My Wife’s Charity Striptease – Part 2 (Gettin

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My Wife’s Charity Striptease – Part 2 (Gettin(I suggest you read Part 1 first….)You may remember that my wife had performed a striptease in our home, for a group of my friends, in return for generous donations to the charity she had worked for. It had turned out to be more than she had expected (she hadn’t thought that she would be required to open her legs and display her vagina and anus) but she had reluctantly continued, finding eventually that she had been turned-on by the experience and the resulting excitement and appreciation of the men watching. Well, since that fateful evening, things moved on. My mates had badgered me incessantly to watch the video of the evening (they had not been allowed to take photos, just a video that I kept under lock and key) and so, one night, they returned to my place and we watched it together. My wife, Sue, had found it hard to meet any of them since the strip, but had done so gradually – she had no choice since most were husbands of her good friends too. The viewing night was, however, a bit too much for her to join, and she had gone out for the evening with a girl-friend. All were sworn to secrecy and it was clear that none had breathed a word. Once again each guy had made a further donation to Sue’s charity to watch the movie.As we watched it was clear that everyone found the sight of my wife disrobing, while she wore a mask, very arousing. There were surreptitious movements of hands down the front of trousers at various points. At the end, after just about everyone had had to visit the toilet (!) we discussed that night – the guys were all keen to see more of Sue in her sexy undies, and out of them… The consensus was that for a further donation the lads should be allowed to take their own photos of Sue as she modelled for us all. They suggested that she wore her mask again, to preserve her anonymity, but that they would be allowed to keep the photos, and that the shots should not be taken in my home or anywhere recognisable: “Surely that would reassure Sue that no-one would know it was her, and we wouldn’t publish the photos anyway” was the general agreement.I said that I’d put it to Sue and get back to them. I wasn’t at all sure she’d go for it, but then she had done the strip and been turned on by that, and the charity had been very pleased with the donation she forwarded to them, earning her a promotion in the organisation.After the guys left and Sue had returned home, she asked me how the evening had gone. She was delighted with the new donation I’d collected from them and that the guys had been made horny again from seeing her strip, but she went a bit quiet after I suggested the photo session. She didn’t dismiss the idea, but after a little contemplation she began asking me detailed questions like what would they expect her to do, how to pose, did they seem genuine about allowing her to wear a mask, how much would they donate, and so on. I suggested that she set down some ground-rules but that I expected they would want something similar to the strip. She surprised me a little by immediately agreeing to their request – same donation as before, plus £100 for taking photos each. She had to agree to any poses before she would do them, having a right of veto if necessary, and would decide on her own outfit – which they would pay for. Only the guys who attended before could come along and we had to use a hotel room out of town. Wow! I said I’d tell the guys and we agreed a convenient date for the shoot. Blimey, she was going to do it – what had happened to my wife?I got on the phone to the lads the next day. They were all surprised and delighted that Sue had agreed so readily. Bill said he would sort out a large room in a hotel. All agreed to the large donation. I began to experience a mounting sense of excitement. I had been incredibly turned-on by seeing my wife exposed in front of my mates and the effect she had on them. I got rock hard just thinking about it; what would it be like this time?A week later the session went ahead. Bill had registered the room and checked-in. The lads had arrived later and were sitting around in the large deluxe room, drinking beer, setting up lights, etc., when Sue and I entered. They had a sort of focal centre set up at one end of the room with the bed and a low table next to each other. Andy had a rather mysterious plastic shopping bag placed next to him on the floor. “What’s in there, Andy?” I asked.“Oh just some possible props for Sue to use later if she wants” he winked. Sue looked embarrassed, took a drink off one of the others and sat in the corner.