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Subject: My Daddy is a Nashville Fireman — Chapter 8 (Incest) Every writer has the same warnings about being underage and community standards, bla bla bla, so I won’t repeat what you have already been told many times. You know if you should be reading this smut or not, so do what you are suppose to do on your own. I’m not your mama. This is my first story to write. Consequently, this is why it takes me so long between chapters. It’s not the writing that takes so long, it’s the re-writing and the re-writing and the editing and on and on. My ADHD doesn’t help much, either. Plus I have been in the hospital and recovering not feeling like sitting down to write. I am much better now and starting with Garth’s story again. Thank you for being patient with me. Also, I am going to start writing shorter chapters so that it won’t be as long between submissions, maybe. There is no truth to this story at all. Meaning everything in this story is fiction except for the fact that there really is a Nashville and a Nashville Fire department. That’s it. One last thing…..the Nifty people ask me to remind you to donate to keep this site open. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Chapter 8–Labor Day weekend I was stuffed. I had eaten a half rack of ribs, a shredded pork plate, baked beans, coleslaw and french fries plus mine and Dad’s and Gene’s dinner rolls. The Coke dispenser was self serve so I had plenty to wash it all down. The server came by as I was pushing back from the table. She asked if I wanted some pie and ice cream. I started to say, rubbing my belly, that I was too full but she said, “Apple pie and butter pecan ice cream”. I went for it. Dad and Gene shook their heads and laughed at me. We walked across the street to where Gene’s truck was parked. I got in the back seat and laid down, groaning like I was dying. I thought I might be. We took Dad to work at the station and then Gene and I went home. Gene pulled up to his garage door and shut the engine off. “Do you want to watch a movie? I don’t know what’s on.” “No, I think I just want to lay here until I can either get up or die. I don’t care which. Gene turned around in his seat and was looking at me. “I feel bad about what I said this afternoon.” “Gene, you don’t need to apologize. I screwed up. Everything you said was right. You made me think.” “I’m not apologizing. But I am sorry I was so rough with you. What I said needed to be said. I just didn’t need to be so angry about it. Every time your Dad goes to work on a different shift from me, I worry about him. I worry because I’m not there to have his back. I should not have laid such a heavy load on you that you might get him killed if he is distracted while he is working. I should not have said that, at least not the way I said it.” I kept laying there with my arm over my eyes. “Maybe you did need to say it the way you did. I needed to be reminded that my actions have consequences. I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon. I could not live with myself if anything ever happened to him. I couldn’t stand the guilt. I love him so much that I ache.” “So do I, Garth. So do I. Are you coming in? “No, I’m going home.” “Do you want to come over tomorrow and hit the weights. I don’t go in to work until six tomorrow night.” “Yeah, I want to get started on the weights before school starts on Tuesday.” I slowly pulled myself up and opened the door to get out. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Gene.” I was exhausted. It was only a little after six but I wanted to sleep. I went upstairs, stripped off and climbed into bed. Around 2am a terror dream woke me up. In the dream, Dad had just loaded a man on a stretcher into the back of his ambulance and stepped around the back of the van to go to the driver side. A truck like Gene’s was speeding too close to the ambulance when Dad stepped in front of it. I saw Dad fly into the air and I woke up screaming and crying. It took a few seconds for me to realize it was a dream. It seemed as real as life itself. I lay in my sweat, looking at the ceiling, trying to get my breathing back to normal. I sat up to get up. I was alone in a silent dark house, sitting on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands crying at the thought of my Dad being killed. I knew it was a dream but still I could not shake the fear that I had killed him. I knew that I was being irrational but the feelings were still there. I got up to get a drink of water in the bathroom. I bent down and drank from the faucet and leaned on the sink to look at myself in the mirror. I wondered what was happening to me. Now that I was wide awake, I went into Dad’s room to finish unpacking for him. I emptied all his boxes and put all that away, found his bed linens and made his bed. I even put all the things that he kept on his dresser right in the same places he kept them on his dresser in Spring Hill. The only difference was that Dad’s room didn’t smell like Dad. His room, however, did look just like it did in Spring