Nikki Ch. 01: Never on the First Date

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When Nikki and I met, it was over drinks at the local dive bar. I was paying undue attention to her. I was lucky that she found it flattering, instead of annoying. She had bedroom eyes of the deepest emerald green. Big eyes that would hypnotize you if you weren’t careful.

Nikki was providing support for her stunning friend Beth. Beth, used to being the center of attention, was miffed that no one was obsessing over her. Beth was a beautiful cookie-cutter California blonde. But Beth’s personality betrayed her image. She was transparent in her motivations, one dimensional. When it was clear that she couldn’t distract from the electricity between Nikki and I, she left us alone. Nikki was enjoying the role reversal.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was pulling me in to Nikki’s orbit. The plunging neckline and ample cleavage might have helped. But, there was more to Nikki than cleavage. Nikki was bright, unapologetic and loud. Actually, everything in the bar was loud. We spent a good part of the night screaming at each other because I wasn’t suave enough to suggest we find somewhere quieter to talk.

Talking to Nikki was natural and unforced. The longer we talked, the smaller the bar became and everything else receded into the background. Tonight there was only Nikki and my love-struck attention to her needs. We were flirting. I knew we’d never consummate the attraction that night but, we couldn’t stop ourselves. Then flirting was a result of genuine attraction.

As it became clear that both of us were not pursuing a one-night stand, I dared her to go out with me.

“You mean on a date?” asked Nikki. “How about lunch tomorrow?”

She caught me off guard but, I like a woman who is direct. Lunch turned into dinner, which turned into a movie, and then late night drinks back at her apartment. The attraction was real. I just didn’t know how to progress beyond the obvious without breaking the spell.

I was oblivious to her touches on my arm, or the way she curled her hair behind her ears. She even laughed at my horrible pun-laced jokes.

Nikki headed to her kitchen to open another bottle of wine, I was alone for the first time in hours. I began flipping through the stack of photos on her coffee table. Nikki was a Polaroid fanatic. When I came across a photo of Nikki at the beach she became visibly upset. Her hand darted out to grab the Polaroid. It showed something she did didn’t want me to see.

It was Nikki in a one piece swimsuit with a grimace on her face. The kind of face you make when you don’t want your picture taken. It was too late, I had seen the picture. On the verge of tears, she explained that she meant to destroy the photo since it was a source of pain.

The girls in the picture had called her a fatty and made fun of her choice of swimsuit. Apparently, you’re not supposed to choose a swimsuit that cuts high over your hips if you have wide hips. Her friends were only teasing she said but, I know how words can cut.

Her eyes welled up as I said, “Nikki, you’re not fat. You’re beautiful.”

The words hung there in the awkward silence that followed.

I broke the silence by blurting out, “I don’t date ugly chicks, so you can’t be ugly.”

It was then that she started laughing at my absurd logic. It wasn’t the smoothest line I could have uttered but, it was the truth. Nikki was anything but ugly. She had auburn hair that draped below her shoulders and an easy smile. Every time she’d laugh her eyes would crease. When they would reopen you couldn’t help but be seduced by her brilliant green eyes.

The laughing came easy for her. Every time she smiled or opened her mouth it highlighted the freckles over her nose and cheeks. Nikki also had a way of pursing her lips that was innocent but, highly provocative. It was disarming.

Nikki was all curves, free any of the sharp jangling angles associated with runway models. Nikki is the healthy, buxom Irish girl next door. She was the picture of innocence — until she wasn’t.

There was no other way to follow up the awkward exchange. So in true nerd fashion I tried to followed it up with an equally awkward kiss. I suspected Nikki had not been properly kissed in quite some time. It was just the ice breaker we needed to defuse the tension. The second kiss was better. It was long, deep, wet and soulful. She responded in kind as her mouth explored mine.

