New Friends, New Benefits

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I spot her then, just across the cafe where I was working.

She tossed her dark curly tresses over her shoulder and leaned forward, elbows on the rounded table of the coffee shop as her blue eyes glisten with mirth. Her off the shoulder sundress of sky blue was hitched high over tanned thighs, crossed at the knee. She had the legs of a soccer player. Hell, she had the body of a soccer player, though I had never seen one with breasts as large as hers.

She couldn’t be more than a year or two older than myself, so I fancied her to be twenty-one, max. The girl she was with was pretty, if not a bit skinny. Her white-blonde hair was cropped in a cute pixie cut, ears bedecked in piercings that glittered in the afternoon sun when she turned her head. She wore magenta lipstick that made her teeth appear extra white.

I didn’t know for a fact that the object of my lust was interested in women, but considering this was her fourth time at the cafe with a different woman each time, all of whom she greeted with a handshake and parted with a hug, I felt that my estimation is correct. She had to be at the very least bisexual.

I also didn’t know that I was into girls. At least, not really. I had always found movie stars of both sexes attractive, but I didn’t think anything of my attraction to the women. All the Jennifers – Garner, Aniston, Lopez, and Lawrence – were objectively beautiful. Would I make out with them if they approached me and asked? Of course – who wouldn’t? It didn’t make me a lesbian.

But when Miss Large Iced Half-Sweet Black Tea Lemonade and Peach Tea with a Splash of Soy Milk came in, her blue eyes bright with anticipation and full lips pink and glossed, I wondered if I was actually into girls. When I handed her the drink I made, our fingers touched, heat flooding my cheeks. Her blue eyes crinkled with a smile as they slowly roved over my body. I gave her a half smile as she winked and walked away, her hips swaying so that her skirt teased me with way lay underneath. If only she had bent over, just a smidge…

It has been two weeks since that moment and four presumed dates. And if my nightly masterbation ritual that began featuring a pair of cobalt blue eyes was indicative of anything, it was that I, Kate Landy, wanted to fuck a woman. And not just any woman, but her.

My eyes darted to the clock, my lungs releasing a sigh of relief as I realized my shift was finally over. “Thank God,” I said, fingers fumbling with the knot at my waist and tugging off my apron. “Geni, will you make me a large venti cold brew with two pumps of raspberry with cold foam, strawberry puree, and mocha drizzle while I clock out?”

Geni waved a tattoo hand at me. “You got it, love.”

I blew her a kiss before pushing the swinging door and walking to the computer to clock out. I plucked my small purse from the wall, throwing the strap on my shoulder as I left the back to cross the hall to the bathroom to freshen up.

Once inside, I pulled the scrunchy from my auburn hair, finger combing the gentle waves that fell just beneath my collarbones. My lilac romper survived the day without a stain in sight, which was a miracle beyond miracles. It probably helped that I only worked for a few hours, during the afternoon shift, covering for a coworker. I adjusted the dainty straps that rested against my pale skin, making sure my braless boobs wouldn’t pop out from the low, loose neckline. I tightened the string that cinched at my narrow waist before twisting, the flowy shorts flaring out a hint as a I did so.

I won’t lie. I looked fucking delicious.

I swiped some gloss on my lips before washing my hands and turning to open the door and gasped.

“Sorry,” said the subject of my fantasy for the last hour, grin on her face. “I shouldn’t have been waiting so close to the door.”

“It’s no problem,” I said with a smile, adjusting the strap of my purse on my shoulder, but not moving. Why wasn’t I moving?!

“I love this color on you,” she said, her fingers coming up and slipping under one of the straps, delicately following the curve of my shoulder. “My name is Lila.” Her touch made heat pool between my legs.

Lila, Lila, Lila. Did she know that as she breathed, I felt my core heat? As she touched me, my knees quivered?

“I’m Kate.”

“Kate.” On her lips, my name was a sensuous, unholy prayer. “What are you up to this afternoon, Kate?”

I froze, my sex twitching at the purr in her voice. My eyes widened at the sensation—it had never done that before. “Just got off.”

A smile curved over Lila’s lips as her eyes flicked to my crotch. “Did you, now? Is that what you were doing in there?”

“Fuck, no,” heat rose in my cheeks as I stumbled away from her, bringing her attention to my black Doc Martens.

“I love a woman in boots.”

“Me, too.” Lord have mercy, where did that come from? And why was my voice…husky? “Anyway, I just meant that I just got off work, so I was heading back to my apartment.”

