My Wife And The Principal – Part 1

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My Wife And The Principal – Part 1deleteddeleteddeletedThis incident happened when we called all the teachers from her school at our 5th anniversary. At her school, all are ladies except her principal, Mr. Paul. He was in his 40s. We were chatting, I was showing them our wedding snaps. Today Shikha was wearing sari and blouse gifted by Mr. Paul.It was pink color sari with a dark pink blouse, which was having one string at her neck and one string at her back. I felt awkward with sexy blouse gifted by her principal. But looking to his age, I ignored. Mr. Paul came a little late and my wife welcomed him. He also joined us and looking at our album.Mr. Paul: Wow Shikha, you were very young during marriage days, as our school girls.I didn’t realize my wife was getting excited with his comments. All were teasing my wife. This went on for a while. Many of her friends left. As her Principal came late, he didn’t have food. We three were supposed to take food after some drinks. Suddenly my wife asked me to drop the last teacher as she had some emergency at home. She was hesitating and in much hurry.I went in to take my car keys which took some time. As soon I went out, she was not there, I searched her, which took 10 minutes. I went up to the square. I started walking back home. Suddenly I saw Shikha’s shadow going to the kitchen and I saw Mr. Paul followed her.I couldn’t stop. I went near to the kitchen window and peered inside. My wife was taking glasses out and Mr. Paul came behind her. He was very close and enjoying her backless blouse.Mr. Paul: Shikha, you are looking very beautiful in this color.Shikha: Thanks, Sir.Mr. Paul: I saw your wedding dress was also pink. You were looking like a bud of pink rose ready to open all petals.Shikha was blushing with his comments, can’t say anything other than thanks, but with a soft voice.Shikha: Thanks, sir, but those are old pics.Paul: Yes, you are right, those are not that beautiful as you are now. Now you are more beautiful to compare with a whole bunch of white and pink rosesShikha turned pink, her face was on the other side but her voice telling Mr. Paul how much she is blushing with his comments.Shikha: Oh please.Paul: I have another gift for you, to match your beauty.He took out one pink gem necklace from his pocket and showed to her. It was having some white stones as well.Paul: This will go with your beauty and your sari.Shikha: Ooh Sir! Why? it seems so expensive. I can’t take it.Her eyes were glittering with joy. But she wanted to be formal and was confused.Paul: No please have it, I saw this necklace doesn’t look nice without coming to your neck. Its beauty will enrich once it gets a chance to circle your neck.Saying this he opened it. He was putting at her neck. He puts his arm around her neck while tying it. He comes closer to her. It seems he was taking longer time and smelling her breath. My wife was in a dilemma as he was touching her shoulders and neck. He holds my wife’s shoulder and starts admiring her beauty.She was feeling shy and looking down like he put a Mangalsutra at her neck. He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes with lust. Her face got serious and her lips opened apart with heavy breath. They were close enough to exchange breath.She couldn’t look for long and turned towards the glass shelf with eyes looking for the exit door. Her heavy breadth and facial expressions exposing her high and fast heartbeats, wild breath.Paul: Is it okay, if I have a look of your beauty once?Shikha: Huh, ji?Paul: I want to look at your beauty for hours, but you turned.Saying this, he turns her back by holding her shoulder.Shikha: Huh!She turns at his action without resisting but with hesitancy. He adjusted her hair and ask about making her hairs free.Paul: I wish I could get whole life just to look at you like this. I want to see your open hairs, can I?Shikha: Sir, Ramesh might be coming now.I can’t believe, my wife just worried about me catching them! Instead of stopping him from opening her hairs. I was angry but at the same time, I was excited about her getting touched by another man. Mr. Paul takes this as a yes. He opened her hairs himself. She gets surprised and opens her mouth and eyes wide.Shikha: Sir, no, please! Aa I feel shy.Paul: Wow, why don’t you keep them open. I like you with open hair.He put his hands in her hairs and tried to make them fall straight, he smelled her hairs.Shikha: Sir, please! huh!Suddenly her mobile rang, she ran to take the call. Mr. Paul also went to the hall as I thought her friend called, I must go back to the house. I entered and yes it was that lady’s call as she wanted to say sorry to me