Her lips were soft Bahçelievler escort and sweet. As crass as it sounds, at that moment, I couldn’t help but imagine what they’d feel like wrapped around the growing bulge in my pants. The thought was a product of my oversexed, dirty mind. I must have groaned as her hand brushed my crotch. It was obvious that I was aroused.

“Oh my god,” blurted Nikki.

I suspect she wasn’t reacting to the modest size of the bulge in my pants but, more to how hard it was.

I kissed down her neck. The smell of her body, the musk and the vanilla in her perfume was intoxicating. I continued to sample the taste of her skin as I teased her shoulders. Nikki had worn a clingy long sleeved sweater that left her shoulders exposed.

She tingled at the touch of my hands until the skin on skin contact warmed to body temperature. I continued to explore the outline of her breasts as they pushed against the sweater. Such a thin layer of fabric separated my hands from heaven. As I cupped those globes of flesh her nipples started to protrude through the knitted fibers of angora.

Moving up to her ear I whispered, “I’m sorry. I’m a little bit rusty. It’s been a while since…”

“I hadn’t noticed,” she interrupted.

She let out an audible moan as my lips continued to drop kisses and my hands explored the rest of her body. She was hot with anticipation.

We had gone from sitting next to each other to Nikki sitting on my lap with her back to me. I was rubbing up her thighs, pushing through the pleats of her tartan skirt and up over her stomach. As my hands moved under her sweater and I slowly cupped both breasts. Nikki arched her back as I rolled her nipples between my fingers.

“Oh god, baby,” she exclaimed, “I need to have you inside me.”

In my adult life this was fastest transition between heavy petting and the promise of sex.

I whispered, “What did you say?”

Betraying the god that hung from her choker necklace, Nikki sighed, “Christ. Do you need me to spell it out for you?” With a mischievous grin she continued, “I need to be sucked. I need to be fucked. You can do it can’t you, baby?”

With those words, Nikki had my full attention. It was standing fully erect at six inches and was nearing diamond-cutting density.

I moved down between her legs as she closed her thighs around my hand. My left hand held the warmth of her full breast. My right hand pulled away from the vice grip of her crotch and traced the top edge of her panties.

“Please, baby, please,” she moaned, as my fingers slipped under the elastic of her panties and traced the wetness between her lips. “Don’t you want to fuck this cunt?”

And there it was, “cunt.” With a single word Nikki had tapped into my baser desires. I was no longer in charge as she mentally wrested control of my now twitching cock. Unlike other men, I don’t suffer from the Madonna – whore complex.

I have no problems being sexually attracted to a woman I respect. I also had no qualms about treating a woman I respect like a fuck-toy. To me the two were not mutually exclusive. Sex was not a sin. And for me dirty talk was the most effective way to break that double standard. Nothing is quite as sexy as the nastiest of words coming from the sweetest of lips.

I would learn later, Nikki was an expert at feeding my desires and she enjoyed teasing me. Right now, she had tapped into my weakness for dirty talk. She had lit a fuse and it was only a matter of time before I exploded.

My fingers pulled in closer and slipped inside her now moist panties. I penetrated her wetness with my fingers before running them over her engorged clit. Nikki squirmed and spread her legs wider to accommodate my hands as they siphoned off the salty-sour of her beautiful pussy.

Nikki rubbed back against my chest and groaned, “You’ve got me so wet. I need that cock. I need that cock. Baby, my cunt needs that cock.”

I pushed her sweater up over her beautiful tits and caressed her exposed torso. I couldn’t wait to take those nipples into my aching mouth.

Nikki is the rare woman could orgasm through penetration. As long as her clitoris is teased at the same time she is easily led into sexual Nirvana. She wasn’t going to wait for me to progress through foreplay. Right now she needed the main event and had already moved off my lap and freed me of my Bahçelievler escort bayan pants.

Before I could say, “Wait. I don’t have a condom.” She had engulfed the whole of my cock in her mouth.

