New Punishment System Demonstration

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DISCLAIMER: This story involves the degradation of a trans character, this is not meant to be read as transphobic scripture. The writer, being me, is trans, not that makes it automatically okay, but just understand, this is a fantasy, and it fulfills some of my submissive desires.

Characters all 18 years old above etc.

* * * * *

Carla had just been pulled out of registration on a blustery grey morning. She was sitting, outside the headmaster’s office, uncomfortably due to her being six foot two, and the chairs having only been designed for people a height maximum of five foot ten. Carla was not sure why she had been taken out of class and was twirling her shoulder-length brown dip-bleached hair between her fingers due to the anxiety this event was causing. Her hair was drawn back into a ponytail but leaving two tendrils either side of her face to frame it, with this and her fringe shaped into bangs gave her an innocent look.

Carla continued to contemplate why she was here. Although she was not very good academically, which forced her to stay back a year making her nineteen, in a school full of eighteen-year-old girls, she was always a good student, and always up for helping out for extra credit. In fact, due to her being a year older than all of the student body, and the fact she was trans left her with no friends among her peers, made her grow quite strong relationships with the teachers.

Finally, the headmaster popped his head around the door and beckoned Carla to come in. The headmaster’s appearance was not what most would call typical. He was young, with short brown hair, with a bit of stubble, and although he was a bit on the lean side, he had a dominating aura about him sitting behind his desk. He was quite handsome and would be attractive, for it not the fact he was a bit of a pervert. Nothing that would get him into trouble but enough to keep all the students away from him, all except Carla, who always was very forgiving.

“Sit.” He said cheerily and indicated the chair in front of his desk.

Carla moved forward and accepted.

“Right, I was hoping I could ask for some of your help.” He began. The headmaster was often blunt and to the point.

“Absolutely … What can I help you with?” Carla said.

“This school’s board of governors has sanctioned a new punishment regime that I helped design.”

“You must be proud.”

“Very much so, and I was hoping to demonstrate the new regime at the assembly in five minutes. Would you up for helping me?”

“What would it entail?”

“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about. I would just give an example of a misdemeanor and then demonstrate the now appropriate punishment.”

“What do you mean demonstrate?”

“It’s nothing at all, don’t worry yourself. It’s just a little demonstration. You’re in safe hands. You trust me, right?”

“Yes, of course, sir … Would this give me extra credit.”

“Ahh … No, I’m afraid not, but you have always been a big help, and it would be very beneficial to the student body.” The headmaster replied. Carla sat, worried. What would this demonstration involve? The headmaster is known to be a bit pervy, and a punishment system he designed would seem like a dreadful idea, to help demonstrate. Carla cast these thoughts aside. He was a headmaster. He was trustworthy, and it was going to be conducted in front of the student body. There will be teachers there if it gets out of hand.

“All right … I’ll do it.” She replied after a minute of contemplation.

“Excellent!” He clapped his hand together and began to move towards the door. “Why don’t you tidy yourself up then head down to the hall.” He opened the door, and Carla passed through. “You are superb, and this will be a fantastic way to drive into the students this new superior system.”

* * * * *

After spending three minutes in the bathroom, which mainly involved re-tucking her penis and splashing her face, she now sat on another uncomfortable chair on the raised stage in the main hall as the five hundred strong mob of giggling teenagers slowly made their way to their seats.

Carla rapidly tapped her feet, and began to sweat, and started worrying that marks will appear on her shirt, under her arm. Once everyone had quieted themselves, the headmaster came onto the centre of the stage, saving Carla from her thoughts.

“Good morning, everyone.” He shouted out. The pupils answered back in the usual cacophony of unintelligible noise. “Right.” The headmaster began. “The main agenda of today’s assembly is the new punishment system that the board of governors approved last Friday. Letters will be sent out to relate this information to your parents, but for you, I felt a more hands-on approach was necessary.”

The word choice of ‘hand-on’ crept into Carla’s mind and was scaring her. She shook it away.

“Carla, here …” The headmaster indicated Carla then non-verbally instructed her to get up and move to the front. “… has very kindly allowed me to demonstrate the system with Kadıköy Olgun Escort her.”