and my wife. All was good at her home. I see her necklace izmir escortlar and admire her beauty.Me: Wow Shikha, this is a very beautiful necklace. When you got it?Shikha: Oh this, I was having since some time, it was just I forgotten to use it.She was lying to me; her pink and red face was telling all story. We got drinks ready. My wife was not drinking. She doesn’t want to get drunk with Mr. Paul around.Mr. Paul: Cheers to you and your beautiful wife.Me: Cheers, thanks, yes to the most beautiful lady in the world.Mr. Paul: Yes true, especially with pink color. Ha ha haShikha was dying with a red face. She went inside to check on our k**, he was sleeping. Soon she came we started 3rd drink and ended the bottle within an hour. We had food and as Mr. Paul was leaving, I got bit relief by assuming it is the end of all. But I was wrong.That night soon Mr. Paul left, we had wild sex in our living area itself. We had it on the floor itself. Shikha was in full form tonight, Mr. Paul excited both of us enough to get utmost satisfaction. After that day I was finding my wife more attractive and sometimes I was imagining her under Mr. Paul.It became a fantasy to me and gave me more pleasure. After a couple of weeks when my k** went to my in-law’s place, Mr. Paul invited us to his farmhouse for a weekend stay. I was thinking what his plans would be? His farmhouse is an hour drive from the city, hilly area near to valley.I got dirty thoughts about my wife and Mr. Paul. I tried to pack some clingy and revealing cloths enlightening her beauty. To go there I asked her to wear a tank top and Denim Shorts. My wife’s milky thighs were shining like hell and her cleavage in a tank top was tempting.Just before reaching my wife opened her long hairs, she knew Mr. Paul like her open hairstyle. I tease her asking about it.Me: Why you opened your hairs?Shikha: Just like that, I was feeling uncomfortable.I knew she wants to please Mr. Paul as he loves to see her like this. Mr. Paul welcomed us and couldn’t stop himself looking to those mountains and valleys of my wife. Her waistline was also visible, which made him walk behind her. He might have not expected her in sexy attire.We had breakfast and he offered us to go for little trekking behind his farmhouse. My wife was walking between us and Mr. Paul leading the way, after some time we stopped and took some rest. While sitting I got an idea, why not make my wife sweat and give sexier look to Mr. Paul. Also, I want to give them a few private minutes.Me: We are going too slow.Mr. Paul: You guys don’t have the strength to climb.Shikha: No Sir. We can go fast, I thought you want to go slow.Me: Okay, then let’s have a race to the peak of this hill, whoever reaches first will have a chance to ask something from other two.All agreed, and we all had to go through different directions.Mr. Paul and Shikha agreed to my plan about the race. We all had to go through different directions. As per the plan, all started running towards the top. I was just following my wife. She is the ice cream after all. It was very tiring for both of us. Mr. Paul has more experience of this.As expected soon my wife reaches there, Mr. Paul was waiting for us. I was hiding behind bushes. My wife was completely tired and sweat was all over her body. The thighs, cleavage, belly button, chest, face, and arms all were shining because of sweat.Mr. Paul: See Shikha I won.Shikha: Huff. Yes, sir, I am second.Mr. Paul: Till your husband comes let me ask you my price.Shikha: Ok.He goes near to my wife.Mr. Paul: Can I take all the sweat from your body?Shikha: Oh sir, what are you saying?She was still breathing heavy because of running. Mr. Paul doesn’t wait and pulled her into his arms. Soon she gets into his arms. He started kissing and licking all sweat from her face, crushing her midriff with his strong hands. My wife closes her eyes tightly and not letting him kiss her lips.She was struggling but not pushing him away. After a minute she stops resisting and starts making a moaning sound. He slides her top from both of her shoulder and kissing her like a mad dog. She suddenly pushes him and adjusted her top.Shikha: Enough Sir, please stop.Me: Hi anyone reached, I am comingMr. Paul: Welcome Mr. you lost.Me: Yes, who won?Shikha: Mr. Paul won.Mr. Paul: I’ll ask you my price once we go down. Let me think of the best thing.I could see Shikha’s upper body and waist was all red because of kissing, crushing and squashing session she just had. Her hairs were untidy. My conservative wife just gave a taste of her beauty to her principal. We went down and took some rest, I was in front and could hear a naughty voice as if Mr. Paul was touching izmir escort bayan my wife walking behind her.After tea, we