Not So Demure Wife

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Big Tits

Not So Demure WifeThis past summer break my wife and I took a trip to Cancun Mexico that changed our lives forever…. definitely for the better. Angie and I have been married now for almost 20 years, we are both in our mid 40’s and have been exclusive to each other till that fateful trip. We live a “normal” suburban life, three c***dren, minivan and actively participate in the activities in our c***dren’s schools…. real “normal” lives which are fulfilling yet until that night we hadn’t realized how boring it was. My name is Jake and I’m a teacher at a local high school and Angie teaches at the local community college. I’m 5’11” or so and with years of playing and coaching volleyball, I’ve managed to keep myself in really good shape. Where it matters most, down below, I pack an above average sized 8″ cock with a wider than normal girth to it. Angie on the other hand is a 5’8″ specimen of the epitome of the acronym MILF. She has an absolutely flat stomach, natural 36C’s and a very firm shapely ass that betrays the fact that she mothered our three c***dren. As hot as she is, she is also the hallmark of the term conservative. Everything she wears is very sexy because of her beauty and shape along with her self confidence and pleasant demeanor. As we prepared to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary we decided to take a trip to Mexico to “live a little dangerously”, little did I know just how “dangerously” things were going to get.We arrived in Cancun on a Tuesday morning and went straight to our hotel. We walked around the hotel and scoped out the amenities afforded us at our resort. We made a reservation at the spa that afternoon and had a great massages before heading out for dinner. Our dinner was in a local resturant and the “liquid courage” flowed heavily. We ordered our drinks and waited for our dinner. We both noticed the we were definitely some of the “older” patrons that were in the area, we assessed that the average age of most there in Cancun were in their early to mid twenties….. Hmm, interesting to say the least. Here we were, in our mid 40’s surrounded by these young and hot twenty-somethings. The young men exhumed testosterone and the young women were flaunting every bit of their sexuality, wearing the tiniest shorts and exceedingly tight t-shirts revealing that many were wearing bikini tops or nothing at all. Seeing all these hot bodies surrounding us increased our sexual desire and passion for each other. In the middle of dinner, we heard “OMG!!! Mrs. Slater! Is that you?”, my wife turned white, she recognized the the voice as one of her students. She tried to burry her face behind her napkin to no avail…. the young hottie came closer and she exclaimed “It is you!!!! OMG, Mrs. Slater, who’d ever think I’d run into your here?” At that point, Angie realized she had been found and stopped trying to hide. The young woman stopped by and I was introduced to my wife’s student, her name was Tina. Tina is a waitress in the bar-n-grill were were eating at. The attire of the wait staff made what the girls in Hooters look conservative. Tina had in a very small pair of shorts that barely covered her ass. The front of her shorts were unbuttoned at the top showing what appeared to be the top of a very tiny bikini or underwear under her shorts. She wore a multi-colored bikini top that barely covered her very pirky 34B’s and a name tag that was strategically placed on one of the triangles covering her left titty right above where her nipple would be. After the initial shock of running into one of her students in Cancun, Angie relaxed to the point where she began to loosen up more and more, I’m sure the extra drinks brought to us by Tina helped her to loosen up. After dinner, we found a dance club and danced till nearly 1:00 am before heading back to our hotel. On our way back to our hotel, we again ran into Tina and her boyfriend, Ben and her other friends Donna and Kelly. All four of them were the “stereotype” of what you expect to see at a place like that on Spring Break…. only thing is, this wasn’t Spring Break! We were all introduced by Tina and we exchanged pleasantries before heading our separate ways. On our way back to our hotel, Angie and I talked about what it’d be like to be young and “carefree” again. We talked about the hot young women and Tina’s boyfriend and how we were sure they could have all the sex they wanted with the way they looked. We got back to our room, and with effect of the drinks from the night along with the talk of the hot young bodies we had some of the hottest sex we’d had in years.The next morning, Angie went for a run and I headed to the gym. Upon her our return from our workouts, we both reflected on the youth and the incredible “hot” looks of most of those running around the area. Even those our age and older looked very enticing. The weather there was hot and the heat went to the core of our bodies. Although it was