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Author’s Note

You’ll find most of my tales featuring Mistress and Charlotte over in the Lesbian Sex category, because, well, that’s who they are. But there is one of their adventures called “A Friendly Wager” that lands squarely in the category of Anal Sex.

That’s because Charlotte has a bit of an anal fetish, and even though the story centers around a lesbian couple, it’s all about the butt. And this tale is in the same category for the same reason. It’s all about the butt. More specifically, Charlotte’s butt… and Mistress Natasha’s tongue.

Also, if you’re a regular reader of Mistress and Charlotte’s stories, you may have gotten used to me switching the point of view between characters in the major sections of the story. That’s not the case here. This story is all from Mistress Natasha’s perspective.



* * *

The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

All text copyright (c)2023 WaxPhilosophic

* * *


Dear Friends,

Have I ever mentioned that I’m married to the most wonderful and talented woman in the world? I’m sure I have. But if this is news to you, you should definitely read some of our earlier stories to get familiar with just how amazing my baby is.

Start with Girl Friday and then come back. Or read it together with The Third Wheel and Charlotte’s Summer Vacation to get a better understanding of our relationship. Which, I should mention, is a bit on the kinky side. So if that offends your sensibilities, I hear there are some nice romances on this site as well.

Peace and Love,

Mistress Natasha

* * *

New Music Monday

I stepped out of the pitter-patter of the shower and drone of the bathroom fan, into the lovely sounds of Charlotte’s chord progressions drifting up from the piano in the living room.

“You’re up early,” I hollered, while toweling my hair.

Charlotte stopped playing and called out. “Did I wake you, Mistress?”

“Nope.” I hung up my towel and wandered downstairs in my birthday suit. “Going into the office. Meetings.”

“Not like that, I hope.” Charlotte picked up where she left off, banging out chords on her Clavinova digital piano, but her gaze stayed focused on my chest. “Sometimes I worry that Chloe in accounting has the hots for you,” she deadpanned.

I snickered, and then paused to take her all in. Charlotte was wearing the same designer outfit I was… nothing. I walked over to stand behind her. With my hands resting on her shoulders, I whispered, “Chloe wouldn’t stand a chance. Not next to my talented, and oh let’s not forget, drop dead gorgeous, wife.”

“If you say so, Mistress.”

“I do say so, Charlotte.” I leaned forward and kissed the top of her head. “I’m lucky to have you.”

“You’re sweet.” Charlotte tilted her head back, craning her neck, and puckered up.

I met her lips with mine. “Whatcha doin’ anyway?” I asked.

“Branching out.” Charlotte picked up her chord progression again as she said this. “Trying something new.”

“I like it,” I said, giving her shoulders a squeeze. “You want coffee?”


“So, what’s it called?” I hollered from the kitchen.

“What’s that, Mistress?”

I flipped the switch on the coffee maker to the brew setting and made my way back to the living room. “The name of the song you’re playing. I like it. It’s… uplifting? Is that the right word?”

“That’s what I’m going for,” she said. “Trancy. If that’s a word. You remember that time we road tripped up to The Gorge Amphitheatre?”

“To see Above and Beyond?” I said.

“Yep. That’s the sound I’m chasing.”

“God,” I sighed, “We were so young. I still remember you with that mountain of beads around your neck and halfway up your arms. Looking so sexy in that low cut excuse for a dress you wore.”

“The one you picked out for me, Mistress.”

“Oh,” I said, while I blinked twice and pressed my lips together. “I suppose I did.”

“Mistress? You okay?”

“Hmm?” I cleared my throat. “Yes… No… Oh Charlotte. You’re naked. I haven’t had coffee yet. Don’t expect too much from me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Charlotte grinned. “Anyway, I’m trying my hand at writing a few club bangers. Just for fun. Something different.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “Though I know nothing about it other than what tickles my ear.”

“It’s an interesting process, Mistress.” Charlotte kept playing the same chords as she said this, but switched the order around. “It’s very formulaic, like pop music.”

“Formulaic,” I repeated, listening to her current, downtempo tune.

“Yeah.” Charlotte was still banging out what sounded to me like the same four chords, but the way she switched up the order and ramped up the tempo gave the music a completely different feeling. “Simple. Like pop tunes on the radio, but more… I don’t know…”

“Euphoric?” I offered.

