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The inner city neighborhood I grew up in was very typical of most in the mid west. The houses are packed in tight and the yards are small, everyone monitors everyone. From the eyes of a 18 year old boy, soon to graduate from high school (that was me), our next door neighbors on the south side of our house were elderly. How old? That is hard for a young man to judge. However, they had young grandchildren. So to me they were old. I would greet both as I came and went. They were always friendly to me in a polite way. My parents also greeted them, but never any interaction beyond that. My mother constantly complained about both at the kitchen table. She didn’t act or dress her age and he was a drunk. Both of these criticisms were true but I was in no position to be opinionated. To me they appeared to be responsible folk, their lawn always trimmed, their house always with a fresh coat of paint.

Like most kids my age, my household rights and access to the car were dependent on accomplishing household chores. It was a day when my parents had gone out, probably shopping. I was trimming the bushes in the back yard. As with most of my outdoor activities in warm weather, my shirt was off. Out through the back door comes my neighbor. She is taking out the trash. I say hello and receive the expected response. However in an unexpected manner, instead of quickly returning to her house she comes over to chat. This chat was a bit out of the ordinary. She asked if my parents were home? She asked if I was almost finished with my chores? She complemented my physique. Then she quickly went back to her house.

A few minutes later she reemerged standing right in front of me. She had changed clothes. The clean the house clothes had now shifted over to party clothes, tight and flashy. Even though classified as “elderly” by me, she was relatively slim and had a cute smile. I found myself staring at her. It was obvious she was aware of the looks I was giving her. She leaned forward, obviously to display her cleavage. I was a bit shy and somewhat embarrassed as I quickly looked away. Young boys can be easily intimidated. She drew my attention back by inviting me into her kitchen for a cool drink. I hesitated. I knew what was going on but teenage insecurities were winning over. She made her way to the gate that adjoined our yards, coxing me to come on over. I took a deep breadth and followed her.

Sitting in the kitchen, I was hyperventilating while watching her move around the kitchen. It was again obvious she was enticing me as she bent over to pull something out of the refrigerator. It was like she was sticking her butt right in my face. And what a fine ass it was. We sat at the table and she asked me questions about having a girl friend, and have I every been alone with a girl before. The answer to both of these was “no”. This produced a smile that I will remember till the day I die. Reaching up to the counter she threw some magazines on the table. I glanced down, it was pornography. She asked me if I had every seen a magazine like this before. Of course I had, every guy has pulled some of this from his father’s bottom shelf in the desk by this point in life. She laughed and invited me to check this out.

Now the magazines I had seen up to this point were largely only naked women in lingerie. This was different. This material had pictures of folk actually doing the wild thing. I paged through it quickly with a compulsive glare. A few minutes into this I noticed she had slipped behind me and was now looking at the magazine over my shoulder while rubbing my chest. She asked if I had a hard on. Again, my answer was the obvious. She asked if she could see it. I hesitated my head in a swirl, I first tried to pull it through my open fly, but it wasn’t going to fit. I started working on undoing my belt, but my shaky hands were not doing a good job. She asked if she could help asking me to stand up. Before I knew what had happened and how to respond, she had unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. My dick was rock hard and standing straight up. She asked if she could touch it. Unable to talk I just shook my head. She stroked by dick slowly but firmly. She then asked if she could kiss it. Again, a quick nod was all that was needed. But a kiss did not come. Instead she was sucking. My stomach was tied in a knot. I felt like something was not right but I didn’t want to stop her. My god, she was older then my own mother. And in a predictable young boy manner, I blew my load right in her mouth within the first minute. She ate it all up never missing a stroke. Indeed, she just kept on honking Ataşehir Escort with determination and rhythm. I just stood and moaned.. At some point the excitement was just too much, I was having a hard time catching my breath. I had to pull her off me. Again, I felt embarrassed and quickly recouped myself to a point where I could gracefully, but quickly, excuse myself. Out the back door I flew and ran into my house. Sitting in my living room recounting the events that had just occurred, I pulled out my dick and masturbated till my parent returned. I was exhausted. I had just had my first real sexual experience.

For the next week or so I experience behavioral issues. Obsession-Compulsion; I was jerking off at least 3 times a day. An intimidating paranoia; I modified by schedule and always checked around before entering or leaving the house. I did not want to confront her again. After all, I would not know what to say or how to act. I was losing sleep and the ability to concentrate on any thing, but the image of my neighbor sucking my dick. I could not tell anyone about what had happened, My friends would laugh at the idea of letting an older women suck my dick, at least that is what I thought. This was my secret an I had to internalize my emotions.

It was my last quarter of school and academic demands provided little emotional relief. I found myself walking around with a hard-on as I glared at all the young girls around me imagining them sucking my dick with the determination and rhythm I had just experienced a few weeks before. I left my shirt hang out to hide my erections.

