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I was very naive. It wasn’t all my fault. From an early age I studied ballet. I was actually quite good. For a while I thought I was going to be a ballerina for the rest of my life. At 15 the shine started to fade. I began to understand that not many girls could actually earn a good living at it. Plus I got tired of spending so much time working so hard. It was not a good combination, and I began to drift away from ballet. By 16 I was working only half as hard, and by 17 I had pretty much abandoned ballet. Just teaching younger girls and doing enough to keep in shape.

All of this had worked to limit me socially. My only friends were at the dance studio, nearly all girls, and I had not developed the social skills to make new ones. So i was, at 18, a shy, socially awkward former ballerina who had never been on a date. Really. Never.

My name is Ryann. I do look like what you probably think of a typical ballerina. Fairly tall, very thin, with long, shapely legs, well-toned tight ass, hard abs – I had everything but breasts. Well, I had breasts, but they were quite small. I wore an A cup. It felt like I had been in a training bra all my life. But they were nice and firm, and had large aureoles and nipples.

So when I met a guy who was very interested in me, I was quite unprepared. On our second date he became very physical, and I did not know enough to fend him off. I was not aware of the ‘rules’. Should I fight him off? Was I expected to let him do what he wanted? Was there a place in between, and who should decide where that line is? I did not have a clue.

“Oh, Ryann, you are so hot! And such a great kisser!” Jack said.

I’m not sure where I learned to kiss well. It must have just come naturally. Certainly not from experience. I had not even watched much porn. Just enough to get a general idea of what sex was all about. And, of course, to see what a guy’s dick was like.

“You’re really turning me on, Jack. Maybe we should stop,” I told him. My body was tingling in ways I had never felt before.

Speaking of dicks, I was noticing Jack’s, pushing his pants up and out. I knew he had an erection – and I was wondering what it looked like. And what it felt like. While my body was responding to his kisses and touches, my mind was pushing ahead.

“Oh!” I said, in response to his hand on my breast. Even I wasn’t sure if that was because of the surprise or the ripples of pleasure I felt. Either way, I did nothing to stop him. It felt good, and I didn’t want it to stop.

His hand was massaging the back of my neck. His lips moved back to my ear, nibbling the lobe, then my neck. Meanwhile, his hand had somehow slipped into my blouse and, actually, my bra. His fingers stroked the skin of my breast, almost to my nipple, and I was loving it. Wow, never had I even dreamed of feelings like this. My body lit up.

“Jack. Oh, Jack.” I moaned in excitement.

Jack misunderstood. “It’s okay, Ryann. It feels good. Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Oh, hell yeah!” I answered. Perhaps Anadolu Yakası Escort that was too eager.

I felt Jack touch my hand, and move it down to his lap. It touched his pants where his erection was and my eyes popped open in surprise. That was an interesting development. I was not ready for this, but guessed I was to do something with what seemed like an invitation, so I pushed down on the bulge. It felt so hard. My fingers wrapped around the shaft – as much as possible through his pants – and it felt very, very hard.

“You can unzip them,” Jack said.

I guess I could. It certainly was something I would like to do. I could get a better feel of it if it was out of his pants. Perhaps see what this interesting thing was really like. At this point I’m sure a small part of my mind was warning me to stop, but most of it was carried away with curiosity. And, of course, lust.

“Should I?” I asked. Perhaps he wasn’t the best person to ask an opinion of.

“Oh, yeah, Baby. Go ahead. It’s good, Ryann, it’s good.” Jack was having a little trouble speaking.

But then I was having trouble thinking. I went ahead and used both hands to undo his pants, then pulled his zipper down.

Meanwhile he was busy undoing my top and pushing it over my shoulders. I didn’t even notice until I had to move my arms to get the sleeves off. Even then I didn’t realize what he was doing until after it was done. And I didn’t seem to care. My blouse and bra were off and I didn’t think of myself as nude from the waist up. I was thinking only of the penis that was emerging from Jack’s pants as I pulled them down. He raised up to help get them off, and I gasped as his lap pushed towards my face, penis first.

It was the first live penis I had ever seen, and my mind was working overtime to comprehend the sight. No, it wasn’t as big as some i had seen on the internet, but I wasn’t THAT naive. I expected that those featured would be mostly above average. No, he wasn’t as big as some of those, but it seemed to be quite large enough. I was struck by how nice it looked. Almost pretty. Or maybe I was just infatuated. My second thought was that the purpose of this organ was to be inserted into a woman. Like me. Would that thing be able to fit inside me? Oh, my. A scary thought for most girls facing their first time, I imagine. But yes, his penis was certainly big enough. At least.

Jack and I were both moaning now. i had my hand wrapped around his throbbing shaft, and he had his hands on my breasts, squeezing them and pushing on my nipples. My head could not handle the sensations I was experiencing. I never even thought that I should put a stop to all of this. I was enjoying these new feelings too much to question anything.

Jack pulled me over onto his lap. From here he squeezed both of my breasts with his hands while licking and sucking on my nipples. I held his erection with both hands, at first more as a handle. No, really!

