Noise In The Dark

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Noise In The DarkThe night was hot and humid and I kept tossing in the bed finding it hard to sleep. The moon was now full making it a very bright night but I could hear the passing thunderstorm in the background. I was about to sleep when I heard a noise in the back yard. Grabbing a robe to cover my naked ass I ran outside and went to look only to find an over turned lawn chair. I looked all around and found nothing. Thinking it might be my neighbor’s cat, which was always doing things like, that I went back inside. I took off my robe and was just about to lie down and let the fan blow over my sweaty naked body when I thought I heard something move in the closet. I hid behind the bedroom door and waited for whatever it was to come out. I peeked and saw the closet door start to open. I held my breath. I saw someone emerge wearing a long over coat. As I watched, the person went over to my dresser and tried to open it. I slipped behind the individual and pinned them to the wall. I heard a female voice whimper, “Please, don’t hurt me!” A light from the bathroom lit her face and as I held her to the wall I stepped back to take a look. She was kind of cute. She said she was sorry and that she was trying to find some clothes to wear. She then told me that her date dumped her on the side of the road after an argument and that she got drenched in an earlier storm. betsobet yeni giriş Her clothes were so wet that she had to get out of them. She saw my house and that there were no lights on and thought no one was home so she decided to come in to find something to wear. I asked her why didn’t she try to call for a ride instead of breaking into someone’s house for clothes and she said she didn’t have a cell phone.Then she said, “If you let go of my hands I’ll prove I didn’t take anything.” I asked her where her wet clothes were and she said they were on the back porch. She said she found the coat on the porch and put it on. I told her I thought it looked familiar. “Please search me and see if I have anything.” She untied the over coat and opened it up. My eyes lit up at the sight of her naked body. I came closer and she held out her hands. I took her hands in my hands and felt how cold and wet they were. I started rubbing her fingers and worked the tips. She pushed her knee against my shaft and the softness of her thigh felt really nice. She kept it up until my cock began to stiffen against its touch. Looking me square in the eye she smiled at me. I lowered myself down to her waist. I parted her ‘pussy lips then lightly blew across them as my fingers rubbed her clit. I pulled the lips apart giving them good lick. She let the coat betsobet güvenilirmi fall to the ground and I stood up and took her to the bed. She sat down on the edge with her sexy legs spread and her hands pulling her lips apart. Looking me over she licked her lips at the sight of my now very hard member.I knelt back down between her legs. As she spread her pussy lips I could see deep into her pussy. I heard her moan as I moved in and wrapped my lips around her clit. She then clasped her legs around my head and began lightly grinding her pussy against my face. It didn’t take too long before she was cumming. Her thighs tightened around my face so tightly I could hardly hear her loud groaning of pleasures. Her legs then fell apart allowing me to lick her pussy clean. I worked up her body working my way to her full breasts. I took the finger of one hand and slid back into her pussy as I licked and kissed her breasts. When I got to the nipples I sucked and nibbled them as I heard her moans. In a whispered moan she said she now wanted my dick in her mouth.I knelt over her chest and slid my dick between her tits. As I straddled her tits and slid it between them I felt her tongue on the head of my dick. Her tits felt so hot and smooth I felt I could almost come right then. As I slid closer she opened her mouth and took me in. God, betsobet giriş her mouth felt so good as I plunged as deep as I could. I squeezed her tits and pulled the nipples as she deep throated me. After a good ten minutes of deep throating she asked me to turn around, 69 style. I then pulled out and after switching around I felt her tongue on my ass. She rubbed my cheeks working her fingers into the crack and massaging my ass hole. As I felt the finger slide in I pushed back to take more. I was so turned on that I raised her legs and dove my tongue into her hot ass hole. We then fucked each other’s ass holes with our fingers and tongues. She took her finger and found my prostate and then finger fucked me while she sucked my cock. I took the hint and then started to suck her pussy like I had never sucked a pussy before while I also finger fucked her ass. Her clit seemed like a little cock as it grew in my mouth. When I felt like I couldn’t take it much longer I got up turned around and drove my rock hard cock straight into her red hot pussy. She wrapped her legs around my torso and locked them around me like a vice grip. We thrashed around slamming against each other like we were having for the time in our lives. When we both came it was like the flood gates of hell opened. It felt great and it was pure hell at the same time. When I say pure hell, I mean I felt like I was being tortured with extreme ecstasy!When our bodies both stopped going thru their little spasms and jerking motions we lay down on our backs and tried to catch our breaths. Looking at each other I said to her, “Hi, I’m Mark…… do you want to borrow some clothes?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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