Hill which helped me to calm down some more. I broke down the moving boxes and took them out to the garage. In the kitchen, I noticed my phone on the charger and picked it up. I held it in my hand while I thought about calling Dad. He answered, “What’s up, Hot Rod?” “Are you busy? “Not right now. Just having a cup of coffee with Jeff, our rookie mascot.” I heard a voice in the background, “Bite me, Mac.” “Why aren’t you asleep? What’s going on?” “I had a bad dream and it woke me up.” “You know that it’s just a dream.” “Yeah but it was about you. You got hit by a truck. Dad, what is a dream? Is it a premonition?” “I don’t know, Son. I do know that it’s not real. And what you can do is keep telling yourself, ‘It’s not real, it’s not real, over and over until you believe that It’s not real, it’s just a dream.” Just then, I heard the klaxon at the fire station in the background. “Garth, I gotta go. We just got a call. Go on back to bed. I’ll be home in a few hours. I’ll bring McDonald’s if you like.” “I like. Be safe, Dad.” “Ok. Go back to bed. I love you.” “I love you, too, Dad.” But he had already hung up and didn’t hear me. I went back to bed but it was still wet and cold from my sweat from the dream. I went back to Dad’s room and crawled into his bed. I couldn’t sleep. By laying awake I was keeping Dad alive. escort kocaeli As long as I stayed awake I kept him safe. I didn’t know it then, but that was the first of nightly nightmares about my Dad for several months to come. They were not as traumatic as this first one but still enough to make me break a sweat and wake up. Hours later, I was still in Dad’s bed staring at the ceiling when I heard him come in the kitchen door. I got up and put on shorts and went to the kitchen. Dad was making coffee and Gene was setting out breakfast from McDonald’s. “You don’t look like you went back to sleep.” “I didn’t. Gene, did you work last night?” “No, but since we dropped him off last night, he didn’t have his truck to get home so I picked him up. We stopped at Mickey Dees, hope that was ok?” “Always.” “After all you had at dinner, are you hungry again? Dad asked.” “Yep. You stopped at Popeyes and got chicken biscuits, too? Saaaweet.” “Garth, from the way you have been eating lately, you definitely need to hit the weights with me today. Do you have any plans?” “No. Clear all day.” “Have you thought about your goals with weight training?” “Not really. I just want to be as big as I can be.” “Hot Rod, if you keep eating the way you have this weekend, you’ll be there before you know it.” “When PopPop gets back, I’ll get him to help me figure out some five mile routes for me to run.” “We can get a good workout done and then find some routes for you. Then we can give one of the routes a test run.” “Ok.” I wasn’t all that excited about spending the entire day with Gene. The guilt he had laid on me yesterday was still pretty heavy to carry especially after that nightmare. But I wasn’t going to say anything to Gene to upset Dad. “Dad, have you moved in with Gene? I have your room set up and all the boxes broken down. When are you going to start sleeping in your own bed? I thought we were going to be a family again once we moved to Nashville. Have you thought about Mingy? What is she going to think about you living with Gene?” “I don’t know. I guess I am going to have to have a sit down with Mom and Dad. I am really torn about what to do. I am sure they know what is going on even though we’ve never talked about it. When they get home on Tuesday, I guess it will come to a head. How do you feel about me moving in with Gene? If I am just next door across the driveway, we will still be close enough to call us living together.” “PopPop already knows, it’s Mingy you have to worry about.” “I’ll ask you again, how do you feel about me moving in with Gene?” “I don’t know. We really haven’t lived together since you got on with Nashville Fire but we are closer than we were when we lived on the farm, since Gene just lives across the driveway. Either way is ok with me. Live here with us or next door. With you at Gene’s, it gives me the entire upstairs to myself. I can’t complain about that.” “We can talk about this more when Mom and Dad get home. Right now, I need to shower and go to bed. If I can sleep until 4 this afternoon that will give me eight hours to run on tonight. I’ll be glad when Tuesday gets here. I will have a day off and I will have paid everyone off for the hours they worked for me while I was trying to get this move done.” “And Tuesday will be my first day at my new school.” “Are you excited about that?” “Yeah and dreading it, too. Being the new guy and stared at by everyone is not something I am looking forward to.” “Your mentor came over yesterday. What’s his name again?” “Steve Michaels. No, he changed his mind about coming over. He said that he didn’t feel it and stood me up.” Gene piped up as he was clearing the table of breakfast biscuit wrappers, “Are you sure he’s not gay? Sounds gay to me. Not feeling it? What does that mean?” “Garth, if I can’t go to sleep since