Nasty’s Slave in DC Pt. 02

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Chapter 5, Day 5:

I was awoken early Wednesday morning with Nan’s cunt over my face. “I’ve got a busy day today,” Nan said. “You need to get me off to a good start. You’re quite popular and are going to be busy yourself.” I opened my mouth and grabbed her 50+ year old ass cheeks, feeling cellulite and soft flesh. I felt trapped with no options and resigned myself to my role as her sex slave. Although I was getting more sex than I ever imagined, I had no idea of the consequences when I accepted her laced drink at the bar four days ago.

I lapped at her labia, sliding my tongue between her lips tasting sweat, musky piss and sour pussy juice. She pivoted her hips, directing my tongue to her clit. I did her bidding massaging her clit with my tongue. She pivoted into a 69 and sucked my cock while I continued to service her pussy. When I was sufficiently hard, she crawled down my body facing away from me and guided my cock into her vagina. She sat all the way down and rocked her hips. She was on her knees with her cold feet in my armpits.

I was being used to give her pleasure without concern for the deep in-and-out motions that would make me cum. Perhaps she didn’t want me to cum, as I was to be used as a fuck toy all day. After a few minutes, she spasmed on my cock and slowed down. “God, I needed that,” she said, as she climbed off me. “Shower and get dressed, we are going to the Capitol Hill Office,” she commanded.

I had muscle cramps deep inside my crotch area. My balls felt tender and heavy. I had no idea how I could make it through the day.

I rode in the back seat of her Lincoln Town Car, too worried about the coming work day to think of anything to say. I was met at the office by Evelyn, Nan’s Chief of Staff. Evelyn took me to the executive conference room where I was given a small breakfast. Aside from all the rolling office chairs around the conference table, there was a dining room type of chair bolted to the back wall. It had a padded seat, 4 legs, and a wooden back with no arms.

I was stripped and tied onto the chair with my arms secured down my sides and my feet tied to the front legs of the chair. “I get first go, let’s see how this position will work out,” Evelyn said, while removing her skirt and panties. “Ok,” I managed. She kneeled in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. I quickly got hard and she straddled my cock, facing me. She grabbed the chair back for balance and bounced hard over my lap.

I moaned weakly as she thrust her hips on top of me. “Oh yea, fuck yea” she chanted, “I’m gonna cum on your cock.” Her thighs smacked my hips over and over. I just started getting into it when she stopped bouncing, and slowly twitched on my lap. “Oh, that was good,” she said dismounting. “You’ll get some company soon. Are you thirsty?” I drank from the water bottle she pressed to my lips. She dressed, left the conference room, and closed the door.

After a little while, two women came in. I didn’t remember seeing them before. One was tall with long red hair. The other was short and stocky with short black hair. They closed the door and approached me with devilish grins. “Help me get him started,” the tall one said. The shorter one started sucking my cock while the tall one got undressed. I was soon fully hard again. The tall woman put one foot on the chair, revealing her spread pussy. The short woman switched to licking the offered pussy, then covered my cock with her mouth one last time before backing away.

The tall woman put her legs on either side of me, facing away, and lowered onto my cock. She hit bottom with a satisfied moan. She ground down on my lap shifting right and left, then forward and back. She leaned forward while pumping up and down. She felt so good, this got me moaning.

The short woman looked at the wall clock and took off her clothes. Soon she said, “Ok, my turn.” It had only been about 5 minutes. The tall woman pulled away and the short woman climbed on my lap facing me. With her feet on the chair seat on either side of my hips, she aimed my cock and lowered herself onto it. She immediately started going up and down, staring at my face with her mouth hanging open. Five minutes of this had her panting, spicy breath into my face, grinning and getting flushed.

The redhead called time and I was dismounted. The tall woman took her place, facing me with her feet on the floor on either side of the chair. She waisted no time establishing a fast pace bouncing up and down, grimacing, giving my cock firm squeezes with her vagina. She was driving me crazy with the sensations. I was about to cum, but the short woman said it was her turn again.

I then realized that these two had adjoining 15-minute slots with me and were sharing their time. It seemed like they were genuinely trying to make me cum, but the switch-overs were breaking my concentration and delaying my orgasm. The short woman got back on top, the same way as before. “You are Bycasino mine. You are gonna cum for me,” she breathed into my face. I was thinking she was probably right. She had powerful legs, and her deep knee bends gave friction to my entire cock.

