No Masturbatin’ In My Bathroom Please

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You’ve had me decorating your bedroom as a surprise for when your husband comes home in a few days time. I’ve done a great job and you’re really pleased and asked me if I can come back and do a few more little jobs around the house… simple handy man stuff! You have just been and bought some sexy new underwear that afternoon to wear when you show your hubby your new bedroom, and you’re trying it on deciding which shoes your going to wear with your sexy new light blue bra and knickers and sheer white stockings. Looking in the mirror you are satisfied that you are looking really hot! The bra and knickers are so light and thin they are almost see through, and the crotch of the knickers barely covers your pussy, then with the black high heels and white stockings you think you could almost fancy yourself. The doorbell rings and you realize it must be me to do a few jobs. You throw on the first thing that comes to hand which happens to be a really quite short sexy summer dress. This barely covers the tops of your stockings, but in your rush to answer the door, you don’t realize how really horny you’re looking. You invite me in and show me through to the kitchen explaining how the kitchen sink is leaking. I lay on the floor checking the u-bend then ask you to turn on the tap….you step over me laying on the floor and turn on the cold water tap… then I ask you to turn it off…. then on again! This goes on for almost 10 minutes and you start to get impatient… Erzurum Escort wanting to get on! A little angry you look down to ask how long this is going to take and you are shocked to see a huge bulge in my overalls and even a small damp patch starting to appear at the head of my obvious hard on! Suddenly you realize that I have the perfect view up your skirt to the inside of your thighs. Angry and embarrassed, you quickly leave to change! In the bedroom you put on a bathrobe, feeling violated, but after a few minutes feeling a little calmer you head back to the kitchen now well covered – as you pass the bathroom you hear something? Putting your ear to the door and hear me breathing hard and a wet slippery slapping sound…. you realize instantly that I’m wanking myself off in there! Disgusted but speechless for moment you just listen… then you hear me groaning and wanking harder…. I gasp then stop! ……You know I have just cum. Now completely shocked you knock on the door and tell me I have to leave immediately as you have just remember an urgent appoint me you have. I come out breathing hard and a little red, I walk to the kitchen pick up my tools and leave telling you to call me when you want me to come back? Closing the door behind me you think… “Yeah sure I’m going have a pervert jacking off in my house again” “NO CHANCE” You flop onto the sofa your mind whirling! “Dirty bastard, what was he thinking” Erzurum Escort Bayan was what was going through your head…. then REALLY what WAS he thinking? Was he thinking of bending me over the kitchen sink ripping my knickers down and fucking me from behind right there and then? You think that from where I was laying, I could have just reached up and fingered your pussy! Then you think of me wanking off in your bathroom… hearing me groan as I came! Suddenly you realize you’re wet, your hand is between your legs gently rubbing your crotch and a picture enters your head of me pulling back my foreskin. Spunk exploding from my big fat swollen head onto my stomach and thighs, cum oozing through my fingers and dripping down my shaft and over my balls. Your hand has slipped inside your knickers and your fingering your clit hard… you spread your legs wide and cum! At first you feel disgusted with yourself but then as the evening wears on you find yourself thinking more and more of what I could have done to you… of all the things I wanted to do to you! An image of me stroking my rock hard cock keeps jumping into your mind…. Next day you call me! “Can you come over and finish off” you ask? I arrive back at your house tool bag in hand…. “I’ll finish the sink” I say! You tell me that can wait and there a few things I missed when I was decorating your bedroom and you would like to show me. You’re wearing the same Escort Erzurum underwear but your dress is even shorter and sexier! As you lead me to the bedroom with me saying I can’t think of a thing I may have missed in there. You tell me that there are a few little things but only small and hard to spot. In the bedroom you tell me sit as you need to find the problem spots again, there’s no chair so I sit on the edge of the bed. Walking around the room slowly pretending to check the skirting boards and every corner, you feel my eyes following you, knowing you are looking really sex and knowing that I’m starting to get aroused. “I can’t seem to find them” you say, bending over slightly pretending to look closer. You feel your tight skirt riding up the backs of your thighs revealing flesh… your thighs and tantalizingly close to your crotch… you hear me cough and shift uncomfortably…and you smile! You walk over to me explaining that they are only tiny, tiny little things. You see my arm trying to cover an obvious erection! You return to your search complaining how it’s so hard to see, then you kneel to look closer, pulling your skirt down your thighs in a pretence of modesty. Then you exclaim… “here’s one!” pointing, you bend over further, your free hand stopping you from falling face first into the carpet. I feel my cock throb as I watch your dress ride completely up your thighs and over your arse showing your thighs and your crotch. I can clearly see the lips of your pussy straining against the thin fabric of your knickers. My cock is so hard its aching, pre cum is oozing from the head. You look back over my shoulder at me…. then you frown at me… “are you looking at my arse you pervert” you say! “Err! Excuse me” I say …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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