unpleasantly hot, it ended up being a blessing in disguise because Angie asked me if she could go shopping to get some “cooler” clothes. She went shopping and I went walking around the area surrounding our hotel, we agreed to meet at noon so we could make a “date” out of lunch.There I was relaxing in the lobby when I heard a familiar voice laughing and carrying on having a great time…. “Oh Angie, I’m sure your husband will be thrilled with what you bought today…. Looking as good as you do, I don’t know of any man who wouldn’t want to see their wife in those outfits”, said the vaguely familiar voice. I turned around to see Angie walking side by side with her student Tina. “Tina. I hope so…. Those outfits definitely aren’t something someone my age normally wears.”, Angie responded. The way these two women were talking to each other it was like they were peers instead of teacher / student….? The two women gave each other a little peck on the cheek as they hugged and went their separate ways. Angie came to me and told me of how she ran into Tina in town and the two shopped together getting several new outfits for both of them. I was excited and intrigued to say the least.We headed to our room and and Angie put on one of her new outfits she had just bought and headed off for lunch and to the beach after. The outfit she had on was a very short pair of shorts, the kind Tina was wearing the night before as a waitress, a small cotton tank-top which clung to her tone body. Her top was so snug, it was easy to see the outline of the bikini top she wore beneath…. it was a very tiny top where the triangles covering her breasts barely covered her areola sand nipples. Se was definitely horny because her nipples protruded through her top and shirt, I was liking this new look of hers! We headed for our lunch date and she informed me that she had made arrangements to for us to meet Tina and some of her friends later that afternoon at the beach.We finished our lunch and was soon off to meet my wife’s new “friends”. We made our way to our meeting point and there on the beach was Tina, Donna, Kelly and Ben. All three women were wearing the smallest of bikinis that barely covered their private parts. Two were wearing g-string bikinis and the other a Brazilian style covering only the upper part of her ass cheeks. After we met everyone again, Angie removed her top and shorts revealing a micro bikini on under her outer clothes… my wife has a hot body and seeing her like this instantly made my cock hard! Angie saw my “approval” and smiled as she kissed me, “I’m glad you like it, Tina helped me pick this one out!”, she said. “Wow Tina, I can see your husband likes your new bikini!” Tina joyfully exclaimed. I looked at my wife’s student to see her staring straight at my crotch and smiling. The six of us laid on the beach, had some drinks and talked the rest of in the afternoon. I’ll tell you this, I was in heaven, I was surrounded by these extremely hot women wearing next to nothing as we talked, laughed, swam and played the remainder of the afternoon. As the day got later, Tina and Donna left us as they headed back to the bar for work. Kelly and Ben stayed for a while before they too headed on their separate ways. As Ben left, he told Angie, “Are we gonna see you tonight?” I looked at Tina and asked her what was meant, she told me we had been invited to join them later that evening at another bar and dance club down the road.After an afternoon of being with those hot women on the beach, Angie and I went back to our room and fucked like rabbits. Her energy and desire was just like it was when we were first married, fucking me like there was no tomorrow. At one point, she even asked me if I was thinking of her or one if the young hotties we spent the day with as we made love. I tuzla eve gelen escort told her that the young girls were hot, but she was my only desire…. I think she new that wasn’t the whole truth. We finished our love making/fuck session and readied for the night. Angie walked out in this short denim skirt and a very fitted halter top, as the material moved over her breasts, I could see her nipples through her top…. no bra on!We headed out to dinner and all the way to the resturant I saw all these young studs gazing at my wife with wanting and desire all in their eyes. Even some of the women were checking her out, I’m sure many of them were wondering who that “old man” was walking hand in hand with her. Yes, I was a proud peacock that night as we went about our activities for the night. After dinner, we headed to the bar that we were to meet Tina and her friends at. The music was pumping and people were dancing all over the place. It was too easy to feel the vibe in the joint and we soon were right in the middle of the fun. Sometime around 11:00 or so, Tina, Donna and Ben arrived to join us. Before long all five of us were dancing in a big circle with each other. As we danced, Tina and Donna would seductively dance with my Angie. This made me hard like never before, I had