Lila’s arms folded in front of her, pushing her breasts up in her izmit escort delicious sundress. “You mean to tell me that you’re just going home when you look as good as you do?”

I shrugged, my hand reaching up to wrap an errant curl around my finger. “Unless you have something better for me to do?”

“I do.” Lila’s mouth split into a grin as she stepped closer to me, leaning until her lips were brushing my ear. “This may be forward, but my date was boring as hell with no ass. I can tell you have a great ass.” Her hand ran up the back of my thigh, slipping under flowy fabric of my romper to cup my ass, giving it a squeeze.

Well that escalated quickly. And I couldn’t help it, I moaned. I looked over towards the main hall of the café, seeing it empty. And then I did something I had never dreamed of doing to anyone in a public place, let alone a woman. My hand found her hip, pulling her towards me as I angled my thigh to rest between hers, pressing it up past her skirt until it connected with her panty-covered crotch.

My heart thudded in my chest. Was I doing this right? But I knew I was as I felt her grind against it, just for a breath, before stepping back. Her eyes were blazing as she smiled. “Shall we?”

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” I said, my voice quivering despite my emboldened action just moments before. “I mean, not just a random hook up, but…”

“With a woman,” she finished for me with a laugh. “I know, honey. I could see it in the tentative way you check me out every time I come in here.”

I gulped. I could tell she had a rocking body under the dress, could tell that she wanted me as much as I wanted to expirament with her. Before I knew what I was doing, I nodded. “I live within walking distance of here. No roommates.”

I hustled out of the back, stopping at the counter to swipe my to-go drink and saluted Geni. “See you tomorrow,” I said over my shoulder, not wanting to make eye contact with her lest she see the lust in my eyes and know what I was about to do with the girl from the café. That didn’t stop Geni from giving me a wolf whistle as I led Lila from the café and down the sidewalk towards my apartment.

Lila kept up with my rapid pace, never once complaining as I took off at a speed that would likely qualify me for the Olympics in speed walking. She didn’t laugh as I fumbled with my keys, hands shaking as I flashed the security card over the lock, wrenching open the door for us and storming inside. I mashed the “up” button, pressing it several times before taking a step back and finally exhaling, taking a long sip from my drink before tossing it in a nearby trashcan.

“I hope that’s not how you plan on touching my clit,” she teased. I shot her an embarrassed look—I had never touched anyone else’s clit but my own. And I would probably be touching hers soon—we weren’t headed to my apartment to play Monopoly.


The bell chimed, saving me from saying anything. We climbed on and I pressed the button for level six, this time with a gentler touch. I heard her snort beside me. I looked at her, wondering if I had made a mistake until I saw the heat rise in her eyes as she looked over my body. She reached for me, grabbing the back of my neck and pulling me to her, our lips crashing together. I didn’t have time to think, to breathe, as she sucked on them, her tongue parting them and engaging with mine. My sex was liquid fire when the elevator chimed and she reluctantly pulled away from me.

“You taste like chocolate covered strawberries,” she whispered.

“It was my drink.”

She laughed. “I just wanted to get the awkward first kiss out of the way,” she said as she followed me to my door. This time, my hands were sure as I slipped the key in the lock. I grabbed her hand as I opened the door, pulling her in behind me and slamming it shut.

Instinct took over as I pushed her against the door, bringing my heated mouth to hers as I kissed her, pulling her bottom lip between mine and biting it gently. She gasped in delight, dropping her purse on the ground and wrapping her arms around my waist, pulling me in, her thigh sliding between my legs the same way mine did back at the café. I groaned, rocking my hips into it, feeling the dampness of my panties grow.

“Not yet,” she breathed into me. “Not yet.” She pushed me back, fingers slipping under the straps of my romper and tugging it down, her eyes widening at the sight of my breasts. I knew they weren’t anything to write home about, only a size B. But they were round and pert, my pink nipples tight. “Beautiful,” she said, kissing a trail from my neck to my left breast, her mouth finding my nipple and sucking.

“Lord have mercy,” I said, throwing my head back and arching myself towards her, my hand tangling itself in her hair to keep her in place. “Don’t stop.”

She did, just then, and smiled at me. “If you love a little nipple play, you are simply going to die when you see what other tricks this tongue can do.”

I pulled her mouth back to my breast, shaking my head. “Less yahya kaptan escort talking, more sucking.”

