New Explorations Pt. 01

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The crisp, sunny day was perfect for exploring the cobblestone street market. Lilly, in her gossamer, white skirt and blouse, felt quite bohemian with her basket of fresh vegetables and scones from the baker. She was on the lookout for Folláin orange marmalade for the scones and transfixed by the plethora of sparkling jars filled with colorful jams and preserves. She did not notice she was being watched by a handsome gent on the other side of the market booth until she looked up to see him staring at her. He stood there, leaning against the wall in front of a small café front in his beige trousers and linen shirt; his shirt unbuttoned a bit to show a hint of his bare chest. “Ok. Damn. He’s cute,” Lilly thought. His arms were folded, making him look tenacious, yet one foot lazily crossed over made it appear as if he was just enjoying the day, not waiting for anyone in particular. Lilly was wrong.

He had been waiting for her. He’d watched her from inside the café the first time she caught his eye. She had been wearing a skirt that day also and managed to get it caught in chain of her bike. “Silly girl,” he had thought. Her bickering with the bicycle and herself was amusing to watch and he remembered chuckling out loud. She was pretty, not beautiful, but her energy was refreshing. He had nearly forgotten about her as quickly until a few days later when she reappeared again. This time in jeans, t-shirt, and chucks, noticeably intent on not repeating her earlier blunder. The jeans highlighted her rounded ass, which was more than pleasing to gaze upon. He watched her park her bike and begin wandering the market. She looked determined and yet she would get amazed by something new as she explored the daily market wares. He watched her a bit longer until he was called back to reality by a guest. He looked for her as he served but lost her from his view. “Was she new in town?” He wondered. “Maybe she was just visiting. Would she be here long? When would she return?” His mind raced until he formalized a plan to find out.

Lilly enjoyed coming to the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It seemed simple enough to ride her bike into town from the small farmhouse she was renting down the way. She had come alone to escape the city and focus on her writing, but she missed interacting with people and, truth be told, she missed flirting with the different gentlemen she would meet at the pubs and grills back home. She hadn’t ventured that far here yet, but her libido was pushing her to explore new things. “How in the hell am I going to do that here?” she had thought as first. She hadn’t noticed anyone even close to her age to be interesting so far, but she hadn’t gone out much either. Getting out to the market gave her hope that she might… maybe??? “Oh, silly girl,” she had bemused, “Just get your goods and come back and write. Stay focused!” Still, her writing required ongoing inspiration. She needed a muse.

When Lilly had seen him standing there, she thought for sure he would look away, but he didn’t. His eyes, ice blue and clearly on her, didn’t stray. She couldn’t stop from staring in return. Nor could she stop from biting her bottom lip as she contemplated what she should do next. He kept his eyes on her as he unfolded his arms and began to walk towards her. Lilly’s heart raced as she fumbled and nearly dropped the Seville orange marmalade she had finally found. She tried to refocus as she pulled out a few euro to pay for it as well as the blackberry current next to it. Not that she particularly had been looking for the current, but she was trying desperately not to look back up to him too quickly. “Oh, this is daft,” she thought. He was good-looking, and damn she wanted someone good-looking to warm her for a bit. She looked back up again, and he wasn’t there. “Damnit, girl! Did you mess this up?” Then she felt his presence behind her.

Her long, brunette hair was down and gently flowing in the breeze flowing from the coast. She was wearing a perfume, something light and floral. The neckline of her blouse showed the skin from her neck to her collarbone and he had never in his life wanted to bite down on someone so intimately as he did now. He was right behind her, trying not to let his own heartbeat come through his shirt, but in his loins, he knew he was going to make this happen. He wanted her. He had watched her for weeks now. She was hungry. Her eyes were always searching. He saw it clearly — always alone, always exploring; yes, she was in need. He stepped around the booth where she was shopping and quietly approached. She didn’t seem to notice until he stood right behind her, not too close, just enough to…

Lilly visibly jumped when she turned to see him standing behind her.

“Sorry, miss. Didn’t mean to give you a scare,” he spoke in a deep voice Lilly found to be quite seductive.

