Nicole for Rent

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Over the last couple of years Nicole had fallen on hard times and was now on her own and without a decent income. We had been friends for years and had met up for sex once in a while, even one time joining her and one of her partners for an unexpected and quite excellent threesome. She was as hot as ever and she still knew she could have any guy she wanted by showing her firm little ass and her wonderfully pert breasts.

She came to me one evening and told me that she was way behind on her rent and that she might be in danger of getting kicked out of the place she was staying. I told her that, although I’d love to help, I was not in a position right now to lend her any money. She seemed a little disappointed, but thanked me for being honest about the money. Later that evening Nicole decided to stay over at my place, something she hadn’t done in a long time and even though she went to bed in the spare room, she ended up in bed with me later that night.

We had sex a couple of times that night, once with a condom and the second time without, I had almost forgotten what great sex I always had with her. I knew she didn’t like condoms much and loved the feeling of a guy cumming inside her, but I was surprised when she told me not to worry about shooting my sperm into her pussy. Once I had finished cumming I reached down and took hold of my cock, pulling my foreskin down towards my balls as I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy. I had cum quite a lot and as I watched the sperm slowly escaping from her pussy and soaking the sheets below, I had an idea.

“Nicole, I know how you can get the rent money,” I said as her thighs opened wide and her hand went down to rub the cum around her pussy.

“You do,” she said with great delight, then as she looked at me and I smiled, she knew exactly what I meant.

“No way, what the hell do you think I am, some kind of whore?” I hadn’t expected her to be quite so shocked as I really thought it could work, so I set about explaining it to her more clearly.

“Calm down,” I said as I began trying to sell the idea to her and also realized how much I would like to be involved in something like this with her. I told her that all we had to do was get some decent, clean, young males who could afford to drop enough cash on the table and that because she loved fucking anyway, then why was it so bad? She was silent as I went on to explain that I would take care of recruiting the guys and we would tell them to bring enough cash for an entire evening.

The idea of making them pay for each little favor meant that she could get more out of them and possibly make quite a bit of money.

“How much money?” Nicole asked.

“Well if we get them all worked up by offering a little bit of you at a time, then I’m sure they will spend as much as they bring with them,” I told her and then suggested that they came with maybe a few hundred each.

“How many guys are you thinking about?” was her next obvious question.

I hadn’t really though about it, but said “Maybe four, and of course myself as well.”

She thought for a moment and said, “You can certainly be there and join in, but you’re not paying me anything.”

That was fine by me and then Nicole said “How about six and you, then I might get over a thousand in one night?”

Now she was thinking and more guys sounded even better to me and I told her that I’d get right to work on finding the guys and also doing a little planning for the evening on how to extract as much cash from them as possible. Nicole then relaxed onto her back with her fingers playing gently with her clit and as I had done to her each time we’d had sex, I slid down between her thighs and kissed her cum soaked pussy lips. I then continued to eat her pussy, licking my sperm from her as she fingered herself to yet another orgasm. As I licked my cum from between her lips, I began to wonder if I would have the nerve to do this to her if she had just been fucked by a few others guys. My cock stiffened as I thought about that possibility.

I soon set about finding suitable guys to join us and ended up contacting some guys that I had met once while on vacation as I knew they had access to plenty of cash and were only in their early 20’s. They had met Nicole once and were quite taken with her, although none of them had ever managed to have sex with her. I explained the plan to them and they said that six of them would show up on the suggested date, with “lots of cash.” I told them I wasn’t sure what she would allow them to do, but to have enough cash just in case she would let them go all the way with her, which of course I knew she would.

Nicole was nervous and also excited at the prospect and I reassured her that once things got started she’d be fine and that I’d direct things and keep them under control. The day came and Nicole had stayed over at my place the night before, but we did not have sex and she slept in the spare room. The time we had arranged was for two in the afternoon, so it gave us enough time to both get up and istanbul escort get cleaned and ready. Nicole had mentioned that she would like to shave herself and that I too should have my balls shaven and my pubic hair trimmed nice and short. This was one of the things that Nicole made sure I mentioned to the guys when we had planned the day simply as a matter of cleanliness.

