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Subject: Naval Tradition 41 Naval Tradition Bill Drake ail) NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. If not, sit back, unzip, pull it out, and enjoy. For more of my stories, see the Prolific Authors page here at Nifty archive. Thanks for all the feedback on the series. There will be about four more chapters. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does. Please consider supporting them with a donation. Naval Tradition 41 Kissimmee, Florida and Round Rock, Texas February 2009 I connected with the ball and I didn’t even have to watch to know it was a home run. Sure, it was spring training but this pitcher was a major leaguer and a good one at that. After my performance last season, I was given the opportunity to fight for a spot in the Astros line up. So I was in Kissimmee with the major leagues and a handful of guys like me from the minors. I was realistic enough to know that most of us from AA or AAA were not going to make the cut, but it was a thrill to workout and play with the big boys, and to try to prove myself. I was realistic about my chances but to uniform up for the Astros spring training game was a thrill. It was that sort of thing which fueled the dream we all had. Me and dozens of talented but maybe not talented enough players on the minors roster. It’s what made the grind and low pay and crappy meals of minor league ball worth it. And it was a distraction from Sean. We’d had the worst fight of our relationship right before I left to come down to Florida. It had begun easily enough, with me talking about my chances for making the majors this year. I threw out a comment I thought was innocent enough. “You ready to move to Houston if I get called up?” In my mind that’s how it would work: if I had a proper salary and a major-league team to play on, Sean could take his turn to move to the city. Sean didn’t see it that way, though. “Why would I do that?” “I don’t know… To be near me?” I said, a little pissed off. That put Sean in his defensive mode, and he replied with a condescending older-guy-talking-to-younger-guy tone. “Jim, you know I have my work here.” “Consulting gigs. You could fly here when you need to. Look, Sean, I moved here, and it’d be nice if you took a turn moving to where my job takes me.” My boyfriend was getting as pissed off as me. “Jim, you moved here because you didn’t have anything else going on in your life.” “Fuck you, Sean!” Thus began an hour-long fight that, unbelievably, got worse. Every pent-up frustration we had from living together, every emotional weakness we spotted in the other…. it all came out at full volume. By the end of the night we’d broken up, and the next morning I was packing my car. The words of our argument and break up still echoed in my head each night since, but I decided not to mope. I loved Sean, but I wondered if I was losing my independence being with an older man, one so controlling as Sean, especially. He made me feel like a little kid sometimes, and I was bristling to be an adult. It didn’t help that my career was in limbo, so I’m sure that fed my doubts. The long drive to Florida helped and gave me a lot of time to think. I’d gone from despair to just a deep sadness, and that was an improvement. I knew however much it sucked, I still had my own life to live. And baseball to focus on the next six or so months. It helped actually, like usual. I focused on baseball, on my workouts, on batting practice, and it helped me forget the emotional turmoil in my life. I got the surprise of my life when after a game against the Nationals I saw Sean there waiting in the fan area. He looked nervous as hell, I think he was afraid I’d ignore him or something. But I walked up to him, a suspicious look on my face. “Hi Sean,” I said. Not hostile in my voice, but guarded. “Hi Jim,” He lowered his voice a little and leaned. “If you didn’t want to talk to me, I’d understand, but I came to apologize.” This was an emotionally heavy encounter and it was not the best time for me to have this conversation. But I guess you can never pick your time for emotionally heavy conversations. “Can we talk after I change? I can meet you out here in twenty minutes.” “Sure, Jim.” We went some place private and just sat in his car while it all poured out. Sean contrite as hell as his voice cracked with emotion. “I want you to forgive me, Jim.” I was able to forgive, but I needed to make sure he knew how much he hurt me. “God Sean, you were