I always came home from school a few hours before my parents, And like any other day, I usually went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Standing there munching I glanced out the window to see my neighbor pruning her flower bed. She was dressed appropriately for the hot day. Her tight short-shorts and low cut T-shirt was providing me with lots of views as I pulled out my dick and started to masturbate while staring at her through the window. Then for some unknown reason ,that many would consider fate, she stood straight up and immediately looked at me in the window. She gave me a wave. I ducked out of sight and continued to jerk off. I took a peek out another window and discovered she had gone back inside her house. I felt relieved. My emotions were in a whirlwind. I felt like I needed to do something to bring me down a bit. I decided to call on my neighbor.

Now I didn’t want to just walk up to the front door and knock. I decided to wait till I saw her in the back yard again. The next day right after school, there she was. My stomach jumped into my throat. My knees had a bit of tremble. I spent 10 minutes at the backdoor trying to figure out what I was going to say. I pulled out my dick and started jerking off again. Gathering all my gumption together, I put my dick inside my pants, pulled out my shirt and walked right out. I froze on the back porch. She called my name. At first I did not respond or rather I couldn’t. I felt frozen with fright right where I was. She repeated her greeting and this time I glanced over. She was waiving for me to come over. I don’t know where the confidence came from, but I marched right over to her and said hello.

The conversation was light and fluffy: the weather, how is school going, how the flower bed was doing and predictions of baseball games to come. This was not my purpose. In a low pitch, cracking voice I asked if she had ever considered inviting me back to her house for another cool drink. I think this caught her a bit off guard. She was giving me a quizzical look and said nothing. Her head quickly turned looking at me through the corner of her eye. A petite smile followed. She said “Maybe, but not today”. I took in a deep breath waiting for more. She suggested, I drop by on my way to the high school baseball game Friday night. Knock on the back door, if I do not answer, enjoy the game.

I did not jerk off all day Thursday or Friday. The urge to do such was very strong. Indeed, I walked around with an erection the majority of the day. But I demonstrated a strong will and did not touch myself. I wanted to make sure I had a good load to offer her.

Friday night my father allowed me to borrow his car. I drove a few blocks away, parking the car behind a grocery store. I walked up to her back door very carefully and knocked lightly. She quickly opened the door and pulled me in. The lights were off in the kitchen as she took my hand leading me into her living room. Under the dim lighting of the living room I had a chance to Kadıköy Escort look her over. My mouth few open and I stopped breathing. She was decked out in a corset with garters, stockings with a back seam, high heels, a snazzy hair-do and lots of make up. I gasped to recapture my normal breathing rhythm but I was frozen standing in place. She took me to the couch and sat me down. I needed that. She offered me a beer. I accepted it and chugged it down quickly. She got me another. I sipped the second. As I sipped, she sat in a chair opposite me. At first she just appeared composed, motionless, looking straight at me. Then she changed her position on the chair. Again, she sat motionless. After a few moments, she changed again. After several gyrations of this type of process I realized she was posing for me. Not a word was being said but it had my attention. I was mesmerized. A true seductress was in action.

After some ill defined period of time, and many different poses, she spread her legs wide and stuck her hand down her panties. She was no longer motionless. She was masturbating. I could no longer contain myself and felt at liberty to follow her lead. I pulled out my dick and stroked myself. This did not last long as she moved herself over next to me and stroked my dick for me. This too did not last long as she knelt on the floor and wrapped her lips around my dick. But this was different then the first encounter. Her motions were not as deliberate and engaging. Instead they were slow, licking the shaft of my dick followed by a pronounced swallowing of my whole dick. I expected her to gag, but she didn’t. Pulling back, she was now stroking my slick dick with one hand, and holding my balls up with the other, as she tongued the crest at the base of my dick leading to my anus. Just as I thought I was going to ejaculate she stopped and took on a more serene demeanor. She took off all my clothes, licking me all over as each piece of clothing fell to the floor. Standing there naked, she kneeled in front of me and sucked on me some more. Life was good.

Positions quickly changed as she pulled off those frilly panties and bent over on the cushion of the couch. Without thought, I assumed the position. She was wet and slippery. I was pounding her with that expected young man rapid pace. I am really hitting it hard when I can to the realization my urge to ejaculate was fading. I had slipped into this almost hypnotic state largely induced by the pure pleasure of fucking this women. I felt energized and attempted to pick up the pace of my rhythm. But I could not. I was already doing it as fast as I could. Not sure how long it took before my muscles began to show signs of fatigue. But I persevered to maintain this break neck pace of fucking. The pleasure level was just too great to let my body slow me down. But all good things must come to an end as I was having a hard time catching my breath. I knelt behind her. I stared at that wet pussy right in front of me for a few moments, waiting to recoup from my sprint so I could hit it again. She too was panting and moaning in an equally exhausted manner.

As I knelt there gasping for breath, I thought I heard foot steps coming out of the kitchen. I quickly glanced over. Even though unlit, I thought I saw someone stepping out of the doorway and back into the center of the room. I panicked..