Nicole and I took a long hot bath together, and then she asked if I would like to shave her, which of course I wasted no time in agreeing to. She sat up on the edge of the bath as I pumped some shaving gel into my hands and looked up at her lovely pussy, which had been shaven many times.

“Are we trimming or removing it all?” I asked her, but she simply lay back and said, “That’s up to you.” I smeared the cream onto her pussy and rubbed it gently into her short pubic hair and then took a new razor and began to trim down the sides of her pussy. The hair came off easily and I decided to leave a small strip of hair down the middle, but as I trimmed and tried to get it even on both sides, the strip got narrower and narrower. It was then that I drew the blade slowly down the centre and removed the very last pubic hairs from her pussy, leaving it smooth and clean and ready to be fucked. I rinsed the cream from her pussy with a hot cloth and then leaned forward and kissed the soft smooth skin as her hands went down between her legs, “Oh fuck,” she said “that feels so good.”

Nicole then slipped back into the hot water and took a fresh razor and asked me to sit up on the edge of the bath. I did so and watched as she skillfully shaved the hair from my balls, it was clear that she had done this before. As I sat on the edge of the bath with my cock now very hard, Nicole began jerking me off slowly as she shaved my balls. This was a new feeling for me, being jerked off as my balls were being shaved and it felt really good. I was hoping that she would keep going until I reached an orgasm, but once my balls were totally hairless, she licked around them for a moment and then got up to get out of the bath. We were now both clean shaven and ready for the adventure, which was now only an hour away.

We put on some light clothes as we knew that we’d be naked within the hour and then went down to the basement where I had pulled out a double sofa bed and got out some very expensive black satin sheets, which I only ever used if I knew I was going to be fucking someone. They felt great against your skin and I had had the pleasure of fucking Nicole on them once. They were also great as you could clearly see any cum that had landed on the bed, so you could either avoid it if you wanted or you could see it easily if it turned you on. We then arranged the two other sofas around the bed for the guys to sit on while watching and the place looked set. I drew the basement curtains and just then, the doorbell rang.

As I opened the door I saw two cars parked at the front of the house and two guys standing on the front step with another four, just as planned, walking up the path. I greeted them all and they came inside where they sat down in the front room. Just then Nicole came through and looking a little nervous said “Hi, I’m Nicole, I’ll be your host today.”

She laughed a little and this seemed to be great for breaking any tension. Nicole then went round greeting them all and shook there hands, then once she had been round them all she said “What the hell am I doing shaking your hands?” and she went back to the first guy and putting her hands on his shoulders, she reached up and kissed him on the mouth. Then she slowly and very gracefully moved around them all doing the same. I then went on to say “Okay, we all know why we are here. So all we ask is that you don’t do anything Nicole doesn’t want to do and everything should be great.”

I asked them all to come downstairs with us, which they did and we all stood looking at the bed and sofas. Now it all seemed very real. Then just as the guys were about to sit down I said, “Let us start by all getting naked and we’ll take it from there.” No sooner had I said it, but they all started to remove their clothes. Nicole was wearing a light summer dress and had put on a small pair of white cotton panties at my suggestion as we wanted to tease as much cash out of them as possible. She had also, at the last minute, slipped on a pair of white sandals that strapped over her beautifully painted toes and then around the back of her ankles. I knew she loved to wear these as she was having sex and once again, I’d had had the pleasure of fucking her with them on.

She then pulled the dress up over her head, giving everyone their first look at her excellent body, her firm full breasts and her neat waist and shapely hips. She truly looked amazing in her white panties and white sandals. The guys were soon all naked and each of them looked fit and healthy. I removed all my clothes and was delighted to see a couple of guys who had shaven off all their pubic hair and everyone had at least shaven their balls smooth. escort bayan My cock was semi hard at the thought of what was about to happen and the others were a variety of fully erect to quite limp.

