Naked Thirst Ch. 05

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Samantha froze, like the proverbial deer in the headlights, for half a heartbeat and then turned on her heal and ran for her room. As she crossed the cavernous entertainment room she tripped over her sandals, but didn’t pause to pick them up. She reached her room, opened and closed her door, locked it and leaned back against it, sitting on the floor as her heartbeat pounded in her ears. A million questions flowed through her head, all jumbled together. Would Arden say anything to his parents? What would he say? Would she be fired? Why was Keiko lactating? Did she have a baby? If she did, where was it? Why was he drinking Keiko’s milk? Did it taste good? And oh god, why was she so wet?

Samantha sat for a few minutes in the dark, letting her breathing slow down and trying to figure out what to do. She was incredibly embarrassed, humiliated that her voyeurism had been discovered. She was also disturbed by what she had seen. Arden suckling like a baby, as if he couldn’t get enough of Keiko’s milk. The idea of it should have disgusted her. At the very least it was weird. But then why was she so incredibly turned on? It was like someone had run an electrical wire to her clit, and even in her distress it was throbbing with every beat of her heart.

She finally decided she needed to pack her things and leave that night. Horny or not, she couldn’t imagine staying in the house after what had happened. Beth would let her stay. She was just pulling out her phone and deciding what to say to her friend, when a quiet tap on the door nearly made her jump out of her skin.

Sam thought about pretending she hadn’t heard, but a soft voice called through the door. “Samantha, its Keiko. I’d like to talk with you. Please.”

Samantha suddenly felt silly for hiding behind the door like she had when she was little and knew her father was going to yell at her. She stood, turned around, and opened the door. Keiko stood in the dim light of the outer room. She was wearing a thigh length, white sleep shirt. “Can I come in?”

Sam nodded and stepped aside, then blurted out. “I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have been watching you.”

“Why not? I wanted you too.”

Her answer stunned Samantha silent. Keiko gave her a gentle smile. “Is there somewhere we can sit?”

Samantha nodded and closed the door. She looked around the little living room, but there wasn’t really a good place for them to sit. The breakfast table didn’t seem right, and the only other chair was at the desk. So she led Keiko into her bedroom, turned on the bedside lamp and sat on the foot of the bed.

Keiko sat near her and looked at her hands for a moment as if gathering her thoughts. Samantha spoke first. “Why did you say you wanted me to see you?”

Keiko looked Sam in the eye. “Because I thought it was the right time.” Before Samantha could ask what that meant, the other woman asked, “Did you like what you saw?”

Samantha felt herself blushing fiercely, but nodded. “Yes. But why-“

Keiko held up a hand, forestalling any questions. “Let me tell you my story first, then you can ask whatever you like.”

When Samantha nodded again she continued. “My family moved to this country when I was twelve. I knew from an early age that I loved to cook, loved to feed people. I also knew that I was bisexual. My parents didn’t approve of my career choice and I could never tell them about the other. So when I came to LA five years ago, to go to culinary school, it was on my own. I was eighteen and didn’t know anyone, had no job, and needed a place to stay.”

“You answered an ad like mine.”

“Yes, Angela and Rich were looking for a live-in cook. I also started to model for Rich. I had a place to stay, was able to pay for school, and had a family to cook for.”

“And the other part?”

Keiko smiled demurely. “That developed over time.”

“With Arden?”

“No, not until later. With Angela and Rich. I was very happy. There was one problem.” She glanced down at her breasts, and Samantha saw small dark patches spreading across the fabric of her shirt, just over her nipples.

“You got pregnant.” Samantha had a pang of concern about the fate of the baby.

“What?” Keiko seemed shocked, than laughed. “No. I’ve never been pregnant.”

“Then how?”

“I have a condition, a slight abnormality in my pituitary gland that makes me produce too much prolactin. I’ve been to doctors and they tell me it’s harmless, but it means that I’ve produced small amounts of milk since I was a teenager. I was always ashamed of it. It made me not want to be with anyone.”

Samantha could sympathize. She remembered all the insecurities about her body she’d had as a teenager. Some of them that she still had. Anything that made you different from other people could be a source of anxiety.

Keiko smiled, however. “Angela and Rich changed all that. They taught me not to be embarrassed. They said I had a gift. One that I could share with people who appreciated it. They taught me how to increase Tuzla Escort my production and gave me a whole new way to feed the people I cared about.”