Carla weakly smiled to the crowd, not knowing what she has let herself in for.

The headmaster carried on unaware of Carla’s anxiety levels: “To do this, I am going to give an example of a misdemeanor. In this case, let us say: cheating on a test.” This made Carla think for a moment. She was very clever maybe not academically, but she could, she thought, get away with cheating and if she did that last year, would she be standing there now. This thought wasn’t comforting her.

“She would be scolded by the appropriate teacher …” Scolding seemed a lot more welcoming than the unknown she was about to go through. “… then she would be brought before me to be punished in my office.” So, the new punishments weren’t going to be public! They were to be carried out in the privacy of the headmaster’s office. Whatever she was about to go through, she would be only the one to be punished in this way. Although she agreed to this, it seemed a tad unfair.

“Let us begin.” The headmaster turned to Carla and spoke, making sure everyone in the hall could hear. “Carla, will you please, remove your tights down to your ankles.” Carla flushed, but she complied, she didn’t think this was a massive ask. If she was careful, her black skater skirt will cover her underwear.

Indeed, she was careful as she reached up under her skirt and began to pull her tights down. There was a momentary flash of white to the crowd. This caused an “Oooh!” to whine out from her audience quickly followed by giggling.

Carla slowly rolled them down her long, smooth, chunky legs. When she reached her ankles, she squatted to complete her task, which had the unfortunate effect of flashing her knickers again causing another cry and a wolf-whistle.

She stood up again and waited for her next command.

“Do not feel sorry for her.” The headmaster shouted out. “Cheating is a very major misdemeanor, so show no sympathy.” This stung Carla a little bit, considering she was helping here, and this verbal role-play was very hurtful, and it’s not like anyone being punished would go through it as well. Normally, the punishments would be carried out privately with no unsympathetic audience.

“Now, you’re knickers, please, Carla.” Everything went silent. The crowd went into shock, as did Carla. This caused her to stand their motionless, going tomato red.

After a few seconds, the headmaster walked up to Carla and whispered in her ear: “You need to fulfill your promise. You are a very helpful person. Help now! This needs to be demonstrated.” He then stepped away.

Barely knowing of what she was doing, she followed the command with tears prickling her cheeks. As the white garment came down, the audience at the front got an uninterrupted view of her hairy penis and testicles, as Carla’s mind swam far away she became unaware of the show she was giving. Although this only lasted a few split seconds. As she stood, her black skirt fell over her scrotum, hiding it from view. However, there was now a noticeable bump at the front of her skirt.

“Now, please, lift your skirt so we can start the spanking.” Told the headmaster. Carla didn’t even think. She took the ends of her skirt and lifted the front as high as it would go before it would begin pulling the hem with it. She just stood there, not sure where to look. All she was aware of was the massive crowd of giggling teenagers, some pointing at her very exposed tackle.

Some moments passed as she stood there. Half her mind in peaceful shock while the other felt the pure embarrassment of this event.

The headmaster laughed. “Sorry – ha ha ha – I didn’t make myself clear. I’m spanking your bottom.” Carla’s mind was frozen. She didn’t even question why it took the headmaster so long to point out her mistake. The crowd was now crying from their outburst of laughter that swept through them.

She dropped the front part of her skirt and pulled up the back.

“Will you turn around so that everyone can see what you’re doing.” She did as she was told and turned around, exposing her large bum. Although it was her mistake to display her nether region, her penis was nevertheless clearly visible, hanging down between her legs.

The headmaster went to the back of the stage and picked up the chair, Carla was sitting on, earlier. He then placed it in the centre of the stage, facing the left side of the hall, so if he were to sit down, he would be facing ninety-degrees to the right for the students. As this was happening, Carla stood motionless, holding up the back of her skirt as she was told.

The headmaster sat down onto the chair. “Right, let us begin.” He began. “Carla, come over here. I want you to lie on my lap with your naughty bottom facing everyone, so they all understand what happens when they misbehave.” Carla didn’t even register what was happened and followed the commands with her dick and balls bouncing as she waddled over to him, with her Kadıköy Sarışın Escort tights and panties tied around her ankles.