Jumping up looking for my clothes brought her out of her induced slumber. Asking what was the matter, I pointed towards the kitchen and in a low voice told her that I saw someone in there. I was very surprised by her lack of response to my accusation. She seemed very calm and composed while I was bouncing off the walls in a desperate search for my pants. In a deliberate and understanding way, she put her arms around me and told me to settle down. Not knowing what to do, I just stood there hyperventilating, high anxiety. While telling me everything was alright she shuffled me over to the couch and sat me down. Running into the kitchen she returned with another beer and gave it to me. In a somewhat demanding tone I asked who was in the kitchen. Her sheepish response “My Husband”. I stopped breathing. She opened the beer, put it to my lips and poured some into my mouth. I choked as it went down the wrong tube. She slapped my back and I returned to the living with a gasp for fresh air. I took the beer in hand and gulped down the whole thing. The bubbles made me belch which again confirmed the fact that I was still alive.

A strong sense of uncertainty had left me numb and motionless sitting on the couch. My dick, like much of the rest Ümraniye Escort of me, had gone limp. With out coaxing or the hint of suggestion, she was now sucking my dick ferociously with swallows down to the base at a very rapid pace For a second, the thought of her husband left me as my dick came to attention. Glancing into the kitchen I could now clearly distinguish the outline of the man watching. It appeared to be a non threatening situation, I did not want to stop the excellent blow job I was getting, I closed my eyes and laid back. Her pace was unrelenting and had purpose. I blew my wad right into her mouth without forewarning. She just kept on honking. I glanced down to see my semen slipping out of her mouth and down the shaft of my dick. Again, I had to pull her pumping head off me when the sensation was just too much. Again, catching my breath was an issue. I looked into the kitchen again, nobody was there. She approached me with my clothes, I dressed. She escorted me to the back door. I walked to my car and went to the baseball game.

It was late in the sixth inning when I arrived. I sat with some of my friends. They wanted to know why I was so late. I told them I had car troubles. Sitting in the stands looking over the crowd I had an odd sensation. There was a women several seats down from us, I could not take my eyes off her. She was old enough to be my mother. Even though older, she attracted me. I imaged her sucking my dick, my erection returned.

Strange perceptions where becoming common place. I found myself seriously staring at women that were probably older than my mother. I had a very hard time trying to imagine the peer equivalent girls around me providing me with even a fraction of the thrill I had experienced with my next door neighbor. I had become obsessively thinking about our next engagement. I was still having a hard time sleeping.

Walking home from school on a pretty warm day, I noticed my neighbors front door was open and a fan was running in the window. Without forethought, impulsive and somewhat out of control of my facilities, I ran up the steps and knocked on the front door. No one came to the door immediately and I considered running into my house, but I paused. To my surprise, her husband answered the door. I felt very uncomfortable as he invited me inside. He instructed me to sit as he walked towards the back door to summons his wife who was sunning herself. I quickly looked around a saw a half empty bottle of booze on the kitchen table and a smoldering cigarette in an ashtray. She came in through the back door sweaty wearing a bikini. Yes, she is older then me, a bit wrinkled in places and voluptuous…….but she was turning me on big time. I was immediately provided a beer by the old man as I was being asked how my day was going.

Small talk didn’t last long as the old man turned towards his wife

“You know why he is here. Go ahead and give him a blowjob.”

She quickly gave him a quizzical look, stood up, closed the front door and closed the blinds on the front window. Slowly the bikini came off as she approached me. She removed my pants revealing my dick at full attention. She stroked by dick like it was a monument, then took the entire thing in her mouth. I looked around to see the old man sitting across from us jerking off. I wrongfully expected her to gag as she repeatedly went from the top to the very base in a very rhythmic manner. She changed to a quick rolling suck of the rim of my dick as she continued to stroke my base. The excitement was too much as I closed my eyes, laid back and moaned. I heard movement in the room but was too lost in the moment to open my eyes and see what was going on. Lips wrapped around my dick again but the pace was now very intense. I looked down. I was shocked. The old man was now sucking my dick. His wife was at the same time sucking the old man. The question of what I should do was just beginning to congeal in my head as I ejaculated. The old man swallowed every drop. And as he swallowed, he ejaculated. She swallowed every drop. Needing another drink and smoke, the old man rose and went to the kitchen table. She jumped right on my still erect dick and started riding me hard. This went on for what seemed like a long time. I tried to push her off but she refused and just kept on moving. She finally tired and lay exhausted on the couch. I got up, put on my pants. As I walked for the front door, the old man gave me a thumbs up inviting me back whenever I wanted. I never did.

I graduated from high school a few weeks later. I spent that summer with my grandparents in Florida. I started college in the Fall and found my first real girl friend soon after. I returned home several times during this period but I never saw or sought out the neighbors. At Thanksgiving that year my mother told me the neighbors had moved. I did not ask where.

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