Tonguing the head of my shaft as it popped out of her mouth, she replied, “I don’t care. I just need to get fucked.” And with those words, Nikki bent over the coffee table and presented her beautiful heart shaped ass.

It was heavenly. Her tanned round cheeks bisected by untanned skin, framed her winking asshole and her now moist pussy. Her wetness made the sheer panties that much more transparent. She read my mind as she pulled her panties over to the side and gave me a better view of her glistening lips.

As she looked back at me she mouthed the words, “Don’t. You. Want. To. Fuck. This. Cunt?”

As she completed the sentence, her mouth formed a little pout. Nikki then licked her lips. Nikki’s doe-eyed expression was a stark contrast to the delicious, dirty words escaping her mouth. She was a sight to see. My innocent Irish girl, bent over the coffee table, her legs spread open with the pleated skirt flipped over the cheeks of her ass. Our raw attraction was so intense we didn’t have time to properly undress.

Precum leaked from the engorged head of my cock and spiraled down my shaft. I kneeled behind Nikki. The head of my cock parted the lips of her cunt and plunged between the cheeks of her ass. The full weight of my body was behind the thrust as my shaft sunk into Nikki’s hot, wet hole. Her pussy wrapped around my cock and I pushed in to the limits of my balls. Nikki yelped as the girth stretched the walls of her pussy.

“Oh God. Fuck.” We said this in unison, as if rehearsed.

It felt so good to be this deep inside her. I love the sensation of first penetration. I always like to prolong the sensation as long as I can. Nikki would later tell me that the first pop of cock in her pussy always made her gush just a little.

I lifted Nikki up off her hands and knees to just her knees. I cupped her chin, tilted her head back and we kissed again. Deep, wet and soulful.

I pulled back out and began to tease Nikki. I slid her panties back between her legs and pulled them taut. I slipped my cock under the panties and resurfaced between the cheeks of her beautiful ass. The sensation of the wet, filmy fabric against the head of my cock was unbearable.

The edging and teasing was for Nikki as much as it was for me. When she couldn’t stand it any more she kicked up her legs up in protest and I caught them at her ankles. She was wearing strappy, patent leather pumps. It wasn’t intentional but, it did feed my Catholic school boy fantasies.

I was trying to get her to cum before me. If I came before Nikki, I knew that despite my overactive sex drive, I’d never be able to bring her to orgasm.

Unsure of just what was going on, Nikki took matters into her own hands. Visibly frustrated, she was on the verge of orgasm and just wanted me to push her over the edge. She was almost angry.

She also pushed back against the coffee table and got up off her knees. She walked away with her back to me and slipped off her skirt. She then bent at the waist and slowly stepped out of her now soaked panties.

Who taught her to read my mind? That last move was deliberate. I couldn’t have wanted to corrupt her anymore than I did at that moment.

She walked over to the chaise lounge across from the sofa. Nikki was now nude except for the patent leather high heels and the sweater pushed above her teasing breasts. Dangling between her cleavage was the chunky celtic cross. I’m just glad it wasn’t a crucifix. As she sat down to face me, she leaned back in the chair, kicked up her legs and spread them wide.

Nikki proceeded to ask me just what I didn’t understand about, “Fuck this cunt? I’m not talking about foreplay, or teasing, or edging. I just want to be fucked. Fill this fuck hole. Fill it. Make it yours.”

Understanding just what was exactly expected of me, I walked over, my cock at full attention. The lips of her pussy spread like rose petals and swallowed the whole of my rigid shaft on the way in. They sucked longingly at my cock as I pulled out.

I whispered under my breath, “Please God, don’t let me cum too soon.”

Like a machine built for only one purposed my hips bucked and moved back and forth Escort bahçelievler like well oiled piston. Each plunge displaced more and more of Nikki’s sweet juices until translucent ribbons revolved around my cock like a may pole. She had her first orgasm.

Her arms were up and grasping the back of the chaise lounge as her back arched and her legs opened wider. Nikki started to buck and move her pelvis up to accept each stroke of my engorged fuck stick. I was feeding her most carnal desires of being penetrated.