“Yeah. Euphoric,” she said. “That’s what I’m trying Küçükyalı Escort to get a sense for. It’s the builds and the breaks and the synth pads… Sorry Mistress, I don’t mean to get so technical.”

“Baby.” I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a squeeze. “You’re amazing. Just because I don’t fully understand what you’re doing doesn’t make it any less so.”

I ended my words with a peck on her cheek and Charlotte’s stomach answered with a growl.

“I’m going to heat up a breakfast sandwich,” I said. “You want one?”

“Yes, please.”

After planting another kiss on her cheek, I wandered off to the kitchen. Charlotte kept playing, and with the help of her chord progressions, I found my mind drifting to the main stage at The Gorge. How long ago was it?

We danced. As crowded as it was, we managed that much. And the way Charlotte pressed her body up against mine made me feel like we were the only two people there. Even after fighting through traffic to get back to our little bed and breakfast at the winery, we still succeeded in keeping the mood going. The euphoria.

The shrill beep of the microwave and Charlotte stopping her playing, snapped me back to the present. I sighed and carried the plates to the breakfast bar, making a return trip for two coffee mugs.

Charlotte kissed me on the cheek as she sat down to join me.

“A kiss for a microwaved breakfast biscuit,” I said. “I definitely got the better end of that deal.”

“Nah.” Charlotte smiled. “The kiss is just because.”

“You going to be working on your new song today?” I asked between bites. “Your, um what was it you called it? Your club banger?”

“Yep,” she said. “Nothing much else on my calendar.”

“Oh, Charlotte,” I said, with a sudden downturn of my mouth. “I’m sorry. I wish I could stay home with you.”

“Mistress.” Charlotte rested her head on my shoulder for just a moment and then sat up straight. “It’s fine. Things got a little weird with the plague and all, but people are getting vaxxed and live music is starting to pick up again. Really, I’ll be fine. Just trying something new in the downtime is all.”

“Good for you.” I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her in tight. “And who knows. Maybe it’ll be you on stage at The Gorge next time, packing in the masses.”

Charlotte snickered. “You might not like that, Mistress. I’ll probably have to buy some more gear. The living room might get crowded.”

“Then we’ll get the basement finished and you can set up a studio there. Didn’t your girlfriend rehab houses during her college days? I bet she knows a good contractor.”

“When I make it big, I promise to get you tickets in the front row.” Charlotte grinned while touching her index finger to the top of my left breast. “But I get to pick your outfit.”

Oh, why do I have to go into the office today?

“Deal,” I said, and took a sip of coffee.

* * *

Later that afternoon

Work was, well… there’s a reason they call it work and not play. But I survived the endless parade of meetings and even managed to wrap up the final one of the day a bit early. And that left me the extra time I needed to execute my master plan that included a trip to the music store and a stop at our favorite Greek restaurant.

The music store trip was a surprise I had planned to pick up some of that extra gear Charlotte mentioned this morning. The Greek place was to get a carry out dinner we could enjoy while Charlotte drooled over her new musical toys. I pictured the look on her face as I rode the train home with two big plastic shopping bags full of electronics and one white paper sack smelling of Mediterranean heaven.

I walked through the door to find Charlotte just as I had left her, naked as the day she was born. Though she had a towel wrapped around her head and a small cardboard box, crumpled in her hand.

I squinted at the box she held. “Please tell me you didn’t go shopping,” I said, imagining my plan to surprise her had just been foiled.

“No, Mistress,” she said. “But I see you did.”

“I did, baby.” I dropped the sack of food on the counter and left the big bags of music gear on the floor. “I hope you like it as much as whatever it is you have there.”

“This?” Charlotte held up the box in her hand. “This is an herbal enema, Mistress. It was good, but I’m guessing from the store name on your bags there, I might like whatever’s in there too.”

Charlotte tossed her enema box in the recycle and turned to me. “Did you know these things have an expiration date, Mistress?”

“I do now,” I said, picturing Charlotte cleaning out her insides and at the same time my head got a little light and my knees got a little weak.

“Can I open it, Mistress?”

“Hm?” I tore my mind from Charlotte’s squeaky clean colon back to the two big bags she was looking at.

“Sure, baby.” I said, pushing the white paper sack with our dinner to the middle of the counter. “I’ve got the receipts just in case it doesn’t–“

Charlotte Küçükyalı Escort Bayan let out a gasp as I went to the cupboard for plates. It was the good kind of gasp, the kind that let me know I probably wouldn’t be needing those receipts. The kind of gasp I hoped she might make later tonight when I went to work on that squeaky clean ass of hers. If that was her intention.