an asshole to me. I know I said some mean things, too, but fuck, it’s like you wanted to belittle me.” “I know. Jim, I’m sorry. I really am. I’ve done stupid things before but that night we broke up was the stupidest I’ve ever done.” He was crying now, and seeing my big tough Sean break down like that got to me. Then I realized I still did think of him as MY big tough Sean – deep down. “Come on, Sean, I’ll forgive you,” I said, patting his shoulder reassuringly. “I’m glad you came down.” He brightened up a little. “Yeah?” “It shows you took it seriously. Not a half-assed apology like you sometimes do.” His laughter came through the tears. “I hate you when you’re right you know?” I looked around the deserted parking lot we were in. “Fuck, I can’t believe you came all the way to Florida.” Sean grew serious again. “I’d go anywhere you want, Jim. Serious. I love you, and if I have a shot, I want you back in my life.” “I want you back, too, Sean, but you gotta respect me more. I’m not a college kid anymore. Even if I was… you gotta respect more.” “I will, Jim. I fucked up, I know.” I reached up and touched the side of neck with my hand and he smiled and touched my face, too. And just like that we were kissing in the front seat of his car. It was like we didn’t want to ever stop that kiss but eventually we pulled back. “Thank you, Jim. I love you so much.” “Love you, too, Sean. This last couple of weeks were so miserable.” Sean nodded, “You don’t know how insufferable I’ve been.” “I have a pretty good idea,” I quipped, which made Sean laugh. “I missed that, missed your laugh,” I said. Sean grinned. “I bet I know what else Big Guy’s missed.” With that he reached down to my crotch and started undoing my shorts. He made quick time pulling out my prick. His actions caught me off guard but I quick expanded from limp to erect as Sean leaned forward to my seat and took me in his mouth. His blowjobs always felt great but it felt especially hot now. His head bobbing up and down faster and faster in my lap, bringing me right to the edge and over it. “Oh Sean,” I grunted as I came into his mouth. He finally sat up, wiping his mouth off. “I see I haven’t escort kocaeli lost my touch,” he joked. “No, sir.” I said. “Let me do you.” Sean reached down and undid his shorts. “I thought you’d never ask.” **** Sean was in Orlando for two days, but I really had to focus on baseball. Sean came to watch my game the next afternoon and I was able to meet up with him for dinner and a bout of hotel sex afterward. Really, just a quick-release session. It was like Sean wanted to pay me back, because as we impetuously made out the second we stepped into his hotel room, he growled as he reached down to cup my hardon, “I want you to fuck me, Jim.” “Fuck yeah,” I hissed. Impatiently Sean undid his shorts and going commando I saw his erect cock communicating his desire, but only a brief glimpse before he turned around. Maybe it was the time away or the hypersexed mood I was in, but that ass looked even more amazing than before. Big, strong, and meaty, with a full coat of brown hair all over but growing thicker in the deep valley between his cheeks. I crouched down and started rimming him. “Damn, Jim, go for it. Eat my fucking hole out.” I did. Wide, semi-circular swipes of my tongue, curling the tip to nudge his pucker and get reacquainted with my man. Sean’s deep grunts were turning me on and encouraging me to double my efforts. “Fuck,” he hissed, overcome by the sensations. He was clearly enjoying this, a lot. I could have continued this, but I was horny as fuck. I leaned back and spit on his hole before driving the saliva into his body with my forefinger. “Where’s the lube?” I asked. “Toiletry bag,” Sean hissed. I jumped up and went to the bathroom, where I found the familiar bottle of our favorite lubricant. I wasted no time and opening the cap and pouring some on my dick, which throbbed in excitement. I loved fucking Sean, but his recent absence made me that much more turned on. As I returned, I saw that Sean had taken off his shirt and gotten up on the bed, ass up and on all fours. Big, strapping 6’5″ hunk of a man ready to receive me. I jerked my prick to spread the lube and then prodded Sean’s hole briefly to give a quick lubrication. I never before wanted to take him like now. Just shove into his strong, muscular body. But I knew as turned on as Sean was, he needed as slower entry, especially with my size. So I slowly worked myself into him, relishing the heat and the