“Oh god, I love this cock, baby. Fuck me,” she screamed through gritted teeth. “Don’t stop. Harder. Fuck me harder! I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming.”

No longer consumed by an itch she needed scratched, Nikki moved her hips up and pulled me in by locking her long luscious legs behind my back.

I was still pumping, only a lot slower and it seemed like I could explode right then and there. Nikki grabbed me by the ears and made me focus on her angelic face. Her forehead was covered in tiny beads of sweat.

“Tell me what I need to do to push you over the edge,” asked Nikki.

“Tell me you want to be used,” I stuttered.

Nikki gave me a knowing look and threw her legs over my shoulders.

“Use me baby. That’s what I was built for. I’m your personal fuck-doll. Use this pussy. Use this cunt. That’s all I’m good for. Let me be your cum-slut. Fuck me like the nasty whore that I am.”

The more she talked, the deeper I plunged.

“Harder baby, harder. Don’t you want to fuck this cunt? Fuck me like the nasty whore that I am.”

I did as she asked. I went deeper, my stokes were longer and I’m almost sure I hurt her when I pulled my cock all the way our and buried it back into her.

“Harder baby, harder. Don’t worry, you’re not going to break me. Just pound that cunt. Pound it baby. Fuck me like the nasty whore that I am.”

I grabbed Nikki’s legs and moved my hands underneath the back of her knees and slid them up her calves. I pinned her legs back by her ankles so that I had full access and I fucked her sweet little hole.

“Hurt me baby, hurt me. Make this little hole your cum dumpster. Fuck me like the nasty whore that I am.”

That chorus ran in my ears like a mantra and fed my most carnal desires. Nothing else mattered but, this one moment in time. Nikki was pushing all my buttons and she was pushing hard.

The mischievous smile had returned to Nikki’s face. She gave me a look that I desperately wanted to cover in cum. My cock couldn’t hold it anymore. I was about to open the floodgates and unleash what felt like “gallons” of cum. My body thought otherwise and I ended pumping it into Nikki’s waiting, welcome cunt.

Even after orgasm, I continued to pump until my cock became too sensitive to the friction.

I collapsed on top of her. She yelped and pushed me off. Her sweet little pussy was leaking the whole of my DNA. I imagined her swiping through all that sexy and licking it off her fingers. But, she too was spent.

Finally I said, “I’ve never done this with anyone on a first date.”

“Me neither,” replied Nikki.

“Please promise me we can do this again,” I managed to blurt out between deep breaths.

“Tomorrow is Sunday. Maybe after church?” replied Nikki. “By the way you’re going to have to clean this up.”


Later in our relationship Nikki, would discover my fetish for women in “fuck-me-pumps” and thigh high boots. She’d use it against me. Everything ended up on my credit card. From the sluttiest, six-inch Jante pumps to the most expensive Christian Louboutin ‘Impera’ pumps Nikki had carte blanche.

Nikki realizes that her purchases come with a cost but, I get the feeling she doesn’t mind paying the tax. She seems to enjoy the seduction as much as I do. She always relishes the look on my face when I discover her new purchases on my credit card statement. It’s a promise of naughty playtime to come.

Sometimes she’ll devise elaborate seductions designed to edge and tease me all night. Other times I can’t wait and I’ll make her model the shoes or thigh high boots for me immediately. This usually ends with her pushed up against the wall, being pumped full of cock and bathed in ropes of my cum.

Other times she’ll end up on her knees allowing me to fill her throat. She’ll maintain eye contact and watch how close I come to orgasm. When I am close, she’ll spit out me out, clean up the saliva and precum off her tits, and button up her blouse. I am then forced to suffer a night out on the town before I can release the pressure on my cock. But, that’s another story.

My virgin whore is a dirty talking slut and a cock-tease and I love it.

I love her.

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