She placed herself, onto his lap, she had to keep her arms outstretched to stop her from sliding off. She tried crossing her legs to conceal her womanhood, but her penis got caught in between her legs, making it more visible, so she decided to let it hang.

The headmaster stroked her bum then kneaded them as he told the audience how the spanking was going to be conducted, which did nothing but make Carla as uncomfortable as, she thought, possible.

“… due to this be a very serious crime …” That she did not commit. “… making her one very naughty girl.” A girl that happily helped him complete this demonstration. Also, now she was thinking over what he said, she decided she did not like being called a girl. It has many connotations attached to it that made her feel even more humiliated.

“I am not one to give a number of spanks at the start.” The headmaster declared. “I think it becomes clear when the miscreant has earned enough punishment. However, I shall ask Carla to count aloud the number and to thank each one, so she illustrates to me she has done something wrong and shows her appreciation for me putting her right. Is that clear, Carla?”

She gulped. She didn’t think she would have to vocally share her so-called approbation of this new punishment system, nevermind, thank him for it. Now, she was thinking about it: what is this new punishment system? It seemed to her, nothing more than to sexually humiliate pupils in front of the headmaster and then receive a spanking in his office. It wasn’t exactly ground-breaking.

She knew she must answer the headmaster’s question, and she also knew how he wanted her to answer.

“Yes, headmaster.” She said clearly. Everyone in the room had heard and understood her answer perfectly.

Carla felt the headmaster’s right hand leave her buttocks. Then she felt the incoming wind as it struck her on her right cheek. Whack! A shot of pain cried out from her bum. Carla, almost forgetting, called out: “One! Thank you, headmaster.”

She felt his hand leave again for the incoming blow. Thwack! This time, landing on her left cheek. “Two! Thank you, headmaster.”

Again, his hand left, she felt the wind, caused by his movement, attacking her butt. Crack! This time, landing back on her right cheek. “Three! Thank you, headmaster!”

As his hand left for the fourth time, she suddenly became very aware that hundreds of her peers were witnessing her ordeal. They will have seen her be entirely degraded as well as see a large amount of her body. She began to think. When he was kneading her cheeks, the crowd probably got an unfiltered view of her little bum hole. This awful realisation made her completely forget what was happening. Smack! She was so befuddled she forgot to count and thank the headmaster.

“Ah! She has forgotten to count and show her appreciation.” The headmaster stated. He then bent onto her back and whispered into Carla’s ear. “Thank you. That’s good initiative. So, we can show what happens if they don’t count and thank.”

He brought himself back up and addressed the student body. “Carla, here, has decided she is above this.” For one brief moment, Carla thought that this marked the end, but after a moment of thought, this seemed utterly unlikely. Indeed, she was proved right. “We shall start again.” He declared. Carla settled. Starting again from four is not the worst outcome. “However, …” The headmaster continued. “We need an incentive for misbehaved students to follow through with their punishments. So, please, Carla, can you stand up.”

Carla did as she was told but quite awkwardly with her position over his lap and some of her garments around her feet. She was actually quite glad to get a rest bite because her skirt flopped down, saving her a few seconds of decency.

“Remove your tie, blouse, and bra.” He commanded. “And while you’re at it. Remove your scrunchie from your hair.” Carla stood transfixed, staring at the floor. Not only will she only one to be given this punishment with an audience, but she will also be the only one stripped completely because no student is going to defy the headmaster’s commands now, they knew the consequences. Also, what is with the scrunchie-removal? Is it solely to show that the headmaster is in charge? Because it was pretty clear, nonetheless. This all came about because the headmaster thought Carla was doing him a favour by not complying with the thanking and counting ritual, and this is how she is paid.

Carla was outright crying now. She took hold of her tie and removed it. She grabbed her scrunchie and pulled it out, allowing her brown-blonde gradient hair to fall to her shoulders. She had put off the last article of clothing, as indeed it was the last required item to be removed. Carla does not need a bra, and unfortunately, today she decided not to wear one. Although the students will see she has no boobs Kadıköy Şişman Escort either way, at least a bra would give some perceived notion of femininity. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, and it slid down her arms. There was a loud cry of laughter as she deposited the shirt on the floor with the scrunchie, and tie onto the centre of the stage.