no idea this was in my wife. Ben took turns rubbing up and down on my wife as we danced and she didn’t seem to mind one bit. Tina made sure that I didn’t feel alone and would come and grind on me every once in a while. I must say, it was extremely hot and sexual to be dancing like this with all of these hotties. When the music stopped, the girls all kissed me and Ben on the cheeks and we headed back to our chairs and table. As soon as we sat down, Tina asked the other two ladies to escort her to the bathroom. The three girls left leaving Ben and I to ourselves. He and I began to talk and he complimented me on how amazingly beautiful Angie was, “If I had her as my teacher, I’d probably fail her class… There’s no way I’d be able to concentrate on the class with her teaching. Besides, I’d have a constant boner through the entire class”, he stated. I thought, it was kind of strange, but a compliment none the less.It had been nearly half an hour and the girls had still not returned. Just then a man got on stage and announced that they were about to begin their wet t-shirt contest. Ben encouraged me to go with him to get a closer look, “Don’t worry man, when the girls come back, they’ll find us!”. We found our spot near the stage ready to watch the impending contest. As the contest began, he brought out the contestants and there they were… among the ten contestants were Tina, Donna and my Angie?!?!?!? Needless to say I was both shocked, surprised and erotically charged realizing what I was about to watch my wife do. The first two girls came up and got their dousing with ice cold water which caused their nipples to immediately harden as their thin white t-shirts clung to their bodies. The crowds cheered them on and the eventually ended up removing their t-shirts leaving them to dance in the stage with nothing more than their shorts. The next up was Donna, now she is a tall slender girl with average sized breasts. She’s got these amazing hazel colored eyes that can make any man melt from her sultry looks and she’s got this amazing smile that “finishes you off”. Donna stepped up to the MC who poured a large bucket of iced water and she immediately worked the stage like a champ. Her titties were so erect, looking at them made me go harder yet, through her we t-shirt, you could see she had both of her nipples pierced. She grabbed the neck of her shirt and proceeded to rip the shirt right down the front pulling it off of her. As if that wasn’t enough, she stood with her ass facing the crowd and pulled off her shorts revealing her teeny tiny g-string panty that barely covered her pussy. This drove the guys in the crowd absolutely crazy.Both Tina and Angie were cheering her on as she worked the stage like a stripper. She even went so far as to get a pitcher of iced water and poured it down her panties making it cling to her bald pussy. When she was finished, Tina and Angie began talking amongst themselves. I had seen the look in my wife’s face before, you see, she’s VERY competitive and hates to loose at anything! The look on her face was that she wasn’t going to let any if these young hotties beat her and she was going to win at all cost! The next several girls went on and each one tried to out do the girl before her. By the time it had gotten down to the last three, Angie, Tina and one other girl, the girls were going full nude in an attempt to win the $500 cash prize for the night. The other girl went on leaving Angie and Tina for the last two. As she got her chance to do her thing, I noticed Angie and Tina were discussing something then my wife went to one of the organizers to talk to him. They talked for a moment and he nodded his head yes and she kissed him on his cheek before returning to Tina. When Angie got to Tina, the two girls unbuttoned the front of their denim skirts and rolled the tops down to the point where the remaining “skirt” barely covered their asses and the hem was at the base of their pussies. My mind was racing wondering what these two ladies had concocted. When the girl on stage finished her time, the MC announced that the final two contestants were “a couple of sisters who wanted to compete together!” Oh my gawd, what the hell had come over my conservative and demure wife? Tina and Angie took the stage and got drenched by the ice cold water, Tina grabbed Angie’s top and ripped it off of her, no sooner was my wife’s top off had Tina planed a huge wet sloppy kiss on my wife’s mouth As Tina slowly worked her way down my wife’s body, she worked her titties with one hand and licked my wife’s nipple with the other. I saw the look on my wife’s face and she was in heaven.Tina stood up and ripped open her shirt exposing her lovely 34B’s. With Tina’s arms wide open, Angie took the opportunity to return the pleasure and attacked Tina’s breasts with her hand and mouth. The crowd went absolutely berserk cheering on my wife and her “sister”. With the crowd in a total frenzy, Tina positioned herself behind Angie and proceeded to remove her skirt leaving