Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 08

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For fifteen minutes or more I had been on the receiving end of a wonderful back massage at Cathy’s insistence. We were both still naked and she was sitting astride my buttocks. Every time she reached forward the combined residues from her pussy would seep from her body and trickle down the crack of my arse. I arched my back slightly.

“You like that do you? The feeling of our juices flowing from me down your behind?” she asked playfully.

“Absolutely!” I exclaimed, a big smile spreading across my face. She reached down and pushed her finger between my cheeks. I groaned loudly to signify my pleasure but to my disappointment she immediately withdrew.

“Roll over for me please, you’re done this side,” she whispered into my ear. Lifting herself slightly, I was able to changing our positions without a major disentanglement and when I had flattened out on my back she sat back down this time placing her come soaked mound directly on my flaccid dick.

“Now, tell me all about Michelle?” she asked, softly massaging my chest with her gentle hands. Cathy also deftly manoeuvred her lower body so that my resurrecting penis was now centred along her heated slit, her every movement slowly massaging me to full erection.

“Well, let’s see. Michelle has been the object of my licentious mind ever since she and her family moved in next door some ten years ago.” I started.

“Oh goodie,” she girlishly squealed, “you’re starting from the beginning.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“Would I do a thing like that?” she retorted, pushing her mushy labia firmly down my shaft. I let her comment go and pushed on with my story.

“She is not stunningly beautiful but I think she is quite attractive. Her mousy-blonde shoulder length hair combined with her well looked after figure do make you look twice if not a third time, even after three children. I do know from personal experience she is a regular swimmer, which accounts for the firmness of her muscles as well as the pertness of her breasts.” I smiled cheekily.

“Mmmm, go on,” murmured Cathy although I was not sure which made her react so, the mention of Michelle’s firm breasts or the rubbing of my cock along her now flooding snatch. Possibly both was my assumption.

“She carry’s her 5’ 6” frame with an air of quiet determination that, when she combines it with a body hugging top, leaves a male quite disarmed. She likes to wear sleeveless tops with three quarter pants or jeans.”

“You do realise that I plan to fuck you as you tell me these details.” Cathy blurted.

“No argument from me.” I replied, pinching her hardened nipples.

“What did you do to/with her the first time urla escort you were together?”

“It started like this. I reminded her of a time some years earlier when her daughter was home from school and I called round to apologise for a renovation related issue. Anyway, she curled up as we chatted and then she started to lift the waist-hem of the top she was wearing. Michelle calmly stopped the rise of her top from revealing her midriff. I told her she made the comment ‘he does not what to see up there’. My heart was positively pounding in my ears, hoping Michelle would react in a positive way, but I was also trying to be realistic enough to know it probably was a forlorn hope.”

“I see! So there was more to the recollection!” Cathy said, curiously using the same words as Michelle had done. “And what did you say?”

“At the time I said nothing. I shyly looked away.” Cathy’s rhythmic movements had increased in tempo but, fortunately, I was too caught up in my relating of the experience to take direct notice.

“”What would you do if, say, that situation played out right now?” Michelle said to me looking me directly in the eye.

“I think I should be the judge of that”. I said immediately.

”Michelle responded “I see” and with her clear hazel eyes looking straight at me as she raised her top to reveal her glorious chest, her bra pulling tight across her breasts, deepening her cleavage dramatically. “So, this is what you really came here for, to see my chest?” Michelle said admiring her own breasts as she lifted them invitingly.”

At this moment Cathy lifted her body and with deft rotations of her hips forcefully pushed my throbbing member deep inside herself. Her wet labia slapping down onto my groin, as she ground herself into me, taking every last inch.

“Did you fuck her straight away,” Cathy demanded.

“Yes,” I answered watching Cathy’s her face contort with lust. “Well, after I told her to play with her breasts and suck her nipples. She even replied, “Yes master.”” This revelation caused Cathy to groan loudly as she rocked herself on my cock, keeping it fully imbedded in her body.

“What happened next,” Cathy panted.

“I went down on her. I sucked her pussy hard and fingered fucked her until she was near climaxing then I fucked her with my cock. She screamed quite loud when I entered her and you should have heard her when she came!”

Cathy slammed her body down hard on my cock several times in very quick succession. I could feel her channel clenching hard around me dragging me deep inside and pushing the thick head against her womb, her vagina spreading kemalpaşa escort its fluids over our joined torsos.

“What was it like the next time you had her?” asked Cathy trying to regain her breath.