The headmaster non-verbally beckoned her over, and she got back into the same position. “And again.” The headmaster said. Smack! The headmaster spanked a lot harder, this time probably to punish her for not complying even though he perceived it as a favour. The more she thought, the more it didn’t make sense, but it did not take her mind off her task. “One! Thank you, headmaster.”

And it began again. Crack! “Two! Thank you, headmaster.” He was spanking so hard it was causing her penis to bounce furiously, causing an outburst of laughter each time.

Thwack! “Three! Thank you, headmaster.” The pain was slowly getting to her. Crack! “Four! Thank you, headmaster.” It was causing her to go weak. Smack! “Five! Thank you, headmaster.” The lack of strength was spreading to her arms. Thwack! “Six! Thank you, headmaster.” It was becoming painful with her weight on her arms. “Seven! Thank you, headmaster.” It gave way, and she slipped forward. The headmaster grabbed her around the shoulders with his left hand and steadied her, taking the weight. “Thought you could get away, did you?” Whack! Smack! Crack! Thwack! She breathed as the pain rattled through her. The feeling of vulnerability spread through her as she wriggled around practically naked on an older man’s knee with a reddening bum. Somehow, she knew these didn’t count due to it being too quick for her to count.

After a few moments of non-spanking relief. Whack! “Eight! Thank you, headmaster.” There was now a constant simmering of pain burning from her buttocks. Crack! “Nine! Thank you, headmaster.” Again, the realisation of the hundreds of people staring at her pink bum, with her cock flying all-over-the-place causing an uproar of bellows to emit from the crowd dawned on her. Smack! “Ten! Thank you, headmaster.” She had gotten into the rhythm of the spanking. Smack! Crack! Thwack! Crack! Whack! A torment of five quick spanks fired down upon her causing her to bounce uncontrollably. Her penis flying, around each time, almost looping back and smacking her on her bum, to the amusement of the spectators. Her bum was like a burning fire in a furnace, just a constant ferocious pain that reminded her of her exposure.

Before Carla could say anything, the headmaster spoke: “I think Carla, here …” Crack! “… has learned her lesson. Stand up for us.” Carla, beyond words, reason, everything, and anything at this point, got up.

The headmaster led Carla to the front again. He then grabbed her skirt and pulled it down. He received no protest. Once the skirt reached her ankles, he made her remove the skirt, tights, and knickers. He then deposited them at the front of the stage.

There was now Carla standing completely naked, crying, not even bothering to cover up her scrotum, which hung freely to the glee of the pupils. On the other side of her body were her pink cheeks, still causing her discomfort. Next to her was the fully clothed headmaster ready to speak again and a pile of her clothes. Behind them, the chair, where her very painful punishment took place, and another pile of her clothes.

“This would usually mark the end of the punishment.” He proclaimed. What else did he have in store for her? “However, as long as Carla doesn’t disapprove.” There was no time to think of a response before he had moved on. “I think it will be beneficial to have her stand here for the rest of the assembly so I can really drive home how the new punishment system works. I think we can all agree it is far better than our last system.”

Nothing computed with her as she stood there for the remainder of the assembly as the many different teachers came up to do their piece. They didn’t give Carla a second glance. Which caused a burning hatred to rise from her stomach as they, she thought, were supposed to be the ones to save her if the headmaster got out of hand. The only one who did, only did so to ask her to move to the back so she could bring on some large props they needed.

After they were done, it was the end of the assembly. The headmaster told her she could get dressed and go back to class. This was probably the last thing she wanted to do.

She moved forward, collected her shirt, tie, and scrunchie, and popped them back on. She didn’t notice anyone else, or otherwise, she would have probably questioned why the pupils were so quick to leave with a naked girl standing about. She drew back her hair into a ponytail. She didn’t know why. No one is going to care. All they are going to see is her lack of boobs, pink bottom and bouncing dick and maybe her little butt hole.

The only other person in the hall now was the headmaster, but he just got a call and went outside to take it.

Carla looked up and saw to her horror the other pile of clothes was missing. She stepped forward and searched. She even looked under the stage, but they were gone. Concluding, they were stolen, by some students she went to report the issue to the headmaster, who just came back in, looking very cheerful.

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