my wife in only her g-string panty. I was enjoying seeing all these college aged men going crazy for my wife, it was about that time I had realized my cock was rock hard and wanted some sort of release. Tina had removed her skirt and was now in only her g-string panty too. Both women teased and taunted their sexual attraction to the hoards of young testosterone charged college aged men in the audience. I was watching my wife dance and move about the stage like a stripper working for her tips. When their song was over, the girls took their place with the rest as they determined who the final three were going to be. Using the applause of the audience, the lone redhead In the group along with Tina and Angie were selected as the final three and would get one more chance to compete for the prize. The women drew numbers to determine the order and Tina went first, followed by the redhead and Angie was last. About that time, Donna had returned to Ben and I. She congratulated me on having such a sexy hot wife and someone willing to let her inhibitions go! She got a good look at my bulge in my shorts and gave me a big smile, “I see you’re enjoying watching your wife on stage!”, she said. Right after that she grabbed my cock with her hand and whispered in my ear, “Fuck, Angie is a lucky woman…. I would love to get fucked by a cock that big!” I could feel the pre-cum leaking out if my cock. Donna kissed me on my lips and locked her grasp on my cock. She released her kiss on my lips but maintained her grip on my cock. As the music started for Tina, Donna stroked me through my shorts and I was enjoying the attention she was giving me. Tina took the stage and she worked herself I front of the young men like a pro. She spread her legs wide open and pulled her g-string to the side showing her bald pussy then she’d close her legs and crossed them at her ankles. Damn she was fucking hot…. Next the redhead took the stage and after seeing what Tina did she took it to the next level and removed her thong panty leaving her totally nude. She danced and worked the crowd into a higher frenzy than Tina but other than being totally naked, she really hadn’t “raised the bar” much. Finally it was Angie’s turn, the music got pumping and in nothing flat, Angie had taken off her panty and was totally nude. What she did next totally caught me off guard. She laid on the stage with her legs wide open tuzla otele gelen escort and she slid a finger into her pussy. She sat up, pulled her finger out of her and put it in her mouth. When she pulled her finger out of her mouth, she reinserted her finger then another and began to finger fuck herself on stage in front of these horny college aged men. After a few strokes she pulled her fingers out and placed it at the tip of her lips, but this time, instead of licking her fingers clean herself, she offered her fingers to one of the guys with the front row view. He eagerly licked her fingers and cheered after he got to taste my wife’s sweet pussy juice. I could not believe what I was seeing in my demure and conservative wife doing…..From the sound of the crowd, there was no doubt that my Angie was going to be the winner of the evening’s contest. The three women were lined up and the MC went down the line one-by-one getting the crowd’s response to the women. Sure enough, Angie was the winner of the contest, the other two ladies exited the stage leaving Angie to collect her accolades and the crow was soon cheering for an encore performance. Tina and the other woman, left the stage and Tina was soon standing with Ben, Donna and I as Angie prepared to do her encore “show”. As the music started pumping again, Angie took the stage and worked it like a featured dancer at a high price strip joint. I had Donna on my right and Tina on my left. Donna was stroking my cock again in my shorts and after just a few moments, Tina was pulling my cock out releasing it from its restraints. The two girls were stroking my hard cock and I was enjoying all the attention I was getting. My attention returned to my wife on stage and with my focus on Angie, I felt a warm and moist pair of lips on the tip of my cock. I looked down to see Tina on her knees poised to gobble my cock into her mouth. Tina was definitely a skilled cock sucker as she worked my cock with her lips, mouth and tongue. She bobbed her head on my cock in time with the beat of the music and after a minute or two she released my cock from her mouth gave the head of it a kiss and gently stroked my cock prior to stuffing my cock back in my shorts. “I want your cock in my pussy…. I want all of your cum in my pussy…. I’m going to finish you off later!”, Tina whispered in my ear then placed a sultry kiss on my lips.Angie’s encore was finished and she collected her prizes and clothes and left the stage. When she got to Tina, Donna, Ben and I, she place a wet juicy kiss on Tina followed by Donna. I almost blew my load right there watching my wife swap saliva with these two incredible hotties. After kissing the two girls, she came towards me and I could see the sexual desire in her eyes along with her nipples clearly sticking through her very thin top. “We were invited to go back to the girl’s condo for some fun….. I hope you don’t mind, but I said we’d join them tonight!”, Angie said to me. I was trying so hard to control my enthusiasm so I kissed her on her cheek and sheepishly said, “Ok!”