Nicole sat on the end of the bed with her thighs together and looked over at the guy with the hardest looking cock. “Come over here,” she said quite firmly and as he stood in front of her, she opened her thighs and pulled him closer then wrapped both hands around the base of his cock and pulled down slowly on his foreskin.

“Hold on a second,” I said, “We need some cash on the bed first.” So I told him that it would be $50 to have her suck his cock and as he went back to his clothes, all the others pulled out rolls of cash. He threw down $50 on the bed and Nicole gripped his shaft once again and kissed the thick red tip as her hands worked down and around his balls. Now things were moving and I sat up at the end of the bed and took my own cock in my hand and slowly moved my foreskin up and down to keep my cock hard.

Nicole soon had his cock all wet with her saliva and her hands were gliding up and down his shaft very smoothly indeed as she took the tip into her mouth every few strokes. His hands then reached forward and held her lovely firm pear shaped breasts and he seemed to be leaning forward and trying to get his cock between them. Nicole noticed this and took hold of her breasts, pressed his cock between them and started to move them up and down around his shaft. Then as she looked up at him she said “Another $100 and I’ll make you cum on them.” He threw down another $100 and Nicole started to fuck his cock harder and faster with her breasts, letting saliva from her mouth drip down onto his tip to lubricate it.

This had the effect of making most of the guys reach for their cocks and jerk off slowly as they watched and just like me, they were eager to see the first cum fly. I moved down the bed and sat quite close beside Nicole so that I might get a great view of her taking the first cumshot. It wasn’t long before the guy had closed his eyes and was actually standing in front of Nicole with his hands on her shoulders and thrusting his hips up and down, fucking her tits as she held them still and tight around his cock. He fucked her tits for quite some time as we all watched intently with Nicole sucking his cock into her mouth every so often, then pushing the tip back between her wet breasts again.

Then Nicole looked up at him as he held his cock still between her breasts and moaned out loud. We all watched the throbbing red tip slowly appear from between her breasts, then after a long pause, he pushed the tip up between them and started to cum. The sperm blasted the underside of her chin in thick white spurts and poured back down between her breasts, then his legs shook as Nicole moved her tits up and down his shaft and the cum pooled around it. She held her breasts together and slowly drew them up and down the shaft until the sperm just spilled slowly out of the tip. His cock finally softened and slipped out from between her tits and Nicole lay back on the bed and looked up and me and smiled. “One cock, one cumshot and I’ve made $150 already,” she said as I watched her rub the thick cum around her breasts and down over her stomach.

She then sat back up and waved another guy over from the couch, then as he walked towards her with his cock looking pretty hard, she asked one more guy to come forward. Everyone watched again as she sat right on the edge of the bed and leaned forward taking both of the stiff cocks in her hands and began to jerk them off. Her hands were coated in the sperm from her breasts and soon her fingers were sliding up and down their shafts very smoothly when she pulled one closer to her mouth and started to suck him off. Almost forgetting about the cash, she took his cock from her mouth and said “$50 for my mouth only or $150 to make you cum on my tits.”

They both grabbed their cash and threw down $150 each, then as soon as the money hit the bed, Nicole took hold of their cocks again and slid her hot mouth down over one of them. These guys had been jerking off slowly, as we all had been, and they were very hard indeed. Nicole closed her eyes and began to suck hard on the cock in her mouth while tugging his foreskin firmly down around his smooth balls. The other cock was completely bald and her other hand was jerking him off, then she pulled the cock out of her mouth and pushing her tits forward, started rubbing their tips across her cum covered nipples. Both of them were looking ready to cum and Nicole responded by taking more cum onto her hands from her stomach and with their cocks still touching her nipples, she began to jerk them off faster in an attempt to have them both shoot onto her tits.

I had to stop holding my cock as I knew that I’d cum if I kept holding it and many of the guys watching also stopped jerking themselves off, just in case. I watched Nicole’s cum covered hands jerking fast over the two bulging purple heads as she held the tips against Bostancı escort her nipples, waiting for one of them to explode and it finally did. The wet smacking sound of her hands pumping their shafts was a great turn on and without much warning, the cock with no pubic hair started to pump hot cum onto her left breast and as Nicole felt it hit her, she looked down and waited until the spurts were almost done and then took him into her mouth. He moaned as his cock pumped more cum into her mouth and the other guy moved his cock closer to Nicole’s mouth as he was ready to shoot as well.