“Well, hello. No, you’re fine. I’m sorry, am I in your way?” She thought clearly now. She needed something clever to say and her brain went into full writer’s mode Malatya Escort to find the perfect double entendre. She looked away from him and in true Vanna White style, she waved her hand over the jellies and jams, calmly posing the question, “There is so much here that looks wonderful to eat, don’t you think?”

“Damn, I should have made it about him. Why did I make it about me? Or did I? Fuck… ok.. let’s play this out….” Her mind continued to whirl. She loved this part of the flirting game but would always second-guess her actions and words.

His chagrin was not subtle. “Very much so,” as extended a hand. She placed her hand in his too willingly and he brought it to his lips for a gentleman’s kiss. “Beginning with you.” Her manicured fingernails grazed the inside of his palm as she pulled her hand slowly from his. Their eyes locked again.

“Well, thank you, gentle Sir.” You seem to be from around here. I haven’t been here long. Would you be able to offer a suggestion for someplace to get something cool to drink? It feels like it is getting quite a bit warmer than it was when I first arrived.” She smiled and realized he had never stopped looking at her. But now his gaze was beginning to drift downward towards her deeply cut, V-neck blouse. She didn’t mind for once.

He tried not to look, but he couldn’t help himself. She was hungry and undeniably, for him. He was going to enjoy this. He quickly brought his eyes back to hers. “I know of a small place where you could rest your basket and get something to drink. How parched are you?” He smiled, knowing his own double-entendre may go unnoticed, but he didn’t think so.

Lilly smiled softly. She knew what he meant, and she was enjoying the word play more than he might have known. Why she was so entranced by this stranger, she didn’t know and at this point; maybe a random encounter would lift her from the doldrum she had been trying to exercise. “Quite,” she replied as she looked up into his blue eyes once again. He was a bit taller than she had expected next to her five-foot frame. She looked down to his hand as she handed her basket to him and couldn’t help but to glance at the taught outline of his cock beneath his pant zipper. Holy fuck. Or as the meme would say, “It’s happening.”

They walked down the block to a nearby tavern. He had not been shy in taking her hand in his as they strolled past the market stalls. A few of the vendors had apparently recognized both him and her and smiled as if it had been a necessary meeting. They enjoyed their time at the tavern, exchanging names, sharing their love of the countryside in stories. He introduced her to a few local treats on the menu and the conversation flowed freely. They shared why they were there, and Lilly found herself wanting to escape the tavern and its quiet crowd for some place quieter and more intimate. Her eyes would occasionally dart to out the tavern’s large window, or the opening door. She hadn’t realized she had been so obvious in her want to escape as she was truly interested in the stories he had been telling her.


His use of her name caught her off-guard. His voice was deep and demanding attention, assertive without sounding aggressive. “Hmm? Yes. I’m sorry. Yes?”

“If you would like, I could walk your bike back to the farm, or back to my studio if you prefer. I promise no harm, but it has gotten quite dark outside and you really shouldn’t take the roads alone.” He had assumed she was looking out at the dark but realized now that wasn’t really the case.

Lilly hadn’t even noticed the dusk as she should have. She had truly been daydreaming of a night that had not yet come. She sat up in her chair and tried to shake the thoughts from her head. “Is your place nearby? It could be a bit of a walk to mine.”

He grinned. “Yes. Just another block.” He gave a nod to the waiter nearby and took care of the tab as Lilly gathered her basket. They walked a short way down the street until he took her hand again. They stopped and it forced her to turn and look at him. He pulled her to him, holding her hand downward, bringing her close to his chest. He looked down at her as she raised her eyes. She was biting her bottom lip again. “Are you certain you want to go inside with me?” His eyes searched hers for any hint of reservation.

Lilly spoke almost too quietly to hear, “Yes, Sir.”

“Tell me clearly, Lilly. I can call you a cab and you can retrieve your bike in the morning. Are you certain?” He looked more intently. He needed to know.

“I want… to go home with you.” She said it. A few hours ago, it was all bravado and word games. How did he peel it all away so quickly? How did he…? Then he kissed her.

He had plans for those lips, and it would start with a kiss right here and now. He had been waiting for hours to taste her. He could at once taste her need in her mouth. He had intended it to be a tender kiss, yet his want matched hers and he needed her know Malatya Escort Bayan that. A small moan loosed from her lips and he felt it all the way to his cock. Her moan was met with his controlled growl as he broke off the kiss. “We’re here.”