“Are you ready to start, Sue?” I asked “Or do you want a few minutes or a few more drinks?”She took a deep breath. “I’ll be ready in a sec. I’ll just get changed in the toilet, get your cameras ready.”As she disappeared into the loo, Andy switched on the large reflector lights he had brought along. These had the effect of massively illuminating the whole room, but the bed and table area in particular. “We won’t need to use flash with these beauties,” he said “should make sure we get all Sue’s, er… details, shall we say!” This was greeted with laughter from the others. Bill tuned the room TV into a music channel and the ambience was complete – we just needed our model.A few minutes later Sue came into the room. She looked dynamite in a tight red silk blouse and a long black pencil skirt with a zip up the front from waist to hem. She wore high-heeled red patent pumps and her hair was worn up on her head, showing her long dangling silver ear-rings to good effect. She had the mask in her hand.“Oh, stunning” said one of the guys.“I thought I should show my face to start off, just so you know it really is me” she smiled. “You can start snapping now, but the mask goes on…” As she said this, she slipped the white mask onto her face and secured it at the back of her head. “Now, canlı bahis how do you want me” she asked.Bill took initial charge, asking her to adopt various poses with her hands, on hips, turning her back to us, raising a leg onto a chair, cupping her breasts over her blouse, bending forward so we could see down the front, etc, etc.Then it was time for Sue to start taking things off! She was instructed to remove her blouse in various stages: opening a few buttons, putting a hand inside her blouse, opening it completely and hanging loosely open. Then she opened it fully to show us her new black lacy bra. The intensity of picture-taking increased at this point, along with a few “ah, just what we came here to see,” comments. It was an under-wired D cup with fabulous cleavage, probably a size too small so her breasts mooned above the cups beautifully. Nylon and shiny, the bottom part was opaque but the lacy top part showed the dark outline of the upper part of her nipples through its mesh. Sue cupped both breasts then fingered the outside where her nipples were, to make them stand out and push through the bra fabric. Guys got closer and closer to her in order to get good shots. I switched my own camera onto the video setting so I could get moving shots of the guys appreciating my wife’s curves. Then she removed her blouse and threw it aside. The boys then took a few shots from the floor, looking up at Sue from below as she teasingly opened her legs slightly and stretched her skirt to the limit. She reached down to the zip and slowly began to raise it, opening a slit in the front of her skirt exposing more and more black-stockinged leg.She turned her back to them and slowly raised her skirt for more shots, the lads getting great views of her seams and heels. Meanwhile she unzipped the skirt completely and let it fall. She was wearing black full-cut nylon panties over a black lacy suspender belt – both in a design that matched her bra. She turned to face us. The panties were tight, pulled right up into her crotch and showing camel-toe. Cameras snapped ferociously. Magnificent!Bill continued giving directions. They had her sitting on the low table, pretending to unhook her bra at the back. Then they wanted her legs up on the table so they could get good shots of her panty gusset. Then they wanted her kneeling for panty bum shots and on all fours to get fully-filled bra shots as her tits hung down. Still on all fours, they had her open her legs wide and dipping her chest onto the table so that her crotch was spread under her panties and presented towards their lenses. She went along with their requests to touch her gusset and even to put her hand down inside her panties. At this point Andy picked up his mysterious bag and asked Sue if she would mind holding a prop or two. The “props” turned out to be various sex aids – vibrators, a dildo and a butt-plug. Obviously Sue’s facial reaction wasn’t visible under the mask, but she took a vibrator and ran it over the crotch of her panties. “Can you slip it past the gusset?” asked Bill, “that would be super erotic.” Sue did as she was told, her legs apart, she reached down to her panty gusset and pulled it slightly away from her body, then slipped the end of the vibrator inside her panty. Then, as we all snapped away (and I was secretly videoing) she ran it up and down her crotch, under her gusset, clearly teasing her vagina lips, which we could not, of course, see.This was really turning the guys on; we were all sweating under the lights and with what we were seeing. “Can you use the vibe on your nipples now?” asked