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MYSTERY FATHERTo my wife, Jazelle was an embarrassment. To me, she was our daughter and I loved her. So, we sat together alone in the church pew without my wife by my side and tried to enjoy the Saturday morning church service together. A small part of me understood why my wife had stopped coming to church with us. The Seventh-day Adventist denomination was a very conservative church and its members often stodgy and self-righteous. Its determination that Saturday was the only TRUE day of worship accepted by God was a testament to the religious legalism that plagued the church. Jazelle stood opposed to just about everything the church stood for. My daughter refused to dress in what the pastor had labeled, “appropriate church attire for a young Christian lady,” choosing instead to wear dresses that rode up well above the knee and bust lines that dropped several inches below the acceptable unwritten rules for dress and moderation. She often ratted her hair, like today, using lots of hair spray to attain a very full head of thick blonde hair – eighties hair we called it in my day. On top of that Jazelle often wore jewelry, earrings and necklaces and the like – a mortal sin in Adventist circles. It drove the old ladies in the church batty, which personally gave me a bit of a chuckle.I wasn’t a particularly religious man myself. More often than not I struggled with whether God even existed, but I took my family faithfully every Saturday because I felt that Christianity as a whole taught good moral values. Apparently whatever lessons the church had to teach, my daughter didn’t pick up on.Jazelle had developed full womanly curves at the age of twelve with a heaving bust line that put a good portion of the older women to shame. As a man, it was hard not to take notice of her, father or not. As much as I hated to admit it, even I had taken notice of how perfectly round and firm her young nubile breasts looked beneath her loose fitting tops. It was a secret sin that I had had to deal with a number of years. Her overdeveloped chest, along with stunning good looks made Jazelle an instant source of distraction for many other men in our church as well. Much of the negative attention she drew in the church I’m sure came from jealous “fuddy duddies” as I liked to call them – prim and proper folk who attacked anyone who looked like they were having more fun than they were. And Jazelle looked like she could have a whole lot of fun any time she pleased.The nail in the coffin for my wife had been when our daughter turned up pregnant at the age of s*******n. It became quickly apparent that Jazelle and whoever had fathered her c***d were not going to be getting married. We were never told whom the father was, and in fact, were told firmly that we would never know. So, my wife and I tried to counsel our daughter the best we knew how and suggested that she get an abortion despite what the church had to say on the matter – a fact for which I am deeply ashamed now. She refused, and my wife disowned her. If having a c***d out of wedlock was a crime, having one at the age of s*******n was a death sentence.I stood by my daughter’s side the best I knew how and to my utter amazement, Jazelle continued to go to church with me faithfully every Sabbath morning though my wife stayed home. Whether or not Jazelle was coming to listen to the message or just valued her time with her daddy, I didn’t know, but I figured that going to church certainly couldn’t hurt either of us. She had obviously committed a few sins of her own, and I committed them regularly in my mind. I hoped that church could be a sort of cleansing process of us. How could I have known that it would instead be the source of the most wicked of sins?As my daughters young womb began to swell with c***d, so did the hate and discontent for the two of us. I heard the biting remarks that were whispered behind our backs and I’m sure Jazelle heard them as well, though she never seemed the slightest bit bothered by them. Most of the church frowned on her for being promiscuous, and frowned on me for not providing more discipline at home. From time to time I even caught wind of rumors that perhaps I was the father of her c***d, an obvious conclusion based on the fact that my wife suddenly had refused to be seen with us just as my daughter began to show. Funny, I thought, how only Christians seem to know how to assume the worst about people.I was there by Jazelle’s bedside when she gave birth to her glorious baby girl, Jasmine Marie. My wife again was absent and didn’t come home for two days after Jazelle was back from the hospital. To this day I have no idea where she went, and frankly I didn’t care. I was sickened that my wife could treat her own flesh and blood this way, regardless of the circumstances. Apparently she had missed the message of forgiveness and acceptance that was preached infrequently between lessons on the Sabbath.So there I sat beside my beautiful angel Jazelle, and my new granddaughter Jasmine – a proud father and an even prouder grandfather. I accepted Jazelle for who she was and damn them all if they were going to change my mind about that.As the congregation rose to sing, little Jasmine began to cry loudly. Jazelle rose