tightness of his hole. Indeed, it took some work opening the hole to relax enough for me. But when I did Sean was ready for me, and I started fucking. Really pumping my cock into him, with speed and strength. It felt amazing, beyond words, really. But there was also a lot of pent-up frustrations coming out in that fuck. And seeing Sean being able to take my thick pole, better than he ever had in fact, just fueled my fire. It also got him off quickly, and as I ran my hands along his strong back I heard the choked grunts of his orgasm as my man was coming on to the bedsheets. That made me cum, too, as my orgasm came on me suddenly and without warning. My body shook in ecstasy I pumped several days’ worth of cum into Sean’s guts. We were sweaty and smelled of sex as we embraced face to face on the bed and kissed passionately. “That was amazing, Sean,” I said. “Thanks.” “I need to get better at that,” he said. “Bottoming for you.” “You were awesome,” I assured him. We kissed some more. Part of me didn’t want to leave his embrace but I also was getting sleepy and I knew I needed a good night’s rest before tomorrow’s training and game. I told Sean as much. He smiled and nodded. “Thanks for the good night fuck,” he laughed. “Seriously, that was hot.” I felt like I shouldn’t be saying my thoughts out loud, but I did anyway. “I got the feeling you were bottoming as a way of apologizing.” “I guess that’s true,” Sean said. “I guess we got a lot of stuff to talk about. Maybe when you’re done with Spring Training.” “Jesus, you’re not breaking up with me again,” I said as a joke, but with an underlying anxiety of what he was referring to. “Hardly. I just mean about our future. I’ve been wrestling with what retirement will mean for me. You know, deep down, I think being in the Army was my entirely identity. Not to make excuses but that’s what was behind my actions recently.” “I get it,” I said, feeling along his strong, bare back. I did, too. That was the tough part. Sean had hurt me but I understood where he was coming from. “And I’m coming at it from the other end. Not having a clear career path. Maybe it’s baseball or maybe this won’t work out. I feel it’s a lot to ask you to put up with me not knowing what my future is.” “I got a big-dicked stud of a baseball player in my bed. You take all the time you want to figure out your future,” Sean quipped. I laughed and we kissed again. “All right…” Sean said. “We need to get you to bed. I’ll drive you back.” Sean left to go back to North Carolina the next morning, but I knew we were solid. We still had a lot of things to work through but we’d had a major turning point in our relationship. **** Indeed, I stayed in the minors that year, this time with the AAA team at Round Rock, Texas, outside of Austin. I had several months of humid Texas heat ahead and several months to prove myself on the diamond. I played well, really well that 2009 season, and I had many conversations with the management about my future. No promises, but serious conversations. I still had to work on my batting consistency, but my stats were creeping up and things just seemed to be firing. I managed to keep the gay thing under wraps, and this season I had some luck on my side. I was staying with a host family, like many guys in the minors do. In this case a divorced woman whose kids were now in college. Diane was a lifelong baseball fan and wanted to put the extra room in her house to use. Thing was, she was a cougar, too, one with a reputation on the team. Pretty in that Texas way with big blond-dyed hair and plenty of make up and perfume. A hot body for a woman in her late 40s. She liked the looks of me and made a move in the first couple of weeks in Round Rock. I rebuffed her advances and that could have made for a disastrous summer, but I was attentive to her in other ways. Spending time with her on the weekends, having meals when the schedule allowed, letting her know if I was going to be out late. She seemed to appreciate that and we became good friends. All the guys on the team assumed I was banging her. It gave me an excuse when I didn’t chase after women at the bar and explained why I wouldn’t be sharing details of my conquest. I felt bad for not correcting the record, but to be honest I had a feeling Diane would benefit from her reputation. I did wonder how much harder kocaeli anal yapan escort it had to be for a woman that age than a man. I mean, she was basically Sean or Jack’s age, but for a woman it’s different to go chasing young