Then before he started to cum, Nicole moved her mouth onto his cock and began to pump his shaft with her mouth while still jerking the base of his cock. The guy who had cum was now rubbing his thick tip across her nipple and watching, like the rest of us, to see her take a full load into her mouth. Her lips were sealed tight around his shaft as his orgasm started, but even though we could see Nicole swallowing some sperm, her mouth finally opened and his cum poured out over her chin and down between her tits. He continued to spurt a few more times across her mouth and down onto her upper chest, then as his cock began to lose its erection, she rubbed the tips of both cocks slowly over her nipples and between her breasts.

As they both went back to sit on the couch, Nicole put her hands back on the bed and leaned back a little looking down at her cum soaked front. We all watched as the cum began to pool between her breasts and run slowly down in several thick lumps between them and down over her stomach where it began to fill her belly button. Once her belly button was full the sperm spilled out and ran down her lower stomach to the tight waistband of her panties, where it sat for a few seconds in a thick load. It was thick and very white and sat there slowly spreading to both sides on the waistband before it finally spilled down over the front of her panties and began soaking into the white cotton.

I was now right beside her and very turned on by the amount of cum still trickling down her body, so I reached down to the front of her panties and pulled the waistband out a little from her stomach. Then everyone, including Nicole watched as the steady stream of warm liquid running down her belly disappeared down inside her panties and soaked the cotton from the inside. At this point Nicole turned her head to kiss me and although I had watched her taking a spurting cock in her mouth, I obliged and opened my mouth to meet hers. As our tongues and lips touched I tasted the warm sperm in her mouth and on her lips, but with all that was going on, I thought nothing of it. I had eaten my own cum from her pussy each time I’d fucked her and this was really no different and seemed to turn me on even more and make my cock even stiffer.

As we kissed I slid my hand down inside the front of her panties and cupped my hand over her pussy feeling the warm cum as it continued to trickle down her stomach and fill the gap between her pussy and my hand. Then with a handful of warm cum, I started to spread it around her smooth pussy, letting my fingers gently open her lips and rub the sperm in between them. She then lay back on the bed with my hand still inside her cum soaked panties as we continued to kiss and I massaged her silky smooth pussy.

At this point a couple of guys stepped forward and took hold of Nicole’s legs, lifting them up and opening them as they held her around the ankles, admiring her lovely white strapped sandals. Their cocks were very hard indeed. Nicole and I were still kissing when I felt something press against the front of her panties and looked down to see that one of the guys was between her thighs and was rubbing his cock against the damp cotton panties. I knew this was going to be the first cock to fuck her tonight and quite likely cum inside her, so I watched as the guy held her behind the knees and moved closer. I took my wet hand out of her panties and hooked my fingers around the right hand side of her panties and pulled them out from her pussy and over her wet hole, letting the wet cotton rest on the other side of her pussy, between her left thigh and her pussy.

With her panties still on she was now fully exposed and ready to be fucked. At this point the guy asked “How much to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours?” Nicole hadn’t really been thinking about the cash and said, “$200 to fuck me” and within seconds both of them had dropped the money onto the pile that was on the bed. At this point, I’m sure she could have said $1000 and still they would pay it to fuck her. I was so keen to be involved in all the action that I placed my hand on her pussy and suddenly felt his tip touch gently against my fingers, then as he pushed forward a little, I spread her lips with my fingers and felt the head of his cock slide in between my fingers and into her pussy. I moved my hand out of the way and watched as he pulled the bulging red tip out of her and then wiped it back and forth over her smooth pussy and smeared the cum up and down over her clit. Then once the underside of his tip was quite wet with sperm he took his fingers and wiped more sperm up over the top of his cock, then pushing the head down between her lips again, he started to slide his shaft slowly and easily into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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