Did you know these things have an expiration date?

Maybe Charlotte was just being hygiene conscious.

“Charlotte?” I said.

“Mistress?” She moved her gaze from the two bags of gear to my eyes. Then to my chest. And back to my eyes.

I grinned. “Your hair’s wet.”

“Yes, Mistress. I got cold. So I had a shower to warm up.” Charlotte moved her gaze back to my chest and made no effort to move it again.

“You could have just put some clothes on,” I said, slipping the top button on my blouse.

“I suppose.” Charlotte moved a step nearer to me.

I slipped another two buttons in the time it took her to close the distance.

“Charlotte,” I said, popping another button.


“How hungry are you?”

“I had a snack earlier.” She reached up, hooking her index finger in the collar of my blouse.

“And your new music gear?”

“Probably need to read the manual before I can get it all hooked up, Mistress,” she said. “Might be tomorrow before I’m ready for that kind of effort.”

“Mm-hm,” I said, slipping my arm free as she tugged at my collar. “Good.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Charlotte’s mouth hung open as she stared at my chest.

“How’s your ass, baby?” I said, reaching behind her head and pressing forward, encouraging her, until she buried her face between my boobs.

“Wrreally cween,” she mumbled into my flesh.

“Good,” I said. “Because ever since you told me what you were up to with that beautiful backside of yours, I’ve been thinking it would make a really good appetizer.”

“Mistwess?” Charlotte slurred from between my breasts.

Picturing Charlotte bent over, legs spread, and hands pulling her cheeks apart, I grabbed onto a handful of her hair. “Turn around,” I said, pulling her head back to expose her neck, “with your hand’s on the counter.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But first…”

“Yes, Mistress.” She raised her gaze to me.

“This one hooks in the front.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Charlotte grinned as she once again dropped her eyes to my chest, slid her hands up my arms, and knocked the straps off my shoulders.

“Charlotte?” I said.

She stopped, with her hands hovering over the lacy cups, fingers poised to release the clasp. “Mistress?”

“Were you planning this all along?”

Charlotte popped the hook that was keeping me contained. “Maybe.”

“Thought so.” I shoved her face forward. “Two minutes with the boobies. Then grab the counter top.”

“Yes,” Mistress.” Charlotte went to work.

I let my head loll, shivering and just enjoying the feeling of goose flesh rising in the wake of her wandering tongue trail. And when she finished slobbering over my tits, she looked up at me with the most mischievous grin painted over her lips.

I spun her around, pulled back with my right hand and slapped her hard across the ass. “Cheeky girl,” I said.

Charlotte let out a moan as the outline of my hand raised in pink across her flesh. It was the good kind of moan. The kind that says you don’t need to keep your receipts. The kind that gets me excited over the prospect of plowing my tongue between Charlotte’s cheeks. But not so soon.

“Very presumptuous of you,” I said. “Planning all this. Don’t you think, Charlotte?” I brought my hand down on the other side to make a matching pink outline of my fingers and palm.

“Mmm, yes, Mistress.”

“You like it when Juliet licks you down there, don’t you?” I laid my middle finger in the cleft of her buttocks, up at the very top, as I say this. I needn’t have phrased it as a question. I know Charlotte likes the attention down there.

“Yes, Mistress,” she heaved.

“I probably don’t give this gorgeous ass of yours nearly as much love as it deserves,” I said, dragging my fingernail down her right cheek.

“Mistress… It’s okay… I…”

“Charlotte!” I watched as she jerked and stiffened. That came out a little more stern than I had anticipated. “Give me your hands,” I said.

Without looking back, Charlotte moved her hands from the edge of the breakfast bar to stick them out just beyond the backs of her thighs.

“Good girl,” I said, taking her by the wrists, and moving her fingers to her butt cheeks. “Spread them for me,” I say.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Oh, my… I stared at that tight ring of pink before taking a deep breath, pressing my right hand to my crotch, and enjoying the quivery feeling I got as I dragged it up to pop the button on my trousers. Pushing the fabric over my hips along with my underwear, I stepped out of the puddle of clothes at my feet and brought my hand back to my crotch.

“Charlotte,” Escort Küçükyalı I said, after I plowed my middle finger between my folds, and right before I reached up to dangle it in front of her lips, “this is what the sight of your bare ass is doing to me.”

