Niharika’s Fantasy Comes True

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Niharika’s Fantasy Comes Truesome years ago was Niharika A (34B-24-36). She is now Niharika D, married to Alan D, and stays at Powai in Mumbai. (All names and places are changed) Although we were very intimate, I did not penetrate her (so that she would be a virgin when she got married) even though the relationship lasted for 10 years. I used to lick her cunt, and after some hesitation, she started sucking me off.She had extremely small nipples, a little bigger than a man’s (the auroelae were a little bigger than 25 paise coins and the nipples themselves were the same size as the erasers attached behind a pencil) with a little hair around them. After we started getting intimate she started applying hair remover around her nipples to keep them clean, although she refused to do the same for her cunt. She also had some beauty spots on her breasts. The cleft of her ass was not straight but curved to her right at the top.Her nipples even though small were so sensitive that she would almost cum just by sucking on them.She used to say that when I sucked them, she could feel the shock in her cunt. Many times in a deserted movie theater, I would pull her top up or down and suck her nipples hard.After cunnilingus and fellatio, we used to lie on top of each other and rub my dick against her cunt and we both would orgasm. When I used to lick and suck her cunt, as she got more and more excited, she used to push my head harder and harder, and groan loudly as she came.We used to go to her mother’s house at Neral. It had a ground floor and a first floor. The first floor had only one bedroom on it where I used to sleep. It had a window overlooking the garden. Many times, when her mother was in the garden, Niharika used to come up for some fun. One person would keep a watch on her mother standing at the window, and the other would give oral sex to the standing person while sitting on the floor.It was very exciting for either of us to look out of the window where her mother could see our faces, and try to prevent here from knowing what we were doing by keeping a straight face. It used to be very difficult for Niharika, she she loved to moan, but the danger used to add to the excitement.Many times we used to do it in my parked car. My car had the darkest sunfilm, so it was not easy to look inside. We used put a sunvisor on the front windscreen and make out inside. We used to be fully naked on the back seat.Sometimes Niharika remained naked on the back seat until we almost reached the station from where she would catch the train home.Niharika used to rub my penis on her breasts until I came, and the she would rub my sperm into her breasts so that she could smell it on the train on the way back home to Neral. She said that sometimes some of the ladies in the ladies compartment gave her knowing looks, which excited her even more and made her panties even more wet, in which case she had to wash them as soon as she reached home, so that her mother would not notice the wet patch.We had fun in the car all over Mumbai, like Worli Sea face, Carter Road, Joggers Park (before Jogger’s Park was made)After some time we started doing it in a garage at Grant Road, which I had converted into a residence. We also used to go book rooms in the resorts around Mumbai, as she could rus escort not come out overnight. We did it in rooms in Juhu,and Marve, normally.Since I had a Yezdi bike also, we could travel very far very fast, and so save our time for sex.Once when we were in the car, Niharika fantasized that she could be an escort. This led to more fantasizing about threesomes with other guys. Since she was a very possessive woman, I could not even think about a threesome with another woman.Slowly this led to fantasizing about having group sex with my friends, for which she was very reluctant, in spite of fantasizing. I started to include two of my friends, Vikas and Tushar, with us just for lunch or tea. The boys were ten years younger than me and just tow years younger than my gf. I started teasing them about their sexual experience, which was nil, just to get Niharika to get used to sex talks amongst us.Although a bit embarrassed, she used to shrug it off as a little bit of male crudeness. But when I asked her in private, she admitted that it turned her on. I also started kissing her briefly on the lips in front of them, keeping my hands on her bare thighs, all of which also used to excite her.I used to encourage her to wear sexier clothes, to which she was receptive, since she used to model.The on her birthday, I decided to give her a surprise. I told her that we were going to do something different, and the day before, I briefed my friends. They were shocked, but agreed to go ahead based on the fact that I was solely responsible for the outcome.I had very strict instructions for them.They were not supposed to say a single word unless I told them toThey were not supposed to touch and part of Niharika with their prick, even if I allowed them to get fully naked. If Niharika allowed them then they could go ahead, but they were not allowed to touch her cunt or mouth with the penis UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, even if she begged for it, without asking me.As long as their presence was not detected, they could only suck Niharika’s nipples.We reached my place with vodka for me and beer for her. She used to get extremely horny when she used to drink, and I wanted to use that for my plan. Since I was drinking Vodka with lemonade, I added some to Niharika’s drink so that she would drink faster. As I had one drink and she had a bottle, I put on some nice music and started undressing her. Obviously there was no resistance from her side as she was getting horny. I touched her cunt and it was already very wet, although not dripping.The I told her we are going to try something new today. I removed some dupattas which I had bought previously and tied one around her eyes. Then I tied one end of another one around each hand, and the rest of it behind her, so that she could only have her arms straight don her sides, and could not get them any more ahead.than her hips. I was feeding her the beer so the she would remain nicely high.The I made her lie down on my bed and started alternately licking her nipples. I was not touching any part of my body except my lips to her body, and slowly she started getting more and more excited and moaning loudly. I told her that I would put her handkerchief in her mouth, otherwise I would have to stop, as the neighbors would hear. She reluctantly rus escort bayan agreed and I was all set. I moved away from her