guys. Sean did get a kick out of the situation when I described it to him on the phone. “Leave it to my Jimmy to reel in a cougar,” he laughed as we talked late one night. “I’ve been so fucking horny, I might have to pounce on that cougar,” I joked. “It’s been tough for me, too, big guy. Miss having my man around.” “God, I miss you something awful, Sean,” I said, feeling both horny and lonely at that moment. It had been four weeks into the minor-league season. “First we had that fight, then just a couple of days to make up. I don’t know… I just miss you, sir.” “You got a day off coming up, right?” “In a few weeks,” I said, telling him the date. “I’m flying down,” he said. “I want to treat you to a nice dinner date.” *** That’s exactly what happened. Sean must have been burning up in his blue blazer, but he looked fine as fuck as I met him at a steakhouse in Austin. It was great, too, to talk about trivial stuff. Just the antidote for a month of thinking about nothing more than baseball. Our jovial mood continued as we walked along the river, his blazer now draped across his arm and his shirt sleeves rolled up. “Know what would make this a perfect evening?” he asked. “What?” “A nice cigar.” He reached in his blazer pocket snd slipped out two cigars. “I came prepared.” That sounded great to me too just then. For Sean and especially for me, cigars were a special occasion thing. “All right,” I smiled, and soon were we enjoying a smoke in the warm humid air. Sean was clearly reminiscing. “Damn, you look as hot as the night I met you, Big Guy. I knew I was the luckiest soldier on leave.” “You changed my life, Chief,” I said. Sean smiled and gave me an intense look, almost a stare. “Damn, you were just a pup then. Still are in a lot of ways.” The age thing still rankled me a bit. I loved how Sean liked my youth but I also felt my age kept him from taking me seriously sometimes. Sean read my expression and gave me a pat on the shoulders, “Come on, man, don’t take it the wrong way. I’m thrilled to be banging a hot young stud. I still have to pinch myself.” My resistance melted a little. “I pinch myself, too, Chief.” He ruffled my hair. It was awesome to be able to be this affectionate with one another out of doors. Maybe it was a risk for me, but it was Austin, not Round Rock, and there were few people around. “Face it, Jim. It was inevitable you’d end up with an older man.” I let out a puff and burrowed my brow. “Maybe,” I half-admitted. I guess I could be as stubborn as Sean in admitting my man was right. “You know, for someone who’s about to get laid, you got a real serious look on your face,” he teased. I cracked up. God, it was great being back with Sean, even for a short visit. “Oh really?” I shot back. “I thought you were just treating me to a romantic dinner.” Sean smirked. “I know I got to treat the bitch right if I want those legs spread for me.” His crude soldier schtick was funny, but also a major turn on, especially as he delivered it in his deep Southern drawl. Moreover, I loved how he was throwing it out there: Sean was going to fuck me tonight. Since our breakup and reconciliation, we hadn’t done it that way. Sean had let me – no, begged me – to top. And I loved it. But he was going to be top dog tonight. I broke out in goose pimples as we walked along in silence, the lust between us now heavy in the air. “Wanna head back?” he asked, and I nodded. We were neither fast nor slow in stripping down. We knew we had time for a good session, but also we were turned on by a long absence. Once Sean’s erect cock popped free from his briefs, though, I was crouching down and blowing up. “Fuck, Jimmy, that’s it. Suck Daddy’s bone.” The word Daddy fueled my fire. It wasn’t something Sean said too often in our sex, but the very fact he used the daddy thing sparingly made it that much hotter for me. I doubled my efforts and I heard Sean chuckle. “Easy, boy, it’s not a race.” I didn’t suck him off. This was just the foreplay, so when I stood up Sean and I embraced and made out, making our way over the mattress, where Sean’s tall muscular body was positioned on top of mine, chest to chest, cock to cock. It was equal parts romance and sexual intensity. “I want to try something different tonight, Jimmy,” Sean said. “You trust me?” “I did until you just asked,” I joked. Suddenly I was nervous about what he wanted to try. Sean’s eyes glimmered but he asked again. “Serious, Jim. You trust me?” My heart beat an extra beat and a lump formed in my throat. I