I did sleep last night, do you want to start with the weights today?” “Yeah. Call me when you want me to come over. I don’t have anything planned.” “Garth, you know where I’ll be. I’ll set the clock alarm for four and that will give me plenty of sleep and two hours to get something to eat and for us to get to work. Are you going with me, Gene?” “Yeah. Let’s go. Garth, I’ll call you if I can’t sleep.” I went outside to sit by the pool and was lost in thought when I heard a “Hey, Fuckwad” at the gate behind me. I turned to look to see who it was. I took out my ear buds and turned off my Mp3. “Hey, Steve.” My mentor let himself in. “Do you want to hang out today? “Are you feeling it today?” “Huh? What do you mean?” “Nothing. No, I have plans today.” “I thought you wanted to hangout.” “I did. Yesterday. I’ve got plans for today.” “Like what?” “It’s none of your business, but Gene and I are working out together. He is going to be my personal trainer. I want to put on some size and not the McDonalds super size. You met Gene from across the driveway when you came over and we were swimming.” “You mean the gay bodybuilder friend of your Dad’s?” “Yeah, Asswipe. The bodybuilder.” “A bunch of us on the team are going to hang out at Joel Murphy’s house today since his parents are out of town. He has a pool and plenty of beer. I thought you would like to join us and meet some of the guys.” “No, I told you that I have plans.” “Just to work out with weights. You’re not going to make many friends on the team that way.” I was still pissed at this arrogant prick. I didn’t care if he was my mentor. He may have been a big senior and I was just an entering sophomore. I was not going to let go of the fact that he had stood me up yesterday. I didn’t trust his sorry ass. “OK. Enjoy your workout with the bodybuilder and watch your ass. Literally.” Steve left through the gate he had come in. A minute later, I heard him start his bike and peel out. He sounded mad. I didn’t care. I put my ear buds back in and was listening to some Led Zepplin. I must have fallen asleep when Gene shook me awake. “Were you asleep? I tried to call. Do you still want to work out?” “Yeah. Sorry.” I got up. “Do I need to get anything?” “No, I have all we will need. Let’s go.” His garage door was up and we went in and started setting up. He pulled a clip board out and started making notes. “I want to start out by taking measurements. Can’t know how well you are doing without measurements, kocaeli anal yapan escort can we? Stand next to the kitchen door, heels back to the wall.” There was a cloth tape measure hanging off of a nail. He used the clip board on the top of my head. “Six-one” He wrote it down. “Six-one. Really?” “Yeah. What did you think you are?” “Six-even” “Looks like you are still a growing boy.” “How tall are you?” “Six-two and a half.” “Do you think I’ll be as tall as you?” “Taller, probably.” I straightened up and pulled my shoulders back. “Really?” “Yep. Now chest. Raise your arms. No, this is not a stick up. Arms parallel to the floor.” He reached around me with the tape. His face was right next to mine. I smelled his minty fresh breath. He stepped back and held the tape against my sternum. “41. He wrote that down, too. Let’s set a goal of 45.” “By when?” “This is September 1st, so let’s measure again December 1st. Maybe you will have made some progress by then. We’ll see. Now biceps. Flex.” “Huh?” “Make a muscle.” “Oh. Yeah. I am seriously needing some guns. How big are your arms?” “Mine? 21 inches.” “Wow. How big are Dad’s?” “22.” “No shit?” Gene got all the measuring done. My waist was 34. Gene said I need to get down to about 30 if I want to be really impressive, I’ll need a strong V-taper. When he finished, he told me to lay down on the bench on my back. “I’ve put 20s on the bar. I want to see how you handle that.” Gene gave me instruction on the proper form to lift as well. He stood over my head to spot me. I looked up and could see up the leg of his shorts. He was commando, no jock or even underwear briefs. His cock was soft and hung down over his balls. He was totally shaved. He was talking to me about the lift but I was just looking and not listening. I started to chub. “Garth, you’re not listening.” “How can I with your cock in my face. You know how horned up I am and can’t do anything about it.” “Your Dad and I had a talk about that and our conversation this morning. He and I have had an open relationship for I guess a year and a half now and it has worked out ok for us. We talked about including you in our relationship. He said that if it happened between you and me and we are very careful about not getting caught by anyone Catherine might send around, that maybe I could help you out.” “Are you serious? That would be radical. But what does that mean? You and me fucking?” “Whatever you want it to mean. I know that you have been very active and there is not much you haven’t done. That is one genie you can’t put back into the bottle. Once a man becomes sexually active it’s not realistic to expect him to quit cold turkey, especially