She laughed around my nipple, rolling it between her teeth as I gasped in pleasure, my mind reeling. What was I doing? A stranger whose name I had only just learned was in my apartment, sucking on my tits like it was her job. Shit. What if it was her job?

“Bed?” She asked as she pulled away, kissing my swollen lips again dispelling my train of thought.

I nodded, taking her hand in mine and leading her towards the main room—and only room—of my studio. Mid-afternoon sun streamed through the gauzy white curtains and splashed on my bed.

“Shoes off. Now.”

I stooped to untie my Docs, my breasts hanging in front of me. I didn’t see her move, but suddenly Lila was behind me, her hands cupping my breasts and rolling my nipples between her thumb and finger, making my fingers freeze on my laces as I reveled in the pleasure.

“You can’t expect me to be able to focus while you’re doing that,” I moaned, shifting my ass so it ground against her crotch.

She gave my boobs a gentle slap before stepping away, leaving me to my own devices as I wrenched off my shoes and socks, tossing them to the floor and spinning to face Lila.

She giggled, her shoes tossed aside. I quirked a brow, blushing.

“What’s so funny?”

She gestured to me. “You’re half naked, cheeks flushed, lips swollen and begging for me to kiss them again. You’re a complete stranger and I’m in your house about to fuck the hell out of you.”

I laughed, cheeks flushing further. “I’ve…I’ve never been with a woman before,” I reminded her. I had been with a few men in my 19 years of life, but they were hard fucks where I faked an orgasm, then rubbed myself off in the bathroom later. And where I had given a few blow jobs, no one had ever, ever licked my pussy.

She walked up to me, brushing my hair behind my shoulders before pulling me close, my breasts flush against hers. “You’ll be fine. Just do what you think you’d want done to you and you’ll be great.”

I leaned forward, giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. “And don’t mash your clit like an elevator button?”

She laughed nipping at my bottom lip. “Definitely don’t do that.” She brought her thumb to my chin, a tender gesture that made me smile. “Now, where were we?” She tugged on the string that cinched the waist of my romper, loosening it and pushing it over my thighs as she kissed my neck, her teeth nipping as she left a wet trail down my shoulder. She pushed me down on my bed, where I bounced twice before settling in. Her eyes never left my breasts.

“You are not allowed on here until you’re naked,” I challenged.

She swiftly tugged her sun dress off, tossing it behind her before pulling off her panties. My mouth went dry as I took her in. Her breasts were perfect, full and firm, nipples erect in a way that made my mouth suddenly water. They had to be C cup, maybe a D cup. Her stomach was taut, reminding me of a picture of Jessica Biel in a bikini I once ogled at for longer than I care to admit. And her pussy…

It was hairless, just like mine, and I could tell from where I sat that she was wet. I grinned, patting the bed next to me even as butterflies of nerves exploded in my stomach. She crawled towards me, her breasts swaying as she moved to straddle me. I pushed up on my elbows, my eyes nervously looking into hers.

“Go ahead and touch them,” she whispered.

I didn’t have to be told twice. I raised a shaky hand to her right breast, the weight of it sending a shock straight to my core. The skin felt soft, velvety, her nipple hard against my palm. I squeezed gently, then moved my hand and rolled her pert, dusty rose nipple between my fingers as she had done to mine earlier. Her eyes closed as she moaned, biting her lip. I took that moment to lean forward and flick my tongue across her nipple, delighting in the change of her breath. I took it in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I nipped and sucked, my other hand going to her other breast to worship it, even going as far as to flick it.

“Feisty,” she said with a breathy laugh before pulling back and pushing me flat on the bed. “I have a pussy that is aching for you, but I need to show you how it’s done first, Katie girl.”

My cheeks flamed as she kissed me again, slow and tender, my pussy throbbing in anticipation as she continued to tease me with her mouth, her crotch grinding against mine slowly, as if priming it for her. Waves of pleasure throbbed with ever heart beat as she dragged her tongue lightly down my neck and between my breasts, moving to take one in her mouth for worship. Every suck, every bite sent a flaming heat between my legs, my hips involuntarily bucking up against hers, begging for release.

“Patience,” she whispered as she kissed her way to my other breast, pulling it into her mouth while her fingers rolled my other nipple that glistened with her saliva.

I threw my head back against the pillow, my fingers gebze escort clawing in my blankets as I arched my chest, pushing myself further into her. “Please,” I begged, my hips rolling against hers to no avail. “Please.”