Samantha was not generally slow on the uptake, but it took her alcohol fogged brain a moment to process what Keiko was saying. She thought about the tea she’d had the first day, the smoothies, the horchata, all the milky drinks, and the ice cream. All milk from a single cow, according to Angela. All milk from Keiko’s breasts.

Sam knew she should feel disgusted, sick, violated. Yet, strangely she didn’t. She thought about the milk dripping from Arden’s chin and felt . . . aroused. Aroused and deeply confused. She licked her lips, her mouth suddenly dry and tried to think of something to say, but had no idea what that would be.

Keiko filled the gap. “I understand you need time to think about all this.”

Time, that was it. “You said it was the right time. Time for what?”

“Time to see us. I’ve watched you watching. I thought I saw a shadow in your window when Rich did his shoot by the pool. I saw the way you looked at Angela, and Rich and Arden. I thought I could see desire. And I thought, I hoped, I saw attraction when you looked at me.”

Samantha didn’t know how to respond. Had she really been that obvious? Had she been drooling over everyone? Finally, she said. “Everyone in the house is very attractive.”

“Thank you,” said Keiko. “I hope it’s more than that though. I took a huge risk tonight, leaving my door open, the light on, telling you the truth. I hope I haven’t frightened you away. I wanted you to see us for who we really are.”

Samantha stared, her lips slightly parted, and tried to process her own emotions. It was hard. She was still a little drunk. She was attracted to Keiko, she could admit that to herself. She’d been attracted to Beth too, she’d just been too afraid to do any more about it than some experimenting that she could blame on alcohol and Beth’s wild streak. She still didn’t know what to think about the milk. I was gross, right? Only, somehow it wasn’t.

Keiko studied Sam for another minute then said. “This is who we are. I’d love it if you decided that you wanted to be part of it too.” She leaned forward and Samantha accepted her hug. The woman’s dark hair smelled pleasantly of shampoo and clean sweat. Sam felt the milk from the other woman’s breasts soak through her shirt and make contact with her skin. It sent an odd little thrill through her. They parted, and Keiko left, her milk cooling on Sam’s chest.


Samantha barely slept that night. She thought about masturbating to help her get drowsy, but she was too keyed up. Her brain seemed to be going in a dozen directions at once. She was attracted to Keiko, she could accept that. And Keiko was attracted to her. Okay, so far so good. She wasn’t homophobic, in spite of her conservative upbringing, but she wasn’t comfortable thinking of herself as a lesbian either. Bisexual she could deal with. If that’s all it was, infatuation with another woman, Sam thought it would be alright. She might even want to pursue it. But then there was the milk.

She didn’t even know how to categorize what she had seen with Keiko and Arden. A fetish? She supposed that’s what it was. One the whole house shared, even Keiko herself, apparently. Did she share it too? Samantha tried to examine her reactions to seeing the pair on the bed, the revelation about what she’d been drinking, and the feel of Keiko’s lush, wet breasts pressed to hers. Did it really turn her on, or was the feeling in her gut just the combination of alcohol and encountering something so taboo?

When she did drift off it was into fevered dreams of milk and bare skin and sex. Beth made an appearance in her dreams, along with all the residents of the house. Her ex-boyfriend even appeared, albeit with swollen breasts dripping white. She finally fell into a deep sleep somewhere in the small hours of the morning, but woke at seven on the dot. At some point in the night she’d reached a moment of clarity and rose with a purpose. She showered, brushed her teeth, dried and brushed her hair and walked to her door in time for breakfast. She moved as if she was still in a dream, her mind somehow detached from her body. It wasn’t until she descended the steps that her resolve started to weaken. It wasn’t just that she was going to breakfast where she would knowingly and willingly drink another woman’s breast milk, she knew that by doing so she was opening the door into a vast unknown.

Angela and Rich were just getting seated as she entered the dining room. Angela was wearing even less than usual, a sheer white robe that she hadn’t bothered to belt. Rich too, was wearing less, just a loose pair of work-out shorts. Arden was nowhere to be seen. Samantha seated herself and her employers both wished her good morning.

“Where’s Arden?” Sam asked, nervously making conversation.