I was moaning and struggling to keep it together. I knew I would get no mercy after I came, so I tried to delay it for as long as I could. Unfortunately, I was already close to the edge and after 3 or 4 minutes of this pounding, I erupted into her vagina. I cried out as I pumped semen into her. Both women relished the look of ecstasy on my face and were even more pleased as I begged for a break. I was to have none.

The short woman kept up a steady pace as I grimaced and squirmed under her. She only stopped when the tall one said it was time for her last 5-minute round. Still sensitive, I moaned loudly as the redhead mounted me, her backside toward me again, her legs splayed to either side of the chair. The dark-haired woman knelt in front either licking or rubbing the taller woman’s clit. I barely noticed as the woman on top spasmed over me, I was so wrapped up in my own sensations.

It was time for the last round with them. The dark-haired woman climbed up, also facing away from me, but with her feet on the chair. The tall woman stood leaning forward to rub the short woman’s clit with her hand and watching me as I was pounded. Another woman walked into the room as these two were finishing up with one last orgasm.

The new woman was around 60, with short light brown hair and steel blue eyes. She told the others to untie me. I was escorted naked, except for my collar, to the executive bathroom down the hall. It was a plush ladies’ bathroom with a couch and a stall. There was a thick exercise mat on the floor of the large waiting area with tie-downs and leather cuffs on each corner. The elderly lady took off her clothes and ordered someone to suck my cock. I got hard again quickly, both due to my sensitivity and because I hadn’t gotten fully flaccid.

As she laid down, the elderly woman said, “This time you are going to fuck me hard.”

“Ok Miss …”

“It’s Senator Feinst to you. I worked hard for my title and I won’t be referred to as “miss” like a school girl slut,” she rasped and glared. “Keep everybody out,” she hollered, as her assistant left the room. She smeared lube on my cock and pulled it toward her waiting cunt, legs spread wide. No way did I want to fuck this old crow. I could easily overpower her, but I was stuck there with no clothes, and a GPS tracker in the metal collar around my neck, so I would be captured again even if I did manage to escape.

I pretend she was someone else as I slid my cock into her. “Faster!” she yelled, and she smacked my ass with her hand. That dissolved the image in my head and I saw her saggy tits shake. My eyes unfocused as I drove onward with all my strength. I moved faster in and out like a piston, my dick hard with a mind of its own. I tried to think of anything else, but nothing would replace that pointed nose on her wrinkled face.

She pulled her legs wider apart and shouted, “Harder, faster!” I gave it all I had, not wanting to displease this seemingly powerful woman. Sweat formed on my face, then I paced myself to last at least the rest of her 15-minute time slot. She pulled her left leg then pushed it between my knees and raised her right leg into the air, moaning out, “deeper.” I grabbed her right leg to brace myself and scissored our crotches together. I slammed into her as deep as possible, not feeling any resistance in her vagina.

She tossed her arms and her head back as she shuddered in orgasm. I didn’t dare stop pushing because she didn’t tell me too. She lay there moaning as I kept pounding her. Finally, she said, “That’s enough, and much better than last time.” She stood up and got dressed as I lay on my left side down on the mat panting.

As she left the bathroom, a large woman walked in. She was tall and overweight, with short brown hair and huge boobs. She looked down at me, naked on the floor, and smiled. I smiled back weakly at her pretty face, still breathing hard. She took off all her clothes, showing me how big her tits really were. She rolled me on my back and straddled my face. I felt suffocated between her large thighs as I tongued her slit.

After a short while, she climbed off, turned sideways, and brought my cock back to life with her talented mouth. She swiveled and perched on top of my cock and slowly slid down. She rolled her massive hips, causing my cock to slide forward and back inside her vagina. I relaxed under her control, being pressed deeply into the mat. I lost track of time as she rode me.

She rolled off me, spread her legs as much as she could and said, “Now it’s your turn to do the work.” I had regained my energy, crawled on top, and entered her. “Do me good,” she encouraged. I smiled and set a steady pace, bouncing on her ample cushion with Bycasino giriş loud smacks of my hips on her inner thighs.