Bill, and Sue removed it from her panties and pulled one cup of her bra down and folded it under her breast, exposing it fully, yet keeping it supported by the under-wiring. Her dark nipple responded immediately to the vibrator attention. The guys took many close-ups of her erect nipple, before Sue reprised the breast exposing act – now both tits were fully on show. “Fucking hell, I’d love to lick those” said one of the guys, who was rewarded by Sue beckoning him forward and nodding. So Mike leant in to her chest and put his tongue out onto Sue’s nip and licked it slowly and deliberately while she gave a slight groan. Then he took it completely into his mouth and sucked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe my wife was allowing this, and I was OK with it! In fact I was absolutely fucking amazed at it – it was wonderful. I got a rock-hard erection immediately. Mike was in heaven, but soon Sue pulled back, he’d had his fun. She adopted another pose, this time sitting demurely on the table with her back straight. Next the boys wanted her to lay on her back on the bed, then on her front. Then with her legs spread wide. They clicked away. Sue raised her knees and then lifted her legs back onto her chest, showing her panty gusset yet again to eager eyes and shutters. Then, unbidden, she reached under herself and began to pull off her panties. There were shocked gasps from the men as she pulled her knickers over her bottom and down her legs. Then she kicked them off and lay back, with her legs still bent back on her chest and her labia fully visible between her legs. Everyone was focused on her crotch as she slowly opened her legs and raised then upwards. Her vagina was fully on show, then it began to open as her legs went further apart. Finally her anus came into view. Bless her, she knew what was wanted! She held the pose, fully exposing her most private places to everyone’s gaze. Cameras snapped and erections pressed against underpants. I saw a few mates adjusting their pricks inside their trousers. I focused on her open pussy, which glistened with juice. As I watched I saw drips of moisture run out from it onto that lovely little patch of skin between pussy and arse-hole. Bill was rubbing the front of his trousers even as he snapped away.“Can bahis siteleri you see it all OK boys” said Sue teasingly, “shall I open it up a bit more for you?” As she said this she placed fingers at each side of her vagina lips and opened them up. The powerful lights enabled us to see right down into her vagina – her clitoris, her urethra, all her lovely folds totally in view, and right down into her womb. “Put the dildo in, Sue” asked Bill, handing her the larger sex-aid. Sue took it from him and teased her outer lips with it, getting it moistened nicely from her pussy juices. Then she slowly introduced it into her vagina. “Hold it there, Sue, we want some good shots as it goes in” said one of the guys, so a series of shots were taken as Sue slipped the dildo in stages into her pussy.The guys were getting bolder as Sue was responding so positively: “can you have a go with the butt-plug please, Sue” suggested Bill. “You naughty bastards” she replied, but took the plug from him and began holding against her anal opening. “I’ve never had one of these in before,” she said “be patient.” With that she wiped the end of the butt plug with her hand and then put the plug up by her face, moved the mask aside slightly and spat saliva onto it. Then she replaced it next to her anal hole and pressed. At first nothing happened, then it became clear that her anal ring was slowly opening. She withdrew pressure and allowed her sphincter to relax, then pushed the plug again. This time her ring opened further and, with a gasp from Sue, the end went up her arse which then closed around the plug. Many photos were taken as Sue held that pose, finally withdrawing it and leaving her anus open for a few seconds for some really horny gaping sphincter shots.Sue relaxed her legs and stretched out on the bed. “Errm Sue? The lads have a request we’d like you to consider” said Bill, clearly acting as spokesman. “Would you mind repeating the pose with your legs wide open and back, so we can really see up your arse and pussy, but then doing a pee for us?”Oh my god! What were they asking? Surely Sue would never agree to that, I thought. To my surprise she just replied: “Where do I do that; where will the pee go?”“Well, if you get onto the table again, we can put some towels on the floor just under you to catch the pee – what do you think?”