if he is 15 years old. So it is okay with him and me for me to help you out when you need it. Which looks like that may be the case right now. If you want to, hop up and let me sit down on the bench.” I was in shock and didn’t move. “Well, do you want a blow job or not?” “Hell yeah.” I jumped up and pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. I was already rock hard. Gene was out of his shirt and standing there in his god-like glory. He started stroking his cock to get hard. I was already dripping pre. I moved out of his way and he sat down on the end of the weight bench. He motioned for me to step closer to him. As he took my cock in his right hand and licked the pre off the head. My knees went weak. I shivered as his tongue lapped at the head of my cock. He circled my head and stabbed my piss slit as he sucked out more pre. He used his thumb under my cock to pull more from the length of my cock. “You taste like your Dad. I like that.” He held my cock and licked from my balls to the tip. He was wetting my whole cock and then he went down on me, a full on deep throat. Very few had ever done that. Many had tried and most had failed. Gene easily did it. “Wow. That is amazing how easy that is for you.” “Have you ever seen your Dad hard?” “No” “If you had you would know that I have had some very good practice for the last few years. That and the fact that I have been a size queen for nearly twenty years. If I couldn’t do it by now, I never would.” “How old were you your first time?” “I was fifteen when I learned to deep throat. I’ll tell you about it later, but right now I want to get you off.” I had to admit that Gene had to be a world class cock sucker. He swallowed my cock and I could feel his throat muscles massaging my hard as steel cock. My legs were shaking as I stood between his legs. I knew I would not last long the way he was working my cock. In about a minute, I was pumping into his throat. He pushed me off a little bit to catch the rest of my cum in his mouth. He swallowed it all. “God Gene, that was the best I ever got. Where did you learn to do that and deep throat like that? “When I was your age, my next door neighbor was a college junior and was home for the summer. He taught me everything I needed to know and he was hung like a donkey. It was the greatest summer. That was the summer that my life went from black and white to living color. He also got me started lifting weights. He also was the guy that took my cherry and I have been a size queen ever since.” “I still have my butt V-card. I want my Dad to pop my cherry.” “That’s not going to happen.” “What do you mean? He will when I am old enough.” “It doesn’t have anything to do with how old you are. Since you’ve never seen your Dad hard, you don’t know what you are asking for, do you?” “No.” “Didn’t think so. He’s huge. Massive. Just the head is…how can I describe it…It’s as large as a 100-watt light bulb. Ok maybe only a 60-watt bulb. The shaft is as thick as a beer can…a Fosters beer can. And fully hard is over 12 inches. After we started getting serious, even then he wouldn’t top me. Every time we tried, he’s go soft. He didn’t want to hurt me like he’s hurt other men. Bleeding, stitches kind of hurt. It wasn’t until he saw me getting fisted in one of our play parties did he fully realize what a size queen I am. Even then, he was super careful with me. So there is no way in hell he will ever fuck you. It’s not possible to top someone with a limp dick. He can’t stay hard if he cares about someone and he thinks he is hurting the guy. Understand?” izmit yabancı escort “Yeah, I guess. He told me that one time but I didn’t understand. I thought he was just making an excuse.” “Your Dad is a very caring and compassionate man and he cares about you more than anyone on the planet, including me.” “What do you think I should do?” “About what?” “Getting him to fuck me.” “You’re not listening to me. He is not going to.” “But what if I give up on the idea of him popping my cherry. I get someone else to. Someone small like only six and a half inches and work up to larger and larger until I can take my Dad? Would that work?” “Damn, Garth, you do have a one-track mind.” “Well, do you think it would work?” “I don’t know. You can try it. You might not even like being on bottom. It may not be for you. You’ll never know ’til you try. Starting out, it’s going to be painful. You may decide it’s not worth it. I know lots of guys that are tops only, thank god. You may be one of those. Tell you what. I’ll go to Miranda’s and buy a set of dildo’s starting with the smallest and going up to to some pretty good sized ones. You can practice by yourself. Now let’s get back to draining your balls since you are still hard as an iron spike. Move out of the way. I’m going to lay back on the training table and you are going to fuck me.” I hadn’t noticed the training table against the wall. It was a padded leather-looking covered table about three or three and a half feet off the floor, about four feet in length and about two and a half feet wide. It had