I reached up and played with her huge tits, eliciting a moan as I massaged her massive nipples. “Rub my clit,” she told me. I used my right thumb to rub small circles over her clit. She groaned and then spasmed on my cock. After a moment, she stood up and got dressed. She patted my cheek before leaving me alone in the bathroom. I cleaned what I could of myself in the sink and sat on the couch.

Next came in Mandy, with her long brown hair flowing behind her. “Hi Mandy, nice to see you again,” I said, smiling.

“We don’t have much time,” she told me, taking off her clothes. She sat naked on the couch beside me and gave me a warm kiss. She ran her mouth down my chest and ended at my cock. She quickly revived me and sat on my lap facing me. She guided my cock into her cunt and lowered all the way down. “I’ve been dying to get you again.”

“You feel so good,” I told her. “I’m glad to see you.” I ran my hands up her sides and gripped the bottom of her tits. Leaning forward, I encased her left nipple in my mouth.

She rode on top of me for some time and then said, “Your turn, get on top.” She rolled off me and spread her legs on the couch. “Do me hard,” she told me. I slid in her slippery hole and pounded as fast as I could manage.

It felt so good, soon I was saying, “I’m gonna cum.” Before I could cum, she pushed off then down on the mat and straddled me.

Humping right away, she said, “Now you can cum.” It didn’t take me long to build up pressure and I released my load into her. She grinned broadly while she kept up her fast pace pounding me into the mat.

My cock head became extra sensitive as she continued to hump. “Ok, please give me a break,” I pleaded. She leered down at me and didn’t slow down a bit. I writhed and moaned under the sensation that she kept up for a few minutes.

Mandy didn’t slow down, even when someone else walked into the executive bathroom. It was someone I didn’t recognize, who smiled and stripped off her clothes. The new woman perched on my face. I tried to please her with my tongue, but I couldn’t keep my squirming and gasping under control.

Mandy’s time was up, so she dismounted, and the new girl took her place, bouncing on my slimy cock without delay. The new woman relished my suffering as Mandy got dressed and left. I was not given a moment’s break and couldn’t concentrate on what the woman looked like, just a grinning face and large bouncing boobs.

Just when the sensitivity in my glans was returning to normal, the woman shuddered on my cock and lay prone on top of me. I noticed she was fairly heavy as she pinned me down on the mat. My cock slowly shrank and retracted from inside of her as I relaxed.

Two more women came in. When they finished getting undressed, they pulled the other lady off of me. One straddled my face and the other knelt to play with my cock. I lapped at the puffy labia in front of me. She was clean and dry, but soon was covered in my saliva. I squeezed her butt cheeks and held her tight. I felt a mouth on my cock and a tongue swirling on my glans. I felt warm and comfortable and noticed that my cock was hard again. Whoever it was, climbed on me and lowered her cunt on my cock. I thought I must have died and gone to heaven.

I concentrated my tongue on the clit in front of me and maneuvered my right hand to her crotch. I smeared my middle finger with her juice and slipped it inside her. I explored her vagina with my finger as I licked her clit. Soon she was cumming on my face. My cheeks felt wet as she wobblily stood up over me.

The two women changed places and I was offered a new pussy to lick. I was enjoying the reactions I could elicit from these women with my tongue and fingers. I could feel the other woman pounding on my hips, impaling herself on my rod. The vagina on my cock was so soft and slippery. The crotch moving on my face refocused my attention. I licked up between her pussy lips and sought out her clit. I brought my right hand to my chin and inserted two fingers into her slit.

After several minutes of licking and fingering, she spasmed and came on my hand. The women got up and switched places. I was forced to eat out the first one again. I didn’t mind, this was fun and the bouncing on my lap felt so good. I felt pressure building inside me and I stopped licking. The hips above me pressed incessantly forward and I used my slimy finger to rub right and left over her clit. My tongue was useless as I panted and moaned loudly. “Oh god,” I cried out as my tension grew higher and higher.

Muscles I didn’t know I had, in my crotch and urethra pulsed and contracted, forcing any sperm I may have had left up and out into the grinding vagina over my lap. The rest of my body went limp as I lost all pretense of servicing the vulva on my face. My eyes rolled up and I could hardly Bycasino deneme bonusu breathe. The raw sensation on my glans hit me like a ton of bricks. I thrashed uncontrollably but was held down as the pounding on my cock continued. I clenched my teeth and sucked in breath. I was delirious and could think of nothing but the over stimulation of my cock head. I tried to speak, to beg, but could not manage anything coherent. I was reduced to a limp rag doll with a hard cock and constant whine.