. We left the bar we were at, Tina and Donna were with me and Ben was walking with Angie with her arm around his waist and his hand on her ass. Instead of getting upset, I found myself erotically charged and excited seeing this young buck groping my wife….. I was enjoying my own “slice of the pie” with Tina and Donna on either side of me.We arrived at their condo and Tina said she was going to get some drinks for everyone. Ben and Angie got comfortable on the couch and Donna sat on the edge of the queen sized bed. Donna called me to her and began removing her top. Donna has these perky 32D’s that stood straight up and both of her nipples are pierced. I kneeled down on the floor in front of her and began to lick her pierced nipples. I had never had the privilege of playing with pierced nipples before but I enjoyed flicking the piercings with the tip,of my tongue, it was evident that she was enjoying it too. As Donna cooed with pleasure her hands gripped my head and brought me up to her mouth and kissed me sliding her tongue seductively in my mouth. She coaxed to to my feet and she unzipped my shorts unleashing my hardened cock. “I’ve never sucked a cock this wide before!”, she exclaimed before she dove in on me.There I was, standing in front of Donna with my cock in her mouth and she tenderly cupped my balls in her hand. She fondled my sacks in one hand as she sucked and caressed my shaft with the other hand and her mouth. She had me on the verge of an orgasm in nothing flat….. About that time, Tina returned to the room and jumped right in giving me a double blowjob to die for. I watched in ecstasy as Donna and Tina worked my cock together with their mouths, it was clear that both girls had done this before. I peered over to see Angie comfortably laying in Ben’s arms. “I want to watch you two fuck my husband!”, Angie told the two girls. Tina pulled me to the bed and laid me down and posted herself near my face. Donna straddled my waist and poised herself to im pale herself on my man meat. Tina had her wet, juicy pussy so close to my mouth I could smell her musky scent, and Donna had my cock in her had with the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.As if it were pre-coordinated by the girls, Donna let out the word “Now” as she impaled herself on my cock while Tina lowered herself onto my waiting mouth. I was in heaven, I had one hot pussy on my face and another one on my cock. I reached up and grabbed Tina’s thighs with my arms and pulled her down on my face. Tina’s juices were sweet, yet a bit saltier than what I had become used to from Angie, delicious for sure. I flicked her clit with my tongue and lapped her juices into my mouth. As she rode my face, I periodically slipped my tongue into Tina’s love hole as far as it would go. Every time I flicked her clit and tongue fucked her, Tina edged closer and closer to a raging orgasm. Not lost in the pleasure of eating Tina, what Donna was doing to my cock was like nothing I had ever felt. Donna’s thrusts on me were amazing, she would ride my cock with these pelvic thrusts then stop. Each cycle of this was incredible and edged me closer to my own orgasm. As these two beauties worked me all I could think of was “I wish I had a camera to video this whole thing…..”. I continued to flick Tina’s clit with my tongue and I I could feel the tension in her thighs tighten up indicating she was about ready to unload with an orgasm. Sensing that, I reached up with my hands and filled my hands with her firm breasts and pinched her nipples between my fingers. One last flick of her clit and she lost it! Tina squeezed my head with her thighs and began to buck wildly on my face. Not wanting to let her go, I released her tits and regrabbed her thighs to hold her on my face as I licked her through the waves of her orgasm. Tina screamed so loudly I’m sure people on the street blow heard her screams of ecstasy. Tina finally reached down to push herself off of my face unable to take anymore of my assault on her pussy. As she fell to the side of me, I was able to refocus my attention on Donna as she ducked my brains out. I put my hands on her tits and began pinching her nipples which seemed to push her to the edge. As she moaned of her impending orgasm,mi felt my own desire to release my load build from within. Her pace of riding my cock quickened to a feverish pace which had me ready to blow. I wanted to holdout till she came but wasn’t sure how much more I could take. Just when I was about to let my orgasm loose, I felt Donna stop her thrusts and she collapsed on me, her thighs tightened around my hips and she squealed a high pitch “eek” sound