“As long as you’re prepared to deal with any hotel problems from urine-soaked towels, it’s OK with me!” replied Sue. My dick throbbed in my pants. Was I dreaming this? Cue frantic rearrangement of the table and getting hotel towels together. Sue replicated her pose on the table, legs akimbo, arched back, arsehole and fully-open vagina all on display, guys positioned with cameras to get their shots, me capturing it all on my video setting.“Alan, help me out here” she said to me, “put a finger in my arse-hole while I do it!” I didn’t need asking twice; holding the camera in one hand, I went over to her and inserted a finger into her willing, wet, stretched bum-hole from below her, keeping myself to the side and out of the view of her twat. “Ready!” she cried and seconds later a dribble of piss appeared below her clitoris. Then her pee-hole opened and a stream of pale yellow pee shot out from her. Piss arched across into the room and most of it fell on the towels that the guys had placed ready for it. As she peed, my finger was sucked further up into her arse until it was in up to the knuckle and was gripped hard. Fucking hell – what a finish!But was it a finish? The guys were obviously very pleased with what they had seen so far, but it was clear that they were expecting more. I extracted my digit from her anus and had a brief chat with Sue to make sure she was OK, and she agreed that she felt the same, the guys probably didn’t feel they had yet got their money’s worth.Bill came over to us for a word, while the rest of the guys were trying to appear disinterested. “Ok Bill, what more do they want?” I asked him.“Well, we’d like a bit of, well, I suppose you’d call it, er… hardcore!” Before I could reply, and while Sue looked on, shocked, he went on. “When Sue did her strip, you were fingering her holes inside her panties weren’t you?” I nodded. “We all thought that was really erotic, so we’d like you to do it again, but so we can all see this time – how about it? We are paying quite a lot for this, you know.” I looked at Sue and she nodded. “We’ll only need your fingers in shot, Alan. No-one will know its you.” reassured Bill.So we moved on to some rather more intimate shots. This time Sue bent forward over the bed, legs wide apart, while I opened her bum cheeks with both hands so they could see right up her from behind. Then, I put my fingers inside her vagina and frigged her slowly, making her juices flow and doing all the things I know she likes when we make love. She got wetter and wetter and her breathing became shallower; she was in a pre-orgasm state now, as I withdrew from her pussy and transferred my attention to her anus, slowly teasing her anal-ring with my index finger, making sure it was as slippery and wet as I could. “Press back, love” I whispered to Sue and I felt her anus push against my finger. Then, to the sound of half a dozen shutters firing simultaneously, it went right up into her arse. Sue began to rock back and forth on my finger, which I was able to insert full-length into her rectum. Then, I placed my middle finger into her vagina and double fingered her slowly for the benefit of my mates. Two of the guys unzipped their flies at this point and grabbed their erect dicks, masturbating slowly in time to my frigging of Sue’s holes. “Holy shit, that’s great” said Bill. Sue was breathing very hard now and I slacked off, not sure that she’d want to climax in front of the guys. “Sue…! Alan…!” continued Bill, gravely, “we must have a dick inside her. We really have to bahis şirketleri have some shots of Sue getting a prick up her. Honest, we really must” said Bill. I looked at him. “I’m not sure I can do that in front of you all” I said.“No, not you Alan!” said Bill. “Andy has one of the biggest cocks we’ve ever seen; the lads think we should take some shots of that inside Sue. It won’t be like he’s actually fucking her, we’ll just have it in her at various depths, like with the vibrator. All stills, no real movement. That’ll be all right won’t it Sue? We’d really appreciate it – it would be the crowning glory for the evening. His cock really is massive – it’ll make some great pictures. He’s got condoms with him.” I was speechless. I looked at Sue. The suggestion was making me as horny as hell; another guy having his dick in my wife, while I took shots. My erection was almost bursting out of my jeans.