“Yesh, Mishtressh,” she mumbled while sucking on my finger.

“Just imagine what it’s going to be like when I get my tongue in there.”


“Baby.” I pulled my finger from Charlotte’s mouth with a pop.

I watched her posture deflate just a bit when I dragged my finger out over her lips, and she let out a little sigh.

“Don’t worry,” I said, touching my slick finger to the top of the valley between her cheeks, “I’ve got plans for you. We’ll both like it. Now, spread.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

As Charlotte pulled, I dragged my finger slowly downward, closer and closer to the tight pink pucker I’d been staring at. Charlotte shivered just a little.

“Good girl,” I said, sliding my finger back and forth over her taut flesh and watching her shuddering increase as she dragged a ragged breath into her lungs.

I touched the tip of my finger to her tight rear entrance that was now coated with saliva. Charlotte held her breath.

“Ready?” I said.

“Mm. Mm-hmm.”

I pressed. I went in slow, not wanting to hurt her, but at the same time, not pausing, even with the clenching I encountered as she squeezed around me.

“Mistress…” she whispered.

“Baby.” I leaned forward and touched the tip of my tongue to her left cheek and traced out the fading pink hand print I had left there earlier.


“Do you think I can make you come with my finger in your ass?”

“Mmm… You know you can, Mistress.”

I smirked, picturing the times I had laid Charlotte out over the desk in my office upstairs, letting her masturbate while I plundered her back door treasures. And while Charlotte writhed under her own hand and mine, I got to know her body. I learned to listen to her panting and moaning and knew just where to rub to turn the moaning into thrashing and shouts of ecstasy.

I pulled my head up enough to focus on her tight pink flesh wrapped around my finger. “You think I can do it with just my tongue?” I offered.

“Ohh… Ohh…” was all Charlotte managed.

As she was collating her thoughts on the matter, I moved my left hand to rest between my thighs. If the heat and moisture between my legs was anything like the thoughts dancing in Charlotte’s head, I figured her answer was a definite maybe.

I pressed my finger in as deep into Charlotte’s ass as it would go and wiggled the tip.


Did you know these things have an expiration date?

Oh, Charlotte.

Crooking my finger, I rubbed just a little where I know she likes it. And this caused her to stand up on her tippy toes, arching her back, but still managing to keep her hands on either side, spreading her cheeks apart for me.

I straightened my finger out, pulling it back about half way before plunging back in again, as deep as I could, ending with another wiggle.

“Mmm…” Charlotte threw her head back, just for a moment, before she dropped it with an audible clunk to rest her forehead on the counter again.

“You okay, baby?”


I guess that’s a yes. I took a little time out to rub with my left hand, teasing myself open, but at the same time focusing the bulk of my efforts on Charlotte. My pussy was soaked.

Grinning at the situation we were in, I switched my efforts to dragging my tongue up the back of Charlotte’s thigh as she squirmed. “You know where I’m going right?” I said, as I paused again.

“Mmm…” was all she managed.

“Good enough,” I said, and popped my finger free of Charlotte’s ass as she shuddered.

God, I love this woman, I thought, looking down at Charlotte’s slender fingers. The fingers that she was using to keep herself obscenely spread for me. Spread so I could do things to her that would cause ordinary girls to run away screaming.

I watched the tight ring of muscle I just exited from begin to close up again.

Did you know these things have an expiration date?

I do now, Charlotte, you sexy beast. I do now.

I stuck my tongue out between my lips and leaned forward. Finished with my teasing, I went straight for her puckered pink center and shoved my way in.

“Ohh… Mmm…”

I’m sure the herbal enema and the recent shower helped, but I was surprised at how little taste there was. More than anything, there was a hint of my own pussy juice that I’d used to lube my finger earlier, but that was about it.

I pressed deeper, shaping my tongue to make it easier to part her.

“Ohh…” Charlotte was holding herself open, relaxing to let me in, but still quivering.

I thought about latching on to her with both hands to keep her steady, but I enjoyed moving my finger through my folds a little too much for that kind of commitment. I settled for using my right hand to keep Charlotte still, while I sent my left plunging inside my own folds.

“Mmm…” Charlotte bucked her hips.

Settle down, Charlotte, I thought to myself. You’re not making this easy. But then I thought back to all the times I had Charlotte laid out on my desk. Easy’s not what what we’re going for here.

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