as she grabbed me with everything she had. “I’m cuming!”, she whispered in my ear as she clinched me harder and harder. I could feel the walls of her pussy convulsing around my cock.As the waves of her orgasm started to get further apart in Donna, I felt my own orgasm peaking with no chance of holding out anymore. I grabbed her hips and pulled as much of my cock out of her as I could, I shoved it as deep in her as I could letting every bit of my jizz unload in her. It felt so good to unload my cum deep in Donna’s pussy. As she laid there on my body almost lifeless, I kissed her on the back of her neck and we laid there for a few moments relishing in the post fuck after glow. Donna pushed herself up slightly enough to give me a passionate kiss on my lips looking me deeply in my eyes. We kissed for a few moments looking and seeming much like life long lovers. We broke our embrace and moved to the couch that now had Ben, Tina and Angie. I started to head towards the bathroom to clean tuzla sınırsız escort up and Tina asked me where I was going, “I’m gonna go clean myself up in the bathroom!”, I replied. “Oh I don’t think so, come over here, and I’ll clean you up!” I sat on the couch vacated by Ben and Tina immediately placed her face in my crotch and began licking up the mess caused by Donna and I. Donna moved off the bed and told Ben and Angie, “The bed is all warm and ready for you two now!” Ben extended his hand toward Angie and she put her hand in his and he walked her to the bed. Donna sat next to me as Tina continued her “clean up” duty. Tina lapped up the cream left behind from the fuck session of Donna and I. My focus returned to Angie and Ben and she was removing Ben’s shorts with a great deal of urgency. When she got his cock free from its restraints, she found a huge surprise….. Ben has a very long cock, it must be 10in plus, on the thinner side, but still one hell of a long “man snake”. The look on Angie’s face said volumes, I could see both a sense of fear and eagerness as she saw the size of Ben’s cock. Donna whispered in my ear, “I hope she can take it!” I told Donna, she will do what ever it takes to take it all in her.Both Angie and Ben were now naked and Ben’s man snake was at full erection, I must admit, it was a sight to see. Angie went right after his cock with her mouth trying to get it all in her. Try as she did, she wasn’t able to get his entire length into her mouth. Seeing e disappointment on Angie’s face, Ben asked her if there was something wrong to which Angie said how she wanted to be able to take all of Ben’s cock in her mouth. Ben repositioned Angie on the edge of the Ben with her head hanging over the edge. He stood on the floor with his man snake near Angie’s mouth. He told her to relax as he would ease his cock into her mouth. I sat and watched in amazement as inch by inch of that snake disappeared in Angie’s mouth. With only about an inch left, I could see the tip of his cock in Angie’s throat causing it to rise up. She gagged and choked causing Ben to pull out of her. He kissed her on her mouth and told her that it was ok, he didn’t want to hurt her, Angie told him to try one more time. Again, I watched Ben ease his cock into my wife’s mouth and this time she did it! Ben was able to slide his entire 10in plus cock in Angie’s mouth and down her throat. She grabbed his ass cheeks and proceeded to push and pull him allowing him to fuck my wife’s mouth and throat!After a few of those, Ben pulled his cock out of Angie’s mouth and it was covered in her saliva. “I want that cock in my pussy!”, Angie cried. Ben got on the bed and straddled himself ready to enter Angie’s love box. Angie let out a sultry moan as Ben entered her, unlike with her mouth, Ben was able to burry all of his man snake in Angie with no problem. When Ben had bottomed out in her, Angie looked him square in the face and demanded him to fuck he as wildly as he could. Donna who was laying next to me with her head on my shoulder whispered, “I don’t know if she knows what she just asked for…. Ben has an amazing amount of stamina and can fuck for thirty minutes non-stop easy!” I didn’t know if I should have said something to Angie, instead I chose to sit and enjoy the show!For the next thirty minutes plus, I watched the young stud in Ben fuck the living day lights out of my wife. They began with missionary, then proceeded to go through every possible position imaginable. I liked it most when Angie mounted him reverse cowgirl and afforded Tina, Donna and I a front row seat to her and Ben. As they went from position to position, I could see the sheer exhaustion that was taking over Angie’s body. As much as she was enjoying the fucking of a lifetime, we all could see that her pussy was turning red from the onslaught that Ben was delivering on it. Just when I thought she was going to call it quits, I saw something I had never seen before, Angie was having an orgasm from getting fucked! Normally, the only way I can make her cum is to eat her, I’ve never been able