were supposed to have a campfire. I asked my wife to wear a wraparound dress, yellow-orange color, which is up to her knees. It’s having one knot at her waist to make it fit her. I asked her not to wear any bra. I like her to wear this dress with jiggling melons. I like her loose boobs shaking in the dress.First, she was resisting, but she also wants to show her beauty to Mr. Paul. After a couple of arguments, she agreed. It was a sleeveless dress and after she put knot, it was little up from front revealing her upper thigh a bit. As expected, she kept her hairs open. She was looking damn sexy and Mr. Paul took time to look at her beautyMr. Paul: I wish I could frame you here in this beautiful valley.We started having wine and barbeque with the bonfire. Mr. Paul played music and we started dancing. After a couple of songs, Mr. Paul asked to play a game. He will rotate bottle and whoever it points must dance. Also, person spinning the bottle must pick slip for a song to dance.It was colorful slips. First, he rotates and pointed to me, I danced on a normal number. Then I rotate, which point to Mr. Paul. He danced again on a normal number, I picked. Now Mr. Paul rotated, and it stopped pointing to my wife. Mr. Paul had something in his mind, all slips we used was either green or yellow.He picked pink color slip. He asked my wife to dance on a sexy song ‘Akeli main Aai’ (from Gambler) He was having the original vulgar track. My wife performed a sexy dance which could arouse even 100-year-old guy.There is a line about a mole (Til). My wife has a til on her cheek – ‘Gore Gal Pe Til hai Kaala’. Also, there were many words asking for having wild sex. This aroused Mr. Paul and he decided to get closer to my wife.Mr. Paul: Now it’s my turn to ask for the price.We all agreed, first he wants to ask my wife.Mr. Paul: You must perform a couple dance with me and you need to pick a slip.My wife doesn’t want to pick pink as it was the sexy one. She picked blue, which he assumed and planned. It was slow music for 3 to 4 minutes. He grabbed my wife’s hand and waist and started the moves. My wife was trying to maintain distance, but he was pulling her close and getting her boobs touched by his chest.After a minute, his hand was at her lower back and my wife’s arm was resting on him completely. Their faces were very close as they can taste each other’s breath. After 2 minutes of intimate eye contact, she realizes my presence and broke the rhythm. Before finishing the dance, he said something to my wife in her ear, which she denied with shyness.After dance she went to the washroom, I was dying to know what he said to my wife. I saw her coming back and checking barbecue, I realize her panty line is missing, I went close and tried to check. Yes, she went to remove her panty. That bastard convinced my wife to come without panty at once.And she was not listening to me for a bra. Her ass was jiggling, her boobs were dancing. I wanted her to get screwed like hell today. I went to the washroom and tried to peep back. Mr. Paul went to my wife and said something at her ear. She took one sip from his glass and gave back to him.He might have insisted her to sip a drink. I felt guilty of becoming a showstopper. I got an idea and told them about me going to sleep.Mr. Paul: Ok good night. Shikha put some dinner for usMy wife didn’t have dinner as she was waiting for us to finish drinking. My wife was serving dinner to Mr. Paul. He held her hand and asked to have dinner in the same plate.Mr. Paul: Come and have food with me on the same plate.Shikha: Sir! Please, Ramesh might come.He was holding her hand tightly, she pulled a chair and seat next to him. She picked two spoons for them to eat dal rice. He took one spoon and kept it back and said.Mr. Paul: One plate, one spoon, and one hand.Shikha: Sir, no, please.He takes another spoon from her hand and kept that aside and says.Mr. Paul: You are right, we have your beautiful and tasty hands, who needs a spoon and spoil the taste.Oh man, I was astonished. My wife really took some dal-rice in her hand and started feeding him like a k**. He made the huge sound of sucking all from her hand. She suddenly pulled her hand and looked down with embarrassment. Then he took some in his hand and tried to feed her.She was looking down, so he lifted her chin and tried to feed her. She must open her mouth, he feeds her and asked her to get up. Soon she got up he pulled her to his lap. He lifted her dress from behind so her naked ass touches his hairy thighs. But she resisted and trying to push him to izmir bayan escort get up from his lap.Shikha: Aah Sir, please don’t, this is wrong.Mr. Paul made a tighter grip at her waist and saidMr. Paul: Call me Paul and not sir. Also, you are