was nervous. Yet I nodded. “Yeah, I do.” Sean patted me on the shoulder and bounded up off the bed, his cock as erect as I’d seen it. Damn he looked so fucking hot. His body beefy yet toned, if that’s possible. He reached in his bag and pulled out a black nylon strap and a similarly dark piece of cloth. I wasn’t sure what it was at first as he walked back to the bed, his prick rigid with each step. “Sit up,” he commanded. I did and Sean scooted in behind me and grabbed my arms pulling them back. I gave a slight instinctive resistance. “Let me, Jim,” he urged and all of a sudden I felt my wrists pulled together and the strap bind them together. Not too tight but tight enough to keep them secured. It was an unfamiliar sensation, a little scary but a turn on at the same time. Sean’s hands were on my back and shoulders, caressing my muscle before he leaned forward and kissed along my neck. “You’re such a fucking stud, Jim,” he growled, his lips tickling up along the side of my neck. “You gonna let Daddy have some fun tonight?” “Yes, sir,” I said. With that Sean slipped the clothe over my eyes. It was a blindfold. Not dark enough to filter out the light but then I felt Sean’s presence behind me disappear and then the hotel room switch turned off the lights and I saw mostly darkness. “Lean back now,” Sean said, and I lay back on the bed and felt the softness of the pillow behind my head. Then Sean’s firm nude body, warm from his body heat, crawled on top of me. Wow! It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a separate sensor, amplifying not only the body contact with Sean but the pressure and temperature of that touch. And that was only the beginning. Sean’s lips touched mine and we were kissing, his soft wet tongue pressing into my mouth. I kissed back and I’m sure writhed a little against him. It was a little frustrating not to be able to use my hands, and if Sean had been bearing his full weight on me, my bound hands would be feeling izmit yabancı escort really uncomfortable. But Sean hovered above me in a half push-up position, kissing me, then guiding his mouth and his touch along the side of my neck, to my upper chest, my nipples, my sides. Soft kisses and softer touches. I couldn’t predict what he’d explore next, and the sensation and anticipation were driving my cock wild. His body disappeared from above me and I shivered with my dripping hardon for what must have been a minute. I was turned on but frustrated as hell. I thought of tell him to do something, anything, but I didn’t want to break the spell. Sean was running this show. Then I felt a fingertip each trace the leg hairs on my calves, each at the same time. Traveling up centimeter by centimeter, it felt slower even. Then a lick on one side then another. Then my knees. Sean was going to work his way up my legs. Only he surprised me and started licking and gnawing at my nuts, surprising me. “Aw fuck!” I welped in delight at the slight tickling sensation. Even with my blindfold I knew Sean was smiling at my predicament. He nudged my legs up and apart and I got the message, using my abs to lift them up the best I could. He used the exposure to really work my balls, going just a little deeper down the perineum on each tongue swipe. Then… nothing. I could feel his breath against me, but had to wait, immobile. Sean’s tongue touched my exposed hole, very gently. My bound and blinded state made this rim job feel like none other. Like I was experiencing my asshole in a sexual way for the first time. Especially as the gentle tongue-taps became licks, which became more fevered asseating. My dick was really dripping now, and I felt an intense relief when all of a sudden Sean plunged a lubed finger right into my hole. This was going to be a great fuck, I knew. After playing with my ass for a while and lubing me up, I felt him scoot so his hard cock was right at my entrance. He held there and ran his hands over different parts of my body. Sometimes normally, sometimes with softer caresses, sometimes with just a touch. God, I was on fire. Then he entered me. Almost as suddenly as he’d inserted his finger earlier. And my ass was eager for his cock. I wished I could see him, watch him, as he fucked me, but I could feel Sean’s warm body press against the back of my legs as he now leaned forward and started thrusting hard and heavy into me. God, my man could fuck, all right, and my current sensory restriction had me experiencing the power of his pounding in a different way. Focusing on