“Surfing. Up and out of here before dawn.” Rich offered. “I used to Gebze Escort be that energetic. Now I like to take it easy on a Saturday morning.”

“You just wanted Keiko’s waffles,” accused Angela with a smile.

“True,” he admitted.

Just then Keiko came in from the kitchen carrying a serving tray, piled high with steaming, golden delicacies. She followed with a bowl of fresh strawberries, whipped cream and tall, cold glasses of milk. She gave Samantha a hopeful look as she set the glass in front of her. Samantha took a sip, maintaining eye contact with Keiko the whole time. She paid special attention to the flavor, now that she knew what it really was. She was surprised that she hadn’t wondered about it before. It didn’t really taste much like cow’s milk. It was lighter and sweeter, with a faint earthiness in the aftertaste. Even the color was different. There was a slight bluish tinge where the surface of the milk caught the light. She took a longer drink, and the taboo nature of the act sent tingles of arousal through her already over-stimulated nerves. She set the glass down and gave Keiko a deliberate smile. The other woman looked relieved and smiled back.

Angela looked at the young redhead approvingly. “I’m so happy you appreciate our unique taste in refreshment.”

Sam blushed again, suddenly feeling self-conscious for being so obvious. Did she know that she and Keiko had talked last night? She must have, to make that comment. Not much seemed to happen in the house that the woman didn’t know about. Angela took a long drink from her glass then returned to the waffles.

The rest of the meal proceeded more or less as normal. The food was excellent, as usual, something Samantha was getting used to quickly and trying not to take for granted. Angela announced that she was going with Rich to scout some locations for his next shoot, but that they would be back in time for lunch.

Samantha lingered at the table after the other two left and offered to help clear up. To her surprise, Keiko let her. They worked in companionable silence for a while, Sam bringing in plates while the other woman loaded the dishwasher. Finally, Sam spoke.

“Rich wore those shorts today for my sake, didn’t he?”

Keiko paused with a plate in her hand and then nodded.

“And Angela is barely bothering at this point, but she’s still making a gesture.”

Keiko made an affinitive noise. She was wearing a gauzy, floral-print summer dress in black and yellow. It wasn’t quite sheer, but Sam could tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“And if it wasn’t for me, what would you be wearing right now?”

The young chef closed the dishwasher and turned it on, then turned to face Samantha. “Nothing.”

“Right.” Sam had already made up her mind she was staying. She’d drunk the cool-aid, or in this case the milk and she’d decided to follow wherever her decisions led her. She pulled off her top.

“Are you sure about this?” Keiko asked, sounding both hopeful and concerned.

“No,” she reached around to unhook her bra, “but I’m tired of cramping everyone else’s style.” When her bra came loose she let out an involuntary sigh. It always felt good to take the thing off. “Don’t wait on me,” she added, nodding at Keiko’s dress.

The brunette shrugged one strap over her shoulder and then the other, before letting the garment fall to the floor and stepping out of it, her feet already bare. Samantha was struck by how lovely the other woman was, especially now, up close and in the light. It set her already pounding heart to beating a little faster.

Hurrying, before she lost her nerve, she slipped off her sandals, unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled her pants and underwear down in a single, decisive move. Then, just like that, she was standing nude, in front of another woman, in her employer’s kitchen. Long, smooth limbs and generous curves on full display.

“Okay, now what?” Sam asked, a little breathless.

“Now,” said Keiko, as she picked up her dress and folded it over her arm. “We put our clothes away, grab some sunscreen for you, and we go swimming.”

“What?” Samantha had to fight the urge to cross her arms over her chest. “You mean outside?”

“That’s where the pool is,” the other woman laughed, seeming perfectly at ease without clothes on. “Grab your stuff and come on.”

The two of them went upstairs, Keiko turning left and Sam taking the door on her right. The young redhead tossed her shoes on the floor, and the rest of her clothes on the bed, then fetched her precious SPF 50. She also paused to brush her teeth and check her hair, though she wasn’t sure why. Keiko was waiting for her at the top of the stairs when she came out of her room.


“As I’m going to be.” Sam took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Having Keiko naked was actually helping to calm her. When they started down the stairs Sam felt an unfamiliar bounce in her chest as her unrestrained breasts swayed freely, and her trepidation Aydınlı Escort rose. She focused on the perfect, round backside in front of her and found her heart beating faster for a more pleasant reason.