“She asked me to fix a brake light on her car and when I found her in the kitchen she was doing the washing up wearing only a pair of white lacy knickers and a sleeveless-top. I noticed a breadknife lying in the sink and I slipped the knife into the waistband of her knickers and cut it through. I told her to taste her own juices. Her flooding vagina had soaked her knickers and I told her she was a naughty woman. I sank to the floor and I slid my tongue into Michelle’s anus. I could feel her arse start to move in a slow circler motion, as my tongue penetrated her with every thrust. She groaned loudly and ground her body down onto my probing tongue.”

”As I continued to tongue fuck Michelle’s tight arse, I slipped my hand around to her pussy, and slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy pussy lips and began to rub her erect clit. Her juices flowed down my wrist and dripped onto the floor as I inserted one more finger into her vagina. She came instantly filling my mouth with her with her juices.”

”After a minute or so, I reached up again and entered her pussy, using three fingers in a slow twisting motion. She shuddered and choked off a cry of pleasure as I finger fucked her slowly, grinding my knuckles against her swollen clit each time I fully entered her. I fucked her arse with my thumb as I started to fuck her pussy with more powerful upward strokes. I watched fascinated as her inner lips pulled down with my fingers as they withdrew, their dark redness glistening with the overflow of vaginal fluid dripping from her gorgeous body onto the floor. Gradually I started building the pace, pulling back and re-entering her flooding womanhood faster and harder in response to her cries and pleading for me to make her come. Which she did very powerfully.”

Cathy now massaging her breasts as she spoke. She pushed her body firmly down on me rubbing her vagina into my groin and mashing her slippery clit against my pubic bone.

“So, what else have you two got up too?” she asked through a tightening jaw.

“She did a bit of a table turn after that. She sucked me dry them ordered me to go upstairs into the bathroom where she proceeded to shave me.”

“Shave you? Is that why you are hairless, I was meaning to ask.”

“Yes,” I stammered feeling the power of Cathy’s pussy as it opened and closed around the full length of my dick. “She shaved me and then stood over me and masturbated menderes escort herself. As soon as she came she collapsed onto me..” I could not finish my sentence as Cathy had increased the pace obviously getting more excited as I told her of my sexy exploits with Michelle together with my thick cock buried deep inside her body.

I began to slowly pump myself up to meet her thrusts from above. As our bodies met her back arched up towards me pushing her magnificent tits out as if beckoning me take them. I was drawn up into a sitting position and grabbed her right nipple in my mouth, sucking on it hard and nibbling on the extended nipple. She moaned loudly and her hand grasped onto my shoulder tighter. I began to pump a bit faster, moaning into her breast as I continued to chew her nipple. I switched to the other one repeating the dose on that nipple. Again she moaned and I couldn’t help but groan in unison with her as her lower worked its magic. I continued to buck upward, trying to push myself fully in and out of her tight channel, harder and faster, until my balls were slamming against her, making a smacking noise. She moaned more and faster and I breathed harshly as we sped to reach our respective climaxes. I locked my mouth onto her tit, my eyes clenched hard as I went closer and closer to the edge. My head was spinning, ears only for the sounds of Cathy’s orgasm, which served to send me rocketing. A blinding light filled my minds eye as all at once I shot my release hard and deep inside of Cathy’s body. At this first pulse I threw my head back to watch Cathy’s beautiful face. She threw her eyes wide open as she felt the force of my first deposit hit her deep in her womb. Then again and again my cock burst into her matching her own orgasmic waves. She held me close, our juices joining and our bodies slowly relaxing from the intensity of our coupling. Her pussy was throbbing around with my wilting shaft. I slowly pulled on top of me, keeping myself inside her as we both struggled to retain our breathing.

“Cathy, have you ever made love to a woman before?” I asked languidly as we lay naked on her bed still basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking. She playfully stroked my softened penis while resting her head on my shoulder.

“Only in my dreams and fantasies of late but back when I was in college….” Her voice trailed off as if she was lost in distant memories.

“I am terribly sorry if I have caused you to reflect on a painful experience.” I said, suddenly feeling very stupid for opening my mouth.

“That’s okay, Ray, it is not painful at all. In fact I remember it like it was just yesterday. But lets not talk about that now. However, I wonder if Michelle has had any experience in that area.” She said with a slight edge to her voice, an edge that I could not read at the moment.

“She has not said anything but then I have not asked.”

Cathy snuggled in closer. “I would be interested to her response.”

“So would I.”

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