drawers on the side and Gene opened the top one and took out a tube. “What’s that?” “That, my young friend, is Swiss Navy, my most favourite lube.” He squirted some lube in his hand and started jacking me with it to completely lube up my cock. I don’t remember ever being so hard. Then he squirted some on his fingers and reached around to smear it on his butt hole. He laid down on the table on his back. “Come here and stand at the end of the table. I’m going to put my ankles up on your shoulders and you go for it.” I looked down on this incredibly handsome god-like man on his back looking up at me. His massive chest was shaved, his shoulders were big bowling ball size and his biceps and triceps were perfectly shaped to match the rest of his body. His 6-pack tapered into his shaved crotch. A fat 8 inches rose up to nearly his navel. I stared in amazement. “Well, Garth, have you changed your mind?” “Uh, no. I just can’t believe how handsome and sexy you are.” “You don’t need to sweet talk me. Just put your cock at my little hole and push in. Don’t go fast or you will miss the pleasure.” I put did like he said and slowly pushed. There was only slight resistance. He opened up and I was in. I held still, amazed at his heat and the soft caress of his asshole. “How can you be such a size queen and still be so tight?” “You mean, why don’t I have a raggedy kitty with all the big cocks I like. Especially your Dad’s?” “Yeah.” was all I could say, I was getting lost in the sensations. “Kegels.” “Huh?” “I’ll explain later. Focus on your fucking.” We stopped talking and soon we were both moaning. The lips of his hole gripped my cock in a tight seal. As I sawed in the lips rode in with my cock and on the pull out his lips rode out. Slow and easy so that I didn’t miss any of the sensations. Inside, he felt like a warm velvet glove caressing me. I had read that description somewhere and damn if it felt exactly like that. As I got more into the sensations, I stopped thinking. I was lost in the moment. Gene’s orgasm brought me back to awareness. His ass muscles were spasming on my cock and that pushed me over the edge. Both of us were unloading—him on his neck, chest and abs, me as deep inside him as deep as I could push. I collapsed on top of him and we both tried to calm our breathing. “Wow, Gene, that was incredible.” “Just stay still inside me and let it just go down and pop out on it’s own.” I did what he said. But my cock didn’t deflate. I stayed hard inside his warm wet hole. “Garth are you still hard?” “Yeah feels like it.” “Do you want to go again?” “Hell, yeah.” “Go for it, Stud.” This time I lasted longer and when I shot, it was more powerful than the first time. This time I did deflate and popped out on it’s own. I was breathing hard. “I see your cock is not so hard any more. Do you think we can get back to the weight bench and do some lifts?” Gene spent the next hour showing me proper form and judging how much weight I should start out with. He made a list of a routine I could start out with next time I workout. We were going over “the plan” when Dad stepped out of the kitchen. “Did you get a good workout? He is a tough trainer, isn’t he Garth?’ He sniffed the air. “I smell sex. You did more than pump iron. I bet Garth also pumped something else?” “Yeah, he couldn’t concentrate on lifting for his hardon occupying his brain. I sucked him off once and then he fucked me twice before his balls were finally drained. After that we had a good workout. I will say he is a pretty selfish top.” “Hey, what do you mean by that?” “I meant you were only concerned about your own pleasure. You did nothing for me. You ignored my nips. You didn’t even give me a little wank as my cock was drooling a gallon of dog slobber. That was selfish, you just looking after your own pleasure. I realize you are only 15 but you are going to have to learn that a good top has more to do than put his cock in the hole and pump. But the good thing is, I am going to enjoy teaching you.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” “No harm, no foul.” “Garth I hope that will keep you out of trouble. Just remember no fucking anyone over the age of 18 and no fucking in or around the pool until we get finished with Catherine. Also, Dad called a little bit ago to say they are coming in tomorrow from Houston. Mom is anxious to start unpacking and getting the house in order. Margaret Jane is coming with them to help Mom. So get your skinny dipping in today because that ends when Mom gets here. Got it?” “Yes, sir, I got it. I’m glad they are coming back early. I am ready for Mingy’s cooking. When do they get here?” “They are taking the first flight out of Houston and will be here by 10 am. I get off work at 6 and will come home before I go to get them. Tomorrow, I’ll be finished with all the payback hours I owe everyone and we can get back to our normal lives. And Tuesday will be your first day at your new school.” “Yep new school, new house and new friends, hopefully. And a new chapter in my life.”

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