and unlocked the door (which was just a few feet away from my bed).I started alternating between her nipples and her cunt, which slowly started flowing like a river. Every time I touched her clit, she would give a jerk, and I would move away from her cunt, and start sucking and licking her nipples.After some time, she started jerking after I licked and sucked her nipples, which had never happened before. When that started happening, I started to lick the insides of her thighs, the back of her neck also, so as to keep her just below the peak, without orgasming.So the loop became cunt, back of neck, nipple, inner thigh, nipple, back of neck, inner thigh. Soon she was shivering continuously, was not paying attention to anything except her body. I was varying the order so that she never knew where I would lick next as she was blindfolded. I could hear faint sounds through the hanky in her mouth.At this point of time, my friends silently walked in and shut the door quietly.I looked at them and held a finger to my lips. After some time, I motioned Vikas to suck Niharika’s nipple. After some time, I made Vikas move back and started licking her clit, which almost instantly made her body jerk. Then I stopped and Tushar was made to suck the other nipple.With hand motions, I asked Vikas whether he would lick Niharika’s cunt, and he gave a broad grin and vigorously nodded “Yes”.So I pulled Tushar off, aked him the same, and he also replied positively after I started licking the back of her neck, then her inner thigh. Soon, these two boys were doing all the stimulation, and I was standing back and slowly masturbating my penis, although I did not want to come.The best par of the whole show was that Niharika was not at all aware that there was not one but three people enjoying her body. As she became more and more aroused, I had to make a decision of when all of us would attack at once.She was jerking almost immediately any of the boys touched any part of her body, so I would pull the boys back right way after she jerked. Even when no on was touching her she was moaning through the handkerchief and. Shivering continuously.Now cam the time for the grand finale. I whispered quietly into the boys ears one by one, and then went for it. I started to lick her cunt and clit continuously and hard after removing the handkerchief from her mouth.Just as she started moaning loudly and continuously jerking hard, signifying her orgasm, I motioned the boys to start sucking her nipples together. She made no protest but started jerking harder and moaning louder than I had ever experienced. This must have gone on for maybe five minutes, after which I motioned to the boys to vanish as per our new plan. They went out and shut the door quietly.I waited until she asked me to stop as her cunt had become to sensitive. Then she was quiet for some time, and then remarked “ That was the best ever, I am still feeling it.” To which I replied “Happy Birthday”. She gave me a wicked smile and asked where the rest of her birthday present was. I feigned ignorance and asked her what she meant. She said she wanted to see the persons who had sucked escort rus her breasts at the same time as I was sucking her cunt.I dismissed them as a figment of her imagination, which was fuelled by her fantasy. I told her she must have felt it as she was quite high on beer and sex, and we had been discussing her fantasy just the day before. She was in two minds as to what had happened, and I was still playing with her clit, kissing her breasts and moving my hands all over her body. I also made one more lemonade and beer (shandy) drink for her, so as to keep her feeling horny. She was still not fully convinced, and finally she said she wanted to experience it again, and what I could do to make it happen.I told her that I could call tow of my friends to do it, since we couldn’t expect her fantasy to kick in every time she wanted it. I asked her whether she was willing to be sucked and licked by two of my friends. She said she did not mind as long as there was no fucking involved, like it had happened (or she had imagined) today.I asked her whether she was sure and she said she was.I asked her when she wanted it, and she said “Right away” So I told her I will call up my friends and ask them come here right away, but she cannot back out. To ensure that she does not back out, I told her she has to remain naked, and I will lock up anything she can cover her nakedness with in my cupboard.She agreed, because she was now so horny with the discussions that I could see her juice running down her thigh from her cunt.I called up my friends who were sitting in a restaurant close by, and as agreed previously ( this was one of the scenarios, where Niharika would ask for them if she was horny enough, discussed earlier with them by me.) they said they would come within 15 minutes (as we had agreed)For the next 15 minutes, I did not touch Niharika’s breasts or cunt, but kept moving my hands all over her body.My friends walked in as I had not locked the door after they had left. Niharika did not see or hear them walk in as I had turned her onto her stomach and was lightly scratching her neck and back and she was moaning. There was a wet spot on the mattress between her legs, as I had removed the sheet to prevent her from covering herself with it. She was moaning softly, and jerking once in a while. Her hands were still light tied behind her with a dupatta, but I had removed the one which I had used as a blindfold.The guys came in, and before I could tell them anything each of them picked up one leg and stared sucking her toes.She said “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am going maaaadddddd” and continued to moan her arousal She did not even attempt to see who were licking her toes ( I thing she guessed since these two were the friends we were meeting often.Keeping her head down, I raised her ass, so that Vikas was able to slide under her and start licking her cunt, as Tushar continued to suck her toes. As I licked the back of her shoulder line she started trembling and jerking as she came again and again and after some time as her cunt became sensitive, she told Vikas “enough, enough”I untied her hands and she turned over and gave us a beautiful smile, and then said “ Thank you guys, for the wonderful birthday gifts. I expect to get many such gifts in future, even it it is not my birthday. Now both you guys take off your clothes,I want to give you your return gifts”I asked her how many orgasms she had, and she blushed. But I persisted and she said five, three the first time and two the secondTo be continued……

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