She peered up at me, her brown curls a curtain around her face. “I think you’re ready,” she said before beginning to kiss a trail down my stomach. My muscles clenched as she kissed my pubic bone, my inner thighs, her butt in the air and wriggling.

“I’ve never had anyone down there,” I stammered out just before she lowered her face to my molten core.

“You’ve never had anyone go down on you?”

I shook my head, biting my lip before moving my hips so my pussy bumped her chin. “And I think I’m ready.”

She didn’t give me a chance to change my mind.

She kissed my pussy, then spread my already wet lips with her tongue, tasting me for the first time. My eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure.She explored my labia with her tongue, her saliva joining the wetness already there. My thighs flexed, nearly clamping her there before I exhaled a long, shaky breath.

She was teasing me. I could tell by the way her tongue strokes were long and luxiourous, the way she only briefly kissed my throbbing clit. But I couldn’t take it any longer. I reached down, fingers knotting in her hair as I pressed her face into my pussy. She let out a surprised laugh, but got the message as she slipped two fingers into my sex, her tongue firm against the knot of nerves as she repeatedly licked it, sucked it, then nibbled on it.

“Holy shit.” I bucked my hips into her face, my free hand playing with my nipple as pleasure built. Every second was euphoric, every lick sending me closer to the edge. She was devouring me as her fingers pumped in and out. “I’m going to cum…” I shuddered, my legs clamping around her as I cried out, but she didn’t stop her pumping, didn’t stop her licking. “Oh my god,” I said, eyes clenched tight as she refused to let up. Her arms wrapped around my thighs, holding me there. My clit, which was throbbing almost painfully just moments ago, awoke to pleasure once again. “What the fuck,” I screamed, ecstasy pushing me over the edge again as my body collapsed.

Lila wasted no time as she crawled up my body, pulling my lips to hers, and I tasted myself for the first time. “You are delicious,” she said as I licked the last of myself off of her chin.

“I need to taste you,” I said, moving to sit up.

“No, you stay down,” she said, lifting a finger when I wanted to protest. “I’ll show you how I like to be eaten.”

Lila started to crawl over me, but I stopped her, wanting one more taste of her breasts before she went anywhere else. I bit them, harder than before, and she moaned in pleasure.

“How did you know I like it a little rough?” she asked, stroking my cheek. I slapped her ass as I pulled her other nipple into my mouth, dragging my nails across her flesh.

“Fuck…I need you now,” she pulled herself out of my mouth, moving until she had a knee on either side of my head. Her sex glistened as it hovered over me, and for a moment, I was nervous. What if I wasn’t good?

“Are you ready?” She asked, her hands braced against my headboard. I nodded eagerly, and she giggled. “Slowly first, Katie girl. Then drive it home.”

She lowered her sex to my mouth, and for the first time in my life, I tasted another woman’s pussy. I introduced myself to it, a gentle stroke of my tongue, just as she had done with me. She moaned, gently rocking against my face. “That’s it, Kate. That’s it.” I moved my hands to her ass, slapping it and digging my nails in, bringing her harder into my mouth. And maybe it was because I was new to this, or maybe because I’m impatient, I couldn’t take it slowly any more. One hand held her to me as my other reached for her breast above me, pinching her nipple hard between my fingers as I tongue fucked her.

She moaned, rocking against my face, showing me with her body that I was doing exactly what she wanted—exactly what she needed. I lapped at her, my tongue spearing her throbbing bundle of nerves before I did what I knew she’d love – I nibbled on it with my teeth.

“Katie!” She moaned, and her fingers were in my hair as she sat on my face more, nearly cutting off my oxygen. But I didn’t care – I just needed her, needed this. I kept licking her, feeling her clit pulse against my tongue. “I’m—” but she didn’t need to tell me. I felt her sticky cum fill all my senses as she rode my face to orgasm, only dismounting after the final tremors left her body.

She lay beside me, chest heaving, eyes on the ceiling with a giant smile on her face.

I moved so I was on top of her, kissing her, letting her taste her own nectar on my tongue and lips while my hand trailed down her stomach, my fingers finding her recovering clit and gently stroking there.

“Not like the elevator button,” she said against my lips, pulling my face to her as I continued to stroke her, feeling her legs tense around my hand as I increased in tempo, swallowing her cry with my lips as I kissed her while she went over the edge once again. I pulled my hand up, glistening with her cum, glancing around for a place to wipe it. But she captured my hand, pulling my fingers to her mouth before sucking them clean.

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