As they crossed through the dining room to the sliding doors, she was glad they were the only ones in the house. Sam wondered if Angela had planned it that way, and decided that she probably had. Then they were through the doors, and standing naked in the Southern California sun. They paused for a minute, letting their eyes adjust to the dazzling light and Sam realized she’d forgotten to grab her sunglasses, she also realized she’d never been naked outdoors in her life. She glanced furtively side to side, even though she knew the pool area was invisible to the neighbors. It was sheltered by tall privacy fences on both sides and a rough, tumbling cliff down to the ocean at the very back of the property.

The sun on her bare skin felt heavenly. Even in August, cool breezes off the Pacific kept the coastline comfortable while the Los Angeles valley sweltered. She sat her bottle of sunscreen on the bar, not feeling like covering herself with the goop quite yet. She didn’t dare go without it for long. Even the parts of her that regularly saw the sun were only a bit pinker than the rest. Her complexion had two shades, Scottish-pale or painfully burned. Still the swimming pool was glittering like a jewel and drew her to it.

“You want to me to help you with the lotion,” Keiko asked, breaking her reverie.

Sam had an image flash though her mind of Keiko rubbing lotion down Angela’s back, over her ass, and between her legs. It gave her a pleasant flutter in her stomach. “In a little bit. I want to swim first.”

Keiko nodded, then turned and walked to the pool’s deep end where she executed a neat dive off the edge. She popped up in the middle of the water, and waited for Samantha. Sam got in slowly at first, making her way down the steps in the shallow end, but soon forgot her caution. The water temperature was perfect, cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough to be comfortable. She plunged ahead and started to swim. The feeling as she moved through the water was nearly indescribable, the liquid sliding over every inch of her skin like a silk sheet. She didn’t think she’d ever felt so free. Without a binding suit her breasts felt weightless, and her whole body felt more buoyant.

“What do you think?” asked Keiko, effortlessly treading water in the middle of the pool.

“It feels wonderful,” said Sam, joining her. She was a little less graceful about staying afloat and said, “I’m going to do some laps.”

Keiko nodded and made room while Sam stretched out into a crawl. She’d taken swimming lessons as a kid, and spent a fair amount of time at the local pool growing up, but she wasn’t an especially strong swimmer. After a couple of times up and down, her shoulders started to ache. Still, it felt good to work off some of the morning’s adrenaline. She slowed, and then turned on her back to let herself float, eyes half closed against the bright blue mid-morning sky.

Samantha floated like that for several moments, letting her breathing slow, thinking about how odd her life had suddenly become. Sam had always thought of herself as a normal, predictable, generally mainstream kind of a person. Not as conservative and uptight as her parents, but not a big risk-taker, either. Just over a week ago she’d been unemployed and looking for a place to stay. And only a day ago she thought she was settling into a somewhat odd, but comfortable work/living routine. Since then she’d discovered she’d been consuming, and enjoying, human breast milk. Right now, she was swimming in the nude and loving it. She didn’t know what would come next, and wasn’t sure where it would all lead, but she knew she couldn’t go back to the person she’d been the day before.

A little more floating around and Samantha decided that she’d played solar roulette long enough. She didn’t want the rest of her day ruined by a pair of sun-burnt boobies. She straightened in the water. Keiko was resting with one arm on the edge of the pool, watching her. Sam felt momentarily self-conscious, but then decided she liked the way the other woman was looking at her.

“I better not push my luck. I’m going to put on sun block.” She hesitated for a second then said. “If you still want to, I could use some help with my shoulders.”

Keiko smiled and lifted herself smoothly out of the pool. Sam used the stairs. The smaller woman ducked behind the bar and brought out two fluffy, white towels, grabbed Samantha’s lotion, and led them to the loungers on the far side of the pool. The wooden recliners had thick, cotton pads on them, but Keiko spread her towel over one and Samantha did the same.

Sam settled herself on the chair and squeezed a big glob of the thick, white lotion into her palm. She was glad that it had warmed a little in the sun, she hated when it was cold. She started with her feet and worked her way up, blending the cream into her pale flesh. She hesitated a moment when she got to her normally covered pubic area, and glanced at Keiko. The darker woman was stretched out, her skin glistening as she let it air dry, and watching Samantha intently.

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