As my head came to grips with what Jack was doing with my boobs, I realized where my hands were and what they were holding. I squeezed his shaft, testing out the hardness of it, and the soft head, and the ridge along the bottom, and… oh, my! My small amount of looking at porn had not given me the slightest bit of knowledge of how strange and wonderful a real penis would feel. So hard. So soft. So interesting. There was much more to it than I had ever imagined.

I knew about jacking guys off (Jack! That was his name! And then the thought flew out of my mind.) so I moved my hands up and down the shaft slowly. I was still exploring the feel of it, how it could be so hard and so soft at the same time. Slowly I went up and down his length, while I was also enjoying the manipulations of my breasts that he was doing. I couldn’t decide which I should think about.

Jack’s mouth kept sucking on my nipples. It felt like he could get my entire breast into his mouth. Definitely. Probably with room left over. But his hands dropped down to my waist. He held me tight. He also dipped his hands into my waistband. His hands began feeling skin below my waist that had never been touched before. My pants as well as my panties were halfway over my hips. It was as if I didn’t care any longer. Or maybe I just wasn’t thinking. In any event, I raised up a little as Jack pulled them the rest of the way over my hips.

As my pants got stuck there, Jack lifted me up and turned me to the side. I nearly flew through the air as he deposited me on the end of the couch. My head landed on the arm and Jack towered over me. My pants disappeared, and I was laying there naked with a very erect penis pointing right at me. Suddenly I realized that this may have gotten out of hand.

“Jack. No,” I said.

“What, Baby?” he said, sounding confused.

“I don’t… I can’t…” I couldn’t seem to form the words. Finally I blurted out, “No fucking!”

Whoa. I didn’t usually use that word. It sounded strange when I said it, but it got Jack’s attention.

“No? You don’t want to?” he asked.

‘No, I can’t. It’s too much,” I said. “Sorry.” I actually wasn’t sure that I didn’t want to. Well. yes, I really did want to, but I was afraid to. My mind was reeling, unsure of itself, but I left it at that.

“That’s okay, Babe,” he said. “That’s okay.” And he returned his mouth to my breast. His hand found it’s way between my legs and began to feel around there. I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed about my being wet down there, but Jack didn’t seem to mind. I fleetingly thought of his hard shaft sticking out, but i couldn’t reach it. The feelings coming from my pussy took my mind off everything else. I was moaning because of his hands in my pussy, and I thought I should be quieter. I tried to muffle myself. It seems I am a screamer, but I didn’t know it yet.

“Is this okay, Ryann?” he asked.

“Uh-huh,” I managed to answer. Oh, wow, was it ever!

I felt Jack’s finger push into my hole. Suddenly I was scared of what was happening.

“No fucking!” I repeated.

“No, no, it’s not fucking,” Jack reassured me. “I’m just feeling inside you. It feels good. Really good. It’s not fucking. Just fingering.”

Okay, I had heard of fingering. That was different. Damn, it must be okay because it felt so freaking good! O, Jeez, I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I had played with myself, of course. I made myself feel good, but as soon as it started feeling really good I stopped. Something inside me wanted to stop before I lost control. It seems now that it had taken terrific self-control. Maybe it was the life of ballet that gave me my control. So this was the most incredible feeling that I had ever experienced between my legs. And it was fabulous.

Jack moved up a little closer to me, and I was able to reach his raging erection. I just grabbed it with one hand and pulled. And squeezed. Jack moaned loudly as I continued, but I couldn’t think of it as my pussy was on fire.

“AHHHHHH!” I screamed. What had happened? Jack had touched a spot…

“AHHHHHH!” I screamed again. I was trying to be quiet but this was unbelievable. I couldn’t help it. There was one spot that he touched that flipped a switch. Later, of course, I would find out that it was my clit, but at this point I wasn’t sure what was happening.

It turns out I have a very sensitive clit. It is also large. Very large. I didn’t know this, but Jack had discovered it and was fascinated. Since he couldn’t have intercourse, it got most of his attention.

I felt his finger – or fingers – sliding in and out of my pussy, and it was incredible, but each time he touched my clit I screamed uncontrollably. I was going nuts. The more I screamed the more he touched it. Finally he took my clit between his fingers and held it. He squeezed it. Oh!!!!

I began screaming. My hips rose from the couch. I thrust my hips up. They moved from side to side. Up and down. Violently. I screamed, I flailed my arms and hips. Still, Jack’s fingers managed to stay on my clit. My hips were waving around in the air in every direction, while thrusting uncontrollably. My body was wracked with my first – yes, my first – orgasm. And what an orgasm it was. My body was thrown all over in every direction, yet Jack’s fingers held on to my clit until I nearly passed out. He finally let go of it and I slowly settled down onto the couch and my mind slowly began to clear.

I was completely worn out. Out of breath, sweating, and covered with… what was that? It turned out that my side and stomach were covered with cum. Jack’s cum. Sometime during my thrusting I had pulled on his dick so much and so hard that he had his own orgasm, all over me. He told me that he thought I was going to tear his dick right off him. I almost bent it in half! I apologized, but I had no memory of it.

Jack fell to his knees beside the couch and laid his head on my chest. He played idly with my nipple. One hand drifted idly down to my pussy, but I took his hand and pulled it away. It was sore, and my body was still tingling. I wanted no more of that for a while. At least not for a little while, but Oh, Dear, I definitely did want more of it!

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