He opened the door for her and as Lilly stepped into the small studio she could feel his masculinity all around her. Nothing was subtle here. Blacks, greys, reds. All bold against stone, wood, and glass. The only things that looked soft in the room were the chenille throw blankets she could see over the single jacquard, wingback chair and a large bed, which sat on the far side of the room near the large expanse of patio windows. He placed her basket on the kitchen bar and then turned to her.

He watched her eyes as he began to unbutton his shirt. She stood there watching him. Good girl, he thought. He slipped off his shoes as he removed his shirt and then watched her closely as he began to loosen his belt. Her eyes could no longer deceive her. She blatantly watched his fingers unbuckle and then pull the leather from his waist. He was nearly caught off-guard as she watched the folded belt in his hand. Is she…? Does she…? Oh…. He was going to find out. He put the belt to the side and watched her eyes as he walked away from it. She had stared too long at that piece of leather. Interesting.

Lilly didn’t want to pretend any more. She needed this and she wanted him. He so damn sexy in the way he watched her and undressed down to his trousers. That belt. Holy Hades… what is it about a man’s belt that turned her on so much? Well, I mean, she knew, but damn. She moved her watchful eyes from the belt back to him as he approached her. He leaned down to kiss her again and began working the buttons from her blouse. The small talk was apparently over as he worked the flimsy cotton from her shoulders and make quick work of her bra, freeing her ample breasts. His hands were not rough, but they were not soft either. He let his powerful grip command her presence as he grabbed one in each hand and deepened his kiss. Lilly responded with another moan. His hands moved down to her hips, and while she expected him to push her skirt down, he quickly turned her around and guided her to bend over the arm of the wingback as she felt him lift her skirts. She felt his pulling on her simple cotton panties, pulling them down past her knees to her ankles. He lifted each heeled foot, removing her shoe and removing the briefs one leg at a time and then positioning the foot on the floor again, spaced generously apart. She could feel his hot breath near her bottom, then a single digit running up and down her folds. She didn’t mean to, but she was holding her breath.

“I knew you would be wet for me, my little vixen.”

Her arms from elbow to hand were flat against the chair’s seat and the armrest had her in a position with her ass high in the air. With her legs spread she felt vulnerable, but she had no time to contemplate those thoughts as his finger — or was it fingers now? — sliding up and down into her wetness. Back and forth they glided over her entrance, towards her clit, then away. It was so teasing as they would slide past her hole, but never even so much as pausing like he was going to enter. Damn, she wanted to feel him inside her. He began to kiss the cheeks of her ass as his other hand lifted and played with the weight of their fullness.


His hard spank to her ass was a shock, but she didn’t have time to register the pain as she felt his fingers, definitely two of them, dive into her wetness. His attack was calculated as he moved them around inside of her, feeling herself stretching open. She could feel his fingers exploring her then they began to quickly move inside her. She felt his one hand on her back to keep her from rising, although this wasn’t really necessary, she didn’t want to move. He became more determined as he fingered her deeply and her moans became louder.

“Are you ready to cum, Lilly?”


“Yes!” Lilly cried out.

“What??” His fingers withdrew as she lied waiting for him. She still didn’t move.

“Yes, Sir,” Lilly responded firmly.

She had not seen him removed his pants during his fingering assault but knew he must have when the next smack on her ass was followed by a much deeper and fuller plunge. Holy Fuck, but he felt huge!

He had wanted to do so many other things to her sweet ass, but he was in no mood to play games further. He wanted to feel her first orgasm on his cock. He had been trying not to stoke it while he toyed with her wet pussy. He had gotten her as wet as he could without making her cum, preparing it, stretching it for his large cock. He wasn’t vain, but he knew his cock was ‘above average’ and without preparing her, it may not have gone in so easily. The resistance he felt now was perfect as her cunt sucked him into her. She was letting out little cries sprinkled with a Escort Malatya “Yes!” here and there. He had actually been quite pleased when he finally took himself all the way in and she began to push back. Oh, her cunny had been hungry indeed.

