escaping blood, making it swell until with a hefty push he was suddenly opening her ass up as he fucked his way into her.She was moaning now, coming around and clearly in discomfort with what was now happening to her, her small ass was being violated with such force she started to resist and struggle. His mouthings clearly indicated he was approaching his orgasm so I moved around the counter top and held her down, my bare breasts resting on her bra strap, which cut across my nipples, sending little shocks to my pussy.Suddenly I was climbing onto her I wanted to lay on her while she was being ass fucked, her warmth and moaning, the softness mixed with the sexual onslaught being committed on her, made me desirous for her and I needed to get my cunt on her body and ride.As I straddled her riding and grinding my crotch into the top region of her buttocks, he joined-in by licking and finger fucking both my ass and pussy and in that strange fucked-up position both he and I had out individual orgasms, mine feeling strange and full-filling, since I had aided and abetted his, by guiding him up her ass and offering mine as a substitute for hers.

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