very light and full of aroma. I am glad that you are sitting on my lap, now feed me or I’ll call Ramesh. Also, I will tell how you enjoyed me cleaning your sweat and how I made you dry at the hill.Shikha: No Sir.No Paul. Please don’t call Ramesh.She started feeding him and eating, one line of dal was falling from her palm to her arm, Paul held her arm and sucked it. But he didn’t stop there, he sucked her whole arm.Shikha: Paul, please stop. Are you not hungry, then let me get up?Paul: I am hungrier now. I am hungry for your creamy smooth sexy and curvy body.Saying this he started massaging her boob with his right hand, and with the left, he started massaging her smooth creamy thigh. Then he starts kissing her neck, chest, and arms. Shikha was speechless and the sensation was showing on her face. Her eyes went up and mouth goes open. She first time said a word which gave license to Mr. Paul.Shikha: Huh Aaah!He held her tightly and kissing all over her face, arm and cleavage. Soon he slides her dress and kisses her right boob, she came in sense, tried to stop him and said.Shikha: Paul, please stop, let me wash my hands, please.He leaves her, she goes to washroom and soon she starts washing her hands. She sees Mr. Paul back of her. He held her hands and start washing them. She lets that happen. He took chance and started kissing her shoulder and neck from the backside. She pushes him and went near to his tent.He came near to her, and slide her dress up to her hips, I could see shining liquid or say love juice dripping through her smooth thighs. Mr. Paul touched her thighs and took her juice and tasted it. He held her arm tightly and took her inside the tent. He was treating my wife like a cow and she was just following Mr. Paul.Her face was red and giving acceptance to Mr. Paul to start loving her. Mr. Paul holds her arm and starts kissing her hand. He goes up to her silky arm, another hand of Mr. Paul crushing my wife’s waist. She rests her palm at his shoulder and holding, messaging tightly in enthusiasm.She was biting her lower lip and letting him kiss her body. My wife was too much animated. Soon he kisses her neck, she apprehended him tightly with her silky arms. Her boobs getting pressed in Mr. Paul’s chest. She removed his t-shirt and looked up into his eyes with desire.Her heavy breath making her boobs up and down. The first time he took his lips to her, she moved back. He went near again she moved little back again. He stops and moves little back, but surprisingly my wife pulled him and started French wild kissing. They kissed for 10 to 15 minutes.While kissing he pulled her dress and made her nude. She hopped on him and both of her legs were in the air. He was tightly holding her beautiful bums and she was holding him tightly. Kissing with a lot of moaning sound from my wife.Then he pushed her to the pole of the tent and start kissing her smooth and fair back. She turned, exposing her milky boobs to another person than me (her husband). Mr. Paul jumps on her and both fall on the mattress. He starts kissing, sucking biting and massaging her boobs.Within 5 minutes both of her boobs were red with the hunger for Mr. Paul. He pulled down his shorts and underwear by showing 7 inches thick monster, which is ready to drive my wife’s pussy. My wife was lying necked under his dick.Mr. Paul: You are so beautiful, look your love juice is flowing from your love hole.Saying this, he starts sucking her pussy, which she was dying for. After some time, he comes to her and kisses her lips. While kissing he thrust his dick into her pussy and starts giving hard strokes. My wife was enjoying it like hell and moaning loudly. This goes up to 30 minutes.Then both come to climax with hard-hitting and loud sounds. They didn’t care about me sleeping in next camp. In the morning I woke up and saw my wife coming out from Mr. Paul’s tent and wearing his shirt and socks. She comes to me and hugs me tightly showing how good the night was.I felt no panty or bra under her shirt. They took tea and breakfast with me, Shikha was in between me and Mr. Paul. He was putting his hand on her back sometimes, which I didn’t bother about. Then Mr. Paul pulled her and took her into his tent. She was laughing and following her with no resistance, that too in front of me.She followed into his tent. I could hear their voice of lovemaking. I couldn’t resist, I waited and out and went inside. My wife was lying necked under him and was getting pumped. As soon he sees me they both ended with a lot of noise and heavy climax. They were lying in the same position and slept.In the whole trip, they were living like a couple and keeping me away. I somehow enjoyed the feel

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