to make her cum while fucking her so this was her first. As she allowed the orgasm to take over her body, I relished in watching my wife have the orgasm of her dreams….. She bucked wildly on Ben as he continued to fuck my wife’s pussy over and over. When she had finally had come off of her orgasm, it seemed detox only reignite her sexual wanting of what Ben was doing to her.It had been over thirty minutes of watching Ben fuck Angie every way possible with no signs of finishing. I was once again hard from watching Angie and her lover. Just when I thought it couldn’t last much longer, Ben showed signs that he was finally going to unload his cum in my wife. “Where do you want it?”, he asked…. “I want some in my pussy and the rest in my mouth!”, she replied. Just as she finished, Ben began to unload his cum in my wife. He sot some of it in her love hole, then grabbed his cock squeezing it tight and pulled it out of her. He put his cock near Angie’s mouth and she took his head and a few inches into her mouth as Ben release the remainder of his man goo in her mouth. With her legs wide open, Tina saw an opportunity to dive into my wife’s dripping pussy to clean her up…. Tina definitely is a cum slut!Donna got off the couch and rushed to the bed telling Angie at she wanted to share with her Ben’s semen. My wife and Donna swapped the remnants of Ben’s cum as the two kissed passionately. When they broke their kiss, Angie asked me if I was going to just sit there of fuck Tina. I looked at the sight of Tina’s ass and pussy staring me in the face. Tina widened her stance only inviting me more to plunge my cock in her. I stood up and got behind Tina and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her slit. I could see the juices that covered her lips and knew that my cock would slide ever so easy into its target. I used my hands to spread her ass cheeks giving me easier access to her pussy. I eased the head into her and felt the tight walls of her pussy squeeze me as I entered her. I slowly pushed every inch of my cock into her and was now balls deep in her pussy. “Fuck her…. I know you want to…. Fuck her like you fucked me last night. I know you were thinking of her when you fucked me last night! So now you’re in her, FUCK HER!”, Angie commanded to me! I didn’t know if I should have been embarrassed that my wife realized I was fantasizing about fucking Tina the night before or if I should have just enjoyed the fact that I was fucking Tina!!!! Like a good husband, I wanted to please my wife and I gladly began fucking Tina’s tight pussy. After only about a few minutes, my pace and moans told everyone that I was about to cum. Tina sensing I was about to cum, reached though her legs and grasped the base of my cock and pulled me out of her. “Don’t cum in my pussy. I want his cum in my ass! Angie, dear, can he fuck me in my ass?”, Tina begged. Angie gave me the ok to have at Tina’s ass. I prepared to enter Tina’s ass. Donna gave me some lube as I lubed her butt hole and slowly inserted a finger into Tina’s ass. I soon had two fingers in her and she was now begging for my cock to be in her. I pulled out my fingers and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her asshole. All the while, she kept licking Angie’s pussy. I pushed the head of my cock in Tina and heard her moan with passion. Since her ass wasn’t relaxed, I paused there for a moment until she relaxed enough for me to push in further. It didn’t take long before I had my whole cock in Tina’s ass. It was so tight and warm I knew it would only take a few thrusts before I’d blow my load in her. I slowly pulled out half way and began to fuck Tina’s ass. After just a few thrusts, Angie began having her second orgasm to which Tina responded by reaching between her legs to finger herself and rub her clit. This pushed the three of us to orgasms one after the other with Angie going first followed by Tina and finally me. As Tina rolled through her orgasm, she begged me to shoot my load in her ass. Feeling the urge to unload my semen, I gave her one last thrust into her ass releasing every last drop of cum deep in her.The three if us collapsed on the bed laying next to each other, Ben and Donna soon joined us. Mother five if us laid there for several hours as the exhaustion from an amazing night of sex had worn us out. About 4:00 the next morning, Angie and I woke, rinsed off and gathered and got dressed. With the other three still sound asleep, I gently kissed Donna and Tina and Angie kissed all three. We headed back to our room and crashed till noon. For the last two days of our trip, we met up had a great time with Tina, Donna and Ben. That night was the only night that we had sex with them. However, upon our return home, Tina and Ben have hooked up with Angie and I on a couple of occasions. About a month ago, Tina told Angie and I that she and Ben were getting married….. the two of them want Angie and I to join them on their honeymoon,,,, in Cancun!

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