My Wife Nadia – Pt. 09

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If you haven’t been following our adventures, Nadia is my wife. 5’10 gorgeous Eastern European heritage. We married very young and I was her first. Nadia is sweet and flirty but innocent.So by now my innocent wife has not only had two short encounters with Matt, been watched by Steve, she’s spent an entire night in bed with Matt.Work took Matt and I, as well as our team, out of town for a few weeks. Nadia and I had spoken, having had her night with Matt she was more than happy to grant me a kitchen pass. I punched the pass with a waitress at a bar while out of town but that’s not what you’re here to read about.Some time had gone by since Nadia and Matt’s night together. I was back out of town. Matt was home though. One afternoon Matt messaged me.”Hey bud, you okay if I invite Nadia over for dinner? I get it if it’s not cool though.” He messaged.”It’s all good, go ahead. Enjoy! If anything happens, you just have to let me know how it went,” I responded.”Sure thing!” Matt confirmed.I had figured I’d get an update the next morning and was looking forward to it.Now Matt lived in an low rise condo building. Another good friend, Kevin, that we’d known forever also lived in the same building. At the time Kevin was living with his girlfriend.Late in the evening I got a text from Kevin, “Hey, are you out of town?””Yeah, back next week, need anything?” I replied.”Nah, I got home and walking down the hall past Matt’s place, I could have sworn güvenilir bahis I heard Nadia laughing. Figured you guys may be over,” Kevin messaged.Kevin’s a good, trusted friend. I really didn’t care if he knew Nadia and Matt were goofing around. In fact, I thought it might be funny. Kevin was at the house when Nadia and Matt had snuck upstairs anyway.”Ya bud, I think Nadia went over to Matt’s to hang out,” I replied.”Nice, I’m just eating dinner, maybe I’ll go see what they’re up to after I’m done,” Kevin texted.I started getting jealous again, heart racing, thinking Nadia would likely be fucked again. If Kevin interrupted, it may not happen. I needed a quick plan.”Actually, do me a favour?” I asked.”Sure?” replied Kevin.I asked Kevin, “When you’re done eating, just take a wonder over and have a listen at the door?””Spy on Matt and your wife? Is there a problem?!” Kevin exclaimed.”No no! Let me know what the conversation is and I’ll text them something related to it… just to fuck with them,” I responded.”Ha ha sure,” replied Kevin.Thirty minutes went by and I was wondering just what Kevin would hear.I got, what I read as, a frantic text from Kevin, “Do you know what’s happening?!””I have an idea,” I replied, hoping Kevin had just heard Nadia and Matt making another bed squeak.”No, seriously. Are you aware?” Kevin asked.”I’m pretty sure, yes,” I replied.”This isn’t all fucked up?” Kevin asked.”Hahaha no. They have a thing while I’m güvenilir bahis siteleri away,” I explained.”Seriously?” Kevin replied.”Yup, what’re you hearing?” I wanted to know what he’d actually heard now!”Man, I think it’s Nadia but it’s hard to tell. All I hear is balls slapping and screaming into a pillow. Are they fucking? Is this a joke?” Kevin asked.”They’re likely fucking, it’s all good!” I told him.”Ya, it’s Nadia. Apparently Matt is ‘fucking huge’,” Kevin confirmed.”Apparently?” I asked.”Your wife just moaned ‘You’re fucking huge!’… I think most people in the hallway could hear it!” Kevin exclaimed.”Hahahaha good on him!” I laughed as I replied.”Dude, she sounds hot! Sorry,” Kevin apologized as he likely continued to listen.”Enjoy!” I messaged.I texted Matt, “How’s dinner?”About half an hour later he responded, “Dinner was okay, dessert was terrific!”Nadia texted me a few minutes later, “Hey babe, I didn’t mention it earlier, I figured you were busy. Matt invited me over for dinner.”I was incredibly jealous and turned on. Nadia hadn’t mentioned going over to Matt’s and had now just texted, after getting railed.”How was dinner?” I asked Nadia.”Good,” she simply replied.”Still there?” I asked as it was about 10pm at this point.”Can I send you a photo?” Nadia asked.”Sure,” I replied as I wondered what I was about to see.I got the photo, it was a selfie. Nadia was laying in Matt’s bed, topless, Matt’s hand firmly iddaa siteleri grabbing one of her breasts with the caption “I hope you don’t mind?”I was hard as a rock in my hotel room and asked, “Is that all that’s happened?””Do you mind if I stay the night?” Nadia redirected.”You avoided the question,” I messaged.”Well… we may have just fucked… ” Nadia responded.”Tell me about it?” I asked.”When you’re home, I promise,” Nadia replied.I was dying to know and replied, “Haha tell me something?””Okay but I’m staying the night then! After dinner we ended up in bed. He fucked me doggy style and came all over my ass. Happy? I’ll text you in the morning,” she described briefly.”Wait! Did he get you off from behind?” I asked.”Twice! It was amazing! I’m putting the phone down,” Nadia exclaimed.I had never been able to get Nadia off from behind, she always complained it hurt and could never get there. Matt just accomplished something with her that I hadn’t been able to!I was also incredibly turned on that she hadn’t mentioned dinner beforehand. Was the innocence turning a little mischievous?Over the next couple days Nadia and I had chatted. I was fine that she’d gone to Matt’s and didn’t tell me before but I felt a little let down that I wasn’t included some how.  I would have been happy if they’d at least sent a couple more photos. I enjoyed seeing or at least hearing Nadia get fucked, that was my benefit from her freedom.I should also explain that these early stories actually occurred several years ago. Smartphones had just progressed past the Palm Treo I’d been issued for work. There was no FaceTime, no SnapChat. In fact it was very new to be able to text message a photo. 

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