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What a shit day at work,The only thing I wanted to do rite now was to get home and fuck the wife so hard to get rid of all this frustration.

So picture my joy when I get home to find a note from the other half to tell me she decided to go out with some work friends and won’t be back till late. Just great home alone and no bitch to fuck.

So after a nice shower, I open a beer and sit down flicking though the sport/porn channels seeing what to watch when I get a knock on the door. By now it’s at least 9pm. I open it to find my next door neighbor Nicole with her 15year daughter Susan in toe asking me if I could help them out. Apparently there had been some family emergency and Nicole had to shot off to the hospital and didn’t want to leave her daughter alone all night.

I said sure no worries being the neighborly thing to do, plus Susan took after her mother with a great figure nice and firm tight arse with great tits to boot.
So here’s me frustrated as hell with a very cute 15 year old girl with amazing brown shoulder length hair, fantastic blue eyes about 5ft 7 with lovely tits that just want to squeeze and fuck all night long with.
I ask if she wants a drink or anything. She politely declines and sits herself on the crouch and starts watching the TV.

I grab a beer and try to make small talk but just an excuse to stare at this fit young teenager. I just couldn’t stop staring; as we watched a movie I kept looking up and catching her eye but instantly Çankaya Escort Bayan looking away each time. She was wearing a tight white top, with a white blouse over the top and some tight jeans. After a while I said look your mum is most probably gonna be all nite why don’t u make yourself comfortable in the spare room.

I showed her the way and wished her good nite. Well I just kept thinking off all the things I would like to do to her I was so turned on, I went back in the lounge and started to watch some more TV, but I couldn’t help it, she just kept creeping into my head and before you know it I was slowly stroking my throbbing member thinking of how Id fuck her so hard.

Then to my horror she walks straight out of the room looking at me right in the act.
Fuck I look at her with my hand on my cock and her mouth wide open startled at what im doing, I quickly pull my pants up but its far too late as she runs back to the spare room, I chase her and manage to stop the door closing fully with my foot.
“Your sick” she says,” wait till I tell my mum what u were doing while i was here.”
My mind goes into over drive about how the fuck am I gonna explain this one.” Plz don’t susan . I wasn’t doing anything I promise”.
“Bullshit u fuckin perv. Im sure ur wife will love to here this one.”

My mind started to race to all the worst case situation, the wife goes mental I get labeled a perv at home ,at work in my neighbour hood, the police get Çankaya Escort involved. Fuck this little bitch could ruin everything for what. Me being horney fuck that’s what.

By this time I manage to push the door far enough for me to squeeze in the room. She standing there in just a t shirt now finally lets go of the door, arms crossed standing there , “Don’t u come near me u perv”.
“Look susan let me explain.. I was just.. you know.. trying to ..”
“So disgusting ,I don’t want to know. I leaving..” with that she makes for the door
“No you don’t” . and I grab her by the arm,
She instantly yells and slaps me hard across the face
“Leave me alone!”
“Your not going anyway”.. now my heart was bounding
She tries to move away from me but my grip tightens around her arm, I throw her on to the bed
“Look we need to sit down and talk”. As I say this I notice her t shirt as moved up above her arse revealing her gorgeous bald pussy. I try to not look but she catches me as she franticly pulls it back down.

“You arsehole! just let me go!” and she bolts for the door again. This time i manage to grab her with both arms use her motion to force her up against the wall. Both our bodies are against each other. her arse rubbing against my rock hard cock though my pants as she struggles to get away.
Aaargh she yells .. u bastard that hurts.. you wait till my mum hears about this.
Fuckin bitch this could ruin me.. Its ur own fault.. is it now my mind Escort Çankaya racing I gotta think and think quick .. but before I could anything my sexual desire takes over and I start to push her harder against the wall .. you fucking bitch..

Then in a second before I even think, I find myself pulling my pants down to release my cock, it shots straight up her arse cheeks, it feels so fucking good.
No!! no don’t. she yells. But its too late. Still holding her against the wall I move my hips back just enough for me to guide my fat hard cock into her tight wet pussy. My cock slips right along her pussy lips,

No wait . wait you don’t have to do this..she crys but its too late now. I pull my cock back along her wet pussy, then slowly up and in her tight wet cunt, wow! You gonna tell your mum about this aswell? How her sweet little daughter is nothing but a cheap little slut!
My cock pushes her lips back as I inch in her wet cunt, and with one thrust I shove my whole 8in all the way up her hot wet pussy. She lets out a scream as I enter her pussy.
Wow ur so fucking tight, I say as she moans with pain and pleasure.
I move slowly back out before ramming it back up and in her.
Wow, ur so fucking wet.. she doesn’t say anything but just moans,
I move in and out , harder and harder . each time I pull out I ram it so hard back in her she cries with pain and pleasure. I start to speed up faster and faster in and out harder and harder before I cant take it anymore. Before I even think of what im doing I shot my load deep in her young bald pussy, again and again wave after wave of cum deep in her hot wet pussy, shots and shots of escasty run though my body.

too be cont….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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