the sounds and the smells and his breaths beating down on my face right before he kissed me. Our mouths connected in a hungry embrace and I could tell Sean was getting close. After the insane buildup, I loved that he wasn’t holding back now. If I had a free hand, I’d be jerking off and climbing up to orgasm with him. Instead, I had to lay back and just feel my man get his orgasm inside me. He lifted back up from kissing position in order to get better leverage for his final thrusts. Then after a few more pounding pumps, he let out a deep cry and ejaculated deep inside me. God, I wanted to come so bad, but couldn’t without the stimulation on my dick. I just had to be a receptacle for Sean’s seed. My frustrations were compounded by the fact he stayed steady now, no longer moving his hips or even his body, for a good minute as he enjoyed the aftershocks of coming. I prepared for him to slowly extract his meat and maybe, hopefully, untie my hands so I could come. Only instead of pulling out, Sean started rocking his hips again. Fucking me slowly, very slowly at first. But picking up speed. He was going to go for seconds. I felt helpless to take it. I was starting to get uncomfortable now in my tied position, but it was still a crazy turn on. The two feeling battling one another. And since I hadn’t come yet, Sean’s wet cock pistoning in and out of me felt amazing and my prostate was being stimulated beyond belief. Thankfully it didn’t take Sean long to work himself close to a second orgasm. As he got nearer he touched my dick with lubey hands. I jerked in surprise even, but very quickly I started humping the fist that wrapped around my cock. I wanted to get off so bad. Just then Sean spoke, breaking his silence. “You like being tied up, Jimmmy?” “Fuck yeah,” I hissed. I wasn’t feeling the most articulate just then. Sean had me in a whimpering, ready-to-cum state. “Your dad gave me the idea.” Talk about surprise. “Wha?” I replied dumbly. “Jack likes being tied up. So your Dad ties him up and fucks him.” Each thrust of his cock punctuating and illustrating his words. The crudeness of Sean’s words and the idea they were communicating had me cumming, big-time. Heavy shots of semen fired out and painted my chest and stomach. Then more. Sean was fucking, and milking, a major load out of me. The biggest I’d had in a while. Through my protracted orgasm I barely registered that he was coming again, too. The room light was dim from just one lamp, but when Sean removed the blindfold it felt very bright. I lay limp and motionless as he reached behind and undid the binding. My shoulders felt cramped and I hoped this was just a temporary state, since I had to play ball in two days. Sean was smiling big, his cock hanging heavy and soft and all wet from the lube and cum, as he walked back from the bathroom with a wet washcloth. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone really fucking loved that.” “Jesus, Sean. That was crazy. But yeah, it made everything feel ten times more intense.” I rotated my shoulder to get the blood flowing back through all my arm, before taking the cloth from him to wipe the runny cum off my chest. “What you said about Dad and Jack, were just making that up?” I had a feeling that was just fantasy play but I wanted to be sure. “Nope,” my man grinned. “That night we spent together, your father told me a little about it.” I’d never prodded Sean to ask what happened between him and Dad that night in Philadelphia we each paired off. I had a little jealousy, I guess, but I also liked that Sean had this bond with Dad. This bit of information made me wonder how much of a bond the two men had. “Wow,” I said. If Sean noticed the range of emotions swirling in my head, he didn’t let on. “I know, wow, right? Listen, I hope we can continue to explore this thing a little. That was one of the hottest things we’ve ever done.” I nodded. “Can I tie you up, too?” I could tell Sean hadn’t even imagined it going that way. He had a brief look of concern but agreed. “Yeah, sure, that’s fair, Big Guy.” We scooted our bodies next to one another and talked for the next half hour, before both of us were overcome with the need to sleep. We had all morning tomorrow before I had to report back for my training time at the club house and before Sean got back on a plane to North Carolina, leaving me to another month or so of being without him. But for now, we were together and all was right in the world.

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