quickly, clutching her c***d to her engorged bosom and then spun around left and right looking for her changing bag, which had been accidentally kicked beneath the seat. She bent over in front of me, holding her baby tight with one hand as the other fished about beneath the pew. Jazelle’s firm round buttocks bounced hypnotically in my face from side to side, causing her short thigh-high skirt to ride up even further the more she bent over. It was quite possibly the best ass I’d ever seen. Carrying a baby for 9 months had caused her to develop thick calf muscles and a gorgeous little swell of muscle just behind the kneecap that made her legs look very thick and womanlike. It was so hard to believe that my little girl was only eighteen. When I realized that I had been checking my own daughter out I reached down with a blush, quickly snatched up the bag from beneath the pew and offered to follow her to the mother’s room. I had a bad feeling that I’d been caught staring at my daughters ass by a few well meaning church members and I wanted to get away quick.The Mother’s Room of the sanctuary sat adjacent with the sanctuary and had one-way glass so that new mothers could nurse their young c***dren in privacy while still feeling a part of the worship service. Sound was even piped in through speakers, complete adiosbet yeni giriş with a volume control for individual preferences. It seemed to be a very nice accommodation. After checking that the room was unoccupied, Jazelle motioned me to follow her into the dimly lit room. I followed obediently and placed her changing bag on the floor next to the couch.Jazelle laid little unhappy Jasmine on the couch and sat down next to her.I watched without thinking as Jazelle shoveled out of the left shoulder of her dress, reached in to her loose blouse top with both hands and very gently pulled out a large rounded breast. I was transfixed…frozen in place. Her creamy white flesh had the appearance of alabaster, so much like a porcelain doll. Unlike most men, I actually loved the look of pale white skin, and my daughter’s milky white mound made my mouth literally water. Her large globe was crested by a small tan areola, no larger than the size of a half dollar which only caused her breast to look that much bigger. Her thick nipple jutted out at an upturned angle, pointing to the ceiling and already hard. I imagined for a moment what it would be like to see her entirely topless, both of those gloriously round breasts hanging out in plain sight. God, what an angel! When I realized that Jazelle had not picked up her baby I looked up and met her eyes. She was staring right at me! I spun away from her guiltily and looked out the one-way mirror to the sanctuary.”Oh…my…God…” Jazelle enunciated slowly from behind me.”What?” I asked, mustering my best-surprised tone of voice. I continued to look out at the sanctuary where the congregation was standing to sing more hymns. Did they ever grow tired of that shit?”You were just staring at my tits!” she accused.”I was not!” I lied. I had to turn and face her now. To avoid eye contact would only confirm what she already thought. Fortunately the coast was clear. She had apparently put her left breast back in her dress thank God but her eyes were still very accusatory.”Dad,” she said very seriously. “Tell me the truth. Were you just staring at my tits?”Jasmine was screaming now, demanding to be fed. I thanked the Lord for the distraction and looked quickly to my granddaughter. “She’s hungry,” I said as I started for the door. “I’ll just wait for you in the sanctuary.””Stay!” Jazelle snapped and she bent over in front of me, shoving her hand into the changing back between her legs. The loose top fell open in front so that I could see down her blouse very easily and I wondered if she had done that on purpose. Her big round melons hung full and inviting and I could tell she was not wearing a bra. She came out of the bag with a pacifier in hand, quickly shoved it into Jasmine’s tiny mouth and like magic the baby quit crying. DAMN! “You’re not getting off that easy,” she said. “Admit that you were just staring at my tits, dad.””Well Jesus, you just took it out right in front of me,” I shot back. “How was I not supposed to look?””Did it turn you on?” she asked bluntly.”Turn me on?” I faked a gasp and I turned again to face the congregation happily singing and oblivious to what we were discussing. “Jazelle, you’re my daughter.””That’s not what I asked dad,” she pressed. There was silence for a long while and I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing. I heard some rustling behind me on the couch but didn’t turn to look. Then she spoke, “Daddy,” she said with a deeper, lower voice, almost a whisper. “I’ve taken off my dress. If you want to turn and look it’s ok. If not, you can leave and I’ll catch up with you when I’m done feeding Jasmine.””Turn and look?” I asked with an uncomfortable feeling in my gut. My cock was beginning to plumpen in my slacks at the thought of seeing Jazelle naked. She was so beautiful and for so long I had been hiding my curiosity from her. More than once I had found myself laying in bed pumping my big cock as I thought about her sexually in some way. I often fantasized about whom she might have gotten pregnant by. I would jerk off imagining someone making love to my daughter, her big round breasts bouncing up and down as she rode his big cock. I imagined someone pumping their hot load into my little girl’s pussy, filling her insides with fertile man cum. It was my own secret sin and I had lived with it for a year now. “God Jazelle, if I turn and look at those breasts I don’t know what will happen.””Let’s just find out,” she said innocently enough. “Come on daddy…it doesn’t hurt just to look.”I turned around against my better judgment and my daughter’s nakedness stunned me to silence again. She had pulled her one-piece dress off of both shoulders and it lay in a rumbled heap below her smooth flat belly. My eyes drank her body in like a wicked glass of wine. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and globed like two firm cantaloupes. Her arms were at her sides, pressing them together to make them look even bigger. Between the swell of her big breasts hung a little silver chain with a silver cross in the middle. She had been wearing it all morning, but with her breasts completely exposed, it seemed to gleam at me like a beacon of light between them. It was a Christian symbol, but around the neck of my half naked 18-year-old daughter it looked anything but pure. It was enticingly sinful and added to my desire in a way I never imagined. She looked at me with her head slightly tilted to one side as if curious to see what I was thinking. I met eyes with her and lost myself in the dark brown hypnotic pools of lust that seemed to radiate from her. It was as if I could feel her thinking all sorts of nastiness…thoughts that were even now going through my own mind. We stared at each other, our minds and thoughts seeming to meld together. “My God,” was all I could say. “Do you like them?” she asked seductively. Her full crimson lips seemed to move in slow motion as she spoke, etching their memory in my mind. She looked down to my crotch then, before I could say a word, and her large brown eyes widened in surprise.”I guess that answers your question?” I said sheepishly. I looked down myself and saw that my elongated cock shaft had fully engorged itself and had filled up the inside of my left pant leg.”How big is it?” she asked as her big brown eyes blinked twice and she looked up to me for the answer.I looked down at it again, almost embarrassed to tell her. She was my daughter for Christ’s sake. It was certainly not the kind of thing I should be telling her about. Still, my daughter was sitting in front adiosbet giriş of me half naked and the secret was out of the bag. “It’s eleven and a half inches,” I said with some trepidation. “Holy shit!” Jazelle gasped and it caused me to blush shamefully. “That’s incredible!”I looked back over my shoulder and was painfully reminded that we were in a place of worship and that an entire church full of people were only mere feet away from us, separated by a single pane of one-way glass.”Can I see it?” Jazelle asked me.”Can you see it?” I laughed nervously. “Jesus Jazelle, what are we doing?””Can I suck it?” she asked then and her eyes pierced me to the depths of my soul. Her mouth was slightly parted, as if she were thinking about it right that moment.My big cock tensed responsively and strained against the fabric of my slacks painfully. She smiled at me wickedly, knowing what her words were doing to me.I started to protest. “Baby, you’re only 18 and…” “Can I feel it inside my pussy?” she asked with a pretty flick of her head, cutting me off in mid sentence.”Jesus,” I groaned.”Please daddy?”I nearly exploded! I looked at her and her big brown eyes blinked at me, her lips pursed in a full pout. Please daddy! For Christ’s sake what could I do? My giant cock strained against my pant leg threatening to rip free that very moment.”Baby, we’re in a house of God,” I reminded her. “Feed Jasmine….I can wait for you in the car. When you come out we can go to a hotel or something.”Jazelle looked at her tiny daughter now as if she had forgotten entirely that she was there for a moment. Jasmine continued to suck on the pacifier in her mouth with silent content and Jazelle smiled at me as if sharing a secret without words.”Is she the only girl in this family who gets to have something in her mouth?” my daughter asked.Something came over me right then, an unimaginable desire to feel my daughter’s hot young lips wrapped around my giant manhood. I needed it right then. Fuck the church. Fuck everything. I grabbed my zipper and tugged it down quickly. “You want to suck daddy’s big cock?” I growled from some a****listic place in the dark corners of my soul as I reached into my trousers and wrapped my fist around the thickest part of my pole. I tugged it out in front of her, the thick shaft only slightly bending to pass the open zipper. It flopped out in front of me, the shaft thick with pulsing blood. “Suck on that baby!””Oh daddy!” Jazelle’s big eyes lit up with excitement. She scooted forward towards the edge of the couch making her big round melons jiggle maddeningly. She reached up and placed her hand on my cock sending bolts of electricity through me. “Look at you,” she purred as she slid her fingers along the length of my shaft slowly, up and down. “Look at how big you are.”My mind was reeling as if I had just