“I can see Alan thinks it’s OK” she said, looking at my crotch. “OK then, a few stills. Not really fucking me, I suppose. It’ll be interesting to feel a giant cock up me I guess….” Fucking hell!Andy took down his trousers and pants as Sue and the rest of us looked on. Then the biggest prick I had ever seen outside of porn films, sprang to attention in front of us. It was over nine inches in length and was extremely thick. The head of it was red and glistening with pre-cum; Andy was clearly VERY excited about this. He began to unfurl a condom onto the monster. Sue looked apprehensive as she put the mask back in place, climbed onto the table and lay on her back with her bum cheeks at the table edge. She raised her legs up and apart and back, ready to receive Andy’s huge knob. “Lubricate me, Alan” she said to me and I stepped forward, spat copiously on my fingers and began to stimulate and moisten her up, using the techniques that I know turn her on, and had already nearly made her cum. As I did so it was clear that her vagina was dilating nicely; I was able to get four fingers inside her with ease.When I felt she was ready, I withdrew my fingers and Andy stepped forward. All cameras were pointing at Sue’s pussy now as Andy touched her outer vaginal lips and placed his dick against her pussy entrance. “Lovely stuff” said Bill, “hold it there for a few shots, Andy.” Andy stood stock still, his prick jumping slightly every few seconds. “Ok, let’s just have it slightly inside her now please, Andy”. Andy pushed slightly forward and an inch of his cock went up my wife. I gasped. No one paid me any attention. I looked at Sue who was holding steady, but she reached down and slightly pulled her arse-cheeks further open, probably to make it more comfortable as this huge log went inside her. “A little more now please, Andy” said Bill. Another inch or two went up my wife’s pussy. I swallowed. Sue had both hands holding her cheeks open now. “Are you wet enough, love?” I asked Sue and she nodded.“Bloody great big thing though!” she chuckled.“Really lovely and tight” grinned Andy “really wet, warm and tight! Lovely.”I didn’t know how to feel. I was jealous of his huge knob and worried my wife would never be satisfied with me again, but so turned-on by what was happening, my head was spinning – and my own erection was straining against my flies. Sue moved one hand to her clitoris and began to play with herself. I knew she loved the sensation of having her pussy filled by one of my hands as I bring her to orgasm with the other; she was in another world.“Right in now I think, please Andy” said Bill. Andy pushed the rest of his great member up my wife: “To… the… fucking… hilt…” he said slowly, “God, your wife’s pussy is a dream!” I saw Sue move her hips back and then forward again as Andy went up her. He had tipped her over the edge and she began to rock with orgasm.“Sorry Alan, that’s too much for me” shouted Andy “got to have her!” and with that he began to pump in and out of Sue with long strokes, prick almost out of her then buried in as far as it could go. Long strokes getting faster and faster as Sue bucked back and almost screamed: “I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming”.“Me too” shouted Andy. He pumped away a few more times then pulled his massive dick out of Sue, the end of his condom full of spunk. I was capturing all this on my camera, but couldn’t hold myself back much longer; this was all too much for me too. I opened my flies, got out my own dick and went up to Sue, pulled the mask off her and sank my prick into her mouth. She sucked me greedily and seconds later I exploded into her mouth. The rest of the guys had taken this as a sign and had dropped their cameras, got their own cocks out and were masturbating openly over my wife!I saw the next bit in slow motion. All the guys stood around Sue as she lay back on the table, her legs now closed, and wanked themselves over her. Within the space of about 10 seconds they all came gobbets of cum over her face, tits and chest. Everyone in that hotel room had orgasmed as a result of my wife’s performance. Sue beamed at me. “Very nice to have that big cock in me, but I only came because of what you did to me – don’t worry, I don’t need a great big baton up me, in fact I’m a bit sore where it hit my womb!”“That’s what my wife says” replied Andy, “she says I’m too big and I have to be very careful – it was great to be up you tonight, you really are lovely and tight and warm in there.”“Well I hope everyone is satisfied” said Sue, “and thanks for your charitable donations. Keep your promises about keeping quiet, won’t you?” Much nodding. “Maybe we’ll do it again, but I only want Alan up me in future shots – sorry Andy! We’ll both have to wear masks won’t we? Especially if I’m going to have my husband up my arse for you all next time… but I’ll let you cum off on me again, I rather liked that, very complimentary.”My jaw dropped. This looked like it was going to be a regular thing. We had both been equally turned on. And it was anal sex next time. I could see more donations on their way already. Wow.(Did you cum when Andy entered her? Want to hear about the next session? Let me know, comments please!)

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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