He continued to stroke his cock in and out of her, giving her glorious ass another firm smack and watching it bounce in the faint light. With every strike her pussy tightened around his shaft and he was quickly becoming addicted “You can cum now, Lilly,” was all he said, and he felt a familiar tension around him.

Lilly had ridden this moment as far as she could. She tried to hold back but it was of no use. His words were too much. She felt him as he grabbed her hips and dove in balls deep, holding it there as the full roar of her orgasm came to a climax. Her body tensed and shuddered, but he never released her. She felt him fall over her and wrap his arms around her body, raising her up and pulling her down onto him so he could reach deeper. She shuddered again as another, then another orgasm ripped through her. She could feel it flowing from her and down her legs.

“Again,” he said as he continued to pull her deep. He wanted every last orgasm he could get from her like this. Just like this. So much more could come, he knew. She had been parched, and he was here to quench her sex. Her juices spilled everywhere between him and he loved it feeling its warmth spill out over his balls and down his legs. He felt her push again until she had another rapid succession of orgasms until she finally went limp in his arms. He kissed her neck as he held her there impaled on his still hard member, then lifted her off and carried her to his bed.

Lilly was exhausted but not tired. The onslaught of orgasms made her feel weak, but her body still craved more. “Fuck, what was he trying to do to me?”, Lilly thought. His bed was soft compared to the hardness of his body. As he laid her down across the chenille blanket, her hand had reached out for him and found his hardness. Oh, myyyy. He was big and Lilly had a sudden need to taste him. Despite being physically drained, she was sexually insatiable and began to move her mouth away from his and down his throat.

“Yes, Lilly,” he encouraged as she began a downward trail of kissed past his chest and to his throbbing cock. Her mouth was hot, and he instinctively reached out to move her hair away from his face so he could watch her. Her eyes closed, she seemed to be in a trance as her hands and mouth reached their goal. He felt his balls being gently cupped into her hands and their warmth excited him as he felt her tongue begin to trace along his manhood to his head. She wasted no time taking him into her mouth. “Dear God,” he thought as she began to slide up and down, each time taking him deeper into her wet mouth until he felt the resistance of her throat. She pushed a bit, and he felt the tightness give. “Holy Fuck!” It was his turn to be amazed. He had rarely been swallowed. “Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck yes.” She was sucking and tonguing, swallowing, and gliding. He enjoyed this as long as he could stand. This was not how he wanted to cum at all and he wasn’t done exploring this beauty just yet.

He pulled her up to him and kissed her fully, tasting the juices she had sucked from him and the allowing the taste of her on her own lips to excite him more. He raised her up and positioned her over his hardness, pointing upwards and felt her lower herself down on him. Buried deep inside of her, he pulled her body against his and began to gently thrust into her once more. His hand traveled down to her ass and his long fingers explored her crevice as she responded with deepening kisses. Eventually he found his quarry and tested her resistance. He was curious if her dark star had been explored recently. A woman this sexually enticing certainly must have enjoyed having her ass pounded once or twice. He wondered if it had ever had a cock his size though.

Lilly could feel his fingers probing her ass. She had loved anal in the past; however, it had never been with someone as endowed as him. She raised and lowered herself up and down his cock, occasionally pushing back towards his fingers. She felt his instance as he massaged her puckered hole and finally began to open her, sinking a single finger into her ass.

“Ooooohh” Lilly cried out.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, but never removing his finger. He left it there feeling her rings pulsate around it, allowing her to become accustomed to it, but would remove if she asked.

“No. Don’t stop. It’s just…. Been a while,” Lilly replied as she got more comfortable with his invasion.

“Let me remind you of what you’ve been missing,” he said as he quickly rolled her to the side and rolled her over on her stomach. He decided he needed her fully relaxed if it had “been a while” so he lowered himself to her ass and began to probe it with his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Ooooohh!!” Lilly moaned loudly as she felt his tongue warming her nether hole. She had experienced this before, but not in a very long time and her body quickly relaxed to accept his tongue’s ardent probing. Her hips raised to meet him, and she felt his fingers return to her wet pussy again. “Yes?” she faintly begged. “Please?”

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