had all the blood rush out of my head. With as fat as my cock had gotten I didn’t doubt that that was true. My face flushed with heat, I watched my daughter pull back the flesh around the swollen purple head of my manhood and then gently place a kiss upon it with her red lips.She looked up at me with those big brown eyes all expectant and opened her mouth wide.”Oh my God,” I moaned as I placed my hand on my springboard like appendage and pushed the head of it down between my daughters lips. I pushed forward with my hips, watching my thick meat fill up her tiny face. Her eyes closed and I felt her hot tongue slide around the knob of my cock, rolling around it and under, flicking the underside of my spongy head. Her mouth sucked in around it then, taking a couple of inches more and working my thick pole slowly to the back of her throat. “Sweet Jesus,” I moaned as she slowly gobbled up seven, then eight inches of my thick cock before finally choking on the sheer size of it.She slid my wet shaft back out of her mouth, sucking her saliva in as she pulled away from the head. A thin string of spittle dribbled from her chin making her look like a porn star goddess. “I don’t think Jesus has anything to do with this,” she said with a smile and a wink. “Do you?”I looked out again at the congregation as they took their seats. What a bunch of hypocrites they all were – every one of them. They had treated my daughter and I like outcasts from the beginning. And they called themselves good Christians.My daughter opened her mouth and swallowed my huge shaft again, taking nearly eight and a half inches this time. I’d never met a woman who could eat that much cock and it drove me mad just watching her. I lowered my hand to my daughter’s head and slid my fingers into her long blonde hair. I rocked my hips back and forth, watching the shaft of my cock glide between her moistened lips effortlessly.”That’s my girl,” I moaned as I watched her like she were my own private porno movie. I could hear the wet sucking sounds her throat made around my pole, hungrily devouring it inches at a time. “My beautiful little angel.”Then we were both rudely interrupted when Jasmine began to cry loudly again. My daughter pulled my thick meat from her dripping mouth, wiped her chin and then turned to tend to the baby. Jasmine’s pacifier had fallen out of her mouth and lay beside her tiny head. I looked to the door of the mother’s room realizing that there was no lock on the door.”Now you be a good girl,” I heard Jazelle tell her daughter with a soft motherly tone in her voice. She had replaced the pacifier in Jasmine’s mouth and the baby was sucking again silently. “Mommy is very busy right now sucking cock.”I laughed in spite of the situation and she smiled at me. Looking back to her baby Jazelle leaned down as if whispering in her c***d’s ear. “Would you like to watch mommy suck daddy’s big cock?” she purred in the c***d’s ear. “I bet you would! Yes.” Then she placed her hands gently under the infant and lifted her up, propping her against a pillow of the couch so that she was sitting upright. The little baby looked at me fascinated apparently by the big appendage sticking out of my pants. “Look at how big that is,” Jazelle said in her best baby voice. “It’s even bigger than your real daddy’s.””Who IS her real daddy,” I asked. The curiosity had been killing me for over a year.Jazelle smiled at me wickedly but didn’t answer. She stood up then, her big round melons bouncing left and right as she grabbed her dress and wiggled her hips out of them. The dress spilled to the mother’s room floor leaving my daughter standing in nothing but a pair of red lace panties and a cross necklace. Her legs adiosbet güvenilirmi were exceptional and her panties rode her hips in a high “V” showing a large amount of gorgeous young thigh on either side. The crotch of her panties did not adequately cover her young pussy and tufts of blonde pubic hair peeked out on either side making my cock stiffen up again.”The door doesn’t lock,” I said to her as she ran her fingers across the front of her red panties and down over her mound of womanhood nestled gently between her long powerful legs.”Then we better hope no one comes in while you’re fucking me,” she breathed. I watched dazed as she pulled the crotch of her panties into a tight fist and slid them to the right of her bulging labia. Thick pink lips protruded from between her legs, glistening with wetness. I licked my lips and started to take a knee. I wanted to taste her so bad my balls ached.”Daddy we don’t have much time,” she reminded me as she turned around in front of me and walked over a little ways to where a crib occupied a corner of the room. Her ass was nothing short of miraculous. For some sick reason, I was reminded of the shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus wept. Would Jesus weep if he could see my daughter’s incredible ass exposed naked in his church? Jazelle grabbed the top bar of the baby’s crib with both hands and parted her legs, feet shoulder width apart. I could still see the pink lips of her swollen pussy nestled beneath her cute puckered ass. She stood there, slightly bent forward so that her ass jutted outward and looked over her shoulder at me.”Daddy?” she said to me gently.That was