While I was being tortured, someone came in and got undressed. While my chest and arms were still held down from above, the latest woman took the place of the one riding my cock. In some ways this was worse. The new vagina felt tighter and less slippery. It felt like my cock was being crushed in a grinder. I could feel every fold and bump inside her vagina. I was still spent, so I could not put up even a token resistance. I just kept moaning, my eyes unfocused.

As I regained some of my composure, the first two women got dressed and left. I continued to spasm and moan softly under the steady assault of the remaining woman. She kept up a hard pace with deep strokes for what seemed like an eternity.

Just when I thought I was getting used to it, she climbed off my cock and straddled my face. I was grateful for the break and enthusiastically dived into her warm, sweaty flesh with my tongue. I soon brought her to an orgasm on my face. She slid off and we both lay there panting.

Donna came in, saw my sorry state and told me to clean myself up. “I’m moving your lunch forward, so you can have a break before I have you.” She led me to a door near the back of the bathroom that I had not noticed before. There was a shower stall and a small changing area. On shelves were soft towels and washcloths. The shower stall had liquid soap and shampoo dispensers, a handheld shower head with an extra-long hose.

Seemingly out of place, were eye bolds near the top and bottom of the shower walls. I had never seen those round metal hoops at the end of bolts buried in the wall of a shower before. They somehow made me afraid.

After I was done showering, sitting on the couch with a towel wrapped around my waist, Donna returned with some fast food takeout. It was a little awkward, eating naked on a couch, with Donna fully clothed, but I somehow managed it.

I finished my fries and was sipping my soda when Donna stood up, reached under her skits, pulled down her panties and said, “It’s time for you to service me.” She sat back down on the couch with her legs spread wide, revealing her neatly trimmed crotch.

I smiled, put down my soda and got on my knees before her. She smelled of soap and a little sweat as I licked her snatch up and down. I buried my tongue in her slit feeling her warmth. I licked up to her clit and circled it with the tip of my tongue. I alternated between her labia and her clit for a while, then she grabbed my head and centered my tongue on her clit. I slipped a finger in her and rubbed her clit with my tongue.

I soon had her cumming on my hand. “Oh, uh, uh,” she moaned and shook, then pulled me up to kiss my slimy face. She reached down and squeezed my cock. She guided it into her vagina, and I pumped into her slowly in and out. My cock got harder and I pumped faster. She raised her legs, gripping her ankles and pulled them back. This allowed me to slide deeper, all the way in. Our thighs smacked loudly as I pounded her hard. I kept this up for several minutes until someone walked through the door.

I had slowed down a bit when someone smacked my ass. I turned to see Evelyn grinning down at us. “Keep going,” she said. Evelyn opened the janitorial closet and brought out a few items. She came back and rubbed Donna’s clit while I kept pumping. Evelyn rubbed faster, and Donna was soon brought to her second orgasm. My pumping slowed down, and Evelyn fastened cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

I paused to catch my breath and Evelyn pulled a hood over my head. The hood covered my eyes and ears. The hood was somehow attached to the collar around my neck. She pulled me up and guided me back to the shower stall. I could feel the wet tiles under my bare feet. My arms were raised and locked to each side of the stall. My ankles were spread and locked into place. I was left alone for a bit while I heard water running in the sink.

The water was turned off after a couple of minutes. I heard some noise around me. A ball gag was forced into my mouth and fastened to the hood over my head.

Suddenly, a lubed-up finger was forced into my asshole. I moaned at the sudden intrusion. The finger wiggled around and then was withdrawn. Something cold and hard took its place. I felt my colon slowly begin to fill with warm liquid. I felt nice at first, but after a while the pressure grew uncomfortable. The tube was removed, and before I could react, foul smelling water rushed out of me.

I was sprayed and splashed with water from the shower head. A larger rubber nozzle was forced into my ass. I was filled up again with liquid that ended with more pressure than before. I struggled and moaned until the plug was removed. More liquid rushed out of me, but it didn’t smell as bad as before.

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