all I needed. I frantically dug at my belt buckle and unfastened it quickly, letting my slacks fall to the floor around my ankles. Next I tugged my boxer shorts down to my knees. My big meaty flagpole flopped up and down like a diving board and Jazelle moaned as she reached between her legs with one hand and began to rub her pussy from underneath.I realized with some embarrassment that I had a few feet of the room to cross with my pants securely around my ankles. I shuffled over to her and Jazelle giggled, her eyes staying on my big floppy manhood bouncing around like a conductor’s wand.I placed my hands on her hips then, unsure of how long I could keep from cumming if I were to enter her. Already my balls ached to be released from the wonderfully wet head she had given me. She reached down and grabbed one of my hands, pulling it up to her firm round melons.”Christ almighty,” I moaned as my fingers cupped her big right breast and felt the hard nub of her nipple against my palm. She titled her head back and turned towards me so that our mouths met. Her tongue flicked out to seek mine, rolling and fucking between my lips. It was delightfully sinful.I fisted my big cock between her legs, brushing the head of it against her silky smooth ass. She moaned and pushed back into me, making the shaft settle in between her firm round cheeks just below the small of her back. I had to bend my knees, being much taller than Jazelle and angle myself in behind her. The spongy head of my cock smashed into the dripping wetness of my daughter’s eager pussy and she reached between her legs quickly, placing two fingers on the tip of my golf ball sized cock head as she guided it to her tight wet opening. I felt the head of my cock settle in to a wet groove and Jazelle immediately pushed backwards. The thick part of my cock head began to squeeze past the tight vaginal walls of my daughter’s love channel and she cried out low and throaty like. I pushed into her then, feeling her taut muscles stretch and give way to my considerable girth. My daughter moaned long, loud, and steady with open mouth. I slid my fingers up to her lips quickly and shoved them between them to give her something to suck on…something to keep her a little more silent. She obliged and wrapped her mouth around my beefy digits biting down on them sharply with her teeth. As painful as it was, I was thankful that my daughter had taken to biting me or I might have exploded inside her premature. I felt her young tight pussy gripping my cock like a wet fist clenching and unclenching in the most amazing sensation I had ever felt in my entire life. Her tight cunt was literally milking my cock, coaxing me to unload inside of her.”Do you like daddy’s big cock?” I moaned in her ear as I took the occasion to nibble on it gently.She nodded her head up and down vigorously, frantically even.”If I remove my fingers from your mouth are you going to be a good girl and not make any noise?”She hesitated at first then nodded.”Good,” I smiled as I slipped my fingers from between her lips.”You made me cum daddy,” Jazelle gasped breathlessly as she squeezed my big cock with her insides again. “I’ve never actually cum before. You really made me cum!””Oh Jesus,” I moaned. “That’s what I felt? You were cumming?””Yes,” she nodded again. “Oh my God daddy…yes.”I couldn’t stand it any longer. I lowered my hands to my little girls hips and plunged my huge cock up inside her till my balls slapped against her clitoris.”FUUUUCK!!” Jazelle cried out loudly. I no longer cared. I began to pump my thick meat in and out at a furious pace, my daughter’s big round melons swinging up and down with vigor. “Jeez….Uzzz! Jeeez…Uzzz…..JESUS!”I exploded inside her then like a cannon, grunting like a savage ape with every spurt. I could feel what seemed to be gallons of hot cum pumping out of my thick elongated shaft, my balls emptying every last oozing ounce of fluid they contained. I slowly pulled my long cock out of my daughter’s drenched pussy and watched my thick white cum running down the inside of her leg in a river of nasty i****tuous lust.My daughter turned around and smiled at me wickedly. “I think that was truly the first religious experience I’ve had in this church.””Hush,” I laughed as I began to pull up my pants. “You’re terrible!””You know,” she said with a smile. “You have a much bigger cock than your brother does.””My brother?” I was shocked. “You mean Uncle Dean?”Jazelle nodded at me and looked as if she were waiting for something to sink in.I spun and looked at baby Jasmine still sitting contently on the couch. “I’ll be a son of a bitch,” I exclaimed. “He’s the daddy?””Uh huh,” she nodded as she came up to me and offered a kiss. “And do you know what I’m thinking?”I was too stunned to answer.”You and he are from the same blood line,” she said. “And OUR baby came out perfect…soooo…..”I spun and looked at her now and her eyes were lit up like Christmas.”What are you saying?” I asked though I knew damn well what she was hinting at.”Let’s just say I’m damn proud of the men in this family,” she smiled at me. “And it would be a shame if you let your brother be the only man in this family to give me a baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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